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Ashley Tisdale Covers Cosmopolitan April 2009

Ashley Tisdale Covers Cosmopolitan April 2009

Ashley Tisdale is graduating from her High School Musical days and is the latest cover girl for Cosmopolitan April 2009.

The 23-year-old starlet dished to the mag on her upcoming album, boyfriend Jared Murillo and what’s next for her. Check it:

On breaking out of the teen scene: “People see me as cute, but I’m so much more than that. I’m 23 and I’m growing up, I can’t be young forever.”

On her upcoming album, Guilty Pleasure: “It’s edgy. It’s an album to rock out to. It’s definitely sexier. I have a sexy side to me, but it’s more of a fun sexy. Sure, I’m a nice girl, but there’s also a part of me that wants to be rebellious.”

On her relationship with beau Jared Murillo from boy band V-Factory: “It’s a normal relationship. He’s a good person, but it took a while. I’m angsty because I’ve been screwed over a lot. But after a while, you realize you can’t carry the baggage. I would hope the ring would be bigger if I were engaged.”

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  • Susie

    she looks like a 23 years old woman and i actually like it
    she doesn’t look like a teen at all and it may help her for her album

  • margie

    #1…I think she looks too old. I like her younger look. The starlets tend to look so old these days, darker hair, tan skin, etc. She’s a beauiful girl, I’d like to see her look a tad bit younger.

  • Oscar

    Omg!! she so sexy..i love her!

  • Oscar

    she’s pretty blondy and also with black hair!

  • K.G.

    JJJ please?

  • Wtf

    Her face looks way too big for that body.

  • k.okh

    u need to start posting her stuff on here shes not a teen shes 23 she deserves 2 be on lol

    and she looks absolutely beautifull

  • julian

    I love the name of the second album!!!: GUILTY PLEASURE!! it’s awesome

    Can’t wait ’til it comes out!

  • jolly

    Ashley, u NEED to hire a stylist. your looks/outfits always look cheap. it really doesn’t matter how much chanel u put on.
    this is coming from your fan…..i do love u in zach and cody.

  • mitsie

    i think you should put ashley on JJ
    what’s the diference between her and hillary duff???

  • NativeNYker

    That is one unattractive cover… Shame on Cosmo.

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  • Anika

    Lovee her new look!

  • mike

    LOVE IT!!!

  • Courtney

    She is really pretty!

  • Naomi

    #6 i think its her hair that makes her head look too big for her body

  • aaron

    she looks way too much like britany murphy

  • Chel

    I love Ashley, she looks gorgeous on the cover.
    FYI ppl that dark brown hair is her natural hair color,
    it was blonde for the Suite Life of Zack and Cody but
    now she’s not filming that anymore, so she put back to

    Anyways, I love the title of her Album “Guilty Pleasure”
    that’s very suitable for a 23 year old. I love that Ashley
    is bridging out from her Disney image and being on the
    cover of COSMOPOLITAN the ULTIMATE sex magazine (lol)
    is a way to go.

    Jared, she needs to be on JJ AND JJJ

  • lakers fan in boston

    i think she looks pretty good on the cover
    i dont no but something is off about her
    still, she’s a pretty girl =]

  • Blah Girls

    Um, more Zefron please!

  • C’mon!

    Big head, little girl body, hideous nose…….blah…..JJJ, please.

  • lisa

    and she donated an autographed hardhat to habitat for humanity to be auctioned off to raise funds for famiies in need. is the address and they also have TONS more celebs hardhats like vanessa, ashley, miley, zac and a lot more!

  • lizzie

    That girl is mature now, she needs to stop being treated as a child. + she rocks!

  • Shannon

    The best i’ve ever seen her look!

  • cocobean

    Did I just stumble onto Tiger Beat Magazine?

  • vanessajonas

    #20 and #24
    LMAO i agree with you

  • K.G.

    Same with Vanessa Hudgens.
    I cant take her of Ashley seriously if all they do are those disney musicals. Whenever I see them on a mag cover I feel like I’m looking at Tiger Beat as you said. As for Vanessa, the only movie I liked of hers was Thirteen but that’s probably because of Holly Hunter

  • K.G.


  • rey

    What a useless twat. Oh right edgy sure idiot your voice is nothing but squeaks and whines. Anyone who wastes money on her crap should be ashamed. And look at that she whores out her relationship some more. Except no one cares about it, even she doesn’t when she has other men in front of her.

    Pathetic bitch talks about being secure. Sure bitch sure, too bad you get your hair done everyday, a fake tan every few days, and oh that nosejob you lied about. Disney sure as hell gave her some makeovers from when she first came out looking like trash she is.

    This unbelievably fake cunt being posted here is such a waste.

  • Obvious

    Rebellious? Lol, does this little girl even know the meaning of that word? No, no, no, Tisdale is as straight and narrow as they come. I bet she doesn’t even curse. Like a kitten trying to be a tiger, it’s cute at first, but eventually somebody’s gotta clue the kitten into the fact that it is physically impossible for it to ever become a tiger. She may be cute, but she ain’t sexy, or even beuatiful, and it’s not just because she’s Disney’s biatch. She won’t make it.

  • James/Ashley Tisdale Onlin

    she looks amazing
    as usual

  • tisdale hater

    theres nothing special about her.
    she goes to salons once a day almost, and she still comes out looking like shit.
    she takes months to create albums and they stll come out soundiing like crap.
    shes BUTT UGLY, LAME, UNTALENTED AND BORING and SO NOT SEXY and her and her fans need to GET OVER IT!!!!

  • pop86

    Ashley looks great.

  • Angie

    they posted this so many times. She is pretty though.

  • quit moderating me!!

    seriously is free speech dead or you just don’t like me cause i speak some truth! – written by gogo dancer

  • Juan


  • kdjfj

    I don’t think she’s cute & she’s an idiot her album will suck. hahaha

  • Misty

    She’s gotten very conceited.

  • claire

    love her but does she always have to mention zac.

    you don’t see vanessa mentioning jared in any of her interviews. why would you mention your bff’s boyfriend in an interview.

    just sayin.

  • gerard Vandenberg

    The HOUSEKEEPERS are looking better every day in america, folks!!

  • athena

    She does look great with her brunette tresses! I would love to work with her.

  • ashfan

    claire, she didn’t mention zac if the magazine’s question choice did not include his name….
    beside he mentioned jared a lot more and even vanessa…..

  • ashfan

    * wouldn’t

  • Rosa

    ewwwwwww ..
    big head ..
    loooooooooong ugly nose ..
    stupid pose ..
    so not sexy or beautiful even when photoshoped ..
    her voice sucks even when u don’t hear it ..
    what else is she on that cover for ??

  • Andrea

    she are so cool i whant to meet her some day

  • Andrea

    she are so cool i whant to meet her some day

  • Grace

    I’m glad she is trying to brake out of the disney image. i can totally see where she coming from. Loved her pass work but its time to do somthing a bit more grown up. Good luck with everything Ash!!

    thanks jared, for posting xx

  • Tiffany

    I think Ashley Tisdale looks so good a brunette! I think it makes her look more grown up. She’s cute blonde too, but I like her better brunette. :)

  • fleece baby

    She looks good! I’m so happy she’s breaking out of the Disney crap. Now I can actually take her seriously.

  • For all you Haters!

    Hey EVERYONE who is making fun of Ashley Tisdales voice are you saying that just because she has a high pitched voice that she sounds bad?I have a hihg pitched voice are you saying I sound bad?I sing great.Why dont you talk about how big Selens Gomez’s head is or how Dami Lavto needs a boyfriend and she needs to leave Joe Jonas alone, why dont you talk about that?You all need to get a life(Ashley Tisdale haters).**** all you Ashley Tisdale haters!

  • hannah.

    you’re a dumbass, her darker hair is her natural hair color. She only had blonde for hsm movies and the suite life, now that she’s done with that she wants her natural look back. so what if she tans? a lot of people do.
    so check your facts before you talk smack,