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Freida Pinto: Estee Lauder's New Face

Freida Pinto: Estee Lauder's New Face

Slumdog Millionaire star Freida Pinto walks the runway at the Dolce & Gabbana show during Milan Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2009 at the Metropole on Monday (March 2) in Milan, Italy.

The 24-year-old actress may be the new spokesperson for the beauty brand Estee Lauder, reports WWD.

An Estee Lauder spokeswoman and Freida‘s reps declined comment, saying, “We don’t comment on marketplace rumors.”

Freida recently joined Woody Allen‘s upcoming still-untitled flick.

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Photos: Venturelli/WireImage
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  • Wanna bet ?

    Oh my god, I can’t stand this little prick already! she seems already so full of herself! there’s just something I don’t like about her…….

  • sarah

    she’s very beautiful !!

  • mary

    She is naturally georgeous and naturally skinny unlike all the celebrities in Hollywood who starve themselves tobe thin.

  • athena

    She’s a beauty but needs me as a stylist.

  • geezzz

    She’s cute but nothing unique about her… she’s a very typical Indian woman, they are all sort of pretty, she’s not the best looking Indian out there…

  • http://justjared soprano

    I totally agree # one. Pinto overload already. Didn’t take her long to dump her fiance. So typical. Maybe she realises she has no talent & is grabbing everything she can before people wise up. Looks very conceited & quite frankly ridiculous in the cloncking shoes.

  • Ganjana

    It’s relatively gratifying that she is starting to getting old like me. It’s so dperessing to see your face start to melt when you’re 25. She definitely is worthy of being they next exotic piece of ass in a womanizing woody allen flick.

  • Joanne

    Fantastic news for her, man she really hit it big with that movie, wow.

  • not me

    Gorgeous woman. but wears some really funny dresses at times.

  • Blah Girls

    <3 Slumdog!

  • popozao

    OMG OVEREXPOSED HELLO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • K.G.

    She’s really overrated now. slumdog is over now, 2010 award season needs to hurry!

  • S

    Since the Slumdog movie had it premiere, she has been a succesfull girl, but there’s something that I don’t like about her. I don’t know what. I can’t put my finger on it. But there is something. It’s not about her look, because she is beautiful, there is something else.

  • thats_right

    She is so ugly I’m sorry there is nothing gorgeous about her, I don’t know why people are going crazy for her pleaseee she is only after one thing money money money she has no talent

  • Naysayer

    She’s beautiful. Now that EL has fired Liya Kebede as the OFFICIAL ethnic face of the company, they need a new ETHNIC face and it’s Freida. Good for her anyway.

  • sara-amw

    I desagree #14.
    She is not ugly, but she is not special, ou gorgeous, she is just SIMPLE, AND NORMAL!!!!
    And she is not GOOD actress, in slumdog milionaire she was little time, and she just need to look beatiful, i can do that!

    sorry my english

  • Evan

    She’s a beautiful girl with a lot of opportunities being thrown her way. I hope she is the new Lauder girl. Most of models they use in their campaigns are boring and not that good looking.

  • Mike

    It’s so funny reading all these negative comments from jealous women.You probably couldn’t look half as good as this exotic beauty.She’s adorable.

  • Not impressed by JA

    She is a beauty but she is clearly overexposed NOW. The main actor DEV PAVEL is not even as much o
    in the media.

    It’s just too much considering her role was the typical one given to pretty young starlets, usually models turned actresses. Nothing more nothing less. Nothing really of incredible substance whivh makes a starelt a through breakthrough performance.

  • lise

    If Estee Lauder invited her to become their new face, as a budding actress, with big recognition right now, why should she not accept it? It’s a terrific opportunity, and I think she’s perfect for it.

    She needs the exposure – I seriously don’t think this qualifies as overexposure… It’s not like she’s Speidi or Annalynne McCording herself out at every possible event. People just want to take pictures of her because they all turn out soo well. You have to remember that not everybody is reading blogs too, and following her every step. Most of the movie going public won’t have seen her in anything between Oscar Night and the first time they see her Estee Lauder ad in a paper mag.

    Until we start to see pictures of her drunkenly stumbling out of clubs, picking fights with paps, flashing her goods, I’m still holding off judgment.

    That said, she does need to follow up in her next big project with a GREAT performance, or people are going to become very critical (that she’s only cast for her looks, a la Jessica Alba)

  • ogal

    She is beautiful. I wish her success!

  • Bono

    I find it funny how many people are hating on her. I’m assuming these haters are ugly Indian girls. Get over yourselves and let her take this moment to shine!

  • Alex

    Wow!. You people are really jealous. I think she is naturally beautful.
    She is not a bimbo like aiswaraya rai who can not act. Aiswarya rai is a plastic like many blondes.

    American media praises people like crazy then drop to bottom all of a sudden. I think pinto is grabbing everything before people get tired of her. I find her very smart. It is very rare for indian men or woman to capture western media attention. She has the “mojo”. No body is perfect and pinto will have her ups and down. Hope she act well in woody allen movie. Only one i think overrated in my mind is norah jones.

  • Alex

    if she acts decent in woody allen movie , i am sure she will be in next james bond movie. It all depends on her acting skill now. There are many natural beauties in india. What is so special about Freida is she knows exactly what to say.

  • cr

    Lot of haters here. But that doesn’t surprise me. I like her. I think she is beautiful. I wish her much success in everything she does.

  • Erin

    Some of you are so brave, sitting behind a computer spilling out silly rants. Folks, buck up. Read a book (non-fiction would be a start). If you have so much time to hate a woman you’ve never met you must be seriously lacking in the smarts department. I used to love checking out mindless sites like this just to let some of the stress of my day go, but turds who spend their entire free time here trashing people they’re obviously obsessed over it starting to make it a drag.

  • British Latin American

    So many bitchy, jealous comments. Cry in your ice cream and get over it.

  • hello there (:

    Of course she’s after money, everyone is. I think she’s really pretty, but her clothes are a little weird sometimes, sorry. And yeah, it’s getting a LITTLE overrated seeing her all over the place, but hey if that were me I’d probably be reveling in my glamour hahaha. So yeah, I agree with British Latin American. Just cry in your ice cream and get over it. Your comments aren’t going to affect what she does in her life. Lots of other people like her because she’s popping up in ads everywhere!

  • Seema

    She is cute, even pretty, but not beautiful. Her face is a bit strange.

  • lizzie

    i’m trying not to be jealous and admit how pretty she is and anyway, I don’t really care lol
    Good luck for her

  • Not impressed by JA

    I find it very funny people resorting to the ‘jealous card’ in a blink when someone doesn’t find her beautiful or find her overexposed (I personally find her pretty but knows some may not and think she is becoming too much in the media without deserving it) and then criticize in the process another actress beauty.
    In other words doing exactly what they criticize others to do. Jealous much ? Take a look at yourself before acting like beauty is a standard goods and not a matter of personal choice and sensitivity.

  • hello

    Flavor of the moment. Bandwagon.

  • gerard Vandenberg

    We have a kim kardashian-compatitor here, folks!!

  • Danz

    The outfit is a bit too fussy IMO. She looks pretty though.

    (Click for the chance to win a Rachel Leigh Sex and the City-inspired studded belt!)

  • ryan




    She is so fake, the way she talks and she is trying to be the exotic princess..but whats so exotic about Mumbai!!!

  • Polo

    Those shoes look dangerous

  • Taj Mahal

    I like Frieda she looks like a real South Asian woman, color and all, unlike Rai who looks Afghani. Which are the only East Indian women Bollywood really cares about. Hopefully Frieda will change that for other East Indian actresses who look like her.

  • Polar Bear

    A natural beauty.

  • me me me

    she’s gorgeous and i don’t mind seeing her pics at all. btw. i doubt woody allen would’ve cast her for his movie if she had no talent. lay off the jealousy.

  • mimi

    she is gorgeous! and i love seeing pictures of her. way to go jared.
    she is obviously talented if not she wouldnt have made it so far.

    i wish her all the luck

  • Alex

    I never knew there is just jared website until i start to see freida pinto..getting curious why she is everywhere. India’s culture obsessed with creamy white skin woman. Only thing i don’t like pinto is that she should stop talking about bombay this and bombay that. Bombay is most polluted ugly city in the world.

  • Ashley

    PLEASE, Jared! Let me know where those shoes are from and the outfit! Thank you!

  • niva

    Is she the only Indian? If we have to do Indian, let us get variety. I have seen far more beautiful Indian women. We need to let them out. She is boring, B-o-r-i-ng!

  • smng

    It’s a shame such a beautiful, talented girl would sell-out on an old-fashioned, lame makeup company! Come on…at least pick a more relevant company–Nars? Lancome? Even Revlon!? Anything but Estee Lauder…that’s grandma makeup.

  • fleece baby

    She is soo beautiful!

  • Love Dior

    You go Freida! So sick of the backwards Indians that can’t see true beauty, that’s why she’s successful overseas. You should be ashamed of yourselves. I agree about Lauder, would love to see her in a Chanel ad.

  • Love Dior

    You go Freida! So sick of the backwards Indians that can’t see true beauty, that’s why she’s successful overseas. You should be ashamed of yourselves. I agree about Lauder, would love to see her in a Chanel ad.

  • princess

    I think there are far prettier Indian women out there-AISHWARYA RAI BACHCHAN, Bipasha Basu???? check her out. Also there are far more talented Indian actress out there-TABU (from the Namesake).

  • Vishal Shah

    She is not beutiful at all. May be average. May be lesser than average Indian woman.

    3-4 things are there.

    1. Her chin is shorter. Like Sridevi, Eishvarwya. Not a symbol of beauty.

    2. Her both legs(knees) touches each other like any European woman.

    3. No grace on face.

    4. Wrinkled skin.