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Michelle Williams & Matilda Ledger: Pinkberry Run!

Michelle Williams & Matilda Ledger: Pinkberry Run!

Michelle Williams and her beau, director Spike Jonze, arrive with daughter Matilda Ledger at LAX Airport in Los Angeles on Monday (March 2).

“I don’t really want to talk about that,” Michelle, 28, has said of her relationship with Spike, 39. “In terms of trying to convey how you feel, you can never really say it right… I do worry too much about getting it just right.”

Other pictures include Michelle and Matilda picking up some frozen sweet treats at a Pinkberry froyo shop in Los Angeles on Sunday (March 1). 10+ pics inside…

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michelle williams spike jonze matilda ledger 01
michelle williams spike jonze matilda ledger 02
michelle williams spike jonze matilda ledger 03
michelle williams spike jonze matilda ledger 04
michelle williams spike jonze matilda ledger 05
michelle williams spike jonze matilda ledger 06
michelle williams spike jonze matilda ledger 07
michelle williams spike jonze matilda ledger 08
michelle williams spike jonze matilda ledger 09
michelle williams spike jonze matilda ledger 10

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  • lara

    1st? but yea…’s so weird how much Matilda looks like Heath :( it’s like seeing him everytime i see a pic of her

  • Jess

    God bless that little girl! Carbon copyyyyy of her late father. I know it’s always said, but you can’t help it!

  • aaaanne jugsten

    seeing matilda it’s the same as a picture of heath.

  • emily

    WOW! Everything about her is Heath. Nose, eyes, and especially that fierce look he always HAD on! I agree god bless little Matilda. And she is awfully tall for a 3 year old :)

  • Janey

    It’s like seeing Heath Ledger as a little girl. Glad Michelle has found love again.

  • roja

    growing tired of being mrs


  • emily

    Oh please shut up #6. *Rolls eyes*

  • Matingas

    wtf jared?
    our airport pics are better :P .. there’s not even one good one! (well .. LAX .. the rest are pretty good.. damn INF)

  • gerard Vandenberg

    We must feel sorry for the kid, folks!!
    WITH SUCH PERENTS…………………….good luck anyway!!

  • growing tired of being mrs.

    Yes I was screaming because I am sick and tired of hearing about Heath Ledger in the comment section.
    Why should I shut up when all anyone talks about is Heath the loser! First 5 comments are the fact that she looks like her dad. as if we didnt
    know that since the day that Heath Died. Since the media likes
    to put words in peoples mouths like what Jen said . That is what will happen so go ahead and roll your eyes again.

  • HeathMichelleMatilda

    ohhh michelle and matilda looks great
    matilda looks like her daddy

    heath we miss you
    and you are forever in our hearts
    goodbye heath
    we will never forget you
    rest in peace

  • emily

    How do you have the heart to call a deceased person stupid? And so WHAT if there are comments that Matilda looks like her father..BIG is what it is!! Get over it. This is a openly free FORUM, where everyone is entitled to express how they feel and what they think…

  • emily

    Oops I meant a **loser

  • fed up


  • sd

    She never was and, sadly, never will be Michelle Ledger. It’s more likely she’ll be Michelle Jonze. But if I could have it my way, she’d be with Jake Gyllenhaal. He’d be a better match then Spike. And Michelle a better match than Reese.

    I know most already said it, but Matilda looks just like her daddy.
    Heath was such a talent and so attractive. He’s missed.

  • sd

    “We must feel sorry for the kid, folks!!
    WITH SUCH PERENTS…………………….good luck anyway!!”

    Care to elaborate? What’s wrong with Michelle?

  • brooklyn

    look at michelle, she still sad about losing Heath she shows everbody that she is grieve BUT AT THE SAME TIME SHE ‘S HAPPY TO MAKE SEX WITH SPIKE JONZE (ADAM SPIEGEL)
    hey spike don’t worry if she will break up with I’am pretty sure that this relationship will not lasted. michelle love to have many boyfriends.

  • K.G.

    Can’t wait for her movie with Leonardo DiCaprio, Shutter Island!

  • carol

    with Heath she shows her face but with spike she tries to hide paparazzi. and why she doesn’t want to talk about it????? why with Heath she opens her big mouth but with spike or adam whenever nothing????????

  • Blah Girls

    Michelle seems like such a good mom and Matilda is totes ador. RIP HEATH!!!

  • Sheri

    Jared … I think you have a typo here: how could they arrive today (March 2nd) in L.A. ~ yet eat frozen treats in L.A. yesterday (on Sunday?) Or am I missing something here??

  • brooklyn

    she pretends to be nice person and very simple but i’am sure that she is not. nobody is perfect . she said herself that she made mistakes and try to forgive them so what mistakes she had made to Heath ledger?????

  • sara

    you right nobody is perfect. michelle is a mysterious woman. when i read her interviews she speaks like a poet or someone who writes a boek.she seems nice and a beautiful person but her mysteriosity doubts to me on her.

  • kiera

    spike jonze loves to be photograph now, he will be famous because of her and specially of matilda. it’s too bad for adam (spiky) to be famous just bcause he dating with the mother of matilda the daughter of the late oscar winner heath ledger .

  • Shemp lugosi

    Why do you call her Matilda “Ledger”? Heath was never married to Michelle Williams, so that ISN’T her name!

  • leo

    i’am pretty sure that michelle williams will not be famous along time she will be like samantha mathis or courntey love .all these person has lost a boyfriend or ex husband0 look now courntey is becoming crazy and samantha alll her movies have never been a succes.

  • madga


  • Gabi


    Michelle is a nice person and very simple.
    She doesnt like to talk about her personal life, beeing with anyone…even with Heath you can find only few words from her about him.
    Let the woman be happy with her daughter and new love.
    And if Spike is with her with all this pression he must love her!

  • dancer

    just because you are private does not mean she is nice and classy

  • jess

    #26, Um maybe because Heath would want Matilda to carry on his last name. Just like the rest of us as well…

  • laura

    Children typically have their father’s last name. Her and Heath were together at the time so I don’t understand why Matilda wouldn’t have his last name?

    Matilda’s such a cute child.

  • slambang

    LOVE that little girl, and I love how Michelle is raising her to be a normal child! (Tom and Katie, take note!)

  • liza

    clearly everyone saying michelle isnt good enough for spike doesnt know who spike is! man is a creative genius.

  • kate

    3rd photo – love matildas frazzled hair and expression. so adorable! and i love the dress michelle is wearing… very vintage

  • terry

    Matilda is so adorable!!

  • liza

    whoops – i mean people who think spike isnt good enough for michelle!!!

  • just curious

    does anyone know the name of the black flat knee boots that michelle is wearing in the pictures. love her style.

  • Mousse

    I agree 100% slambang.
    Michelle is raising her daughter in a normal way, protecting her from paps as much as possible.
    Michelle is my favorite and I do prefer only a few pics (and better said none at all that are intruding her or Matilda’s privacy) compared to having a daily update about them f.i. going from their front door towards their car and vice versa (like Katie the drooling for attention one, who’s so rude to use her -unhappy- child for her PR purposes!!).
    I am a mother too, I see the difference.
    Well done Michelle, you’re a great mother, and best wishes of luck and happiness with Spike Jonze.

  • Simone

    Her name is Matilda Rose Ledger exactly. She was named on her birh certificate Ledger. Most kids take father’s surname regardless of married or not married.

  • claire

    oh please guys !!!!!yeah michelle is good, michelle raising matilda in a beautiful way blah blah blah!!!!! you really don’t know this woman really. i know her and i could say you that she is totally the opposite about what you thinking. she is a really bad woman with no heart

  • kary

    she dating old men because she consider herself an old woman. look at her face she is really old.

  • anon

    Claire, can you elaborate for us, please?

  • SJ

    claire/kary: go see the wizard for the brain. judging by your immature comments, you’re clearly under the age of fifteen. go find something positive to do with your life. work at a soup kitchen, take a grammar class. surely you don’t have so much time on your hands to be commenting on every single post regarding michelle? talk about obsessed!

  • fleece baby

    I still think it’s a bit soon for her to be moving on to another man.

  • Evelyn

    Jeez Louise, Fleece baby, how long does the woman have to wait?! You do realize its been almost two years since they broke up? And over a year since he died? It may seem like numbers to you, but trust me, i bet the time seems a lot longer to her…

  • Kati

    Matilda is a cute little girl. She looks exactly like her late father. Michelle is a wonderful mother who wants to raise her daughter to be normal little girl and protects her from those idiotic paparazzis just like any other celebrity parents do. Hopefully one day when Matilda is a little bit older she will learn how much her late father Heath Ledger loved her. R.I.P. Heath! You were a great actor. It´s a shame that your life ended so soon.