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JJ Flies With The Jonas Brothers

JJ Flies With The Jonas Brothers

The Jonas Brothers surprise fans at a theater invasion at AMC Loews Palisades Center 21 in West Nyack, New York on Saturday (February 28).

JB has been flying all over the country surprising fans at movies theaters!

JJ has been traveling with Nick, Kevin and Joe on their private jet and last flew from Texas to Las Vegas! Check out the live-blogging!

55+ pictures inside of JJ flying with the Jonas Brothers….

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jj flies jonas brothers 01
jj flies jonas brothers 02
jj flies jonas brothers 03
jj flies jonas brothers 04
jj flies jonas brothers 05
jj flies jonas brothers 06
jj flies jonas brothers 07
jj flies jonas brothers 08
jj flies jonas brothers 09
jj flies jonas brothers 10
jj flies jonas brothers 11
jj flies jonas brothers 12
jj flies jonas brothers 13
jj flies jonas brothers 14
jj flies jonas brothers 15
jj flies jonas brothers 16
jj flies jonas brothers 17
jj flies jonas brothers 18
jj flies jonas brothers 19
jj flies jonas brothers 20
jj flies jonas brothers 21
jj flies jonas brothers 22
jj flies jonas brothers 23
jj flies jonas brothers 24
jj flies jonas brothers 25
jj flies jonas brothers 26
jj flies jonas brothers 27
jj flies jonas brothers 28
jj flies jonas brothers 29
jj flies jonas brothers 30
jj flies jonas brothers 31
jj flies jonas brothers 32
jj flies jonas brothers 33
jj flies jonas brothers 34
jj flies jonas brothers 35
jj flies jonas brothers 36
jj flies jonas brothers 37
jj flies jonas brothers 38
jj flies jonas brothers 39
jj flies jonas brothers 40
jj flies jonas brothers 41
jj flies jonas brothers 42
jj flies jonas brothers 43
jj flies jonas brothers 44
jj flies jonas brothers 45
jj flies jonas brothers 46
jj flies jonas brothers 47
jj flies jonas brothers 48
jj flies jonas brothers 49
jj flies jonas brothers 50
jj flies jonas brothers 51
jj flies jonas brothers 52
jj flies jonas brothers 53
jj flies jonas brothers 54
jj flies jonas brothers 55
jj flies jonas brothers 56
jj flies jonas brothers 57
jj flies jonas brothers 58
jj flies jonas brothers 59

Photos: Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images
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  • mslewis

    There have been hundreds of pictures of loads of girls at this movie over the weekend. So, why did it earn 1/2 of what Miley’s movie earned in double the theatres??? Could it be the Jonas Bros are a fraud and are paying girls to show up for pictures? Could be!!!

    Meanwhile, hooray for “Madea”!!! You go Tyler Perry!!

  • Wanna bet ?

    I used to think Joe was hot…………. I used to. I can’t see what girls see in Nick, he’s not sexy at all, not even cute…he just has big arms that make him somehow hot. He’ll maybe be hot later but right now, nope. Poor Kevin, I wouldn’t have loved being in a group with my brudders and seeing/hearing hatred/criticism from reporters/critics saying I’m the least fortunate-looking of all :/

  • Debbie

    All the girls at the theatre were screaming like the Jonas brothers were really there. this is worse then NKOTB.

  • Yeah.

    They are amazing I don’t understand why the movie didn’t make that much, over 800 theaters were sold out in presale and the movie was so unbelievable. I guess its because its not “limited time” kinda thing like Miley’s was.

  • f

    poor jonas brothers
    beated by slutty cyrus
    but seriously she’ll be gone in a couple onths when nobody will like her anymore or she’ll have a sex tape, or be pregnant just watch
    then they’ll be gone to and new people will come. i have nothing against them but nothing can replace my hatred againts the trailer trash who calls hreself hannah montana
    i hope hre movie flops becasue of the economy problems

  • janaina

    I do not know the style of music the band 3, they are little and ugly, but they are good kids in behavior.

  • krist jo dee

    Maybe the Jonas brothers should have waited for the TV show to come out first and then make a movie. They copied what Miley did and maybe that was Disney’s idea. Honestly because they are promoted as good boys they may have lost fans for the way they mistreat girlfriends. And now they are with a starlit who is trying to get fame and fortune off of them selling jewelry for a “cause” to benefit a small country. Perhaps they should stay away from a AngelinaJolie wanna be. Taylor Swift and Miley seem to be in control of their careers perhaps the Jonai should learn to do the same for themselves. Dump Joe’s twin girlfriend after she comes out with her fake charity re jewelry soon and make their own decisions instead of their father making them. Don’t forget to quit dating famous girls who can expose the truth as they know it. Wishing the Jonas the best.

  • mike

    that is cool :)

  • rii

    @#1 mslewis
    i think its because those pictures are from select theaters of where they actually did sell out. the jb did sell out at some theaters, but some does not mean all. hence the reason ppl consider the jb3d to be a flop. i think people assumed the jb has a really large fanbase, which is true. but its more “loud” than “large” if you get what i mean. they dont have as big of a fanbase as people thought, but their fanbase is indeed pretty insane and obsessive. so i guess the insane fans give the illusion that they have a gigantic fanbase?

  • jj fan

    woo hoo! well cone JJ – you’re the best on the interwebs man. we love you – even those of us who are too old to dig the jobros. xxx

  • [ā˜†I n F a m o u sā˜†]

    every thread they get on this site they get less and less comments… plus their movie made about 40bucks.
    could they be turning into the hanson’s already?

  • Cals

    seriously? why are so many people hating on the Jonas Brothers?? They are amazing! and they are hott! Nick is hot, joe is sexy, and kevin is a good person all around. There is no reason for people to comment rude things about the JoBros. thats all

  • Ansley

    The movie was like careening down a Slip ‘n Slide for the first time, just plan…FUN, Fun, Fun!!!! I can’t wait to see it again.

  • jj fan

    oh # 12 you’re killing me…poor Kev huh? Ugly Jonas.

    “They are amazing! and they are hott! Nick is hot, joe is sexy, and kevin is a good person all around.”

  • ali

    it was such an amazing movie!!! it definitely deserved to make it to the number one spot in the box office. more fans need to go out and see it!!!!

  • fantasy

    i used to think that Joe was the cutest out of all 3 of them…but now for some reason i find Nick really cute and Joe not so much..

  • gerard Vandenberg

    The club of “DIE HARD” homo-sexuals has arrived, folks!!

  • Steve

    jared you are are so bias why haven’t you made a post on how the jonas brothers failed miserably at the box office this weekend? if it was someone else you would of mentioned it…

  • heather

    steve (#18)
    He didn’t make a post about how they failed because they DIDN’T FAIL.!

    they did an amazing job on the movie and loadsssssssss of people have seen it and given it a thumbs up.

    why dont you stop being so bias and saying their failing ?!

  • cheninator

    lol this is more proof that people cant be bothered spending their money on these talentless pieces of crap.

    their “movie” flopped, its not even a movie for god sakes it a concert with some behind the scenes crap, that doesnt make it a movie.

    also jared this is the adult justjared site, leaves these little disney wannabes to the junior site.

  • Amy

    Ahaha that’s so funny, desperate. They had to trick girls into thinking there was hope they’d be at the movie and still nobody went to see it.

  • mannie

    yeah…i mean the movie was great!!..notcampared to the concert but, for a 3-D concert it was good :P:P
    i luved the beginning hahaha and when they were in the changroom..<3<3

  • dfgdfg

    they’re great!!!! love ‘em (L)

  • Jonas Brothers

    I love the Jonas Brothers music, they are the best.

  • fleece baby

    I heard they’re 3D crap movie was a flop.

  • jackie faulkner

    i love the jonas brothers but mostly joe he is cute he is funny he is serious and thinks what heis going to do he knows what he want s he is helpful careing soft gental and loves what he dose and he loves his brothers joe on camp rock was so cool and so hot if he was holder i would marry him if he asked me to i have the camp rock posters on my bedroom wall and thee rollingstone poster by my bed i love the song i gotta find you. i have writen a big story of me joe and nick jonas on my yahoo blog it is called my love story of me joe and nick jonas (i wish) and my yahoo,site is faulkner if you what to have a look please fell free to look and my cell is 0210360122. you could say i am jonas brother mad.


    im 100% completly fed up with all the hate for the Jonas Brothers,thier amazing guys,thier better than most role models out there(miley cyrus*) but yet little kids still look up to her. Yeah Hannah Montana is a cute show,but she is not i know people make mistakes but over and over again? if you say your sorry thats good but dont do it again!,im a christian but im not the best yes i make mistakes but i ask for forgiveness and i never do it again.Back To The Boys( : Thier Amazing they’ve caught my attention when Mandy came out so when i was 12 1/2, so 2005.Im 151/2 now.thier morals are really good,look how many girls and some guys to save sex till marriage and thats the best thing you could do.If anything no so many teens are going out have sex,the jonas brothers dont talk about getting any,drugs or cussing and thats a good influence.Yes,some rap music is very good.lil wayne for instince is really good but the lyrics? not so much thier horrible talking about getting girls in bed,drinking,smoking pot? is that the kinda of influence we want for kids my age or younger?and even older when your 18 you can do whatever you want too,and esp when your 21.Im Glad The Jonas Brothers are in my life and have had such a great impacr on my life because without them i probley would have been a bad kid,they have taught that being with your family is important and telling your family things are also important,They R-E-S-P-E-C-T GIRLS! some girls probley dont know what that sounds or looks like because most guys dont respect girls so thier so use to that,but i love the fact that they do and the WHOLEEE taylor swift crap,she needs to stop being a whiny little baby about everything because oh well,boo hoo cry over forever i dont care.i use to like taylor swift until this,she told ellen”i wont even remember the guy that broke up with me in 27 seconds when i was 18′ then why are you still crying about it? now you know that MOST jonas fans will dislike you cause of this most of my friends do anyways,YOU whine too muchh.yes your music is good but your a baby.You dont deserve a JONAS.Joe even said in his blog”that its hard to continue the conversation when the other person(taylor swift) doesnt wanna talk” and you cant have a conversation with someone that doesnt want to talk cause you told them something they didnt wanna hear,anyways im just saying to all the people that hate the jonas brothers.Keep Hating! its only gonna make our love for them stronger comments? email me say whatever you may.ill be sure to reply.


    -Maria Jonas( :

  • ilovejoejonas

    IT WAS AMAZING!!!!!!!

  • adult_sex_toys

    I wish they would come to Bucharest ! You guys have a lot of fans here and it would be awesome if you would travel here too.