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Brad Pitt Is Swift Through Security

Brad Pitt Is Swift Through Security

Brad Pitt is seen being escorted by a security guard at the Los Angeles International Airport to catch a flight out of town on Saturday (February 28).

The 45-year-old actor was recently in and out of New York to see the Broadway musical The Little Mermaid with Angie and the children.

Brad reportedly received a 10lb solid dark chocolate figurine in the shape of his face as a consolation for losing out on an Oscar. Deodorant brand AXE sent the statue and said, “We still feel your performance deserves a statue, one that’s a bit sweeter.”

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  1. 126
    bdj Says:

    4 1/2 stars. One of my favorite Brad Pitt’s role. Out on DVD and on-demand.

    Casey Affleck, who plays Ford, has said that he wished the title could have been The Assassination of Jesse James by the Misunderstood Robert Ford, and the heavily played-up angle of celebrity obsession-turned–physical longing from Ford to Jesse is a great place to start myth-busting the falsified way history remembers both men. Dominik’s revisionist take understands that Ford’s legacy was not that of a guilt-ridden man coming to terms with his cowardice but a confused kid whose pressures from authorities to exploit his closeness with Jesse for the good of the country coincided with his frustration at not being able to be/have Jesse himself.

    Pitt is at his most understated and menacing, often working without words to craft a character that breaks down the romanticized image of James as a virtuous Robin Hood, showing him at his most sadistic and tyrannical.

    A flawless supporting cast of Sam Rockwell, Paul Schneider, Sam Shepard, Mary-Louise Parker and even cameos by James Carville and Nick Cave help to realize the director’s vision of reconciling the James legend with the “reality,” speculative as it may be. Eschewing John Ford’s oft-quoted advice to “print the legend,” The Assassination of Jesse James instead chooses historical accuracy, a move that could make this epic unpalatable to a mass audience. But this contemplative movie is worth your patience.

  2. 127
    um Says:

    Something probably needed Brad’s signature on it so that’s why he had to go to LA and he turned right around back to NY.

  3. 128
    bdj Says:

    Whoa it is snowing in the deep south. I bet they still make us come in to work on Monday.

  4. 129
    Brad at oscars - doubt Says:

    Seeing the youtube video, when kate winslet got the oscar, brad didnt want to get up. He, unlike everyone in the room, remained seated.! In the video, AJ had to call his attention…so he got up. I thought very unpleaseant from his part…

  5. 130
    bdj Says:

    Not impressed by JA @ 03/01/2009 at 3:46 p
    It is posted. That’s great for BB.

  6. 131
    Angie fan Says:

    Brad at oscars – doubt @ 03/01/2009 at 3:58 pm

    Seeing the youtube video, when kate winslet got the oscar, brad didnt want to get up. He, unlike everyone in the room, remained seated.! In the video, AJ had to call his attention…so he got up. I thought very unpleaseant from his part…

    so what~ he absolutely wanted to see his Angie wins… it is so sweet to see a man love and support his woman like this!

  7. 132
    bdj Says:

    Hmm I saw that Video and most of the people were slow to get up. Now that stink eye Baby Jane(Poor Jen and her male escort) gave when papa pitt lost at the Oscars was just shameful.

  8. 133
    destiny fulfilled Says:

    Jennifer has finally found the “love of her Life”, But her fans continue to bash Brad and Angelina why? Because they hold on to the fantasy that Brad will go back to her even though they know he won’t.

  9. 134
    anustin Says:

    the power of the jolie…thanx sean!

  10. 135
    Brad at oscars - doubt Says:

    Angie fan @ 03/01/2009 at 4:03 pm
    so what~ he absolutely wanted to see his Angie wins… it is so sweet to see a man love and support his woman like this!

    Good excuse…just need to practice more! Do you really think he assumed that Angie would win the Oscar that night? He cant be that naive…It was Kate`s night as leading actress.. Even the whole Brangelina-Aniston was in the second place. For me, he just looked letargic.

  11. 136
    hannah Says:

    It is a very good thing to see Button cross the 300 mark world wide.Congrats Brad and everybody who involved on this movie.

  12. 137
    zen2 Says:

    Brad, will be always the best for the fans.
    I love all the movies he does.

  13. 138
    awwww Says:

    Congratulations to Brad. Benjamin Button made over $300 million worldwide.

  14. 139
    QQQQ Says:

    Please hen, get a grip… David Fincher got up waayyyy after Brad did. Its always some sh&t with u asswipes

  15. 140
    Neleh Says:

    Good day Neleh here. How are you.
    Brad is simply delish in those jeans.
    Greetings Roll Call In Honor of Ate Char.
    Good day Aunts&cyber friends,Cooold day 2day what gives,lol.
    bailey/ bampsky/neiah/ \\/ mel/lulu/ beeloved/ beremy girl/ showers of ble ssings/ paradin/ ate char/aLEXZIEL/jayla/ sexymf/the reallou/angel/jaye/alia/chm/ nyl phili maria(shorty)/ CHM/mslewis/missy/camille b./LOVE4FOUR/SERA/Ms.JOLIE4ever/
    Cook/tabitha/andromenda/ebmo,cristine tvc yolly/ josie nova
    An oldie, belle, bradfan/ raye kikibunnytkmwelfare/gabi /from europe/hannah /Ale/huryt/a total fan/kenyaluv/cherylj/Estelle besane meli/ mams/ ms/eternal/tidbit/ jm /jjb/ aeon/gitane/Thomas Howard
    Groundcontrol/queenbee mongo/vickie/ neil/dkay/ debra77/cheryl nlal/ leo Sshhibaby/buckeyegurl/lady g / anoble/ pt/ ariel/tongo girl/
    Krissy219/luvangie4ever/ChaChaCha/roja/mmsic/claire/oldlady/kearnie/sam/soi/mertz/Chibiusa/funnyyale26/Lexa70/angfan1/vidstr1/catherine/guli/mena/Lily/20faye88 /tisha/jessica/ fyi2/ lsam/alexkziel/jada/cj ameena/old lady chichi/helen/ feline/ anistin /a2b/ clinqau/briseis/tijen/Ellles gaye/persiancutie rica/ mszil/ indiesr/zoe/jesso/ lips,tits&a$$ / observer 2/ danielle/observer girl/ hope/juju/ mrs.irma/ vee/ jill/
    preggiejolie/ helen4rent,waterlily,dragonfly /fy1- please/filipino fan
    Abigail/kearnie/suelee/palanga/borneo/ ellen/ marina/SpunkyJolie
    MNSJN/A&B Fan/drew/lucy/Bampszkv Fan/huh/Not Impressed by JA/MegFL/CK/Shar/nina/woozer/kenyaluv/sweetcoconut/librabear
    No Mod Please Jared Hey.
    Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live.

  16. 141
    passing Through Says:

    # 91 teri @ 03/01/2009 at 2:00 pm
    Why is it that everytime I visit x17 my computer locks up?
    Probably because of all the Javascripts and Active X controls they use for the ads and links on their site. You could lower your security level in IE or Firefox, but then you’d be more susceptible to malware & viruses. Either that or you need to empty your temporary internet files folder.

  17. 142
    tamara Says:

    #132..There are no loser nominees. When you are nominated that is a win, but only one person can take the Oscar. They are all winners.

  18. 143
    umm Says:

    Angie fan @ 03/01/2009 at 4:03 pm

    Brad at oscars – doubt @ 03/01/2009 at 3:58 pm

    Seeing the youtube video, when kate winslet got the oscar, brad didnt want to get up. He, unlike everyone in the room, remained seated.! In the video, AJ had to call his attention…so he got up. I thought very unpleaseant from his part…

    so what~ he absolutely wanted to see his Angie wins… it is so sweet to see a man love and support his woman like this!
    Brad is a sweetheart.

  19. 144
    passing Through Says:

    # 88 JM @ 03/01/2009 at 1:45 pm
    Brad arriving in NYC last night
    Oh…bummer. I guess this means he didn’t go get his old wedding ring so he could go to Europe and propose to OK!’s love of his life? Damn. That’s just so sad. For OK…not for me…or Brad…

  20. 145
    To Brad at oscars - doubt Says:

    Sucks to be you. What are you talking about…

    Angelina got her her award at 25 whereas Kate got it at 33
    Angelina got 3 golden globes all under 26 whereas Kate just got 2 at 33.

    Jolie and Winslet are both 33 yrs old.

    Lastly and most importantly to their future projects:

    CCOBB – $300 millions. Has beaten all oscar nominated and winners movies

    Changeling – $97-100 Millions. Has beaten all oscars nominated and winners movies.

    If the above has not happened then you had a case but since it is…

    they are winners all the way to the bank.

  21. 146
    bdj Says:,SHO-Sunday-rona01.article

    They don’t make gossip queens like they use to. Now you got Ted C, Lamey, bloggers etc etc

    Before ”Access Hollywood,” ”Extra,” ”Inside Edition” or ”Entertainment Tonight,” there was Rona Barrett. It can be argued that the brassy blond with those zinger questions was the first celebrity gossip maven to bring the world of Walter Winchell and Hedda Hopper into the television age.

    During her heyday in the 1970s, Barrett ruled the world of Hollywood dish and she clearly loved it.

    Now, the long-retired gossip queen is back on the scene with a new DVD, ”Rona Barrett’s Hollywood: Nothing But the Truth,” in which the Hollywood veteran shares chunks of her sit-down interviews with some of Tinseltown’s hottest stars of that era.

    Though she worked in an era when it was thought stars and the Hollywood press enjoyed a cozy relationship, Barrett claimed she still had to go through the usual entourage of handlers that reporters and columnists endure in 2009.

    ”The biggest difference is there weren’t so many layers of publicists, managers and agents back then. But I still always went through their press agents. Even for the stars who really were my friends,” Barrett said. “I didn’t like to mix work and pleasure. I would never approach an actress at a dinner party and ask for an interview — I’d call her publicist the next morning and set it up.”

    As for today’s crop of stars and the seemingly endless stories about them, Barrett said she’s mostly unimpressed.

    ”Whether it’s Brad Pitt or Angelina [Jolie] or Jennifer Aniston or whoever, what you usually get is something about their new movie that’s just coming out or a product they’ve endorsed or something like that. As for the big tabloids — who they would never speak to — it’s mostly big headlines with great shock value but not much to the stories underneath.

    ”Very rarely do you see a celebrity interview today that goes into depth about the person’s real life, what they’re really like and what they do when they are not working. That’s what people want to know, and they get so little of it. … Funny, given there’s so many outlets today for this stuff.”

    One thing Barrett doesn’t mind reading about stars is their charity work — ”If it’s something they are really into, like Brad Pitt and New Orleans relief,” she said.

  22. 147
    teri Says:

    Yeah for Brad and his movie.

    Domestic: $125,386,000 41.6%
    + Foreign: $176,200,000 58.4%


    = Worldwide: $301,586,000

  23. 148
    huh Says:

    Who gives a fcuk about KW?

  24. 149
    well now Says:

    I see I am in moderation limbo.

    Oh well.

  25. 150
    Neleh Says:


    Piper,Mongo A2B AG. How are you. Mongo Muaah I have a touch of flu, havent been around, will enjoy Angie& Brad 2night.
    Hottest couple ever/ life is da pitts/ drew/rien/ jjoy missy/nasim cj fyi solid jezebel love bampzskv/ dark ange l/ dancer dits qqqq bijoux *love them*Not IBJA*Pretty In Pink*reality Is this..german fan Val /librabear/kleo/phlegmatic2/meggie28/Clearview75/tkmwelfare/
    Alister xenia debjosy luceabb dulcinea13 Spicylily Thailand LadyG Marieme plezD umb Hag momiji/Neer,cinnamon, oringinal jpf
    Piper with a low/ wakeup&s.t.c./ katya/ mildred kate/Saracita/ lylian/ carolina/ boo(real)Sharon/shar/sheri/orchid/coal,yes,susieqt/ suzy, m s.dina#1/ falp/ fan/iamrealfan*4everangie*oringinal ruth/ mike bdj /hallefan82
    luvangie4ever/mrs.lenny frenchy andy schlumberger teri/ inthepink715/Sherrahuh/Spicylily Thailand/ whinnyson.Llm-butterfruit /Katyaya iloveshiloh,mimi/ zen2 /rdt/decency/bbad
    PittLap/dianad1968/tlol1365/Peaches/LuckyLKate/nike/ senior/ shiznack,krung krung sonia/ ag/ mrs.soopx/ladyg/ andamen2that/ the realtita alexanderina/ICouldCatchAMonkey/Oceanview/ still adding names..


    Jared Im in the dreaded Mod again,lol. whew…

    We are what our thoughts have made us, so take care about what you think. Words are secondary. Thoughts live, they travel far.

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