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Rachel McAdams & Josh Lucas: Kissing in Canada

Rachel McAdams & Josh Lucas: Kissing in Canada

Josh Lucas keeps his arm around his leading lady Rachel McAdams as they leave her home in Toronto, Canada on Sunday (March 1).

The couple was spotted taking a yoga class together and then hitting up the same diner where she was photographed making out with ex-boyfriend Ryan Gosling.

After lunch, Josh started playing a little tonsil hockey with Rachel in front of the restaurant.

10+ pictures inside of kissing couple Rachel McAdams and Josh Lucas

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rachel mcadams josh lucas kissing canada 01
rachel mcadams josh lucas kissing canada 02
rachel mcadams josh lucas kissing canada 03
rachel mcadams josh lucas kissing canada 04
rachel mcadams josh lucas kissing canada 05
rachel mcadams josh lucas kissing canada 06
rachel mcadams josh lucas kissing canada 07
rachel mcadams josh lucas kissing canada 08
rachel mcadams josh lucas kissing canada 09
rachel mcadams josh lucas kissing canada 10
rachel mcadams josh lucas kissing canada 11
rachel mcadams josh lucas kissing canada 12
rachel mcadams josh lucas kissing canada 13

Credit: ONeill/White; Photos: INFdaily
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  • Rita

    I loved Josh from Sweet Home Alabama.. and I love McAdams, so I approve! :) Not that it matter at all lol

  • Rita

    By the way, Lucas over Gosling.. probably because even though Gosling was great in the Notebook, I’ve seen Gosling in the Canadian show Breaker High..

  • Rita

    never mind Canadian show, it was only filmed in Canada…

  • Mya

    They are way too cute together and they look so happy! I haven’t seen Rachel this happy in candid pictures in a long time.

  • Jen

    Matching dimples! How cute!! Aww—they really are adorable together as a couple.

  • sangeetha

    rachel’s in love, it’s written all over her face. she deserves a great guy like josh.

  • Emma

    They look SO great together.

    And yes…it’s nice to see Rachel this happy!! They both look really happy.

  • Emma

    They look SO great together.

    And yes…it’s nice to see Rachel this happy!! They both look really happy.

  • wiii

    too bad for Rachel.. she’s not over with Gosling yet..
    Josh is too much look-alike to Gosling..
    and they shared the same lovey-dovey places with Rachel as well :(

  • Love her hats!

    Do you think if I asked her really nicely she’d take me hat shopping?
    She has the best hats always. : -)

  • Tammy


    The look of love.

    They are both really attractive too.

  • gerard Vandenberg, We have a hetero sexual here?
    (he wants us to believe that)

  • cARLY

    They look so happy. Great couple.

  • imaginaque

    He used to be so hot…

  • Sun pose

    How cool that they went to yoga together? They are both glowing– it looks awesome.

  • sammy

    He looks like a much older Ryan. I think she looked happier in the pics from August with Ryan in the same place mind you.

  • RiRi

    I think she looks happier now, but that’s IMO. I loved her with Ryan, but I’m happy for her that she found someone that appears to adore her and she appears to adore him.

  • Halli

    He sort of resembles Ryan a bit.

    Josh and Rachel look happy. Good for them

  • Candles

    WOW +++ Hot damn!

    Definitely my new favorite couple!!!!

    Loving these pictures.

  • Mike

    What the hell? Josh and Ryan look NOTHING alike. Come to terms that “McGosling” is over and done with.

  • Megz

    He def. looks like an older Ryan, I’m not sold. It won’t last. How could she take him to the same place she made out with Ryan, that’s not really nice. That’s her subconscious still wanting Ryan, she blew it.

  • Jane

    Seriously Megz? Really? They went to the same restaurant so that means it’s doomed? They also probably sat on the same couch in her house that Ryan used to sit on – big deal. Life goes on. Breakups happen for a reason and then you move on to someone that makes you happier and that’s what Rachel did. Good for her. I’m happy for her.

  • kim

    He’s a generic Ryan! Sorry but she went from an Oscar nominated actor to an Oscar Meyer Weiner.

  • Cathleen

    Yippee! I was waiting for the “let’s be rude to Josh” comments! Childish and immature.

    Beautiful couple, the dimples are TDF.

  • Hot


  • stfu

    Sure Oscar nominated, What is Ryan doing now? His agenda must be full of those Oscar nominated roles-nope! oh wait he’s a deejay.LOL

  • Michelle

    Cute couple!!! But I still think she has feelings for Ryan and might use him to compare to Josh.

  • Aly

    They look so cute together!
    Rachel is my favorite actress, so I’m happy for her…
    and Josh is cute :)

  • Jessica

    Finally we get so see actual proof these two are together.
    I love McGosling but they’re cute as well.

  • P

    The pictures of her in August with Ryan were staged, it was so obvious. She had a movie coming out and was up for Sherlock Holmes. She’s not very high profile, so she needed the exposure. I called it then and was proven right. They were never seen together again after that.


    rachel is quite plain looking imo so her and josh make a good match,

  • yeppa

    I love how posts on rachel or ryan really stirs the board up…too funny!!

  • Sam

    I love this pairing!! They are both gorgeous and great people!! Rachel is very lucky to have Josh and I think Josh might have finally found what he is looking for.

  • Natalie

    She doesn’t see as into him, she didn’t even have her arms around him when they were kissing. When she was with Ryan they didn’t let go of each other and she was glowing all of the time.

  • Abby

    “She doesn’t see as into him, she didn’t even have her arms around him when they were kissing. When she was with Ryan they didn’t let go of each other and she was glowing all of the time.”

    Is that you Marie??? You’re looking for something that isn’t there. She looks into him to me. She looks like she’s glowing to me. You can moan all you want about how much you don’t like Josh and how you THINK she looked better with Ryan and how Josh is more into her than she’s into him, but the truth is – her and Ryan are over! She is happy with someone else. What good does it do you to keep finding anything wrong with this relationship. You look petty and immature. Move on.

  • Marie

    No Abby thats not me. I don’t post on this board, This is a first for me .I read but don’t post till I saw your comment. To me calling out people you don’t even know is pretty pathetic. Maybe you should take your own advice and move on and use your real name next time instead of hiding behind a fake one.I know who you are and you try bullying people on other boards as well, that sweetie is petty and inmature.

  • Caroline

    Haha! Nice call Abby!!! Might not be her, but sounds just like her!

  • Lala

    liked her better with ryan!

  • alisha

    I am not nor have I ever been a fan of Mcgosling because truthfully I could care less. But I’m going to have to say she looked more in love with Ryan then she does Josh.
    However in Josh defense her and Ry’s relationship had more longevity , and on the Ryan pictures if you guys look closely both of them look like they were fighting to hold onto something that was STILL there but just wasn’t working

    whereas things look less complicated and carefree with Josh, she does look HAPPY, and nothing looks strained

  • lat

    now that is one gorgeous twosome. great pictures—they look very happy together! yay!!!

    thank you for that post abby – it needed to be said! some people are obviously having a hard time moving on. professional help needed perhaps?

  • Wyatt

    So lovely! Haters to the left (or the right). Even though seeing the Ryan/Rachael fans melt down and be against this pairing has been quite entertaining to watch!

  • avatar

    both are not hot at all

  • passing through

    All she is known for her are her bf’s. Both of them star in bad movies.

  • 27 Dresses

    They look great together!!!

    My new favorite couple. Very good looking pair!

  • boogie

    she sure gets around like Michelle Williams and Giselle

  • Nick naylor

    “rachel is quite plain looking imo” – posted by Noelle

    Post your own picture then,bitch. Chances are I’d prefer Rachel over you in a heartbeat. Try a Lens Crafters appointment before you decide to spread your idiocy to the world next time.

  • Marianne


    Josh is so handsome and she looks good even after yoga.

  • Marieme

    I am so happy for her. She is near the top of my list of actresses I enjoy watching. Genuinely talented and unmoved by fame.

  • Somerealscholarsonhere

    boogie, please tell me you’re being sarcastic. This is her second steady boyfriend and she gets around. If Rachel gets around, what does Paris Hilton do?

  • Whachagunnadoboutit

    i love her, hearts..