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Beyonce & Solange's Samantha Thavasa Ad

Beyonce & Solange's Samantha Thavasa Ad

Knowles sisters Beyonce and Solange Knowles put on their best sailor outfits and strike sexy poses in this new ad for Japanese handbag designer Samantha Thavasa.

The nautical-themed ads will appear in Samantha Thavasa’s 117 shops nationwide in Japan.

Hotel heiress Paris Hilton previously was the spokesperson for the Thavasa brand.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of the Knowles sisters in this new handbag ad — HOT or NOT?

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  • Polar Bear

    Pretty girls but the less famous one has the best legs.

  • Kate

    I think they’re both pretty girls but I feel sorry for Solange. In every interview or true hollywood story their parents always brag about Beyonce. It seems like they hardly talk about Solange. I always felt she was overshadowed because people think Beyonce is prettier and has a better voice.

  • male

    both fat n ugly like hell!!

  • sarahi

    I think both girls are beautiful and I am a huge B fan.

  • annie

    and ofcourse ‘Queen Bee’ has to steal all the limelight, even when she is with her own sister..

  • brooke

    i think this is boring looking, the ad could be so much better. also, those samantha thavasa bags look like wannabe stephen sporuse louis vuitton neverfulls with the graffiti-esque look to them.

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    how nice of beyonce to let her ugly lil sis get a job.

  • *~HoT PinK PRiNcESS*~

    #3 why Comment . Dont you have anything else better 2 do?

  • sillyme

    Either Solange had some plastic surgery, or they airbrushed away her big nose and chin…and, I don’t think she’s the same complexion as Beyonce. As for Beyonce, she looks okay.

  • NativeNYker

    Damn, that Solange will pursue fame by any means and association (mainly from her sister) she can!

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  • fed up

    Solange have you talked to Rihanna about her abuse since that is why
    you broke up your marriage with your college football player husband.
    He beat you. Tell her how to get over it . And not to get back with Chris

  • mimi

    Like Beyonce needs more exposure or more money. She really should stick to doing more quality stuff.

  • Ants

    Beyonce is amazing!

  • SL

    B looks really pretty. She is one muti-talented human being.

  • angel

    Beyonce really knows how to work her celebrity. I can’t hate cuz she knows how to get paid.

  • umm

    Beyonce didn’t ask to be the reps for the product, they asked her. Samantha Thavasa knows what’s up. Having Beyonce gets recognition.

  • JESS

    I like Solange! she is very beautiful and her CD was very refreshing! I like Beyonce too.


    There’s a lot of airbrushing here; the girls are pretty but Solange should have more color than Bee; she’s too pale

  • mju8

    those bags look hideously cheap. no wonder paris hilton was their previous spokesperson.

  • http:/GPost Team Lara Croft

    both so cute!

  • carmine davis

    I think they’re soo dope!
    I can’t wait ’til Solange comes into her own and starts to
    do her own thing…but Beyonce and Solange represent the best
    of both worlds in the entertainment industry, the also remind me of my brother and I…every sibling can relate to them…hahaha

  • Pretty Girls Wear Pearls

    @male, don’t be mad because you wish you were a girl, they have procedures for people like you! @Silly Me, I agree with you about the “white washing” but I don’t get…as if the darker skin isn’t as beautiful….it’s the sick, twisted mentality of slavery. I won’t buy into and niether should anyone else! All the photoshopping of Beyonce these days is really enough for me to say….I’M OVER IT! Seriously, what is the message she is sending to her younger fans…wear weave, photoshop your legs, lighten your skin, dance around practically naked…it’s too much! I would rather her just be her normal, beautiful self, no makeup, no lashes, no weave, just “Bey” or “Sasha Fierce, I don’t know these days.

  • B.


    #12 MIMI.. you’re absolutely right… she doesn’t need the money.. and i dont think her sister does..

    she’s just doing too much lately.. people are getting bored of her.. she’s not special anymore like she was with destiny’s child…
    she has a great voice and looks good too.. but too much is just too much

    and it’s true her face is ”white whashed” like all the time.. that’s why maybe all ther new videos are black and white… so she looks more white… and so does her sister..

  • ‘Mandise

    I love Beyonce, she’s gifted but she has always been like that…always wanted to be in the spotlight more than her fellows (remember Destiny’s Child?) but I still think she’s amazing, it’s just that she stands out more I guess…..I don’t really think we should feel sorry for Solange…I mean, yeah it’s kinda pityful but she’s taking advantage of her sister’s fame to get recognized too in a bad way, I never really liked her. Beyonce is the star and I’m not even such a fan. Just the facts

  • jack

    they look hideous and those bags are a rip-off/knock-off of the louis vuitton/sprouse bags—tacky-cheesy-

  • Chaz

    I love Beyonce but why are she and her sister both turning white?

  • whatever, yo

    well, the photoshop award goes to that…

    beyonce is much thicker than that!

  • some girl

    dumb & dumber sisters


    love B! she is gorgeous.

  • Danno

    These people are not this light.

  • lakers fan in boston

    beyonce and who?

  • http:/GPost Team Lara Croft

    beyonce’s mom and grandmother were both creole – that explains their color. fyi. i think they look cute. i guess in every family, there is one sibling who gets more attention and i guess that is beyonce. kinda like ashlee and jessica and britney and jamie lynn etc…..

  • Lala

    B is sooo pretty her sis is is cute her son is such a cutie!!!! but B is to pretty for Jay Z she can do so much better

  • beatrice

    Funny how Beyonce looks really black for the essence cover and now her skin looks light. She should tell the people who take pictures of her to leave her skin tone alone lol.

  • PR

    This kind of think always makes Solange look soo pathetic!
    I Swear, That whole family rides on Beyonce’s coat tails!!
    B is cool, but the rest of the Knowles crew is gross in every way..

  • sasha

    Samantha Thavasa is just a brand name, not a name of a designer.
    It was founded by some Japanese dude.

  • Boyfriend

    they look ok

  • dia from mirza

    Wel the fact is that their mother is a métisse woman of spanish origins ! The mom of the knowles sisters is very light skinned ! Its the dad who is more dark !! So whats the deal !! Their are not full black womans !! Go check before pose stupid question and said silly words!! DUMBASS PEOPLE !!!

  • truth ALWAYS hurts

    i won’t even comment on the photoshop yall already know how fat beyonce’s legs are for real, how big solange’s nose is, and u also know she is darker than her sister. WHATEVER . I ain’t even tryna know why they don’t look real… i said WHATEVER lol
    @dia from mirza….
    where are u from??? i’m just asking cause you seem so mad and your english is just so funny LMAO. and ur the one that should get your fact straight, from what they say their mother has french ancestry not spanish..whatever i ain’t trying start an argument right here lol.

  • truth ALWAYS hurts

    oh and DAMN beyonce should just give up on that stupid pose she’s always strikling DAYUUMMMMM i hate it!!!!!! she’s an amazing artist though and a damn great business woman!

  • truth ALWAYS hurts

    oops i meant striking…..ok now i’m done lol

  • Rhoda

    Beyonce is 2 greedy.

  • eight

    Wow !

    it is gREat1









  • acause

    Beyonce B’Day Framed Platinum Record Plaque

    It is not signed by Beyonce, but comes in the original frame. Plaque created by: Ill-Eagle Enterprises. A letter of authenticity will be included. All proceeds benefit The T.J. Martell Foundation.

    Ebay Item Number: 110355835879

  • Fleece Baby

    Not Hot. Beyonce looks like a weirdo and Solange is always trying too hard.

  • Hautecouturediva

    Tired of Beyonce, but Solange is growing on me. She actually looks nice in this ad.

  • http://justjared alllliiaaa


    shut up they are soo hot

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