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Camilla Belle is Mary Tyler Moore

Camilla Belle is Mary Tyler Moore

Camilla Belle is pretty in pink, flashing her pearly whites as she re-enacts the opening sequence to The Mary Tyler Moore Show.

The 22-year-old Brazilian beauty, along with Hayden Panettiere, Alexis Bledel and America Ferrera, is helping Glamour magazine celebrate over 70 years of female American icons.

Camilla told the mag, “We all should continue to be as independent as Mary was and unapologetically push for equality in the workplace.”

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Photos: Brigette Lacombe
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  • Bubbaness

    She is so stunning but I would never have pegged her as doing Mary from that picture. I would love to see her recreate a Liz Taylor iconic picture.

  • :)

    i like camilla :)

  • Courtney

    This, as well as the other pictures, are all beautiful.
    The photography is amazing, and I love the subject matter.

  • Greg Huntoon

    This is a great shot…and this girl is making a quick (but fairly quiet) climb up the ladders of mainstream awareness. At some point, people are all going to shout, “Where the hell did this girl come from?”

  • whatever, yo

    I LOVE the Mary Tyler Moore Show. I have it on DVD… I like Camilla Belle… but I think whoever chose the outfit, chose wrong.

  • jonhar

    I love Camilla Belle, she’s so beautiful so talented. She deserves all the spotlight.

  • m


  • krist jo dee

    She does not look like Mary Tyler Moore at all. She does look like somebody who is lucky to be dating someone famous so she can hitch a ride. Her head is so big for her body. Oh well, maybe big heads are in.

  • pooter

    huh? this girl is not attractive at all. She should be called Miss Eyebrows.

    don’t even know what /why she is involved in Hollywood

  • Betina

    So Pretty!

    I didn’t knew that Camille is Brazilian. I know that her mom is Brazilian and her dad is American.

  • carrie

    i love camilla, she’s freacking amazing!

  • Betina

    Is she Brazilian?

    I know that her mom is Brazilian but her dad is American.
    She is pretty, but I don’t like her eyebrows.



    most of u r soooo envious ‘n wrong!!

    Camilla is a great actress ‘n beautiful person inside ‘n out ^^

  • Jo

    She can’t act have you guys seen Push? she’s so dull even critics agree. That movie didn’t pull anything at the box office

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    why is hōmō joe jōnas dressed like mary tyler moore?!?

  • annie

    she looks like joes twin or something. lmao. hfsafafla i dont like herr

  • dbjfsgfjdsbfnbdf

    i like camilla belle too



  • krist jo dee

    I agree with infamous and annie. It does look like Joe in drag but neither of the twins looks like Mary Tyler Moore. Big head society rules lol. Hard to like an “actress” or “twin” who cannot act.

  • lakers fan in boston

    wow she looks really pretty
    i love those legs, they look very sexy

  • krist jo dee

    also, it looks like Camilla brows is on here commenting on herself. Somebody has to like her, why not herself and Joe. Acting classes would probably help. She has got the big head lil body now she just needs to get acting roles that have her speaking more than 2 minutes.

  • Ivana

    “We all should continue to be as independent as Mary was and unapologetically push for equality in the workplace.”

    LOL, I highly doubt she said this herself. Because I think Camilla is beautiful, I read/viewed a few of her interviews. Lemme tell you: THE GIRL AIN’T THAT BRIGHT. The editor probably took something she did say and spun it into something more intellegent sounding.

  • Kelsey

    I love camilla belle she is soo pretty and this picture is amazing

  • http://jj annony

    good for her having to use a 19 year old guy to climb the ladder in hollywood….sure shes an actress but have yet to get up the ladder of success into the A-LIST….her movies have yet to make box office hits but at least she is trying……..i agree with ivana she doesnt seem to be bright because her previous interviews have left alot to be desired for….she isnt ugly nor would i call her beautiful but its amazing all of a sudden hollywood cant get enough of her….i wonder why!!!!!MUST BE CONNECTION!!!!!definetely not her acting abilities…….

  • pop86

    Like the shoes and the coat

  • monreal

    You should put Alexis Bledels OWN thread too JJ. I bet many would be more please to that!

  • mirna1

    Who the hell is she?

  • serena

    just because people don’t like her doesn’t mean they are jealous or envious.
    everyone has their own opinions.
    i personally don’t think she’s a good actress or very pretty..and im NOT jealous of her at all.
    she’s only making a name for herself by dating joe jonas.
    she also seems really ungrateful for some of the opportunities she’s had. (see other interviews)

  • gerard Vandenberg

    I think the beauties must come out of brazil?
    ………………………………….AMERICA IS BANKRUPT, folks!!

  • james

    she i s pretty with pics made in photoshop

  • james

    i never heard about her like actress is a nobody sorrrrrrrrrry assssikissersss

  • http://jj annony

    i have seen better beauties come out from brazil eg gisele budchen and trust me CAMILLA BELLE aint one of them…..she looks like a transvestite at the best of time………she want to do good TAKE ACTING CLASSES…………she is a pathetic looser……….its amazing how she never acknowleges the fact her dad is american and was born in america but she always fails to mention this…why????is she ashamed to be called an american…..its always brazil this,brazil that so how can she represent an AMERICAN ICON……………GIVE US BETTER CRAP TO READ PLEASE…………..

  • vanessa

    Camila Belle is soooo gourgeous!!!!And I just LOVE her eyebrows…how come some people don’t like them?!

  • Jen

    i dont think shes that pretty and she is really boring, I saw Push and she totally ruined it, not a good actress at all!

  • Juliana

    she’s not brazilian, her mom is, she was born in usa…

  • Juliana

    she’s not brazilian, her mom is, she was born in usa…

  • gene

    It looks like whatever “creative types” at Glamour came up with this shot never watched an episode of the Mary Tyler Moore Show. Ever.

  • Fleece Baby

    She’s cute.

  • Lucy

    i thought she was portugese?
    she’s so beautiful it’s not fair.
    but, we’d all look like that if we were taken by professional photograper and in heaps of exspensive make-up. x

  • kk

    Have no idea who she was at first till she got linked to Rpattz (i am not a rob fan, but twibook fan). Saw some of her earlier pics, she looks better with this current look. Though she looked older than her real age. Her thick brows reminds me of Elizabeth Taylor. She could be a mini her. Her younger version. LOL.
    Wonder if she is interested to be a actress, since she is not getting any roles, just a few movies so far, just pics of her attending events. Fashion shows.