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Jessica Biel's Birthday Bash

Jessica Biel's Birthday Bash

Justin Timberlake takes his girlfriend Jessica Biel out on the town for her birthday on Tuesday (March 3) in New York City.

The couple went to watch Will Ferrell‘s new Broadway show “You’re Welcome America.” After watching the show, they made their way over to the Oak Room at the Plaza to spend the rest of the night.

Justin Timberlake appeared on the first show of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, where he did an impersonation of John Mayer.

Happy 27th Birthday Jessica!

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  • mare

    Is it me or is she always miserable?Lately, bad clothes choices too. Check out the shoes and the coat looks like it does not fit. Smile Jessica you are getting your picture taken and you have not been in anything memorable!!!

  • Jess

    She’s nothing special.

    She wouldn’t even be getting photographed if it wasn’t for Justin being right freaking next to her.

  • Jess

    She’s nothing special.

    She wouldn’t even be getting photographed if it wasn’t for Justin being right freaking next to her.

  • Daisy

    My Nonna used to wear shoes just like that! She was 98.

  • Blind item about Jessica

    Which actress pretends to loathe the paparazzi, but actually has her publicist call them to staged photo ops? Her unsuspecting celebrity boyfriend can’t understand how the paps know exactly when they will be walking the dog or going to the market or how they know every other private move the couple makes. Well, we’re going to provide Mr. Naïve with a big box full of clues. Your girlfriend is known as a successful TV actress, but her film career has been less than stellar. Since her own career and life isn’t interesting enough to warrant lots of attention from the paps, she needs you in the photos with her to guarantee publication. Every time you are going to do anything together, she makes that stealth cellular phone call to her PR flack, who in turn notifies the press.

  • Micah

    She calls the paps..i thought this was known?

  • Tie

    She’s so average!

  • adse

    New lips job! LOL

  • Ella

    Justin looked better when he was with Britney. He should bring the curls back.

  • MARY

    justin why are you dating a man??? of all the women you’ve dated jessica biel is the ugliest girl you’ve had …i would prefer if you went back to britney princess and prince of pop belong together

  • B.

    yes he should go back to britney… i think they still love eachother…
    and i dont think he loves biel.. i mean look at her.. she’s so fake and like a man.. her lips her nose.. what is he thinking when he’s un top of her? hot chick? naaah don’t think so

  • JTzbitch

    i luv jessica for justin cuz she is a sweetheart…but i really would like 2 see him go back to britney because they were really young when they fell in love giving them such a short time to meet other people so they were bound to break up…but britney really does still love him everybody knows it and i think they should at least see each other and talk about things

  • http://yahoo bronwyn

    Brittney doesnt want him he is very cute but he knows it!!

  • abby

    in other photos along with these Jessica qickly spotted the paparazzi then she puts her hand around Justin arm and that smirk on her indicate what a few people said about tipping the paparazzi and has anybody know test that Justin is behind her when she has the smirk and then she qickly put this annoyed look for Justin to see
    he doesn,t look happy ay all
    I wonder if Justin or his family knows what she does
    does anybody know are they leaving Justin apartment or a resturant

  • The Pundit

    YOU’RE, YOU’RE, YOU’RE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The title of Ferrell’s show is “YOU’RE Welcome America.” YOU’RE and YOUR are two completely DIFFERENT words; they are NOT interchangeable!

    YOU’RE is a contraction for “you are.” (You are welcome, America). YOUR is possessory, meaning “belonging to” (your hat, your coat, your abysmal grammar). How can be even tangentially involved in “reporting” events and not know FOURTH GRADE GRAMMAR, Jared??? No wonder all of our jobs are being outsourced to India; your generation of Americans is semiliterate!

  • abby

    Just by looking at the shoes and pantyholes and put a gray wig on she can pass as mama from mama’s family played by Vicky Lawrance

  • HisLove

    He knows, everyone knows because that’s the deal they made. It’s all business.

  • bral
  • bral
  • gerard Vandenberg

    Who is that kid walking behind her, folks?

  • abby

    I don’t see parents in the photos were are you looking at ?

  • marissa

    this is too easy

    fucking fake

  • lisa

    He knows, everyone knows because that’s the deal they made. It’s all business.

    I agree with you this relationship is a showmance.

  • bettedavis

    Happy Birthday lovely, don t mind the haters, u r beautiful.

  • abby

    When will this end ?

  • mickey

    Frumpy and miserable are the first words that come to mind, but if I had to look at that buzzard faced Timberlame all the time I probably would look miserable too.

  • marissa

    yea we are haters because she is a fucking fraud.

    i swear the crazys are amusing :)

  • marissa

    it wont last abby..dont worry

  • joey

    Bettedavis is only smart one here. Everybody else here Just Jealous so of Jessica Biel. I glad Jessica Biel had nice 27th Birthday She deserve it. Jessica Biel is inspiration to Me . Happy 27th Birthday Jessica Biel your gorgeous woman and amazing talented actress. Jessica Biel always!

  • Arizona

    Gawd she looks __________. Insert one of the following: miserable, horrible, mean, masculine, angry, moody, depressed, evil, ashamed, bitter, hateful.

  • joey

    The Person who post on March 4,2008 at 3:43 PM your Jealous of Jessica Biel.

  • stfu

    I hate to say it but she has perpetual “abortion face.”

  • lakers fan in boston

    she looks really tired, either that or her face is starting to get wrinkly
    at least she is attempting 2 smile, she really never smiles
    altho it was kinda creepy when she did lol

  • Karen

    I thought it was a nun in full gear when I first glanced at the pic. What is up with the shoes? Makes her look like an old women. I usually think that she is pretty, but not so much here.

  • http://justjared ugly

    Damn definitely Justin’s ugliest girlfriend

  • marissa

    ^ i agree..fug

  • atleastyougetthisone

    Justin Timberlake is gay and Jessica Biel is gay/bi, they’re bearding for each other. Cameron Diaz and Britney were also showmances (the latter neatly arranged by Disney no doubt). Remember how Britney and Justin were supposed to have never had sex, wonder why that was and why she went elsewhere? The “trousersnake” thing is a PR myth dreamt up to hide the fact he is, like Leonardo DiCaprio, totally gay.

  • marissa

    the reason she is miserable is because she hate that fact, that she have to “pretend” to be his gf. ewveryone knows she likes the pussycat

  • icecream

    Jesus he’s looking a bit rough here, looks a bit hung over or something.

  • joey

    There all people here Jealous of Jessica Biel.

  • the voodoo doll

    jessica may not be a mega celeb but she has a following. she has a lovely figure and treats herself well, very classy young woman.

  • THebestever

    Puhlease! She is an ugly smug famewhore. She looks old and worn out. What has she done besides justin and butt exercises to warrant this attention? She isn’t getting very many roles and the ones she does get go straight to DVD. Honey please your 27 now? If people aren’t taking you seriously in the business by now then maybe its time to through in the towel. You just don’t have the chops. Oh and one last thing your face makes me wanna through up so loose the attitude! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAhAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • blah

    He looks high, she looks fug and her upper lip is unforgivable.
    BTW…Justin has been in NYC for several days, shooting a video, doing Jimmy Fallon show Monday, etc. I have not seen ONE PAP pic of him. All of a sudden Jessica flies in for her birthday and WALA…paparazzi pics.
    Someone want to tell me her PR people aren’t calling the paps and tipping them off? PLEASE!
    Soon there will be “witnesses” giving their report to a magazine about their night on the town, and it will all wonderful…… “they looked so in love” and “Jessica was so stunning”.
    Coming soon to PEOPLE magazine courtesy of Jessica’s PR person.

  • Greg

    I use to be a fan… but she really is looking frumpy. If I have to chose for Justin… ya, I’d have to go with Britney especially since she is getting it together.

  • Serena

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  • yikes

    Jessica – don’t believe your man when he tells you that you look better without make-up and when you wear granny shoes. Girl, you can’t be that gullible, can you?!!?? Girls are checking him out while you’re out and about looking like jt’s gramma

  • KKK

    No way Justin should go back to Britney. He can do much better than that. Although I think he still misses her. I am not buying this Justin/ Jessica relationship. What i can’t figure out is why if you are with someone and it is a serious relationship, you don’t want to talk about them publicly. I am sure when Ryan Reynolds is doing an interview he has no problems talking about Scarlett and how much he loves her in public. Justin Never expresses any real feelings about her publicly it is just a series of photo-ops. Just weird to me. And Jessica Stop blowing up you lips it is not attractive. You always look like somebody punched you in the mouth. And, focus on your career. Justin should be treating better.

  • sloan

    if they look like this it’s because there are paparrazi, they don’t want smile or look happy because like this paparazzi make less money, they are so private they don’t want to show it to all the world and make earn so money to paparazzi

    To all people who find jess ugly->it’s your right, everybody have his taste and it’s not the same, i find her very beautiful (longer better than cam et britney who can do horor move wthout make-up – sometimes jess is not better but it ‘s more after taked flight, but who are not badlooking after many hours of flight so often-) jess is often in top of men classement, you are mainly girl so you find all the others girls ugly except someone your are fan, no?. Man are more able to say if a girl is attractive or not (ask your boyfriend or brother they will say for the most she is too hot)
    And i don’t understand all people who want justin go back with this crazy britney (wow she is showgirl but she sing in playback in her tour oh she is singer!!!) she looks more beautiful i don’t think but may be because she have 3 ton of make whereas jess is more naturel with very little make up

    blah -> if you look well in internet you can find pics of justin alone in new york without jess

  • click4truth

    How is it that she was recently voted by 98% of publications as being among the ‘worst dresssed’ at the Oscars, with the exception being Vogue (who dressed her, thanks to Justin’s connections at his fashion show) and who regularly posts the bs they get fed by JB’s publicist.
    It’s all business and my guess is it will be winding down soon since she has been unable to ‘deliver’ on her end of the PR deal while he has given her every opportunity a wannabe A-lister could dream of.
    Everything she scored while riding on his coattails has failed. Her movies have either earned razzies or never made it to theaters.

  • Fleece Baby

    They both looks so excited to be together!!