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Lauren Conad's Book Cover -- LA Candy!

Lauren Conad's Book Cover -- LA Candy!

Lauren Conrad has revealed the cover of her first fiction novel, L.A. Candy, which hits shelves June 16.

The Hills star has said about the book, “[It tells] a behind-the scenes story of a young girl [named Jane Roberts] who moves to L.A. and unexpectedly becomes the star of a reality television show. The books will be loosely inspired by my own experience and are definitely influenced by my own life. Some of the characters may symbolize people in my life, but it is in no way calling anyone out… I’ve always loved books that I could lose myself in, ones that would transport me to another place, but had characters I could relate to. So, I’m so excited to have this opportunity to write books like that for other readers.”

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  • honey please

    So, will the main character like talk like her? Like, totally!

    I don’t think Lauren can speak proper English, let alone write a novel. Haha.

  • BZ

    WTF!!!! The Hills wasn’t enough, now she will torture us with the book too!!! Anyone can write a book these days I see

  • Kristin

    how the f*ck does SHE get a book deal? I think I’m going to vomit!

  • manj

    yay!!! I am soo excited.

  • ashlee

    she can write?????? an entire book????? duh!!!! a ghost writer did it.

  • sarah

    pff, i don´t belive it! she sucks!

  • Tweety

    oh b!tch please…what’s next ? this chick is so IRRELEVANT!

  • shoegal421

    it was probably written by a ghost writer since most celebrity books are.

  • Joanne

    WTF so now she’s a author. PUH LEEZE

  • jaye

    What an original story. Hahahahaha. You know she had a ghost writer.

  • aubrey lillian

    this chick is a total LOSER she is way to vain.


    no duh its based on your life!!
    she makes me want to kill myself…i cant believe idiots like that are the ones selling books with their own show

  • Jessica

    the cover is cute. i’m looking forward to the book, to see if it’s any good. no point in judging it until you see it.

    btw, Lauren is the most real person on the hills. Lemme guess, you Lauren haters probably think Heidi is the “feminist hero of the show”. Now THAT is ridiculous.

  • amina

    cant wait for it

  • vmars111

    Holy crap, since when did Lauren Conrad have time to write a book with her fake working all day?

  • PardyHardy

    Don’t you think that, maybe, the title should be larger than her name?!

  • fabiia

    this chick is more annoying than spencer and heidi!!!

  • whatever, yo

    Oh c’mon! She didn’t really write this book!!

    There was definitely a ghost writer involved.

  • elle

    I can’t believe someone actually gave her a book deal. Wtf. That being said…. I’ll probably read it!

  • teez

    like she wrote this book! wtf! go away lauren!

  • LOLwut

    Lmao notice how her name is all huge and the title of the book underneath it is all small.

  • chichi

    how original, a book about a girl who moves to LA and stars in a reality show.


  • johan.


  • Halli

    She didn’t write the book.

    MTV hired a ghostwriter to write the book.

    Hollywood has to stop selling an unrealistic lifestyle to kids.

  • Sarah

    tough much? you guys havent even read the book..yea its basically based on her life but you dont know if its going to be a good novel or not until you read it

  • stella11215u488

    ewwwww a nobody writing about her life

  • danielle

    im looking foward to reading it! Lauren’s great!

  • Chelsey

    this looks really good:) i wanna get it! the cover looks good too:)

  • lilly

    hahaha why the heck is her name so big!?!?!?! ig uess thats cuz this is pretty much an autobiography…

  • Bianca

    I am hoping she will talk about the behind the scenes stuff, the juicy stories that we dont see on the hills.

  • me

    lol yeah i’m sure she really wrote it….*sarcasm*

  • gerard Vandenberg

    let me say this: SHE IS OUT OF THE HILLS-JOB.
    But want to continue he life-style.
    But there ain’t money coming in.
    what to do?
    (americans are naive anyway)

  • ME

    anyone who talks shit about Lauren or any other reality t.v. star is just jealous.
    lets be honest here people, you know you would trade up for that life in a second.
    she owns her own clothing line, she reps avon, she has her own reality t.v. show, and now she is writing a series of books
    who the hell wouldn’t want her life….

  • Kathy

    JustJared you wrote Lauren Conad’s Book Cover
    you forgot the r in her last name :D

    looking forward to read that book

  • LolaSvelt

    Ghost writer. This whóre can barely construct a sentence together, let alone write a novel that consists of, you know, words.

  • SUBsub

    What about the real novelists out there trying to get a work published? Those that actually spent their lives devoted to their TRUE passions. This is so Mary-Kate & Ashely Olsen…diving into every project possible.

  • Frida

    Oh come on this is ridiculous. Like anyone will think that she actually wrote this? Stuff like this is a disgrace for real writers.

  • lakers fan in boston

    im pretty sure all the teenage girls r gonna go crazy for this book….
    tbh it doesnt sound so so bad, but im pretty sure it’s still suck

  • whatever


  • annie

    she has to be smart – she has a clothing line, tv show and shes the spokesperson for mark and now a book. sure she can be annoying and im sure she didnt write it but she is smart just look at everything she’s accomplished

  • you people

    You people with your negative comments, calling her a nobody. She’s doing better then you, so that makes you less then a nobody. All you do is write mean comments on a blog. Do you actually think you are better then her? Look at yourselves. Do you really think your negative comments have any affect on her life? No! It only makes you a mean, angry person who is contributing nothing to this world.

  • lolz

    Oh Lauren, I remember someone in Laguna mentioning your senior project was on Freshman 15 and now you’re a so-called author…lol!

  • Gabrielle

    Why is the title Lauren Conad’s where’s the R?

  • Brittany

    Why are you people hating on her??? Are you jeolous??? t least she is out there TRYING to do something constructive, at least she is making th money. I am SO TIRED of people judging others by what you read or see on TV!!!! It’s HER life, NOT any one else’s and if that what he wants to do then more power to her. People need to stop being so judgemental….If your going to judge someone at least show you can do better! I haven’t seen no one else on a reality show are coming up with books that are onl here bashing so just keep your mouth shut if you don’t have nothing nice to say!!!! NO ONE WANTS TO HEAR IT!!!! GET A LIFE TO ALL OF YOU THAT READ ABOUT CELEBRITIES AND JUDGE!!!!!!!!!!

  • fleece baby

    I’m pumped for the book! Oh and there is absolutly nothing wrong with talking like a valley girl and saying “like” a lot!

  • SSM

    Here’s hoping that it is written A LOT better than Nicole Ritchie’s tragic attempt at a novel…LOL

  • golacandy

    i think this will be a good book. and all u people that have posted bad comments.
    i bet half of u will read it!
    y does it hurt u if she writes a book!!

    im looking forward to reading it

  • rahhrah

    dont be so mean to her! I think its great that shes earning so much money out of this. It’s more than what you people do

  • Rachel

    i dont get why you’re all so bothered
    lauren’s fans can read the novel, anyone who doesnt like her doesnt have to buy it
    obviously you’ve got nothing better to do that slate people you dont even know

  • Jane

    Leave Lauren a lone she is an amazing entrepreneur unlike, “HEIDI” who “SUCK” “ASS”. So everybody, just FUCK OFF, and get a “LIFE”.