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Chris Brown Has Court Case (Sort of)

Chris Brown Has Court Case (Sort of)

Chris Brown consults with his lawyer at the Superior Court of Los Angeles County in Los Angeles on Thursday (March 5).

The proceedings lasted for only a few minutes as the arraignment was postponed until April 6.

The 19-year-old With You singer is being charged with two felonies for assault on the alleged victim “Robyn F.” (aka Robyn Rihanna Fenty) during an argument on Feb. 8.

10+ pictures inside of Chris Brown dealing with his court case…

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chris brown court 02
chris brown court 03
chris brown court 04
chris brown court 05
chris brown court 06
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chris brown court 08
chris brown court 09
chris brown court 10
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Photos: Bob Chamberlin-Pool/Getty Images
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  • gena

    they’re saying that rihanna aborted their child w/o telling him

    but that is one possible reason for his rage…who knows

  • sASHA m

    i dont care what went down
    its was handled wrong
    and he beat her scratched her, bruised her and bit her!

    not right
    if she did something wrong, he has right o be mad, not to go fuc*ing crazy!

  • tan

    he needs to stop lookin innocent wen he knows he aint

  • someone


  • thatabr

    Loser … now looks like a baby afraid of the dark … !!!!!
    Who did once … will never change …

  • susan

    i really hope he does some time…. it doesnt matter whether he snapped or not he should have never laid a hand on rihanna… And i cant believe she went back to him.

  • LALA


  • What?

    I can’t believe she took this loser, monster back.

  • haren

    cant believe chris went all mike tyson on rihanna and bit her

  • Jayne

    @ haren#59 – What does that mean – he went Mike Tyson on Rihanna – black men like to bite? That is canabalism to the core! Mike bit someone’s ear now he bit Rihanna’s ear and fingers – Wow!

  • Anon

    He got a mean face. I don’t think he is hot at all. I know guys like him from school, back in the day. They want to be big shots and all hard core and they are stupid. First, they have no personality and are mostly phonies, they have the pretty boy faces and they are spoiled and all wrapped up in themself and what they want.They expect everyone to kiss their behind. And they are always ready to slap a woman around. Especially to show off to their boys and to control her. Whe she peeps him and nails him on something, proves he is wrong, he will go on offense and kick her ass. He is always going to do that way. That is him. Any girl who hooks up with him either she is deaf dumb and stupid and really obedient, but if she stand up for herself he will do her.

  • mertz

    first of all, not all the people commenting are white…not that it should matter, but that’s your opinion.

    second of all, how can you not like him previously, but like him now? is it because you feel sad for him. how misplaced are your emotions?

    for all the people saying back the hell off, you don’t know what happened…lol. when i heard this shit i wasn’t surprised that it had happened and i wasn’t surprised the m*f’r rand the hell away. my dad did the same shit to my mom, and they still married, but dysfunctional is what it is, and i won’t be surprised if me or my siblings are in relationships similar to that of my parents, kinda like how cb be acting like his father/step father.

    and also i just saw tmz, and although i dont’ take them for their word all the time, we all know that they paid off someone to get that early picture of rihanna that was taken either near the car/site of incident/after going to the police station/before her check in at the hospital…because somewhere the blood has been cleaned off, and of course we don’t see full bruising but only immediate contusions, so all the evidence of the assult hasn’t fully manifested itself yet on her body. you would think that because she’s light skinned it would be easier to see all her bruises immediately, but people are people, white or black and although we all hurt our body registers and displays pain and injuries differently. i’m not a medic, but that’s my observations. i mean harvey levin? was saying how their informant told them there’s more pictures and some worse ones (of course because they had to document the evidence for the case against the suspect especially now if she chooses not to testify to the assult, although it won’t matter in this case and it will be the state of california against cb. i love law. they should totally have judge judy try this case, because she would put that poor baby in his place asap and totally hand him down a serious sentence) but that they couldnt’ get it…because as we all know such informant is probably feeling the heat for leaking the pics…unless the pics are being leaked purposefuly to get a stronger case against cb. you know harvey levin said previously that the pic of rihanna they got was not an official police picture…but who’s to say someone from the force didn’t take it. i don’t think it was the witness or anything, because that picture would probably have blood…maybe it was somone at the hospital, although i don’t think so. anyways i hate this mother f’er. yeah we all saw those pics of pam an, and i still despise tommy lee, but she also is a good piece of white t*ash, even if she’s canadian. CB DESERVES JAIL TIME! and i’m not hating. i’m being real.

  • jilli

    Rihanna said that, that wasn’t the first time he was abusive either/ Now I know why people on t.v. calls them ike and tine 2.0 I didn’t get why, but know I do. Wow. Rihanna is no role model, and definitely not Chris. No body buy his album when it comes out!

  • cinta

    Beyonce must be really enjoying all this, she was getting real desperate cause Rihanna defeinitley owned her, but now she must be relaxed cause she knows Rihanna’s fucked.

  • Orla Deane

    Cop On All Of Ye
    I Met Chris
    Hes Sweet And Kind
    She Drove Him To It
    Get A Life All Of Ye

  • skippingsarah

    damn the words are spinning me round

  • deco

    They like pretty boys in jail. Oops dropped the soap.

  • ****

    I wish someone rapes him with a broken bottle!

    What? Too harsh?

  • Sarah

    If Rihanna forgives him and/or marries him, I hope he hits her hard every day. Stupid weak women like that deserve what happens to them. They are a shame for all the women who are battered, abused, raped, in countries where no one can help them, where it is just “normal”, where they are less than dogs.


    Know what’s gonna happen to this prick??? Nothing….absolutely nothing…..he’s a celebrity….he’ll get off with it….they always do…..sad sad day when a man can beat the shit out of his gf and because he’s a celebrity….he’ll get away with it…..Any bets??? He’ll get probation!!

  • http://danielutza_blue daniela

    i hope that everything is gonna be ok for chris b.he is soo cute:-*.

  • Carrie

    Where’s the Lorena Bobbitt of the 21st Century? He deserves to have a trim after what he did to that young woman.

  • kv

    A low-class animal dressed in a suit costing several thousands of dollars and 15-carat diamonds dripping from his ears that Tyson should bite-off! Do not support his music or anything else represented by the name.



  • Leah

    i hate to say this, but chris brown looks soooooo sexy in that grey suit! such a good looking young man, shame he is such a prick though =S

  • Jake

    I love how all of you guys are hatin on my comment..i can say whatever i want to..Rihanna did not deserve to get hit i never said she did..and all those previous ppl i talked about..well they all were being covered bitchesss so step your game up..and um if i can remember the fake yes FAKE ASSS photo that was released showed her ear perfectly fine and there were no bite marks..why dont you look at NUMBER 43 AND 46 SHUT UPPPP…why dont you look up the story about rihanna beating her broher over the head with a glass bottle??? And if Chris beat any of his othe girlfriends how come no one has found anything on it?? I personally do not like rihanna and never really have before the whole situation even happened..but i still never said she deserved to be hit.

  • Lola

    I LOVE YOU CHRIS =D He’s so hot (: don’t care if that’s wrong in anyones eyes i love his music and i love him i don’t know the full story of what happened no one does except them so if you have something bad to say about someone know the full story yeah?

  • midgetf0x

    way 2 fiiiine!

  • Chris Brown is not over!!!

    I still Love Chris Brown, not everyone will turn their back on him, Keep going Chris, all is forgiven, no one is perfect



  • christina matice

    he doesnt even look fazed which probably means hes not sorry or sees what he did was wrong

  • http://danielutza_blue daniela

    i really hope that everything is gonna be ok for breezy:d.everybody has the right too a second chance:-p.iGOD HELP HIM:)

  • sASHA m

    what the f- U-C-K
    are you talking about
    its not fake
    youre crazy and you make me laugh
    and the pic shows one ear vaguely
    but i guess the ear not being bittens not the problem huh
    her ear was bitten
    and he would have been a MONSTER id he bit her ear huh?

  • sASHA m

    and to all that say that she drove him to it

  • lakers fan in boston

    i hope he goes ape shit at court lol =]

  • loser


  • Dina p

    28 i agree but you lost me at we all know ………..
    30 i think he is hot but i m strill mad at him . he should of walkk away from it . he`s too dawn fine lmoa whats wrong with me way do i feel this . omg i like like as a singer but not a bf .wtf riri should push him from under her unbela a a a
    Dina P



  • jenny2606


  • Danny

    come on people alot of celebs hav done this and hav got away with it does everyone all of a sudden want chris dead we all know wat he did was wrong let alone chris brown everbody makes mistakes nyway i hope chris brown gets help and gets back with rihanna and give the guy a break i mean his life (music) is ruined now anyway like if he doesnt go to prison and does concerts there are alot of people who will just buy tickets to go and protest against him and create negative energy i still love his music just like you like bobby browns music. hope u dont kill urself chris

  • chrisbrowntransition

    This is such an unforgiving society. He is truly persecuted by most now. Should he hang around Rihanna or any women for a minute? Well even the judge said he was not allowed to harass, use violence, threaten, and whatever other adjective can be used to basically say to not contact Rihanna or her family while he waits on April 6. The judge clearly stated “anybody”. This is probably the last court picture(s) that we will see of him because they are trying to get a plea deal. After that, Chris Brown will go into hiding. Later he may begin acting full time. You know actors get a way with a lot. Think of how many actors who stop working because they are abusers. Its always the singers and rappers. Even Bobby Brown and James Brown kept singing. James probably is the most popular. Only Kobe stands out for his infidelity, but is he hurting now? A few less endorsements. Chris might also start a production company and start speaking to kids like TI regarding violence. The point is that Chris is still a man-child and with counseling for the rest of his life can deal with the abuse that he learned about as a child. I feel like an agent.

  • Madonna


  • Here is a summary of the graphic notes released:

    On the morning of Sunday February 8, following an evening at Clive Davis’ annual Grammy bash, Rihanna is said to have discovered a lengthy text from a former girlfriend of Brown’s. Voices were raised and Brown pulled over the gray Lamborghini he was driving.
    Once the car was stopped on an unknown street in the Hancock Park neighborhood of Los Angeles, Brown opened Rihanna’s passenger door and attempted to force her out of the vehicle. Her seatbelt secured her in the car despite his efforts.
    Realizing he could not eject her, Brown proceeded to shove Rihanna’s head against the passenger window, causing “an approx. 1-inch raised circular contusion,” the notes said.
    Recoiling from the head injury, Rihanna turned to face Brown, who proceeded to “punch her in the left eye,” then started the car and “continued to punch her in the face with his right hand while steering the vehicle with his left.”
    The punches caused bleeding at the mouth, which then splattered around parts of the vehicle. Brown then said to Rihanna, according to the report, “I am going to beat the s**t out of you when we get home! You wait and see.”
    Rihanna then pulled out her cell phone and called her assistant, named as Jennifer Rosales. The assistant’s voicemail message picked up, yet Rihanna pretended she was having a live conversation to elude Brown. “I am on my way home. Make sure the cops are there when I get there.”
    Enraged by Rihanna’s threat to call the police, Brown responded by saying, “You just did the stupidest thing ever. Now I really am going to kill you.”
    Brown resumed his punching, at which point Rihanna placed her hands behind her head and brought her elbows down to her lap to protect her face. Brown continued hitting, resulting in “numerous contusions on her left triceps” and left hand.
    After Rihanna attempted to send a text message for help, Brown threw her phone out of the car window.
    As Brown continued to drive, Rihanna then tried to take Brown’s cell phone from his lap. He used this opportunity to put the singer in a headlock (while still driving) as he bit her left ear.
    Brown stopped the car in front of a residence. Rihanna quickly removed the key from the engine and sat on it.
    Brown then applied pressure to Rihanna’s carotid arteries (in and around the neck). She began to lose consciousness.
    A barrage of punching and biting continued, forcing Rihanna to bring her knees to her neck, where she began kicking Brown and screaming for help.

    Brown exited the vehicle (the notes are unclear as to where Brown went, but he fled the scene) while a nearby resident came to Rihanna’s aid.

    and shes back with him b/c?………..(what an idiot)

  • lilz ♥

    he looks so adrobale!
    who watches enewz!
    well rhinnaz lawyer is like 2 chris;
    lawyer:rhinna wants us to get out of here
    chris: i know im just confuses
    lawayer 2:doesnt matter if you have lawyer one everthing is going to be ok!
    lawyer 1: yh ok?

    thats kinda how it went! i got caught on tape! xD

    lilz brown!

  • m loy

    At first I was sorry and saying she should forgive, but you know what, on second thoughts, it is not the first time he has hit her. This is a very dangerous situation and I do not think that she should go back to him. He knows that if he is caught hitting her again that is it for him, both his career and his freedom. So you know that if they have any confrontation in the future if he does not go into self control mode, he just might destroy her life and his. Only Almighty God can help them. If they lean on their own understanding it is going to be a disaster for them. They need time apart for the healing process to begin. They came back together too soon, thus the woman is sending the wrong message – you can beat me all you want and you can get back with me as soon as my busted mouth is healed (very foolish move). I am talking from experience. I was the victim of domestic violence, and yes I was hit more than once. After over 20 years of marriage, I was even threatened with death. I was so unhappy with life, but you know what I left and have never been happier to be away from this person. I do not love him anymore but am still married, I hardly miss him, it takes time to heal. The longer you stay in the relationship, the more bitter of a person you become, this can lead to sickness, high blood pressure (which I developed) because of the stress of it all and even developed anxiety attacks, which I am now over (Praise be to God). I would rather be alone and be happy, that be married and be miserable for the rest of my precious life. Life is gift from God, I truly believe that God wants us to enjoy our life. When people make stupid remarks like – what God has joined let no man put asunder – they do not realise that a lot of people get married for different. Half of marriages were not joined by God, people join their own selves to their partner and then suffer the consequences. And one thing I know for a fact is true – LOVE SHOULD NOT HURT – WHOEVER SAID ‘NO PAIN NO GAIN’ IS A SICKO AND ONE OF THE WORST SAYINGS I HAVE EVER HEARD. LOOK TO JESUS AND LIVE WE ARE IN THE END TIMES.



  • JBgirrll,

    Ugh! I used to like him. Rihanna is stupid for still going out with him. Great role model she is. “I don’t want to break up with my boyfriend for hitting me, mommy, Rihanna didn’t.”
    Chris Brown is no longer my Superman.

  • JBgirrll,

    Comment # 47, what the heck?
    I think you need to see someone about that…
    Psycho, you two deserve each other then!

  • a

    i know what chris brown did was wrong but i have always liked him and always will he said he was sorry and rhianna is kid of stupid iif she wants to go back 2 him

  • chantelle thorpe

    hiya sexy chris brown i dont want you to go jail because i know you are sorry for what you have done and i am your biggest fan i love you!!