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Angelina Jolie: New 'Salt' Movie Still!

Angelina Jolie: New 'Salt' Movie Still!

Check out this new look of Angelina Jolie as rogue CIA operative Evelyn A. Salt in the upcoming spy flick, Salt.

The film costars Liev Schreiber as Winter, her ally and supervisor in the CIA’s Russia office. Tom Cruise was initially meant to star in the film as Edwin A. Salt but was rewritten for Angie when Tom dropped out last summer.

Salt opens in 2010 and has been shooting in both New York City and Washington, D.C.

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angelina jolie salt movie still 01
angelina jolie salt movie still 02
angelina jolie salt movie still 03
angelina jolie salt movie still 04

Photos: Sony Pictures Entertainment
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  • RealityCheck

    First! Ha-Ha.

  • me

    She look different

  • me

    She look different

  • mmsic


  • atimo

    I love Angie!!!!

  • Jann

    She looks rough there

  • phoebe

    no wonder Brad runs away! he said he gasps every morning he sees Jolie in bed? yeah now we know why……..GOD is she ugly! her makeup artists need an award for their work!lol

  • nikomilinko
  • eebonysoul


  • nikomilinko
  • loyal

    Angie is beautiful, inside and out. This is for her role, twits.

  • eebonysoul

    oh no @ 03/04/2009 at 2:16 pm

    Get a Life!!!!

  • JolieFan

    me @ 03/04/2009 at 2:12 pm

    She look different

    A result of brown contacts, blond eyebrows, and a gap between her two front teeth. Not to mention the beanie on her head LOL. We’re not used to seeing that on her.

  • slambang

    Ewww, what the–? Guess she uglied herself up to try to be taken seriously. LOL! Fail!

  • mmsic

    Where’s my first post,I guess it got buried,who cares.Anyway this movie is going to show the many faces of the beautiful Angelina Jolie.It is said to be an action movie,but it seems like it’s more of a mystery to me,my thoughts!!!

  • Myselt

    Love Angie can’t wait for the movie to open.

  • a total fan

    phoebe @ 03/04/2009 at 2:16 pm YUCK!!!!
    no wonder Brad runs away! he said he gasps every morning he sees Jolie in bed? yeah now we know why……..GOD is she ugly! her makeup artists need an award for their work!lol

    Its for a movie. You can tell the difference between a movie still and her photos from real life? Goodness get a clue the makeup artist made her look this way on purpose. Anyway she does look different with brown eyes and a small gap inbetween her teeth. but you can still tell its Jolie.

  • JolieFan

    Dumbasses, she’s not supposed to look good here. Obviously her looks are played down in this picture for the movie.

    The funny thing is, even when they try to make her ugly, she still comes out looking good. I’m not saying she looks drop-dead-gorgeous in this particular picture, but you certainly can’t say that she looks ugly.

  • Life_is_the_pitts

    She looks good no matter what, admit it! I am so happy for her Brad and the lil babies.

  • loyal

    Look at the picture closely. This is a character for the movie. Look at the teeth, Angie has buck teeth here. Geez you guys, get real. She is made up for her role. Which will be outstanding.

  • Janelle

    It’s a movie about a lady who has different disguises. So yeah she looks different. Her eyes are different and her eyebrows are dyed. Not to mention the gap. She still looks cute, just more ordinary.

  • bestky

    Agree. Even here she still looks good.

  • yaya

    wow big change, cant wait fo the movie…

  • me

    clearly this movie will be a fantstic one.

  • JohnMayerfan

    She looks great without makeup!

  • sam

    knowing Angelina i will have lots of action, cool.

  • befairforonce

    phoebe @ 03/04/2009 at 2:16 pm

    no wonder Brad runs away! he said he gasps every morning he sees Jolie in bed? yeah now we know why……..GOD is she ugly! her makeup artists need an award for their work!lol
    this is for her role.i know you jen fans arent used to look-changes.your idol plays always rachel green.but be fair for once in your life.

    btw are you the phoebe troll a JJB? no wonder you are so nasty,your welcome was too frosty i guess.well next time introduce yourself before attacking regulars over there.and stay away from souliejolie.your are pathetic.

  • phoebe

    dont pay attention to me iam a fk idiot…

  • cassie

    Jen is pregnant I hope she has a girl a mini Jen

  • phoebe

    and i have low self esteem..

  • me

    This trolls(rolling eyes) you don’t have to be your beauty self when you play a role. Angie looks sexy in the first pics of her from monday.

  • Ms.JOLIE4ever!

    Hey, keep your eyes open; we’re thinking this might be the start of filming on “Salt,” the new Angelina Jolie movie. Which is not the same as saying you’re going to see Angelina Jolie here, just that her movie is doing some filming in D.C. this week.

  • estelle

    I can’t wait to see this movie. It will be an awesome action pack /mystery/thriller….she does looks beautiful without much make-up.

  • nan

    luv u angie!

  • estelle

    #30- I don’t care!!!!….

  • darkangel52

    She looks gross….and here comes another movie that will flop. I doubt if Liev can save this movie.

  • me

    She looks different but not ugly at all.

  • sonia

    Phoebe ,Brad sees her looking like that and he still doesnt want X

  • Jezebel

    With or without makeup Angelina Jolie is beautiful. So with her role in Salt with so many disguises she’ll look good.

  • The Pundit

    The woman is an ACTRESS. She’s not some manufactured “celeb” who is nothing more than the product of “shiny hair” and a PR machine. She cares about her CRAFT. She isn’t concerned about looking “CUTE” (unless that is what the role calls for). When she immerses herself in a role, like any artist she is concerned about developing the character to the fullest — creating the art. Since she is playing a spy who dons many DISGUISES, she will not always look like the great beauty we are used to seeing. (Geez, what is this Kindergarten?)

  • Anonymous2


    The world stands still.

    Ms. Jolie turns a movie!

  • befairforonce

    The Pundit @ 03/04/2009 at 2:36 pm

    jen fans are stupid,they dont know the meaning of a true actor/actress.they are quick to attack.jennifer played rachel green in every movie and brainded her fans…

  • http:/GPost Team Lara Croft

    For Pete’s sake, that is the most beautiful woman alive! No matter what she wears or what style she undertakes. Gorgeous.

  • thats_right

    Angelina Jolie is gorgeous I love you Angelinaaaaaaaaa :)

  • val

    Wow…Angie with a gap and buck teeth….priceless! I think this movie will show Angie’s ability to take on many different roles and succeed while doing so. Its going to be great!

    If Brad was not traveling alone, he is with Angie. Probably flew out on private jet Saturday after he came back from LA you senseless, and idiotic trolls!

  • ANNA

    Young children really need their Mom present the first 5 yrs
    of their life. She’s a selfish chick!!

  • holla

    come on now she doesn’t look different she looks OLD … damn!!! NEWS FLASH ANGIE ::: YOU’RE TOO OLD FOR THESE TYPES OF MOVIES!!!!

  • val

    REAL PLEASE @ 03/04/2009 at 2:46 pm

    Please tell my why he would go to DC to do this you dumb@ss. Is DC the only place with lawyers??? MY oh my does stupidity run in your family or did you manage to get that dumb on your own?

  • paige

    She is such a skank.

    No morals and an absentee Mother.


  • anonymous 3