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Hayden Christensen is a Lacoste Lover

Hayden Christensen is a Lacoste Lover

Newly engaged Hayden Christensen and his older brother, Tove, grab a bite to eat in Los Angeles on Tuesday (March 3).

Hayden, 27, kept a little scruff on his face and wore a Lacoste cap with the brand’s famous green crocodile logo. Under his gray hoodie, it looks like he’s wearing a red Lacoste polo as well!

The Canadian actor filmed a commercial for Lacoste back in October. His now-fiancee Rachel Bilson even visited him on set!

10+ pictures inside of Lacoste lover Hayden Christensen

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  • fake couple

    @101- thats my point if he treats her so bad why stay with him.

  • rick

    I really hope Hayden breaks free from this relationship and gets together with Natalie P. It is just such a boost for him in every respect.

    bilson will not amount to anything with him or without, she aint got what it takes, her efforts to buy buy buy and dress dress dress are not woking, she is too short any way to look good, what a waste, how did he end up with her?!

  • fake couple

    forgot to add no i’m not a fan of rachel but whats going on with two is very strange.

  • susquhana hat company

    Useless wasteoid that has failed at everything he’s tried to do the last 3 years and lied about the kind of person he was to everyone. What a prize. RB took a decent human being with a future and who was nice to people he worked with and to his fans, and turned him into an arrogant swine with a ruined career and who now looks like a toad, and smells like a dead zombie. Evidently when she kissed him he turned into one. it’s the fairy tale in reverse.

  • lindaP

    Natalie Portman goes through men like Rachel Bilson goes through shoes. I wouldn’t be surprised if she dies a spinster.

  • voice of reason

    @104 how do you know he smells like a dead zombie?

  • Nmt

    celebhores – you are the greatest!! Love your comments and agree with you completely!

  • real s

    I thought i was the only one thinking like that.

  • CAS


  • NY GAL

    #107- I agree with you and celebhore!

  • rick

    Sienna M. is 27 and Natalie P. is 27 and they date and are admired by men and can marry anyone they want

    Rachel Bilson is a ditz who is afraid that nobody will want her so she works her men into thinking that nobody will take care of them as well as she does, scare tactics of a desperate retard

  • real s

    I think Natalie is a very good actress while i find Sienna very appealing. But I don`t think they both suit to Hayden as wives. After all he is with Rachel, right? There must be really good reasons for that, and i respect that. It`s his choice.

  • NY GAL

    Does anyone know why Jen (of is still devoted to HC? He never did that interview for her and never acknowledged his birthday present from 2008!! Also, when HC was on Jimmy Kimmel promoting Jumper last year, Jimmy showed HC some drawings from from fans, and he never acknowledged Jen. I don’t get it??

  • Not hardly

    @113 Because HC is a jerk who has nothing but contempt for his fans, having disappointed them by not showing up for every event that was not directly related to film promotion for the last 3 years and having lied to Jen every single time she met him. But that is not unusual; one of his recent co-stars was quoted as saying that Hayden lies all the time, about everything to everyone. Also he trashes RB big time behind her back to anyone who will listen.

    Hayden is an ungrateful creep who doesn’t give a crap about anybody or anything but himself, and i hope he goes back to Canada again soon- permanently.

  • Tisdragonfly

    i agree with a number of other people here, if he would have just tried harder he could have gotton with the one he should have been with but I think it’s somewhat her fault to in a way. i wish Nat and hayden would have tried again it’s just sad to me to see this. Well as long as he is happy, that’s the man thing. Also my comments are moderated to, and i am one to never curse either.

  • NY GAL

    @114 I see what you’re saying, but what about Jen? Has anyone ever met her? Why did she remove her message board? Her website used be much more informative. I’m bored with it. That is why I’m glad to find JJ.

  • panakin

    When Nat and Hayden were together, he was ahhh sooo sexy and had lots of confidence and humor. Now he’s a bum thanks to RB’s bad influence. She’s only using him for his fortune and fame since he’ll be forever known as Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader. If Hayden wants a long successful career in Hollywood, he needs to drop RB like a hot potato and reunite with Natalie asap. But that’s wishful thinking on my part as I’ll always be a Nayden fan! :-)

  • NY GAL

    @117 You are so right!! And why are HC and RB keeping their engagement a secret. What’s the big deal. There are other stars that are way more famous that release statements about their personal life all the time. Just admit it and get on with your lives!!

  • atlqueen

    Is it me or does anyone notice that half these comments are only two minutes apart. ANd for the person who loves Natalie so much, You should take your own conversation (with yourself) to HER post. She’s only got 22 posts all together. That’s just as bad as before RB and HC got together. But everyone loves her, right?

    Can we get over that anyway? Who knows how many girls that dude dated between then and now. NP has issues as far as I’m concerned. All that stuff going for her and she can’t seem to keep a guy in her life. She seemed to have the problem if you ask me. But then again no one did so let me close my mouth before I get chewed out (again).

  • Lily


    the post you’re talking about has only been up for a few hours. Besides, better to have a few comments with the majority being praise than hundreds where nearly the entire thing is being p!ssed on.

    There’s a thread posted a week ago of Nat that has 157 with 90% of the comments glowing and positive unlike RB/HC’s threads are 90% trashed.

  • Fleece Baby

    He looks like a dirtbag.

  • Amanda


    Amen to that. I don’t think Portman should get with Christensen unlike some of these people because they are way too wrong for each other. They too clash with one another. But, Christensen and Bilson don’t seem to fit together either. I think the best way to sum it all up is none of the parties involved have found the right person for them. And, none of them are even 30 yet. What’s the big rush?? Portman seems to get that point. There isn’t a rush. She’s taking her time. She’s actually being smart about it. She’s refusing to settle and more power to her. It goes to show she’s comfortable in herself to not be afraid of being alone. That confidence is an aphrodisiac. The real question left is are they even willing and think highly enough of themselves to hold out for that right someone. If the rumors are true (not saying they are) than it is true that Christensen and Bilson are the idiots who have very low self-esteem and confidence with a huge dose of fear of loneliness to throw on top of it all for willing to obviously settle and use their “relationship” for publicity. They really aren’t worth the time of day.

  • Shanae

    Whats up with all the mean comments.
    I really don’t think their after publicity, like look at Spencer and Heidi or Tom and Katie, now that’s media hungry couples. I really don’t think its like that with Hayden and Rachel.
    and people as much I think Nayden would be cute, but come on, what proof do we really have that they were even together at one point. Move on people. They obviously don’t want to be together.

  • Nanna Jensen

    I Love Hayden Christensen! ! He is total hot! And his act is perfect! I saw him in Star Wars … OMG!

    Love you Hayden <3