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Jake Gyllenhaal & Austin Nichols are Biking Buddies

Jake Gyllenhaal & Austin Nichols are Biking Buddies

Jake Gyllenhaal and his BFF Austin Nichols go bike-riding together on Thursday (March 5) in Brentwood, Calif.

Jake and Austin (both 28) have been biking together now for at least two years.

Austin last starred as older brother Ed Griffith in the Lifetime special Prayers for Bobby. Bobby, played by Ryan Kelley, is a young gay man who killed himself due to his mother’s and community’s religious intolerance.

15+ pictures inside of biking buddies Jake Gyllenhaal and Austin Nichols

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jake gyllenhaal austin nicholas biking 01
jake gyllenhaal austin nicholas biking 02
jake gyllenhaal austin nicholas biking 03
jake gyllenhaal austin nicholas biking 04
jake gyllenhaal austin nicholas biking 05
jake gyllenhaal austin nicholas biking 06
jake gyllenhaal austin nicholas biking 07
jake gyllenhaal austin nicholas biking 08
jake gyllenhaal austin nicholas biking 09
jake gyllenhaal austin nicholas biking 10
jake gyllenhaal austin nicholas biking 11
jake gyllenhaal austin nicholas biking 12
jake gyllenhaal austin nicholas biking 13
jake gyllenhaal austin nicholas biking 14
jake gyllenhaal austin nicholas biking 15

Credit: Miguel/Stefan; Photos: INFdaily
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  • uglysexy

    but biking isn’t really that great an exercise at a leisurely pace

  • Hortensia

    It’s nice to see Jake doesn’t spend ALL his time with Reese and that he holds on to friends and doesn’t dump them. I thought he might have dumped Austin after the failure of John From Cincinnati, but evidently not. Nice guy Jake

  • kc

    Jaustin lives!!!!

  • vicky w

    Love these two together. What a refreshing change to see Jake out with an old friend like the gorgeous Austin. Absolutely fabulous!

  • Jake Gyllenhaal is Fabulous!

    Jake and Austin are fabulous!

  • Fabulous!

    I hope this is a sign that the midget is getting gone.

  • Sadie

    Look at the happy, content expression on Jake’s face when he’s riding next to Austin. Never seen anything come close to it in the 2 years of Reese. Reese makes him look old and unhappy.

  • Chef De Manteaux

    Best Friends Forever?

  • slambang

    I think these two make a better couple than Jake and Reese do!

  • WOW!!!

    Too good to be true :)

  • slambang

    #7 Sadie – I totally agree! :)

  • A Mountain of Bull….

    Awww. They let the lunatics out of their forum!!! Get your rocks off you tired, old, self- loathing, Broken homophobic asses!!! You might not know this, but people have friends? You wouldn’t understand normal relationships since you spend so much time in fantasy land. It doesn’t matter what continent you’re on, or what country you reside in, (cough, cough!) you all sing the same old song. Jake has been looking extremely happy ever since he started dating Reese. I was tired of seeing him alone so much. He has balance in his life! He has a successful career, a loving family, a wonderful, beautiful woman at his side and great friends like Austin. You really must hate Jake to be so disrespectful of him. But maybe it’s yourselves you hate most.

  • Jake and Austin

    #12 – take your pills.

  • Whoa!

    AMofB: My, my, someone must have set you off. I didn’t read anything in the comments that were derogatory. Are you hearing voices in your head? But I’m sure that Jake appreciates someone who has his best interests at heart…as long as you stay 50 feet away at all times.

  • Marc

    Poor Jake,
    bearding with a b i t c h like Reese Witherspoon.

  • madmax

    They make such a cute couple don’t they? I was afraid they broke up. They hadn’t been seen together in two years. But I am glad they are together, let’s hope they remain friends forever.

  • JAKE

    #12 “Jake has been looking extremely happy ever since he started dating Reese.” What? What pics have you been looking at? Or maybe its the meds you’re on. Can I have some? LOL

  • !!!

    “They make such a cute couple don’t they?”
    Yes, they do!

  • Ellen

    Awwwwwwwww Jake and his true love go bike riding. They make a cute happy couple.

  • fake


  • Fleece Baby

    Jake is soo cute. LOVE HIM!!

  • Mark W

    Jake looks at ease. Funny how he looks like sourpuss Reese when he’s with her. He needs to trade up to Austin and be happy not settle for a controlling PR driven biotch who makes him look like a whipped gelding.

  • hottnes

    What’s better than two hot guys?
    Three hot guys! Where is Zac?

  • elliot

    Regardless of if this guy is a friend or something more Jake does seem less stressed and happy with him. Reese is a very uptight person and it rubbed off on Ryan and seems to be rubbing off on Jake.

  • fake

    these photos are as phoney and pr orchestrated as the reeke pics. jake invites the paps into his life. this is publicity. nothing more. nothing less. they were not just caught in the moment.

  • true love

    Maybe, but Jake likes spending time with Austin, he and Austin had great times together before the showmance.
    Photo ops with Reese are just part of the showmance contract.

  • Meg

    Dear Jake’s PR,
    we need more pictures of Jake and Austin, and much less pictures of Jake and the midget beard.
    Thank you in advance.

  • beard patrol

    Cutest couple ever. And Jake looks 100 times happier and sexier in a few pictures with Austin than he does in 1000s of pictures with the beard. I second Meg’s call for more.

  • Katy

    Yay!! I missed this bromance!

    Austin & Jake have an amazing friendship!

  • Becks

    Jake whatever you do, don’t marry Reese. Marry Austin or at least someone who makes you look content and happy and relaxed like you do when you are around him. Don’t marry someone who makes you look pathetic, sour, sterile, sexless and neutered, which is exactly how you look when you are with Reese. She’s out for herself and believe me, she ain’t doing you or your image any favors.

  • bad beard

    Reese Witherspoon is cold and calculated.
    I wouldn’t trust her with a potted plant.

  • x

    Some people were saying Jake appeared more old than his real age.
    Nowadays I think he´s refreshing…
    Reese is right Jake is fabulous!

  • x

    By the way, Austin is not bad!

  • gerard Vandenberg

    be honest: WHAT’S THE MORAL OF THIS, folk?

  • lUCY

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  • Jake

    I hope Reese reads comment #35 and gets that site address for hot single guys! She’s gonna need it!

  • Ivana

    At least Jake care for his old friendship…
    Poor Reese no one loves her… :)))

  • Hortensia

    #12, well put. Odd that people think a guy can’t have a girl and also be friends with guys. Facts are: Jake is not gay; Jake and Reese are a happy couple; Jake and Austin are friends and enjoy doing sports together. Period. Simple as that. If Jake tipped off the paps, I would think it was to help Austin. Austin has some new project and obviously being with Jake gets him publicity he would not get otherwise.

  • Jerry

    Absolutely FABULOUS to see Jake and Austin together! Jake is so happy and tension-free. No stress on his face at all, unlike when he’s with his fake girlfriend the midget. Great to see these 2 guys, hope we see more of them soon.

  • Amanda

    Hortensia is either a PR paid poster, pathetically and grossly misinformed and naive or extremely homophobic. Probably all 3.

  • damn reality!

    Hortensia, suddenly you’re admitting that Jake and Austin are friends?
    Funny how people like you were insisting that they had stopped hanging out together when Jake started bearding with Reese because either Jake was annoyed at the rumors or Austin was “disgusted” by people linking him with Jake.
    That was as accurate as your insistence that Jake is straight and that he and Reese are a couple and even more ridiculous that they’re a happy one.

  • Halli

    YES! Jaustin lives on.

    I just know Jakey-poo is in love here. Dump that hag Reese.

    Signed, One very straight girl yet very happy Jaustin fan, hehe!

  • ******


  • mag

    OMG!! Austin Nichols he plays Julian on OTH!!! I didn´t know that they are friends!!!

  • Ivana

    Austin is old Jake/Kirsten friend.
    He worked with Jake on TDAT and with Kirsten on Wimbledon…

  • ****

    I wish my boyfriend would ride bike with me.

  • Ivana

    Both movies are shooting during 2002.. while Jake and Kirsten were together…. Sorry i just don’t believe in that J&A gay crap…. :-D

  • Ivana

    **** i wish that too :))))

  • Tisha

    Ivana just wait for the idiots to come back to you with their “fantasies”. Sorry the “superior people”.

  • damn reality!

    Ivana just wait for the idiots to come back to you with their “fantasies”. Sorry the “superior people”.

    You mean like “Jake and Austin never hang out together! They aren’t friends anymore!”?
    Or how about “Jake and Reese look so happy together and I bet they’re already married!”?