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Rachel Bilson: Bubblegum Babe

Rachel Bilson: Bubblegum Babe

Newly engaged Rachel Bilson and a gal pal shop at a vintage store on Friday afternoon (February 27) in Los Feliz, Calif. She wore a Simone star-print blouse and Current/Elliott boyfriend destroyed jeans.

“I don’t need to get married right now,” Rachel has said. “I am more ready for a baby than marriage. Not really tomorrow, but definitely in the next couple of years which is the pretty near future. You have to have the guy, you know?”

How long until babies for Rachel and Hayden Christensen? Any guesses?

10+ pictures inside of bubblegum babe Rachel Bilson

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rachel bilson bubblegum 01
rachel bilson bubblegum 02
rachel bilson bubblegum 03
rachel bilson bubblegum 04
rachel bilson bubblegum 05
rachel bilson bubblegum 06
rachel bilson bubblegum 07
rachel bilson bubblegum 08
rachel bilson bubblegum 09
rachel bilson bubblegum 10

Credit: Hollywood Pixx; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • Jasmine

    wait, but she IS getting married, right? :)
    good luck to them ~


    well apparently jared wont let me post this link here it is your and look for natalie portman dating another hot dude the reason why is hayden is mentioned … and why in heck are they posting someone popping bubble gum ,what stupid question and by the way ,rachel had better watch out for megan fox she might take some of her attention.

  • Hm

    wow..what a life…vintage shopping whenever…how come she’s always shopping???? how does someone have that much time??????????

  • Funkey

    B/c Sharon there is nothing better for the woman to do but walk and Chew gum showing she is more or less can do that function Let me guess is her next trick are you smarter then a 5th grader..The answer here would be NO..

    And now it’s babies and NO HUSBAND..gee that is an old post from a like LAST YEAR..gee are we having issues trying to figure out what she wants good luck keep the beard effect going lady one day she will wake up and hate herself for it.

  • Halli

    How does homegirl live in Southern California and remain that pale?

  • Parish Hellton

    The whole get up is tacky!

  • Tisdragonfly

    i read she likes morrocco lamps , wow I still think she acts so young, and immature for hayden .. Popping bubble gum huh? Looks like a teen ordeal. Are you sure she is really ready for marriage?

    Well if thats what makes her happy I guess.

    Hey anything about Natalie Portman I am all ears I was a huge nayden fan.

  • voice of reason

    @7 try the natalie threads-has a new boyfriend, not a bad looking one either.

  • Liz

    she’s always shopping because she can’t act,she can’t find a job?
    people in hollywood see engagements,marriages and babies as fun,they don’t take it as a true responsibility.
    they don’t even have to take care of themselves how could they take care of a newborn life?
    I just hope RB and Hayden will last perhaps more than 10 years?

  • fake couple

    what she means is they wont ever be getting married. i see hayden has someone with class(not) chewing gum like that to busy shopping to try for a baby.

  • tpl

    Rachy you’re pathetic, you’re wearing a N by T in 3ct, that was choosn by me and purchased for me all because you gave him an ultimatum to marry you or break up over the holidays?

    He is sl and sc on IMDb and you’re an idiot. Don’t worry, you can do the Jumper sequels with my blessing so stop with the desperate manipulations, you won’t loose your job if we are together – good grief…I thought going off the pill was bad but this really takes the cake.

  • kery

    She’s so cute

  • @fake couple

    Who knows if they’ll get married or not? Marriage is a dream for girls, not boys. Rachel surely hopes to get married while Hayden prolly doesn’t know if he’s ready to sacrifice his freedom.

  • shialove!!

    i am so happy for them:)

    go for a baby now she would be a lovely mam!

  • ocsethummer

    Pacific Coast News reports:

    Tssk tssk, c’mon honey you can do better than that.

    Rachel Bilson provided some pretty amateur acting today when she fake-hid her engagement ring in her jeans pocket while meeting a friend for lunch in LA.

    The former OC actress and her alleged fiance Hayden Christensen have both refused to confirm or deny the engagement rumors that have been swirling since she first sported the bling days ago.

    Someone should really remind Rach that this game of peekabo – which she also played yesterday while visiting a hair salon in Santa Monica – is kind of pointless. The cat’s already out of the bag!

  • marissa

    I just love her style!!!!

  • mimi

    She is very pretty!!!

  • elsa

    She looks great..nice jeans…


    She’s cute and sexy. Pretty good actress too when she gets the chance.

  • @18,19,20,21

    Just to know: is it a kind of joke or are you a new species of parrot?

  • gerard Vandenberg

    …………………with SP*RM-TASTE, folks.
    To get used to it.

  • NativeNYker

    Pop it, girl! pop it….

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  • palvasha

    ewww that pic with the gum all inside the mouth is ewwwww we dont need to see it. people can chew with their mouths closed !!!! she looks crap too

  • 1

    still no looks, no talent, no brains
    ugly lower teeth
    idiotic insecure primitive hayden

  • http://justjared I like her

    She has no talent whatsoever but she is stylish and cute .She and Hayden make a hot couple

  • Angi

    love her

  • http://justjared curious

    To the people who call her a fame whore why would she date two man like Adam and Hayden who are so private they are rarely seen in public and and who don’t go to events they are invited to ?It makes no sense

  • Jen

    shes boring and she seems to always be shopping

  • fake couple

    @29-because she is getting paid and its good publicity for her. and she would not like to share the attention.with any one for that matter hence the shoping-eating-taking sis out-hair being done-new best friend-being seen with mum shots. meaning they are not well known.keeps her and only her in the spotlight.

  • fake couple

    forgot to mention taking dog for walks as well.

  • jojo

    congrats to hayden and rachel.but i am sad as i wanted adam and rachel back together.

  • also

    fake couple.. What did Rachel do to you? I feel apathetic about her whole existence.. not a fan, not a hater.. shes a cutie. but I REALLY WANNA KNOW.. was she your best friend, then ditched you when she landed the OC? did your boyfriend take her virginity and still is obsessed with her.. did she run over your dog? WHY the HATRED? shes just a cute little dlisted actress.. whats the big deal?

  • Gasol_fan16

    Oh!! Jesus Christ almighty!!! WTF?? Now we have her blowing bubbles and chewing gum??!!! How retarded is this?! And shopping for clothes of course!! That is going to make her have bueatiful Hayden babies?? Your sick JJ. I think you should just impregnate her then b/c Hayden won’t or he would have knocked up the Ho by now!

    Well. Next thread jj will have a picture of Rachy cr&pping at the Cheesecake Factory! Lovely! :roll:

  • Kiki

    Yeah, that’s classy and mature, chewing bubble gum with your mouth open and popping bubbles. That makes her great mom material. eye-roll. Please get over her. She does nothing except shop and get papped. Doesn’t even dress cute any more. So over her.

  • twilm

    does she even act anymore, i mean show hayden,who cares about bilson,shes nothing but a shopper. bring on natalie

  • 1

    OMG, I so agree with 37.

  • lexie

    Pop a vein people!
    You green with envy goddesses have no idea how ridiculously silly you look throwing tantrums like an eighth grader.
    You are the entertainment here. Rachel is cute but you all are hilarious.

  • celebhores

    she walks like a t- rex

  • zoe

    with that parents they have to name the baby Razzie

  • tpl

    @ Rachel

    I promised him over a month ago that I would never call the police. So no worries. And why is he still telling me he loves me?

  • bleh

    Wow. At first she says that she still looks and acts like a 15 year old and now she says she’s ready for motherhood? And how can she be ready to have a baby when all she does is shop and flaunt herself in front of paparazzi all day?

  • Gasol_fan16

    Okay!! I did not even use foul language and was actually nice and I get moderated??? OKAY!! THEN THE TRUTH HURT’S THEN!! Rachel is Hayden’s beard!!

  • fake couple

    @34- if you can be botherd to read any of my past comment’s i dont even live in the usa. and as for not liking her she is the most superficial person out there. when did she last do any thing for a good cause? never or its been kept quiet something rachel does not know how to do.

  • fake couple

    while i’m saying this read what orther people have to say. enough said

  • voice of reason

    @tpl because you are saying it in your own mind LOL

    @Gasol no idea what you wrote to get a mod upset with you, especially after all that has been typed over 1 year, I can think of numerous posts that should have been deleted. Rachel is Hayden’s beard? That is a funny and stupid comeback considering you have already said he is not gay.
    Guess something got under your skin, did the Lakers play a bad game?

  • lindsay

    Rachel is adorable and has the greatest style!!!!!

  • elsa

    Rachel rocks!!!!!!!!!!!
    Keep posting Jared!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Snow

    To those who did not know I agreed I to liked Nat and Hayden , Sienna wasn’t to bad but . Hayden did date Natalie it only lasted a year , that was briefly ,check the link who dated who? On that site it’s celeb dating updates .

    Anyway I guess he found his heiress Rachel , so can we move on please to someone more news worthy? By the way I am glad that they are getting married I actually hope that Paris Hilton can get a break now. From the wanna be

  • fresh air

    either Natalie did not want to date Hayden or she dumped him, anyway, after Natalie and Sienna, Rachel is the only one who actually wanted him, so he went for her, he has no confidence or self respect

    poor hayden, could not get who he wanted so he settled for less

  • fresh air

    there is absolutely no way Natalie Portman could have fallen in love with this, no way