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Charlize Theron is Burnin' Up For You Baby

Charlize Theron is Burnin' Up For You Baby

Charlize Theron looks statuesque in a beautifully pleated Dior dress and Roger Vivier shoes at the screening of The Burning Plain at the Everyman Cinema on Tuesday (March 3) in Hampstead, North London.

The 33-year-old actress was accompanied by Mexican film director Guillermo Arriaga.

Other pics include Charlize promoting Burning at a Bristol Hotel photo call and at the TF1 channel and Le Grand Journal TV show in Paris. She wore a killer pair of black Sigerson Morrison cut-out leather heels.

25+ pictures inside of Charlize Theron burnin’ up…

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charlize theron burning plain 01
charlize theron burning plain 02
charlize theron burning plain 03
charlize theron burning plain 04
charlize theron burning plain 05
charlize theron burning plain 06
charlize theron burning plain 07
charlize theron burning plain 08
charlize theron burning plain 09
charlize theron burning plain 10
charlize theron burning plain 11
charlize theron burning plain 12
charlize theron burning plain 13
charlize theron burning plain 14
charlize theron burning plain 15
charlize theron burning plain 16
charlize theron burning plain 17
charlize theron burning plain 18
charlize theron burning plain 19
charlize theron burning plain 20
charlize theron burning plain 21
charlize theron burning plain 22
charlize theron burning plain 23
charlize theron burning plain 24
charlize theron burning plain 25

Credit: Eliot Press, WENN, Max Nash/AFP/Getty Images; Photos: Bauergriffinonline, ANG/Fame Pictures
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  • steph

    haha do you still have jonas bros on the mind!!

  • sarah


  • alex

    Charlize is goodlooking but she is too tall.

  • Randa

    #1 thats what i was thinking! ahah

  • jess t

    she is stunning! amazing legs….

  • marica

    I’m glad that she is not ashamed of her height. She should wear her hair down more often. Very beautiful woman.

  • helen

    I love pic no 22. Sse looks so gourgeous!

  • Nora

    How thick and man-looking is this Charlize chick?!

  • brat
  • sam


  • sweetie

    She is gorgeous :-)

  • lauren

    charlize is the sexieset woman in the world.

    go smoke a pipe.

  • Olivia

    Love her Shoes! OMG! Are those Jimmy Choos? Help!

  • Boyfriend

    Wheres Hancock?

  • anonymous

    Now, here’s the the beauty, tall & smart———–she’s the one who should be in Runway.

  • meary

    Gorgeous woman. Nice to see that she is back in public again.

  • ellie

    Stunning Chalize!!!

  • QueenOfTrashin

    Don’t these women that wear those ugly-ass gladiator sandals realize they look like they are wearing their great-great-grandmother’s corrective shoes? Those things are SO shiteous.

  • Pc

    Charlize is gorgeous, she oozes old world charm and sex appeal

  • jt

    nora do you have eyes or sense? This tall angelic looking beauty is far from manly.

  • cassidy

    OMG close up on the pics of her with her hair long. Wow. Total Veronica Lake. Who else thinks Charlize should wear her hair long more often?

  • Nora

    Lauren and JT, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. And dazed celebrity worship is so pitiful. She is thick and masculine. You see her as gorgeous, that’s fine too. Unless you’re on her payroll, take a break from the pathetic adulation.

  • dianel

    Charlize looks good in anythig she wears very talented actress

  • todd

    thick where??? She’s near perfect.! She may be tall but she is all woman. Anyone who disses this goddesses looks is either jealous or stupid. And I’d like to know your idea of a beautiful woman, because surely they don’t look better than Charlize.

    Call it adulation all you want, I call it taste and it’s not as pathetic as your hating on a woman who 98% of the planet finds absolutely stunning. Who is the one looks bad here? Not these people praising her looks but you, the hater of this gorgeous, feminime woman.

    LMAO at these ugly jealous pigs talking crap about Charlize Theron’s looks of all people. Really? I’d like to see your picture bi-ch. You sure as hell don’t look better than Charlize!

  • Nora

    todd, get help or better yet, let go of the lotion and find something better to do with yourself than jacking off to this she-male’s pic :D

  • lauren

    nora, its not crazed fanatic speak to have objective eyes and years. i dont geneerally call anyone ugly in hollywood when most are meant to be gorgeous otherwise they would not be there.

    she was voted sexiest woman alive by top men mag Esquire, thats pretty hardcore on her being hot. She is skinny and tall- its called being a supermodel.

  • tara

    I would like to see nora’s picture. It’s really easy to sit behind a computer and diss obviously beautiful women to make yourself feel better. She-male? With that gorgeous face. Shut the hell up you are already embarassing yourself. Charlize is the most beautiful woman in hollywood.

  • todd

    Charlize Theron a She Male? LMFAO! Are you retarded? You got to love the ugly, fat, jealous chicks who love to pick on women that are way hotter than them over the internet. It’s always “they are manly”, “they are too skinny”, “they are to tall”. That’s just because they are mad no one finds them hot so they invent flaws on beautiful women like Charlize Theron, Angelina Jolie and Halle Berry to make themselves feel better.

    Beauty IS in the eye of the beholder. But when you’ve got a gorgeous woman like Charlize Theron who looks like freaking Kim Novak, you won’t find a sane person to call her unattractive. She may not be everyone’s type but to call her unattractive and manly and ugly is just pushing it and makes you look like a jealous fool,. BTW, where is YOUR picture? lmao! Take a hike you ugly, fat pig.

  • jan

    Uh, Nora you’re the one who needs help if you’re that hung up on attacking such a beautiful woman over and over again. Everyone else is praising her beauty hon, because we’ve got clear eyes. You’re the odd one out.

    Sounds like you’ve got an inferiority complex over women who are taller, stronger and more beautiful than you so you call them “manly” when looking at her, it’s clear she’s not. I mean she probably has the girliest face in hollywood. ha ha.

  • Nora

    todd, like I said, get help, you need it.

    Anyone else falling all over themselves to fawn over a she-male celebrity, let’s see you defend other celebrity females when they’re called much worse things. Seriously, get on her payroll or get a life.

  • sara


  • carla

    Nora why don’t you start to not look at yourself in the mirror as a first step ?? to help your case,cuz you are the one who sound pathetic here and ridiclous at the same time, don’t blame beautiful ppl because of your own issue and deep inscurities , and you are the one who not only need to get a life but to get some help.

    Thanks Jared for the pix, she looks stunningly beautiful and class as always,i agree with the posters about some veronica lake with some of Kim Novak.

  • laly

    Charlize’s place is with the actresses of the golden age,she is wasting her time with some of the media whores of nowadays .

  • A Golden Angel

    She looks like a golden angel, so angelic so beautiful, she has a beautiful eyes and smile, i love her sandals on the first pic !!! they are to die for, with the black shoes they are matching with the hot black dress, she really got a sense of style .

  • mary

    What a beautiful woman, and what a class act woman, she is private, down to earth, lovely, talented and generous, the media hoes should take some notes.

  • boogie

    the best actress in the world

  • boogie

    the best actress ever, so captivating

  • todd

    You’re on here just to attack a beautiful woman over and over again but I need to get a life? Please. I wouldn’t bother coming back to attack a beautiful woman’s looks over and over again and attack everyone else who is only pointing out the obvious, that she’s beautiful. How does that make YOU look?

    Everyone can see right through you. And newslflash: just about everyone on the planet shares the same view as I do, so I think YOU need the help. You want to call what most people consider to one of the most beautiful women in hollywood a “she-male”? This woman is gorgeous, sexy, feminime, statuesque and why is it everyone but YOU who has posted here can see that? So WE need the help then?

    And again where is YOUR picture? Probably just some dumb ugly, fat pig with nothing better to do then attack stunningly beautiful women. I think you need the help. You seem like you’ve got some serious insecurity issues and want to take it out on the wrong people. Who are you to attack us for thinking she’s beautiful? Get used to it because it’s Charlize Theron we’re talking about here you fool, not Rosie O’Donnell.

  • tony

    Hey Nora, ya dumb bitch. If Charlize looks like a man, then I guess you’re saying every guy on the planet is gay then? LMAO.

    Don’t hate Charlize because she’s beautiful. Did your boyfriend dump you because he said you don’t measure up to Charlize Theron or something? You seem to have something personal against her and anyone else who is just saying how hot she is. Which is a big duh.

  • Nora

    Oh look, here come the pimply, basement-dwelling losers screaming about the woman in their lives, um, I mean on their wall poster. Todd and Tony, a match made in pathetic heaven. They really don’t make guys like you anymore, do they? Squealing little bi*tches crying about their favorite celebrity like 5th grader girls. There is hope yet for you boys, just don’t worship she-males too long :)

  • levis

    Mmm Nora you dwelling pathetic jealous loser.. should we add also ugly much, jealous much….? stop the crack hun and get a life .

    PS : The pictures are beautiful Charlize is breathtaking , a goddess .

  • jojo

    Guys don’t even pay attention to the freak, she is an old troll if you see what i mean..she has changed her name, the poor she is so ridiclous lol her jealousy is hilarious actually, so stupid, since she found nothing to say.

    Thank you jared for the pics you rock ! i loved the gray dress, and the black sandals hot ! she looked so beautiful in it, the black dresses as well oh and the white dress ! so class .

  • News

    News flash :Charlize was on the Richard and judy’s show in london,she was gorgeous with a long hair and a cute dress .

  • eva

    Nora @ 03/04/2009 at 11:55 am
    And dazed celebrity worship is so pitiful. She is thick and masculine.

    Dear Nora,

    Big boobs don’t mean more woman. I’m glad that Theron DON’T have implants or the ideal size 36-24-36 (90-60-90 cm).

    She is very femine and beautiful woman! Look at her eyes. Look at her smile. She makes me smile too. I’m not going to defend myself for being her fan. But please go and comment your favourite actress and leave CT alone!

  • Alert

    Charlize came to Madrid!!!

  • Fleece Baby

    What’s up with all her killer shows lately?? Jealous!!

  • Elvie

    She is a beautiful woman, but she is aging way too fast!

  • boobi

    CHARLIZE; please, please change your facial expression, at least once, you have always the same stupid look on your face!!!

  • Suo Egrog

    The ones who are mocking her are the most likely all females.
    Seody soul aej.