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Jimmy Fallon's First Night -- How'd He Do!?

Jimmy Fallon's First Night -- How'd He Do!?

Jimmy Fallon premiered his late night talk show host on Monday, interviewing Robert De Niro and Justin Timberlake (he impersonated John Mayer).

The Roots jammed all night as Jimmy‘s house band and rocker Van Morrison was the musical guest for the evening.

EW said, “[Jimmy] did an ultra-ordinary monologue — one liners about President Obama and the deficit that sounded like material Jay Leno‘s writers had faxed over from L.A.”

THR added, “He tried too hard, stumbled over his punchlines and struggled to make Robert De Niro seem interesting.”

After the show taped, Jimmy expressed how overjoyed and relieved he was. He blogged, “1st show done. I was a bit nervous. But overall really happy. Phew!”

If you missed the first episode, watch it at

WHAT DID YOU THINK of Jimmy Fallon’s first night as a talk show host — YAY or NAY?

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  • Amanda


  • click

    OMFG mooost boring show of all…

  • Cindy

    I found it NOT boring, but very different and entertaining. He seemed very nervous, but he’ll get better. Justin Timberlake was hilarious. I’ve never liked DeNiro- he is boring. I put it on my TIVO for the week.

  • Jd

    He was nervous so he stumbled a lot. I felt bad for him. I’m sure after he gets use to this, he will be a lot better.

  • gerard Vandenberg


  • Joanne

    he’s just not funny. sorry

  • Kat

    I hate Jimmy Fallon. He was the worst part of SNL and the worst part of every movie he’s ever been in ever and now he’s on every night to tell bad jokes and be the comedy equivalent of the black plague?
    no thanks.
    no thanks.

  • Steve

    I thought the show was horrible, Jimmy you do realize you are supposed to let your guests talk instead of cutting them off and speaking 10 words a second right?

  • Jo

    i don’t think he is late show material

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    he did a pīss-poor job. unfunny.. and he giggled like girl & acted like timberlake’s sidekick.
    he wasn’t funny on snl and he never had a funny movie – out of all the comedians… he should of been one of the last to get this job.

  • Katie

    I thought it was fine. He’ll get better as he keeps going…just like Conan did..

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    he did a pīss-poor job. unfunny.. and he giggled like girl & acted like timberlake’s sidekick.

  • Ashley

    I think we ought to give him a month to get his feet wet. It’s a big gig with a lot of pressure… he’ll warm up and find his “niche.’

  • Nanea

    Completely unprofessional.

    I don’t get why people like Fallon get a show anyway.

  • that’s hideous

    he didnt hold my attention

  • jessica biel sucks

    I only watched for Justin and even Jimmy’s questions for him sucked. Justin was entertaining but it appeared that he knew Jimmy was sh#tting the bed with the show. DeNiro has always been a crappy interview no matter who interviews him. Dumb move to put him on let alone the first show. The bits sucked. On a bright note, he has no where to go but up.

  • gogol dancer

    Seriously (AND THIS IS SAD) once Justin came out it seemed to become more of his show than Jimmy’s.

    At least Leno can deliver

  • M94502

    Remembering Conan’s first season, it wasn’t that pretty either. It takes time to find your own style, especially since so much past is there to be compared to. It did seem stiff and SNL-esque, but give it a year. Hopefully, it’ll get better. I presume it can only get better. ;)

  • stepho

    I for one love Jimmy. im very excited he has this show, but I will say that he was a little too nervous. DeNiro was soooo boring, didnt talk, didnt even laugh. i thought that was horrible. when justin came out, i felt like Jimmy felt more comfortable talking to him than Robert. idk thats just my opinion.

    i say give Jimmy some time to get used to this, and the shows will slowly become better. good job Jimmy!

  • Matt

    Fallon looks really uncomfortable in his own skin.

  • Ddb

    I’d rather watch Chelsea Handler any day. I like Jimmy Fallon,, but he really was BORING!!!! Give the gig to Chelsea Handler or Kathy Griffin.

  • JJ

    ALL first season shows are kind of awkward, Jimmy was nervous and all the kinks will get worked out!
    I think Jimmy did pretty well, Considering all the presure he was under.
    The show will (like ALL shows) get better with time!!
    That gig isn’t as easy as it looks.

  • abby

    that was so terrible if he doesn’t do any better in the coming weeks thier going to get someone else to host the show

  • digby

    Fallon rarely paused to let his guests answer much of anything. He acted like a junior high school kid most of the time. Advice: Hey Fallon, knock off the phony naiveté. That’s also how you acted during your guest appearances on Letterman. It gets old. You “graduated” from SNL years ago. Just ’cause your daddy was in the audience for your first show here doesn’t mean you need to act like a child. Grow up, try some new stuff, and shut up when your guests could be sharing something with the audience.

  • shoegal421

    conan’s very first show let down a lot of people also but he got better with time. let’s give him a chance!

  • digby

    P.S. The Roots were great! And so was Van the Man! What a huge contrast in quality between the musicians and the host.

  • JTzbitch

    i only watched it for Justin, and i loved it….only when he was on tho

    <3 u Justin!!!

  • Jon

    Only Justin saved a very bad show.

  • Sunja

    He was fine but Robert De Niro was boring.

  • sari

    I enjoyed it a lot. Jimmy’s performance wasn’t necessarily all nerves…he’s naturally a sort of fidgety/awkward performer. I liked his wide eyed eagerness. He had a good rapore with his guests. I’m kind of surprised at all the negativeish reviews.

  • sunnydayz

    Much of the show was just stupid, adolescent stuff, like that “game” licking things…. and the amateurishness of the DeNiro skit made me cringe. If I wanted to watch childish TV, I’d watch reality TV. I can forgive some fluffed lines, etc, but not an entertainment show aimed at 11 year olds. The only saving grace is Jimmy’s band… wow… give them their own show.

  • STAN

    I smell an NBC pink slip for him. His one-liners don’t work in this format.
    He’s not original for god’s sake. We continue to reward mediocrity in this type of business. Go back to SNL.

  • lakers fan in boston

    i didnt watch it
    but that justin timberlake part was funny, loved how he tried 2 impersonate john mayer

  • Nicole

    He was stuttering and saying “uhh” a lot. It was obvious he was very nervous. The only reason I watched was for Justin Timberlake.

  • Lala

    Always loved him!!!!!!!!!
    best in Taxi! super funny!!
    i thnk he is a good host so farrr
    keep it going

  • lucy

    I loved it ! He seemed awkward and a tad uncomfortable, but I found it to be hysterical, I think he did a great job for a virgin. I’ll definitely watch again.

  • Megan fox rocks

    he suck big time , trying to hard to be funny

  • Sean

    His monologue sucked and it went downhill from there. He’s not delivering the jokes, he’s just saying them. He’s too nervous to have any confidence. He needs to try and relax and just go for it. He’s trying too hard to make people laugh, but that has the opposite affect. The DeNiro interview was possibly the worst interview I’ve ever seen. He had no idea how to talk to him and it was just painful. Granted, it was his first night and he’ll probably improve in time, but I have zero interest in watching again until he does.

  • Mark

    I am relieved and proud to say I went to sleep and missed the whole mediocre thing.

    I am shocked that it was formulaic and redundant. Just shocked.

  • speedy

    Timberlake saved the show…or atleast made me not want to fast forward my DVR so much. I’m hoping he’ll get better…afterall…watch Seinfled’s first SEASON- timing was WAY off- now it’s A1 classic TV!

  • fleece baby

    Jimmy did amazing!! He is soo funny and cute.

  • hiro_protagonist

    i love jimmy! his material was both smart and hilarious. i almost shot my beverage through my nose a couple times i was laughing so hard.
    oops wrong jimmy. i thought we were talking about kimmel.

    as far fallon’s show, well, saying it was painful to watch would be a huge understatement. the whole thing seemed really awkward.

  • whatthehell

    he sucked man, he just sucked! i’m gonna miss conan days!

  • jess

    So I dont think Ive ever heard him talk for a period of time, and I noticed he talks kinda funny!!….is that real or is he beng funnny??

  • Jessica

    Jimmy was ok. A little too talkative, boring, and jumpy. He also was too obvious that he was reading a teleprompter. And i HATED the lick or tell sketch. I was trying to had 2 be SNL and it was boring, lame, and easy.

  • Zeugitai

    Fallon doesn’t have a funny bone in his body. It is painful to watch and listen to him. He is a lousy talk host, too, cutting off the guests and interrupting them with inanity. I can’t imagine how a waste of human flesh like Jimmy Fallon got this gig.

    I can’t justify staying up late anymore. It’s not worth it by a long shot.

    With all the talent in America that could have come in and make the show as good as Conan’s or better, why Fallon? It’s an insult to the audience.

  • the_kop


  • Victoria Fuller

    Jimmy Fallon sucks. He is not Funny and does not have the Charisma to be a good host. He has no confidence and can’t tell Jokes; they fall flat. I hope that they replace him soon.

  • Victoria Fuller

    Jimmy Fallon sucks. He is not Funny and does not have the Charisma to be a good host. He has no confidence and can’t tell Jokes; they fall flat. I hope that they replace him soon.

  • Smitty

    It seems that he is trying to hard with the jokes.
    It looks like he is trying to be just like Conan O’brien.
    And occasionally mixing in snl type comedy.
    I like him in snl better.