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Rachel Bilson is Lady Marmalade

Rachel Bilson is Lady Marmalade

Newly engaged actress, Rachel Bilson, goes on a lunch date with her fiance Hayden Christensen at Marmalade Cafe on Wednesday (March 4) in Malibu, Calif.

The 27-year-old former O.C. actress was first seen with her engagement ring on Feb. 24, after the engagement story broke approximately one week earlier.

A few times, RB played coy and wore some long sleeves to cover her hand, but now she’s all out in the open with it!

Looks like she’s still wearing the ring!

10+ pictures inside of Rachel Bilson, Lady Marmalade…

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rachel bilson lady marmalade 01
rachel bilson lady marmalade 02
rachel bilson lady marmalade 03
rachel bilson lady marmalade 04
rachel bilson lady marmalade 05
rachel bilson lady marmalade 06
rachel bilson lady marmalade 07
rachel bilson lady marmalade 08
rachel bilson lady marmalade 09
rachel bilson lady marmalade 10

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  • celebhores

    coming out now. now that everyone hates you

  • rick

    she is dressed like a clown

    and his legs are fn thin

    and it looks like she is happy but he would rather not be there

  • myobservation

    she has no style, nothing ever goes together or makes any fashion sense…

  • rick

    that expression on her face so stupid and annoying and she has huge thighs

  • NY GAL

    For two people who like their privacy, they sure do eat out alot!!

  • buzz

    If you want to watch an OC actor actually working and not just shopping, here are some promos of the upcoming Southland. From the creators of ER

  • rick

    poor guy, he just does not look happy, he need Natalie P.

  • celebhores

    She looks like alittle girl going through her moms closet playing dressup. nothing matches. her legs are too short to wear tall boots

    hc looks annoyed. she thinks she is queen of the world

    i smell another celebrity tragedy happening

  • rick

    I think HC would dump her but he is too insecure, he can’t believe that she wants him so much, so he follows along, poor guy

    Adam dumped her with no problems.

  • jane

    Shut up! He will not come back with Natalie and she will never date! He and Rachel are ENGAGED! When will you understand? ENGAGED! Got it? or want me to repeat: ENGAGED!

  • Weeeeeeeeee

    poor Hayden. For awhile he was a pretty big movie star after Star Wars and now he’s reduced to one photo while they take multiple shots of her boots and hand. Geez

  • juniper

    There goes the “stoned lamp post and the garbage can”!

  • Engaged

    @ Jane

    For two being so inlove or engaged as you proclaim why does he walk AWAY from her and her ahead of him. This is a reverse for you he alway walks ahead and away. PROVE that they Annoucned they are engaged haven’t heard anythign from either camp on that comment it’s still spectulation and GEE isn’t NYILU coming up next month this must be a new angle they wish to use. Also she doesn’t want to be upstaged by all the IN group getting married god forbid she misses out on the press attention for that.

  • searlus

    Yey… the HAS-BEEN and the NEVER-BEEN had finally come out now… sigh… gasp… ick… puke!

  • celebhores

    can anyone else see the invisible leash she is holding?

  • celebhores has more pics than JJ…..why?

  • celebhores
  • celebhores

    serious. does anyone else see hc as being a sexual person?

    i think he is good looking (much better in the star wars days) but i find it strange to see him in sex scenes. i cant picture him sexually at all. i used to love his personality…which we now know was a crock!

    I dont know…anyone else think something like that?

  • @9

    Who CARES if she wants him??!! He should care about the one who does want and that wants him too. So he’s made his bed, now he can lay in it.

  • gilmorie

    So pathetic that HC’s once promising career has been reduced nowadays to nothing but all pap-set-ups with a gnomish clown- faced media freak.

  • @9

    Adam had balls.

  • Serena

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  • Serena

    After years of testing and modification, our engineers finally worked out the world’s best match system. Check out *** INTERRACIAL CONNECT. CO M *** There are Over millions of profiles from all over the world! No matter where you are or what you are, you can find someone just around your neighborhood. You can get their pictures, phone numbers, locations, and almost any information. Sing up for FREE now!

  • jane

    13) Ok, if you do not want to believe it is because you are stupid! They are engaged but she has a ring of diamonds and their representatives not confirmed because the engagement because Hayden and Rachel should have asked this for them. I will not be reading your comments as idiots, or things like: “I want him with Natalie” or “I want it to Adam” or stupid things so that you and your “friends” talk about Hayden and Rachel. Little I care what you and your and your friends feel envious of them, I do not hate them and know they are ENGAGED and very happy together :)

  • TA

    Two questions:
    1. Am I seeing things or is he wearing a ring on his right index finger in the photos on
    2. Have we seen a cigarette in his hand lately? (Maybe Rachel is a good influence, afterall.)

  • celebhores

    “played coy”- come on JJ. She was playing games for publicity!

    please let these two fade away.

  • megan

    he looks so miserable…rachel should of stay with adam brody cuz they made such a cute couple

  • celebhores

    @ta good point.

    anyone know what he is wearing on his finger?

  • alex mack

    Rachel Bilson’s engagement ring is from Mark Lash Fine Jewelry in Toronto.

  • celebhores

    hc mentioned basically he doesnt like “fangirls” personally from what i see with him and rb when they are together is RB drolling and starring at him like a crazed fangirl. LOL.

  • celebhores

    better pic of it

    does look like a band but is waaay huge

  • @ 9

    Adam had balls. No doubt Rachel pulled all the same maneuvers on him as she did Hayden. Pretending to be everything to him, going off the pill, beating him, then telling him that if he did not propose that she would break up.

    To all this Adam said:”See ya!”

    He did not care that she was a minor celebrity, or that she had money or that she did everytihg for him. He followed his heart and came out the winner!

    Her idiotic “charms” and manipulations and ultimatums did not work on Adam and that make Adam look like the REAL man in the end.

    The two just piss me off. Period. They deserve one another. He’s shallow for being with her and she’s just a desperate famewhore.

  • NY GAL

    @18 Celebhores, I think HC looked sexy on screen, but not the way he looks right now, all scruffy.

  • maryanne

    “The two just piss me off. Period. They deserve one another. He’s shallow for being with her and she’s just a desperate famewhore.”

    Have to say I agree.

  • fog city

    Well, his career is totally over and hers will never make it off the ground. The only thing they can do now is have their picture taken shopping because they have NOTHING ELSE TO DO.

    Yeah, Hayden you’re such a liar. You’re never at the farm and have never done anything with it. Your parents do everything for you there. You say you hate LA but you live there now. You said it wasn’t your ring before but it clearly was. You said you were a private person who wanted to keep your private life private but you’re pimping out your private life with the best of the D-listers. You suck and you totally deserve the misery that will be coming your way with that brainless talentless loser you’ve hooked up with. Good riddence.

  • celebhores

    notice we were saying where are pics of the “ring” then suddenly she is wearing a ring, then “where are pics of hc” then we see pics of hc, then where are pics of hc and tove, then boom there he is with tove, then again, where are pics of HC and RB together, then boom here they are…! coincedence

    ok heres the next one JJ………Wheres the pics of these two breaking up? everyone knows they wont last. who could stand her annoying laugh and voice and braindead mentality?? what breakup story are we going to see? didnt hc say he didnt like hollywood or the fake people there? Hmmm, why is he marrying one?

  • toni

    #25 Yes it looks like a ring

    Why is he wearing a winter coat and scarf when she is in a light sweater and t-shirt? Maybe he’s heading back to Canada. Hopefully she goes with him and gives us all a break. She looks like the cat that ate the cream and he looks like he’s ready to die of shame.

  • Engaged

    about his ring on the finger well it’s on his right hand barely fits and it’s a MAN”S a college ring of some kind..

    As for where her ring came from did anyone SEE him buy this in Toronto for her NO.. Did anyone hear them state they were engaged NO. Dpes he look thrilled NO. I’m sure he has to stop at certain time from smoking resturants don’t allow you to smoke in them so he wasn’t allow to. My guess is he started up once he got in her car. Don’t trust she reformed him in anyway.

  • celebhores

    i dont even think in LA they let you smoke at all in public…..theyre very liberal over there.

    but anyway, read my previous comment, i do find this too coincedental

  • NY GAL

    I never expected HC to end up with a person in the business, except maybe Natalie. Now that he is with RB all they do is shop and go out to eat. I thought that he was a recluse, non-partier, who wanted privacy?

  • sharon

    yea i looked at the pics on desiring hayden and at one point she looks back to see if he is still there (lol) and he doesn’t look too happy being there ,either its the paps or her in general…but isn’t a coincidence that just the other day he was photograghed with Tove and now you finally see them togather what about a wk or more since she has been back i am sorry i have seen chemistry and there isn’t any here with them …the only one was he was filming that commecial and u know that was staged ,you just can’t go from hot to cold that fast.

  • NY GAL

    @36 Celebhores…………I agree totally and was thinking the same thing. Keep it coming, you crack me up!!

  • not good

    Guy is an idiot to take up with such a total loser. I guess he’s given up. Look at him he looks dazed. I heard he has a major drug problem and he sure looks like it. She is worse than AIDS.

    And speaking of AIDS she is also the worst beard I’ve ever seen.

  • leimore

    So pretentious – The creepiest couple that really made me nauseous! Send them home to their cave please! Who really damn cares about these robotic coupling?!

  • celebhores

    LOL leimore!

    does hc think tha walking 10ft from her makes us NOT think they are together? come on! who are we to think she is engaged to Thurmen murmen?

  • jackie

    she is amazing!
    i love her.
    and i am so happy for her :D

    i love her always

  • not there

    Gross. Fugly stupid girl and wooden doped up uninterested man. Someone is desperate to get her popularity numbers up by being endlessly papped so she can sell herself to be in another film, because even her relations and friends can’t find her jobs anymore, she’s so terrible an actress. And he simply doesn’t give a crap anymore about anything. Look at him. He looks completely checked out. The lights are on but NOBODY is home.

    Fake press couple desperate for work. So sad.

  • Engaged

    The ring he has on is a signet ring it’s worn by men who try to prove they are not gay or married. IT’s not a lovers ring my guess he borrowed this as some god awlful representation he isn’t gay and she isn’t a beard..PLEASE

  • Lily

    @ celebhores #45

    I agree with NY GIRL, your comments are the best.
    At least Thurmen is cute. HC looks like sh!t now and she’s not any better, they definitely should go back to Canada and get lost forever. Somehow I doubt we’ll be that lucky.

  • Snow

    well she has him and I hope they do have a happy life. i would have rather seen RB with Adam Brody . And Hayden with Natalie , But i forgot hollywood couple’s are very different then us couples in real life, they don’t try and work it out with thier ex’s very much they just say oh well and move on to the next person rather quickly. As far as Hayden’s acting goes, It was ok, but I stopped supporting him after Jumper came out because of RB and HC’s acting together, they say HC and NP had no chemistry together, well i am convinced Sienna Miller had more chemistry in the film Factory girl with Hayden then Hayden did with Rachel in Jumper. I still watch the O.C though still a fan of it. But this to me is just wrong pairings. Anyways i am done and wish them luck. It’s obivous that they are somewhat happy I agree with the make your bed lay in it statement. Hope Hayden is happy with his hollywood hieress. As for new movies I rather go watch a new star in a new film then waste my time on these two love birds, with no depht on the screen. Well that’s all I am going to say for now.