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Britney Spears Hits the Big Top

Britney Spears Hits the Big Top

Britney’s back!

Britney Spears breaks out her inner ringmaster and kicks off her Circus tour with a concert in New Orleans, Louisiana on Tuesday night (March 3).

The 27-year-old entertainer wore costumes designed by Canadian identical twins Dean and Dan Caten of Dsquared2.

Brit Brit kicked off the show by descending from the ceiling on a trapeze and singing her recent track, “Circus”. The “Lucky” singer also did a pole dance to her song, “Radar”. Brit also sang her classics “Boys“, “Me Against the Music“, “Baby One More Time“, “Womanizer” and many others.

The tour continues on with 39 more dates and concludes in London on June 14th.

Britney Spears performs “Circus” On “Circus” Tour

30+ pictures inside of Britney Spears hitting the Big Top…

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britney spears circus tour 01
britney spears circus tour 02
britney spears circus tour 03
britney spears circus tour 04
britney spears circus tour 05
britney spears circus tour 06
britney spears circus tour 07
britney spears circus tour 08
britney spears circus tour 09
britney spears circus tour 10
britney spears circus tour 11
britney spears circus tour 12
britney spears circus tour 13
britney spears circus tour 14
britney spears circus tour 15
britney spears circus tour 16
britney spears circus tour 17
britney spears circus tour 18
britney spears circus tour 19
britney spears circus tour 20
britney spears circus tour 21
britney spears circus tour 22
britney spears circus tour 23
britney spears circus tour 24
britney spears circus tour 25
britney spears circus tour 26
britney spears circus tour 27
britney spears circus tour 28
britney spears circus tour 29
britney spears circus tour 30

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  • ME

    FIRST!! I am so excited I am going to see her soon!!

  • Courtney

    It’s a very good news.Don’t go away Britney we need you.Stay with us for forever.

  • vmars111

    LOL, one of her outfits looks like the one from her 2007 VMA debacle performance…….but with a new (and fit) and improved Britney of course!

    Damn I want to see her show now!

  • ladysdsandiego



  • tulino

    it looks like she is not singing live, she is doing lipsinging

  • tiffer7497

    Perez Hilton said on his website that she lip synced every single song which is just pathetic in my opinion. I understand she has lip synced in the past but as least she sang ballads live. Now it’s no live singing at all. Britney should realize it’s not just about the dancing but singing as well. No way will I buy ticket now.

  • babybabybaby

    It’s so great to see her back out there doing her thang! I hope the rest of the tour goes smoothly for her. Your fans are rooting for ya Brit Brit!!

  • lipsyncing

    I love lip syncing!

    Dancers A

    Stage setting A

    Britney spears lip syncing A

    Britney spears walking over there and over here A

    Britney spears dance move F

    Britney spears performance C

  • nikomilinko
  • Boyfriend

    Shes back

  • Audrey

    Great show, but c’mon….who the hell does playback except Britney??? If she is a SINGER then please Britney sing not just dance….I suppose she’s not a dancer. I don’t consider a person like her the pop princess, if she even can’t sing…

  • pump it

    It’s yet another Jamie King production. Is there anyone better to put on a massive spectacle like this? I can’t think of anyone. Love that it’s in the round but on a few separate stages.
    As for BS not singing live……..what did you expect? You never go to a BS concert to hear live singing from her. Seriously, come on.

  • Audrey

    I think it’s a shame that you never hear singing live the so-called ‘pop princess’.

  • el

    Love Britney.
    God bless this girl.
    She s very talented and kind and funny and amazing.
    She is beautiful.

  • Randy

    this is really great, better than rihanna who did this:

  • Helen

    I loooveee her.Go Britney!!

  • hmmm…

    i expect more i got less….love the stage drama but her moves reminds me so much of the VMA’s….

  • Micah

    I drove 7 hours to see her and I am 28!!! Fun show!! Welcome back Brit!!

  • Megan fox rocks

    i fuckin love her , she’s so sexy


  • sillyme

    Well it used to be that her excuse for not singing live was because her act was so physical. If you look at the video, she basically just walks around and poses. The old Britney is NOT back. Madonna is almost twice Brit’s age, and her act is more physical – and she does more live singing.

  • ‘Mandise

    yeah, the old Britney is not back…..It’s plain pathetic not to sing live, not even a few ballads. A so-called “pop princess” and especially “SINGER” is damnn supposed to sing a little! the worst thing is that her dance moves aren’t so “physical” anymore like the previous commenter said. It’s not like she couldn’t sing some song live. Just a lame excuse not to do so. And besides, who the hell doesn’t put a few ballads in their tour list? I’m veeeerrrry disappointed. Did she forget her old classics? pfft

  • Sarah

    that concert was by far her fucking best…you’re constantly entertained….it was amazing…and for all of you who didnt even go there stfu…becasue she did sing live for alot of songs, and it was more obvious cause you could hear her breathing…Circus was the opening and she did not dance much but woohoo she was dancing her ass off through the rest……

  • onlytruth

    you’re constantly entertained???????
    That’s right problem is we’re constantly entertained by great backup dancers and amazing stage set not Britney herself.
    I’m really sad but that’s fact. Old Britney is died.
    New Britney sucks. Sad but it’s true.

  • Tom

    you’re constantly entertained????
    I was there and I’m a huge fan of Britney spears.
    But problem is yes that’s rgiht we’re constantly entertained by great backup dancers and amazing stage setting not Britney spears herself.
    Old Britney is dead.
    I’m really sad to talikg about this but I have to admit that New britney sucks.
    And are you deaf? Britney did not sing live at all. Sad but it’s fact.

  • just saying

    It’s good to see her work so hard for the comeback. But have to agree with #23, she’s not as she once was, mentally and physically. I was never a big fan of her singing but her songs were catchy and was a great dancer. Now she does a lot of walking around the stage rather than dancing. Sad to see how drugs can have such effects on ppl.

  • Squaraus

    I’m so desperate to read all these praising posts on her! As I wrote in the past and as #24 and #25 said, she is not the successful person she’s been once. She lipsyncs and also she can’t dance, but a lot of people still go to her “concerts”, screaming for that nullity. Yes, the world is definitely going to sh*t because of you. What a shame!

  • Squaraus

    I forgot to say that she’s going fat again, as you can she in those pics. What else?

  • slambang

    I was going to ask, did she sing live or lip-sync – but I read all the comments and got my answer! Does this girl EVER sing live?

    Someone teach me how to dance, so I can go on a lip-syncing tour and make millions! LOL

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    yea, she’s back. so all the people who want to spend money to see bad choreography (dancing for dummies) and hear the record played exactly the way it is on the radio… go have fun. cause got forbid people would actually want to spend money on a real talented artist who can actually dance and who will actually sing the songs you love live.

  • Tie

    I wish her the best!

  • lala

    FUCKING AMAZING! I’m so going to see her :D

  • lala

    she’s a legend people, get used to it.

  • Shane

    thought it finished on the 17th in Manchester?:S

  • malcolm

    Why the hell you use the word sing when she lip sync the whole show? Its funny how the press is ready to give her non singing ass a pass for lip syncing.

  • uhuru

    I will wait for the real queen tour to start where i can get real singing and dancing for 2 hrs. Yes, I’m talking about Beyonce the baddest bitch in the game

  • dia from mirza

    Well the amator fake entertainement is back to steal more money from silly people !!! She have no talent , not even a voice to sing , she doesn’t know how to dance as well !! What a shame !!

  • Zoe

    Madonna lip synch’s all her songs too. She’s actually a very bad singer. I remember her singing at Live Aid a few years back where she couldn’t lip synch. SHE SUCKED. Couldn’t carry a tune in a bucket. Showed me how much they doctor up her songs.

    Give Britney a break.

  • Chris

    Looks like she’s packing on the pounds again. Her legs are HUGE !

  • Jess

    She traded in Motherhood to be a Circus Clown full time.
    How fitting.

  • lil’ pooper

    u kidding me? look at her videos before she went mental and compare with this one. awful. she just comes out looking dirty and overdone like a really bad has been.

  • Julie

    I think everyone should start looking at his own, are you people that perfect? You all expect her to be perfect and so great, but guess what… nobody is. Britney has gone through so many things and we should all give her respect, even when it’s just a little. And all the haters out here, don’t act like you know everything. And I’m not saying I know it all, absolutely not. Nobody knows the real truth, except her family and closest friends.

  • MARY

    i don’t care if britney sings live or not…she’s all about entertainment and putting on a show and if i’m going to pay that much for a ticket i rather see a performance than her sitting on her butt the entire show

  • QueenOfTrashin

    Ya gotta love old Chester Cheeto sitting on Chit Chit’s head! Too funny. And a nasty head of hair, too! That’s our Chit Chit!

  • beautyqueenfrommars

    I’m glad she seems to be better than last year, but a concert with just lipsyncing?
    I’m really curious how the whole tour will work out and how many people will pay to see that in the end.
    I’d always prefer last years number one touring act. =o)

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    nobody’s perfect. but at least we don’t have to have our daddy’s drug us up so we wont make complete asses outta ourselves. lmbaoo
    she’s a 27 year old mother of two that cant even manage her own money or take proper care of her own kids. go pay money to watch that clown, so her father can take it to buy more med’s and pay kevin to be a dad. hahahahahahahahaha

  • Lu



    she’s great ,who cares about lipsyncing ,she has always lipsync this is not new ,if you like Britney you already know this.
    Congrats to her .

  • ANCA


  • http://annalaura Anna laura

    I think that Britiney show are so amanzing.i´m from Brazil and we want so much that she come to Brazil and do a great showw



  • mickey

    I don’t understand why people would pay to watch someone lip-synch. That’s what Milli Vanilli did. You are essential paying A LOT of money to hear a CD.

    Yet here Britney is being celebrated for a live show where she doesn’t sing live. No wonder the music biz is in doldrums–it’s not downloading–it’s these “performers” who are bankrupt of any talent whatsoever.