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Hayden Christensen is a Lacoste Lover

Hayden Christensen is a Lacoste Lover

Newly engaged Hayden Christensen and his older brother, Tove, grab a bite to eat in Los Angeles on Tuesday (March 3).

Hayden, 27, kept a little scruff on his face and wore a Lacoste cap with the brand’s famous green crocodile logo. Under his gray hoodie, it looks like he’s wearing a red Lacoste polo as well!

The Canadian actor filmed a commercial for Lacoste back in October. His now-fiancee Rachel Bilson even visited him on set!

10+ pictures inside of Lacoste lover Hayden Christensen

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  • just the way it is

    Well this is the life he’s chosen for himself – get used to it Hayden!!!

    paps 24/7

  • dont do it hayden!

    can anyone find out if these two got married (allegedly) over new year? please it was mentiond on rachel’s post. bubble gum babe number 75 or 76. he looks like one happy guy. (not)

  • fake couple

    @ 44- i was looking a that video as well cant see them. i think i was done to make out they do go out together. they would not be low key anyway did not hear hayden or rachels name being mentiond.

  • Boyfriend

    not a fan of the hat sorry

  • jaeger

    @# 49 – and i still wonder why you never see him with rachel…especially if they are engaged??

    HC could be the most “mortified” (supposed-to-be) engaged man that I’ve ever known. What a spineless prick!
    Though I also not fond of that obviously-obtuse gff; everything she does is just a “big-butt joke”! No wonder no legit work coming in for her but all media (whoring) promos and looks like that even her so-called fiancé wont share the (pap) spotlight w/ her when all she would do for most of the time is documenting her monotonous & rubbish reality-TV life. So still wondering why she’s been harassed here in JJ everytime?!
    And of course they could go on w/ that marriage thing if they could actually be dared to do it coz it’s NOT like that both of them have promising err… or most appropriately to say that they have an actual & serious acting career of ahead them. So yeah getting along w/ that stuff would still keep them on the showbiz radar for a little while till they would eventually wipeout to vacuum.

  • Tisdragonfly

    Oh that poor boy, who played in star wars that we love so much, omg what has happend to him? he looks like has went completely down hill does he just not care anymore? Even Brad pitt looks younger then him HC, doesn’t he realize or care what his fans think of him anymore? i still care about him hope he will be ok but worried and concerned he looks like a mess, I am worried that she is going to hurt this poor kid bad. Yikes. He sure has changed. I hardly recognize him anymore. I am still his fan and hope he gets away from rb she has not been good influenece on him not at all, i have said if he weds her he looses my support as a fan I just feel shes not right for him his looks are even suffering to me he still looks unhappy to.

  • viva

    Leave him alone for Christ’s sake

  • s

    No girl is right for him, right? Oh yeah, except Portman because you know that would never happen.

  • Snow

    he looked happy with Sienna and Natalie and smiled alot, I don’t see him smiling much around rachel or at all anymore. Why haven’t they been photographed together yet like most hollywood couples they still look like they are not even a couple? How strange. I hope they have a good life together, I hope they show them together more often.

  • s

    Maybe they just want to have a normal life apart from hollywood? They might think it`s one way to make it last longer?

  • kitty

    i still say he looks gay, and it’s just a front, to make himself look good so his fans think he’s not gay. He still looks like a girl and I think he has always went both ways he even kissed
    Ewan Mc Gregor before.

  • @61

    Going both ways? That makes him double sexy!!

  • austine


    A normal life?! When one of them heavily relies its HW career at a mere sight of paparazzi?! Yeah right… p-u-k-e!!!

  • s

    Yes, i mean it, a normal COUPLE LIFE, apart from hollywood. That`s why, we rarely see pics of them TOGETHER.

  • austine

    “Spontaneity” is far more credible & enduring than rarity or eccentricity or hesitation. But then… whatever floats on your rocking boat.

  • s

    Yeah, right. To each his own.

  • rick

    Hayden does not love Rachel, he loves having her around, that is not the same,

    hc could not get the one he wanted, he had to settle for Rachel for fear of being alone altogether, he was just glad she wanted him, which is not something he is used to from prior costars

  • happy!

    why are the comments being checked?

  • fake couple

    what dont they like about these comments? my last one got checked and was not posted. is the internet freedom of speech? or is this the way now?

  • Smilehexe

    @#68 – happy!
    @#69 – fake couple
    You are not alone with this. Several of my comments have been “waiting for moderation” and never been posted during the past few days/weeks. I could not even reply to other users anymore who had addressed me personally although I had never used swear words or claimed gay/drug-rumors etc. like some others did. Don’t ask me how JJ and his team “sort out” but it has nothing to do with justice at all.
    This cannot be the sense of a public board. This place is not enjoyable anymore. :-(

  • fake couple

    smilehexe- thanks for that i have been reading these comment’s have seen a lot worse being put out.

  • celebhores

    my comments await moderation usually when add links to other sites in them

  • celebhores

    women whom have dated HC say he is too reclusive. i cant see rb liking that either. she is with him for publicity. playin him like a fiddle.

    if it wasnt for hc, rb would have faded already……actually both

  • http://justjared a fan

    He looks great

  • rick

    sooo agree with 73, so true

  • rick

    hc does not compare to jude law

  • celebhores
  • fake couple

    well thats all changed for him now. should have picked a more private person to be with. hayden thinks this is the way to go now. he must hate himself more and more for doing it.

  • celebhores

    even the pics where they kissed etc on lacost… just doesnt look right. no spark at all.
    in public he makes an effort to walk a huge distance between them. i mean does he honestly think he is protecting their big secret?

    so i guess this narrows down the possibilities as follows:

    1. hc is gay rb is his beard
    2. hc and rb are toying with the media for publicity
    3. they are engaged and are trying to keep things private by bringing more attention to them.

    weird.i can understand privacy and all, but when you parade around insinuating youre bf/gf and babies and rings….well it doesnt look like they, or at least SHE isnt keeping it private. All this mystery enshrouding them since jumper…please!

    privacy my ass

  • toni

    Wasn’t Hayden supposed to be doing voice-over work on something called Quantum Quest? On imdb there is no mention of him in the cast and it looks like release date is Sept 2009. No work lined up.

    Tove has a movie coming out. He was one of many producers on The Education of Charlie Banks. Not FPP. Their production company must be dead. No projects in six years.

    Hayden go back to Canada, you’re career is over. Too many bad projects and too many rumors to overcome.

  • fake couple

    maybe but whats the rumour of them getting married over new year?(allegedly) ive already asked this before. can you see rachel keeping this to herself-no way. and as for wanting to keep things private no way we have had 2 long years of this rubbish from the both of them. in twisted sort of way all rachel has done has milked it for all its worth which is nothing.

  • Cookie

    IMO the word *idiot* IS a swear word. Right? =)

  • celebhores

    i swear the ring she is wearing looks like RB’s

    another thing, before these 2 were together the number of posts RB would get was around 6 at most…LOL

  • Smilehexe

    @#82 – Cookie
    I guess there have been said much worse things than that, “idiot” seems almost friendly expressed compared to that.
    And BTW, I stand to what I’ve said, he IS one and proves that over and over again for many months/years already. And there is no “sober” word to describe RB and her doing anymore. JMHO.

  • green giant

    He is a major liar and a douchebag, having lied about wanting to keep his private life private (why marry a publicity fiend if you want privacy), treated his alleged gf like dirt in making her keep secret something she was clearly dying to shout to the world (and relentless hinted at and exploited for 2 years) and never acknowledging her or being with her, showing any affection at all except staged just for the press things like the lacoste commercial publicity stunt, also that he wants to live quietly on his farm that he can never bear to be away from. Over the last two years he’s hardly ever been at it at all, spends all his time in LA or the Bahamas, and according to neighbors has yet to do a lick of work himself on the property at any time. His parents have done all the rennovations and are supervising the building of that ridiculous barn. He is not interested in farming at all and has abandoned his pet pigs. They’re probably sausage and pork chops by now. The man is nothing that he said he was and has done nothing he said he would do. The man is a complete toad and I wish he would disappear but his career is over anyway. Four flops in a row (one of them major) the reputation of a coachroach, among costars, the talent of a chew toy and the credibility of Steven Glass. Congratulations Hayden. You’ve graduated from an up and coming young actor with a bright future to a washed up douchebag who looks like garbage.

  • s

    @ 67

    Not true, he could get the one he wanted if he would just try.

  • Smilehexe

    @#85 – green giant
    Clear words, well said, especially I agree to what you’ve said about him “loving Canada, the farm, the animals there” (not!), and that he didn’t have to act to portray for Stephen Glass. So true! Who can take this clown serious by now?

    @#86 – s
    Thought you are a supporter of this “couple”, so why he should try to find somebody else IYO suddenly?! Or did I miss something concerning you and how you support HC?

  • fake couple

    @87- maybe,maybe not. but he likes being with rachel because she is dumb so he can talk and treat her like dirt. and will put up with it because it keeps her on the gossip sites.and has no self respect for herself

  • maryanne

    coachroach, lol
    By the way, I’ve heard RACHEL is the one who talks to Hayden like dirt, not the other way around.

  • panakin

    @86 and @67 – the one person he wanted the most was natalie portman….they always looked happy with each other. You could see the love and respect they had for one another in their pictures together.

  • s

    Yes, i support the couple, guess somebody is using another s.

  • Smilehexe

    @#88 – fake couple
    And you have the impression that HC himself has self esteem? As I don’t share that impression. To me he seems as if he has given himself up in every respect, life- and career-wise.
    RB has advantages for sure: the press attention, and surely also some financial support from his side, “shopping money” she can need.
    And if somebody can stand being with RB I think that he cannot be any smarter than her, sorry.
    Just watching “In The Land Of Women” with Adam Brody. Reminds me to “LAAH” from the subject – and Brody plays a man who is left by his girlfriend in a crying scene. Guess he had that situation live already with RB… weird somehow.

  • rick

    I also think the one HC really ever wanted was Natalie Portman and he never got over it and simply just gave up and went for Bilson bc she is devoted and convenient, how could any one ever fall for Bilson after Natalie
    pity Natalie was never attainable for him in his mind

  • Smilehexe

    @#91 – s
    Thanks for clearing that up. This could become confusing in the future.

  • s

    @ 93

    Well, I wonder if his being with Bilson is not sabotaging his chances to be with Natalie. I”m sure Natalie knows by now how he feels. Marriages of convenience never last.

    Besides, I doubt Rachel is all that ‘devoted’ , something tells me she has a mean streak a mile wide and is ruthless when it comes to getting her way.

  • real s

    Now it is really confusing, i am not using s anymore. I am the s who supports the couple.

  • toni

    Maybe he is trying to be as grungy as possible because Natalie doesn’t seem to like pretty boys. Too bad he seems to be lacking in character because that is always attractive. Natalie doesn’t want him and they will never be together. He chose to be with Rachel who is a Natalie wannabe.

  • fake couple

    smilehexe-in the two years they have been together he has never said they are couple its allways her thats in the media and when they were last photographed together he did not even look or even look at her even when she was pushing the trolly he was walking in front of her to busy drinking his drink and looking at his phone. and before anyone says they dont always have to show affection in public yes you are right about that.but to leave it for her to say they are engaged (or not) thats does not say self esteem selfish maybe. whats his problem anyway?.

  • rick

    His problem is that he does not love Bilson, never pushed the cart for her, never opened the car door, always walking like he does not want to be there. He is in love with Natalie Portman and that will never change.

  • maryanne

    Rachel HASN’T said they are engaged or not. Page Six reports that she did, but there is no proof she said it. The only thing she is doing is walking around with a rock on her finger, a rock she could have bought for herself.
    If Hayden broke up with her, what better way to make him look like a jerk than faking an engagement and then saying he broke it off. Major sympathy points. A lot of you are already calling him a jerk, selfish, etc and they have never said they are actually engaged OR appeared together since these rumors came out.
    I know it sounds far-fetched, but we’re talking about Rachel Bilson here. She will stop at NOTHING to get herself whored out by the gossips. She knows it is the only way she can try to stay relevant.