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Vanessa Hudgens & Zac Efron are Wild Watchmen

Vanessa Hudgens & Zac Efron are Wild Watchmen

Rising stars Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron keep it cute and casual in front of photographers at the premiere of Watchmen at Grauman’s Chinese Theater in Hollywood on Monday (March 2).

Zac, 21, wore his classic beanie while Vanessa, 20, wore a pink floral dress by Rebecca Taylor and lilac peep toe pumps. The 17 Again actor will be heading off soon to Australia for the film’s premiere.

Mr. Efron was last seen hanging out with Friday the 13th actress Danielle Panabaker.

25+ pics inside of Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron being wild Watchmen

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zac efron vanessa hudgens watchmen premiere 01
zac efron vanessa hudgens watchmen premiere 02
zac efron vanessa hudgens watchmen premiere 03
zac efron vanessa hudgens watchmen premiere 04
zac efron vanessa hudgens watchmen premiere 05
zac efron vanessa hudgens watchmen premiere 06
zac efron vanessa hudgens watchmen premiere 07
zac efron vanessa hudgens watchmen premiere 08
zac efron vanessa hudgens watchmen premiere 09
zac efron vanessa hudgens watchmen premiere 10
zac efron vanessa hudgens watchmen premiere 11
zac efron vanessa hudgens watchmen premiere 12
zac efron vanessa hudgens watchmen premiere 13
zac efron vanessa hudgens watchmen premiere 14
zac efron vanessa hudgens watchmen premiere 15
zac efron vanessa hudgens watchmen premiere 16
zac efron vanessa hudgens watchmen premiere 17
zac efron vanessa hudgens watchmen premiere 18
zac efron vanessa hudgens watchmen premiere 19
zac efron vanessa hudgens watchmen premiere 20
zac efron vanessa hudgens watchmen premiere 21
zac efron vanessa hudgens watchmen premiere 22
zac efron vanessa hudgens watchmen premiere 23
zac efron vanessa hudgens watchmen premiere 24
zac efron vanessa hudgens watchmen premiere 25
zac efron vanessa hudgens watchmen premiere 26
zac efron vanessa hudgens watchmen premiere 27

Photos: Kevin Winter/Getty Images
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  • ladysdsandiego

    she looks gorgeous!
    love them!!!

  • R

    is her 15 minutes of fame over yet?

  • ayen

    I still can’t get over how HOT Vanessa looks. I hope she does mature or sexy roles in the near future. I can’t wait to see what’s in store for her in regards to her career.

  • jasmine

    She looks beautiful!! They are cute

  • postwatcher

    V is nasty. I wonder if Prince has called her yet so she can be his “muse”

  • g

    Pretty, but is it just me or is her dress wayyyy too short?

  • ohbiatch

    R is your 15 mins of being a moron over yet? Oh no that’s a lifetime thing nvm.

  • haha

    postwatcher ohhh poor you. I’m sorry you think of urself as nasty. U should work on ur issues.

  • cute

    vid of them together at the premiere

  • Shannon

    Who cares if the dress is short and IMO if u have the legs for it why not and V definetly has the legs for it she looks goregeous in the pics! and im lovin the beanie on Zac he should rock it more often. Also the 15 minutes of fame comment r u serious Zac has 2 movies in the can and Vanessa has a movie coming out in july

  • Malia

    “Mr. Efron was last seen hanging out with Friday the 13th actress, Danielle Panabaker.” I don’t understand why JJ doesn’t want to let go of that.

    But, Mr. Efron was last seen driving a blue mini van to do a Comedy Central photo shoot for 17 Again. No, actually he was seen after the photo shoot.

    Love Vanessa’s dress and how it shows off her gorgeous legs.

  • postwatcher

    Once Zac’s commitment with Disney HSM is over, he is going to dump her nasty a s s .

  • Malia

    #12, postwatcher, sorry but Zac and Vanessa’s commitment with Disney is over, done. A thing of the past.

    So, go cry in your beer.

  • Mishu

    Hippies everywhere weep……

  • Naomi


    I have news for you: Their stint with Disney is done. That’s why they’ve become more affectionate and have stopped holding back their uber sexiness.

    I suggest, for health reasons, that you take a vacation from the internet as this is just the beginning, they’re free to do what they want and it’s not what you’re hoping, rather the opposite.

    Watch this space.

  • kami
  • Grace

    thats hot

  • Jazmin

    Love Vanessa……….she looks amazing and wow the legs!!!!!!!!!

    Amazing and gorgeous couple!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Diana

    WELLLL, lucky hoes. I want to see that movie soo BAD, can’t wait to watch it this weekend :D

  • athena

    I can’t wait to see this movie…Hope they’ve had a great time at the premiere.

  • Trina

    I am SO glad Zac and Vanessa are done with Disney.

    Can’t wait to see Bandslam, 17 Again and MAOW.

  • anne

    are they really engaged? :)

  • athena

    #9 Thanks for the video link…Yes, Vanessa’s dress is definitely too short…I can’t imagine that she sits on it when sitting…ewww…well, it’s easy access for Zac…LOL!!!!

  • Kylie

    She is freaking pretty oh my god!

  • zanessa/jashley

    #21, I sure do hope so !! :D

    They both look very hot here. I love Zachary’s beanie hat :D

  • tom

    Vanessa’s dress is way too short. And all those holes and gaps in her chest area. No sense of decency… Gee whiz

  • Rosa

    V is GORGEOUS ..
    she’s the BEST =)

  • Pit

    doesn’t Vanessa have on a jumpsuit? I don’t know if it is a dress or not?

  • Kylie

    The dress is actually really cute.. if it was longer, It probably wouldn’t look right, the length is just perfect..

  • kathy

    they are a hot couple.

    i love vanessa!!

  • Theresa

    They look great but I’m not very happy about JJ feeling to the need to try to make V sound like “one of Zacs women” it’s really low class especially after they were so gracious to him at the Oscars.

    This site is becoming an embarassment. Though I’m told it may the JustJill who is an Ashley fan so of course she has Vanessa issues.

  • emilie

    she looks beautiful:)

  • eme

    OIC. BabyVag showed up to pose like a loon, in a short itty dress… “Look at me, look at me… I’m so cute and adorable and OMG sexy!”

    She probably has NO bloody CLUE what Watchmen is even about. Like she has the brain power to understand it anyway. She’s too busy pretending to be famous… goodness she’s SO IRRELEVANT.

  • vancrazed

    Actually eme she does, but we won’t get into that, you obviously don’t keep up with news bout her. And no nothing of her either. She has legs, let her wear what she wants. If you got it, flaunt it.

    it’ okay your insecure of jealous though,she tends to do that to some people.

  • layla

    it’s not a dress. it’s got shorts at the bottom. so i’d say its definitley a yes! :D way to rock out a tough outfit v!

  • zac is a rat

    The video that number 9 posted was great to see and mainly becuase for all the people who say that Vanessa is the one who clings to Zac if you look at the video on the carpet it is Zac who calls Vanesa over to him and also Zac who takes hold of her hand first and after keeps hold of it. Why can’t pople accept that Zac shows Vanessa just as much affection as she does him, and to me for Zac to do this on the red carpet shows how more comfortable he is getting with it.

    They looked great and as if they were having a good time.

    If you’ver got the legs to wear dresses or skirts like that dress that Vanessahad on then go for it, she’s 21 for heaven’s sake not a child and she was out with her boyfriend , I don’t suppose Zac complained as he has said before that he loves long legs. And beleive me I’ve been out and seen girls wear a lot less than that in the day never find on a night out and they are a lot younger than Vanessa.

  • lololololol

    lolol Theresa calm down. it’s only people like you who freak out over every damn word that are an embarrassment. I can’t believe 3 yrs and people still need a second by second confirmation that they are still together.

  • .

    OIC eme so irrelevant that you are just compelled to comment on her.

  • lai

    I love Zanessa!!!
    and vanessa dress is so cute, i want that.

  • Theresa


    She REALLY must be famous since you took the time to come over here and post about her. What an idiot you are if she wasn’t famous you wouldn’t be here.

    And btw take a good look their shorts.

  • troy

    #33 The only thing that is irrelevant here is your post. Vanessa doesn’t have to PRETEND to be anything. Secondly the plot of “Watchmen” (the most overrated graphic novel in existence. It’s not terrible by anymeans but it’s not all that and a bag of chips either) is not at all difficult to understand. It’s the mid eighties in an alternate world on the brink of nuclear war and Richard Nixon is still president. A costumed superhero called the Comedian and his old teammates in a group called the “Watchmen” get back together to investigate and discover a vast conspiracy. And I haven’t seen the movie yet. I’m sure Vanessa had absolutely no trouble understanding it.

  • mhay

    A lot of jelouse people are here again.
    Go Vanessa you rock girl.

  • marie

    he looks handsome and she looks hot!

  • rosielee9

    They were out for a night at the theatre like any other couple so they dressed casual, nothing wrong in what Vanessa is wearing she is young and has great legs so why should’nt she show them off if that’s what she wants to wear, don’t suppose Zac complained he loves long legs and looks at Vanessa’s often enough but hey why not it’s his girlfriend.

    And the last time Zac was seen was not with Daniella it was when he was in the blue minivan so JJ needs to redo that part of the intro to the photo’s.

    Loved how Zac called Vanessa over to him in the video and he took her hand first and kept hold of it, they really do like staying close and now that they are done with Disney I hope we see more hand holding and not being told by anyone how to act with each other at event’s, their not children there 21 and 20 for heaven’s sake. Hope they enjoyed their night out, after all Zac will be off by next week to Aussie to start with 17 Again and the premiers and promotion tour so fair play to them having some nights out before he goes.

  • blah

    did she forget her pants at home or something, geezzz

  • Karen

    Apparently she is not irrelevant to all those photographers and fans who put her in great demand. I don’t understand comments like yours. You may not thing she is attractive or can sing or act, etc, but to make say she is irrelevant doesn’t make sense. It is just another irritated-sounding comment from someone who seems to resent the fact this girl is liked and admired by so many who you don’t think should feel that way.

  • Karen

    BTW, those of you who are using that tired line about how once HSM3 is done, etc, need to get another new tired line since they ended the promotions on that movie a long time ago. The movie is already out on DVD as we speak! So, you people are going to have to put your two brain cells together and think of something else to say that will probably sound just as stupid.

  • nikki

    maybe they r engadged cuz they never hold hands anymore and now they ddooo

  • vancrazed

    They;ll come up with one…next it will be “when they don’t have to use the same designer for their house anymore” LOL

  • zanessa suporter

    awww movie night lol

    and she looks amazing..i dont know what some people are talking about i actually like her dress or outfit…which ever it is…zac looks hot!

    and as for other people’s comments…
    #2 stop me her fame will last much much longer than 15mins. it already has…and still will…

    #33 your pretty funny…your just probably jealous…and dont use big might hurt know thinking about what they mean.

    i love your comment..i think it is cute how zac calls nessa over and takes her hand..soo to all the haters…you guys need to realize their relationship is REAL not FAKE!

    #44 i agree but hey you never know she might go to some places with him while hes promoting 17 Again.


    i love reading your comments…your pretty cool..and i always agree with you..and i agree with you..people cant say they are only together for HSM stuff..cause well..HSM is done with.

    #48 i only wish
    that would be sweet..and yeah you never know..i guess they are the only ones that know that answer.