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Hayden Christensen is a Lacoste Lover

Hayden Christensen is a Lacoste Lover

Newly engaged Hayden Christensen and his older brother, Tove, grab a bite to eat in Los Angeles on Tuesday (March 3).

Hayden, 27, kept a little scruff on his face and wore a Lacoste cap with the brand’s famous green crocodile logo. Under his gray hoodie, it looks like he’s wearing a red Lacoste polo as well!

The Canadian actor filmed a commercial for Lacoste back in October. His now-fiancee Rachel Bilson even visited him on set!

10+ pictures inside of Lacoste lover Hayden Christensen

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  • asdfghjkl;

    hes so cute <33

  • asdfghjkl;

    hes so cute <33

  • aaaanne jugsten

    uhn. lacoste

  • Kelly

    I don’t see Tove, why would they use seperate cars?

  • maryanne

    Tove is walking next to him, you can barely see him in the one pic in the parking lot. First pic, second row.

  • M

    You think people who meet up or have lunch together never take seperate cars?

  • VNY


  • mmm…hhmm

    Proof that wearing expensive clothes doesn’t make you look good.

  • ‘Mandise

    he’s cute <3

  • Observer

    There was never any mention of Cars or who drove guess he stays with his brother when he feels like it. Doesn’t look like a newly engaged man to me looks hung over and upset. I’m guessing he is getting sick of the game play RB has been doing and gee why didn’t she do lunch with them it’s not like she has a ton of work she is doing. This smell like day old socks to me the whole are they or are they not engaged. HC like a man who can use a good doctor.

  • Kelly

    @ 10

    Hayden staying with Tove? Why would the paps stake out Tove’s house?

  • s

    Rachel and Hayden are engaged, everything else is just on your mind.
    Still having hope they are not?

  • Mike

    #10 if he was so sick of RB he wouldn’t have proposed or still be with her. Get over the story you concocted in your head. You, I, or any one posting here don’t know him or RB personally so none of us know what is actually going on. You can’t get into someone’s mindset by looking at 10 pictures.

  • uglysexy

    what an annoying little twerp

  • Russian girl

    I love Hayden sooo much. He is awesome. And I’m so glad that he and Rachel are engaged. Great couple!

  • signpost

    Ugly, ugly, ugly SOB who is a huge effing liar, a drug addict and a nasty unpleasant smelling pig. Go back to Canada, you dog! No one wants to see your scruffy face and untalented performances anymore!

  • nina

    I am glad to see new pics of Hayden.

  • wretch

    Ewww, get the **** out of our sight, @$$h07*. Take your dimwitted dress design thief media ***** to the farm and ROT THERE FOREVER.

  • Kelly


    I think he’s very handsome, I’m loving his pink lips!

  • Horace

    Fugly. Dirty clothes. Is he sick?

  • fresh air

    He looks kind a content that he is no longer lonely, that he has a wife type, but he does not look in love with rb and he never did.

  • lexie

    @ signpost #16

    Now now signpost you don’t have to throw a tantrum. You’re not in eighth grade are you?

  • Anakin

    That second pic is the look of a guy who’s just absolutely thrilled to be engaged

  • fresh air

    judging by the posts so far, hayden is better tolerated than his future wife, I think people like him more than rb, her display of stupidity and arrogance is simply outrageous

    besides, as bad of an actor he is, he is still better than rb

  • Weeeeeeeeee

    why does anyone care who he dates anyway? how does it affect anyone?

  • humorplus

    Wow.. he’s handsome..

  • TA

    Wait a minute…did they just get out of that Mercedes AMG? If so, Tove sure is driving an awfully expensive car for being the president of a failed production company…

    (And yes…that was said with a note of sarcasm!)

  • kt

    I was wondering about the AMG as well. And why didn’t you show a picture of Tove’s face? He’s very handsome as well.

  • benny mars

    Shia Labeouf will follow in his footsteps when he gets older. Remember when you ladies went ga ga over Hayden? I see Shia Labeouf Carrer moving towards his away.

  • diamonds are forever

    Looks terrible. Heard he is serious drunk and drug addict. Showed up on set of Bone Deep high all the time and stinking.

  • barometer

    Sucks as actor. Average looking. Is all this because he’s engaged to a former OC actress that stole other people’s design work?

  • creche out

    This is the @$$h07e that ruined Star Wars, right?

    I hope he never does another movie.

  • nayden

    poor hayden….he was soooo much happier with natalie. A newly engaged guy shouldn’t look so sad and miserable all the time.

  • gerard Vandenberg

    There is NOOOO money back guarantee on the cap, pal!!
    (america is already bankrupt, folks)

  • lala

    Daily news gossip confirmed what R B said

  • Isaac

    lately i wathed star wars again…

    honestly hayden is perfect, for his outlook, but acting.

    surely he is the handsmest man of the world. fawless.

  • pay attention

    @ lala

    They were the ones who reported it first, then People just cut and past the story, so far there has been no confirmation/comment by either of them but there should be soon.

  • celebhores

    so nice to see him get sunlight and hang with his bro!!!!!

    hmmm though his leash seems to be texting on his cell.

    probably rb saying “where are you?who you with? when will you be back? No, you cant be out more than an hour!!give me a baby damnit! you rotten MF i want a baby!!”

  • lala

    RB Denied being engaged, to hayden

  • celebhores

    i dont think its a bad outfit. though i think he gets paid to wear locoste around since doing the commercial.
    for someone with “strong convictions” he does sell his image



    Can you provide a link for that quote? I searched and could not find one.

  • lala

    Funny! Your right (pay attention ) the truth always comes out in the ,but at what cost.


    What on earth are you talking about? If she denied the engagement then where is the link to the article? I can’t find it anyplace.

  • celebhores

    this story mentions HC AND RB dining with jonas brothers. i cant see them in this vid…..

  • tennille

    Aww… the has-been-loser had gone out of his cave just to get papped?!?!

  • toni

    Damage control. Everybody here has been saying how long it’s been since he’s been seen with family. Wonder how long till we see RB with his mom or sister?
    Am glad to see that he’s still resisting the urge to play up to the paps and smile. Still looks annoyed. Maybe there’s still hope he would like to be known for his work and not as a gossip darling.

  • karen

    @ 44 misreported Hayden driving out of a club before, they said Sam Ronson was Hayden. So I guess it’s possible they could have been there but they are not on film or mentioned so maybe it’s a typo or something.

  • karen

    @ lala

    “If Rachel Bilson isn’t engaged to boyfriend Hayden Christensen, she’s doing an awfully good job of pretending. The pint-size actress was caught shopping in L.A. on Monday with some serious ice on her all-important finger. Bilson has previously denied rumors that she and Christensen are betrothed, but diamonds don’t lie, honey!”

    Lala, Rachel has not recently , as in SINCE being seen with an engagement ring, denied being engaged. This article is referring to comments she made about not being engaged last year, about 12 months ago. That is fairly obvious so I hate to burt your bubble.


    it is nice to see him with tove, been awhile and i still wonder why you never see him with rachel…especially if they are engaged??

  • sterling

    Oh Haydent how your (constant) glum face silently cries for misery & insecurity. Probably best just to go back home and retire there already.