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Katie Holmes: Say Cheese!

Katie Holmes: Say Cheese!


Katie Holmes breaks out into a huge smile as she leaves her New York City apartment on Wednesday (March 4).

The 30-year-old Mad Money actress took the most recent cover of Glamour and spoke about the ever-present rumor mill, saying, “Some of the stuff [people said] was such absolutely horrible things to say about a child. It was so uncalled for and so disgusting.”

And she did set another rumor straight, “I’m not pregnant right now!”

10+ pictures inside of Katie Holmes saying cheese…

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katie holmes say cheese 01
katie holmes say cheese 02
katie holmes say cheese 03
katie holmes say cheese 04
katie holmes say cheese 05
katie holmes say cheese 06
katie holmes say cheese 07
katie holmes say cheese 08
katie holmes say cheese 09
katie holmes say cheese 10

Credit: Eddie Mejia; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • Me!

    That is not a pretty smile! Ugly teeth.

  • omg

    I absolutely love her. When she smiles

  • Janie

    She looks really cute! I love her! :)

  • OH MY

    Fugly beast! She looks like a Great Dane walking on its hind legs when they don’t photoshop the bejebus out of her.

  • Kate’s Latest Nose Job

    This girl needs to stop with the “subtle” plastic surgery.
    Her latest nose job reminds me a Michael Jackson–too pointy.
    It doesn’t match the rest of her face which is aging quickly from too much coffee and smoking.
    I wish she would tke care of herself.

  • One Word


  • Okay, One more Word


  • pooter

    what horrible things Katie? Do you consider the fact that your child, almost 3 is still pooping in gallon sized diapers…….the fact that you are “too busy” to get your little brat toliet trained….the fact that you and Tom are allowing Suri to be a brat by treating her like a little adult?…

    YOu spend so much time in plays, making a movie you have no business making- because you don’t have the necessary talent,..pose for magazines..etc…etc…..when you really need to spend a little more time do what most mothers do to raise their child properly.

    Oh, I forgot…..the only things you can think about is how magical, amazing, joyous……just buzz words popular at the minute…..she does not even have a brain! Guess its the kind of brain Tom wanted so he could mold her into whatever he wanted. idiot

  • that’s hideous

    haha i love #6 & 7
    she isnt cute
    she’s annoying
    why is glamour even interviewing her??

  • Yar

    I swear to God Tom Cruise is sucking the life out of her. She looks horrible.

  • whatever

    You people sure are judgemental of someone you have never meet or know. So, keeping with the theme…I don’t know any of you and I think you are all stupid, smell bad and your kids hate you.

  • betsky

    Nop. That’s not her best picture. She usually looks hotter.

  • spidey

    She looks terrible.

  • pr person

    OMG!! And we are supposed to believe that THIS woman loves her life?!?! HA! Sure she does.

  • uglysexy

    scary cult members gon’ wild….everyone hopes she’ll wake up and divorce big

  • gerard Vandenberg

    NICE, welcome!!

  • SOS

    She seriously looks like a corpse. I feel ill every time I see photos of her. She use to be such a cute and happy looking girl. She needs help. I’m not being judgemental about her looks…nobody can look at her and honestly say that she looks “good” or “healthy”. She looks far from it. If this is what Scientology does to a person then she needs to get out of it.

  • Raphael

    She’s never had plastic surgery, #5.

    How do you know that they treat her like a little adult, #8? The tabloids?

  • mary

    katie’s great

  • ihavenolife

    “say ug-leeeee!”
    oh well, ultimately tom cruise has to sleep with her. wait… he doesn’t! they have said they sleep on opposite wings of their house. not sure how far apart they sleep in an NYC apartment. different levels of their penthouse maybe?


    still hot while being “ugly”, f*ck the girl next door type… this is the real deal :)

  • Talen

    still cute but she looks a mess.

  • LaLaLa

    Can’t believe this is the supercute girl from Dawson’s Creek. It looks like Katie Holmes grandma!

  • mju8

    Holy Moly she looks like the crypt keeper!

  • yazlongfellow

    Katie is glassy-eyed like Marty Feldman!

  • jim

    hilarious #24….but true

  • jim

    Katie..You are Disgusting!

  • Nanea

    This looks more like a snarl to me.

    And I don’t get why she’s complaining. She made her choice, signed that contract, agrees to having paparazzi in her life (anyone remember how there were tons of paparazzi around precisely in that moment in Paris when Tom had proposed “spontaneously” on the Eiffel Tower?)

    She should know that others question facts that don’t add up. Or stop bringing up really stupid things like the dyslexic Tom reading kids’ books aloud, or making Spaghetti Carbonara for them on a camping trip…

  • Elsa

    scary !

  • ice

    She should hook up with Marc Anthony. Both look like their souls have been completely sucked out of them

  • Sal

    So “detoxed”, or should I say brainwashed and starved, that she can’t even stand up straight. Where are her parents????? Intervention!

  • Abby

    She is a mess. Look at her. Someone help. She always looks dis-sheveled and out of it. And….what is with the hat???

  • Sonia Wu

    Jared left out one very important point Homely proposed to all her detractors. She wants everyone of us to go to her house for dinner!!!
    Wonder whether TommyGurl will send out his private jet while $cieno cult will arrange buses top pick their many many dinner guests to their humongous mansion.

  • slambang


  • Sonia Wu

    Why is my comment waiting for moderation?
    I was only telling sea org child slave one-liners, they are not invited to dinner at the TomKat mansion.

  • Supercuts

    All the negative comments here say one thing – Katie comes across as arrogant and elitist in her interviews. Doesn’t really have anything to do with her looks.

  • sniffles

    I don’t understand how people can such such horrible things about ANY child, especially one they’ve never met.

  • Constance

    Cruise is totally sucking the life out of her. She’s pale, skinny, sickly looking and her eyes look dead. Katie, what did you do?? You used to be so beautiful and healthy and All American until you let that freak destroy your life and career! I know you signed a contract to keep up appearances for 5 years but its not worth it. There will be nothing left by the end of the contract. You’re still doing pathetic B movies and you’re the 4th billed on top of it! The freak isn’t helping your career! Get out while before being with him kills you. You look horrible. Nothing like the Dawsons Creek cutie we all loved!

    RUN, KATIE, RUN….and take your beautiful little girl with you!

  • Denise in NJ

    #11 and #18 I agree with you. People are so busy judging her so I am sure there lives are perfect. These sights used to be info on the stars and pictures and now bitter people have made them a place to attack people they don’t even know. How do any of you know whether she is potty training her kid or not? Do you licve in the house with them?

  • yeah right

    Raphael, you are wrong as usual. Katie has had several rhinoplasties, if you search the internet or look at childhood pics of her you’ll see she had a huge, really wide, ugly schnozz. And I think poor Suri has inherited it.

  • Sonia Wu

    Yeah right!
    You are so right.
    You can see Homely’s original nose on Suri’s face.
    No problem with me actually. Pudgy nose is still nose.

  • thats_right

    please take a shower please she always looks oily and dirty ughhhh even that poor guy next to him is holding his breath so he wont be able to smell her Picture #8

  • thats_right

    please take a shower please she always looks oily and dirty ughhhh even that poor guy next to her is holding his breath so he wont be able to smell her Picture #8

  • Raphael

    She’s complaining, #28? When? About what?

    How on Earth is anything that Holmes said arrogant and elitist, #35? There are so many negative comments here because of her looks and because they want to find every reason in the world to bash TomKat,

  • donna


  • thanks jj

    Im happy when I see her lovely smile….

  • daphne

    A natural beauty loaded with real talents with a cool personality to match. A rare find today.

  • Tc


  • elliot

    I agree it looks like Katie has lost all signs of life. But I disagree w/ Constance that it is all Crazy Tom’s fault. I mean, this is the result of hooking up on the Crazy Tom Train. Katie knew going in what to expect and she saw major $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ SIGNS!!!!
    Katie has no soul and has lost all respect in the Biz because of her choice. HER CHOICE and she chose the big bucks!!!!

  • yeah right

    Aren’t you going to trash my comment (#41), Raphael, since you are the all-knowing when it comes to the Cruises….