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George Clooney Blogs About Darfur

George Clooney Blogs About Darfur

George Clooney has taken to The Daily Beast to report about the violence-ridden region of Darfur.

The 47-year-old actor, who will return to the small screen on E.R. later this year, writes, “Last week, I visited a camp in Chad—a camp of about 12,000 refugees and internally displaced persons. I was there three years ago. The violence there is nowhere near the scale that is going on just miles across the border in Sudan.”

Clooney continues, “I think what was most disturbing about the place was how little it had changed. ‘Normal’ is 800 calories a day, sickness, threats of rebel violence, or just crime. When you see their faces, the hope that was there three years ago was all but gone. There are still moments. We walked through a village where children would follow me and chant the name ‘Obama.’ His promise of “hope” having such a different meaning here. But there’s too little hope. Time and time again they’ve seen the convoy of white trucks and even whiter faces pull up, drag out their camera crew and pull aside the most damaged family they can find. We film them as they give honest answers to questions no person should have to answer. ‘What happened?’ ‘How did you lose that arm?’ ‘Were you raped?’ ‘By how many?’ Then, just as they’ve seen time and time again, we jump back in our vehicles and run to the next place. ‘Not really tragic enough,’ is said out loud (probably by me). ‘Maybe there’s somebody that’s been attacked more recently.’ It’s all been covered before.”

He ended with, “I visited a school in a camp in Goz Beida. The name above the door had been changed to “Obama.’ It seems this message of ‘hope’ is catching on.”

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  • ade

    He visits more often Vegas and their skanks

  • ade

    sk*nks !

  • Imnotamarxist

    what an ass clown GC he is … what is Obama going to do.. he has an illegal alien aunt living in a Boston slum and a 1/2 brother living in a cardboard box in Kenya that he’s done nothing about … on second thought he may use that for yet another reason to tax us

  • mike

    love George!!!!!

  • patsfan

    love George, but we have enough of our own problems.

  • Rose

    love you George but where is this money coming from? I feel for the people in Darfur, just as I do for others in need around the world but there are many places including right here in the US that need our money and time. Really sad.

  • bettedavis

    Bless u man.


    It actually takes one voice to make a difference in someone life and sometimes those we look up to will establish change look at Obama we listened we voted and yes we wanted change. Granted we have issues here in the US and yes poverty and corruption is everywhere. I’m glad to see a celebrtiy trying to do something postive instead of jj posting a bunch garbage stories about there mundane life example shopping, lunch, walking down the street..etc..

  • fed up

    It is funny how George said” I visited Chad , with Anne Currie and a
    camera crew than proceeded to go into a nice sheltered house .
    To talk to the kids. Ben Affleck sat down with the people and talked
    to several committees over there. Showed where they really live in
    tents. But it seems that George wants the responsiblity on someone
    other than himself. Talks to Obama about getting someone full time
    over there to settle the problems. Yeah right FULL TIME PERSON .

  • Moniquev

    hey rose, when did he ever ask you for money?

  • Nay

    Im glad people are realising that Obama is just a puppet and a worse one than G.W Bush. Just you wait for your “change”, because it will turn out to be a new world order if you you sheeps continue being so idiotic.

  • sillyme

    Obama is turning out to be worse than Bush. Do you all realize that your energy bills will “necessarily skyrocket” (Obama’s words) when his energy policies take effect in a year or two; this includes gas, which will go up about $1 or $2 a gallon overnight, and electricity, which will DOUBLE. According to our president, it’s necessary for prices to be higher so that we’ll seek alternatives.

    And, let’s hope it’s not your 65 year old parent who will be told they’re too old for expensive cancer treatment because their life expectancy is not that long, when we get national health care. Or, have to wait months for treatment behind the millions of illegal aliens ahead in line.

    But, hey, that’s change we can believe in!

  • ferdis

    Good George! This is a work in Not On Our Watch organization.

  • http:/GPost Team Lara Croft

    Gosh, he is handsome. And a great heart. George, I have given money. And when you are done with Darfur, some see me hot stuff!

  • http:/GPost Team Lara Croft

    And yeah for Obama! A smart Harvard man in office…finally ..after 8 years of a “C” student. The world now looks at Americans with respect again. One month in office and already Obama is working more than dimwit worked in 8 years. Bush & Cheney were the worst thing that happened to us. But there is hope again! Yeah!

  • no serious

    George is a heffer, he lives with po-rn-actress Krista Allen and he wants do serious work? Is he serious? Man who had 1000 women, lived dirty life and he is interesting about politics?

  • me


    Let’s worry about our own country right now. So put down your cocktail and do some great work here in the USA.

  • Rose

    HI Moniquev, What do you think he is doing when he meets with President Obama? These people need help and money. Anything sent to Darfur by the US comes from our tax dollars. I’m not sure about you but here in CA we can’t even get our tax refunds because the State is bankrupt, our vehicle registration is doubling next year and our state tax is being increased again. I think what is going on in Darfur is horrible but like I said where will the money come from to help them? I donate to Veterans, MS, UNICEF and City of Hope but it’s getting harder and harder to send those checks.

  • uglysexy

    does he want us in another war?? I’m in favor of wars of conscience I guess but would more people get killed than already? we should just take out the sudanese leadership and then clean up the miitants with an international force….it’s a little late though….and with clooney and all the other leaderships ineffective missteps in the SAG dealings I don’t know
    if I trust his judgement anymore….alot of aid in these less than third world
    crises is intercepted and used by militants as well….we need a multinational force to go in and clean up darfur and the awful sudanese

  • http:/GPost Team Lara Croft

    Many countries help the US too. And we have benefited from the natural resources of many countries that we went into – this is why we have an American empire. Besides, it is the humane thing to do. Should we stand by and watch being die of starvation and do nothing? If that were the case, we would have never gone into Germany during WWII and stop the Holocaust atrocities. The problem is: we pick and choose the countries we want to help and ignore others. We are on this planet together and have to help others. We are so lucky here. There are children who go weeks without water and here, we waste everything. We have more than enough. If each of us saved our leftovers, our clothes that don’t fit us anymore, etc, we could help so many. Being poor here does not equal starving for days because there is not food for miles or running water for miles. I am glad George is talking about Darfur. I don’t mind sharing what I have with others. My mom and dad taught us that is the humane thing to do. I mean I had a breakfast this morning and barely touched it and threw the rest of it out. I take one sip of my ice-tea and throw out the rest. I’ll have a sandwich and throw out the fries cause they’re cold. I look around and see everyone around me do the same thing. Fast food restaurants throw out piles of food at the end of the day. We have so much and so much goes to waste. meanwhile, some kid somewhere has no shoes or clothing. I think I have enough to go around to poor American kids and poor kids around the world. I know I do.

  • lakers fan in boston

    yawn another celebrity talking about darfur……
    they need 2 find something new 2 exploit imo

  • Bee

    your absolutely right team lara croft..
    i live in holland .. and people here think youre poor when you dont have a computer or a playstation 3… it’s just one superficial world..
    we in europe america, canada, australia england.. we have so much.. but it’s not enough.. we do a lot of things that are normal to us.. but for children in afrika,, asia.. they would just do anything to have a pen and paper to go to schoool to just have 1 meal a day…

    and than you people are talking about we need help in the us.. come on.. you dont need help yourself..
    yes everything is getting expensive… in holland too..
    everything here is getting much worser everyday but still we should thank god for what we have…

    and it’s kind of sad that celebrities who go to lunch of go shopping.. are more interesting than children dying all over the world because they haven’t had one slice of bread in weeks…
    that’s sad rose….. not you…

  • http:/GPost Team Lara Croft

    Bee ^^^^

    Thank you for your wonderful post. It’s nice to see someone across the globe shares in my American sentiment. We Americans are good people. We have always cared about the world. But we are also wasteful. You are right, kids here complain because they have to eat Mac and Cheese as opposed to a whopper. They complain because they can’t go to Disney World. Or can’t go see Hanna Montana. But in general no American kid has to walk 24 hours to get to the nearest clean drinking water well. We do not have villages completely suffering from drought here. We have no idea how huge those things are. I am happy to hear you in Holland feel the same way. We are all citizens of the world and like I said, I so don’t mind, have one less Diet Coke so a kid around the world can have a piece of bread. Not a big deal for me. Take care!

  • Bee

    Damn Lara.. I never thought that on JJ there would be ONE person that was not superficial…. but I just did!
    It’s true.. we complain too but when I see those poor children all over the world.. dying for anything… it’s just so so said it bring tears to my eyes..
    In Holland they want us to look at America like peope who are millionairs and complain all the time…. but in holland it’s the same! Selfish people all over the world.. And then there are people here who say.. We need more help than they do.. COME ON.. open your eyes…
    We have everything… 50 years ago there was only a tv… and people were satisfied.. now it’s this and that…
    And the saddest part is.. that (if god wants me to have one) my child will grow up in such a sick world.. Where (exactly Lara) Hanna Montana’s greef is more important than CHILDREN walking hours and hours on a dangerous road for a little bit water…..
    Thank God that some people are still normal… :)Thank you dear I really appreciate it

  • http:/GPost Team Lara Croft

    Thank you to you too Bee! There are more of us than you think. And we have to remind ourselves of that. Good always wins in the end. I have to catch myself too. Every time I complain about my Starbuck’s coffee, I have to remember that if I have a crappy cup of Starbucks it is not the worst thing in the world! My problems could be so much worst! I hope to adopt internationally one day. I love children – of any color, form any culture. Have a great day!

  • Bee

    yeah I know there are more people around like this.. but in their everyday life everybody becomes so selfish and all that..
    but i think it’s true what you say… any color from any culture.. it doesn’t matter.. they’re all children.. have a great day too…:)

  • hfn

    i just saw in the news paper today that george clooney is filming his new movie here “Up in the Air” in st. louis. he is filming on top of the arch! they are getting it ready right now. i wouldn’t have signed up for anything that would make me stand on top of that darned thing. the winds today here are gusting at 40mph. looks like they are using a bucket truck

  • Nate

    Sir douche bag Too bad he didn’t stay in Chad.

  • Fleece Baby

    He has such a good heart.

  • http://orkut mark deuteronomovic

    Only for intelligent people!!!

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  • John S.

    I am awe struck at what is going on today in Darfur. We have to put an end to this slaughter; it cannot go on any longer. We have to get the world out to as many people as possible. It needs more media attention, more celebrities like George Clooney speaking out. A new movie coming out soon—Attack on Darfur—that focuses on what truly happening in Darfur.

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