Michael Jackson Announces Comeback Tour!

Michael Jackson Announces Comeback Tour!

Michael Jackson holds a press conference to announce his comeback tour at O2 Arean in London, England on Thursday (March 5).

Also pictured below is MJ, 50, leaving London’s Lanesborough Hotel and boarding his bus to the Arena.

The Thriller singer will do approximately 20 shows in London’s O2 Arena that will start at the beginning of July.

A new album is also in the works for the former King of Pop!

15+ pictures inside of Michael Jackson announcing his comeback tour…

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  • http://www.socialvibe.com hwooddood

    oooooooooooooooh lord….this should be interesting.

    Bet you $100 he doesn’t finish the tour :)

  • http:/GPost Team Lara Croft

    Wow! I have no words. That is the creepiest thing I have ever seen. Wow. This is actually kinda sad and creepy at the same time. I would not pay a dime to see this.

  • thats_right


  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    this is almost as embarrassing as britney’s “comeback tour”. @ least michael was talented. ugh, he’s still the GREATEST artist/musical entertainer of all time so he should get a pass. *whispers* – even if he is creepy. LOL

  • lol


  • http://www.no-nadie-no.blogspot.com Cooh

    he would have benn the richest person on earth if he kept singing
    sad,he’s not what he used to be

  • Jake

    yay cant wait

  • b

    Oh my. That is just beyond words…..his FACE

  • dj

    When are the dates going to be announced?

  • kjhk

    LOVE YOU MICHAEL!!!!!!!!!

    I KNOW YOUR DOING this concerts for the fans. love you!

  • http://yahoo KRissy219

    Whoa!!!!!!!!!!!!! He looks creppy.

  • shoes4life

    I’m sorry he looks horrible! He looks like one of the planet of the apes.

    All that talent just gone to waste.

  • office fan

    I use to be a fan of Michael’s when I was a teenager….I think he is/was an amazing performer. It’s just so sad what he has done to his face.

  • http://justjared.com niniii

    I LOVE YOU MICHAEL!!!!!!!!!!!!
    you are the best!!!!!

  • athena

    Uh, can you say Crypt Keeper…this is a sad and horrific modification of plastic surgery and the plastic surgeons should no longer be able to practice…although I’m sure it was Michael’s decision…I would have told him to go elsewhere and refuse to subjegate myself to such a heinous job.

    Michael Jackson was handsome before all this insanity to look like some universal thing…I love his music and he’s an amazing dancer…what more can I say.

  • whatever, yo

    10 shows.. MJ said 10 shows, not 20

  • bob

    OMG! He looks like Vanessa Hudgens…….gah!!!

  • sheryl

    I’m scared of him.

  • ryu hayabusa

    Michael will bring down the house. He’s the best ever!
    It will be HIStoric!

  • woah!

    i don’t know if i am as excited as i should be…I think he is full of talent but, now isn’t good time for this “comeback”
    i could be wrong though. he could sell millions of tickets.

  • http://blablabla.com marie

    I adore MJ, but is he wearing a lipstick? if he is, that color isn’t good for you, sweetie hahaha

  • woah!

    i don’t know if i am as excited as i should be. I think he is full of talent but, now isn’t good time for this “comeback”
    i could be wrong though, he could sell millions of tickets.

  • Beat It?

    I don’t believe he will do 20 shows. He will pull out due to “medical” reasons.

  • Macy

    I’m definitely not bringing kids to his concert

  • J.

    i bet people who go there, will go there for the same reasons the would go to a zoo, and not see a popstar. just to witness some exotic creature. he looks so creepy. it scares me.

  • susan

    I donk think so i f he can do 20 concert. well we have to wait.

    #17 bob = shut up !!!! monster

  • Cathey

    Who in the bloody hell cares!!! Crawl back into your hole and stay there!

  • ralu

    LOVE Michael

  • ***

    OMG IS HE’S TURNING IN A TOTAL GOST!!!!!!!!!!! HE SCARES ME 100% …whatever, love thriller lol

  • Lillianne

    That poor tortured soul. Look at what he has done to himself.

  • feebz

    my gosh, it’s already a pandemonium! can’t wait! doesn’t matter what he looks like, he is still the King of pOp!

  • http://justjared sarah

    micheal you still rock !! can’t wait to see you i love you.

  • mary

    He was one of the best singers from the 80′s….why did he have to do this to himself, get all that plastic surgery!! You have to be proud with the way God made you….

  • ford

    #33- mary

    don’t bring nonsense religion up. two people create another human being. stop it with the ancient fairy tales.

    michael is indeed creepy as if he just came out of the crypt or something…shivers……..

  • ktg46

    the only people who will go to this so called tour are people who like freak shows. Once talented , his excentric actions, his horrible plastic surgeries(he can deny having them all he wants) we know better. You can say you have a skin disease I don’t believe it. He had his skin bleached. He must have had some terrible trauma as a youth
    to have done this horrible stuff to his body and face. It is so sad.
    I use to enjoy his music, I wouldn’t give you the time of day for him now. You would have to pay me

  • thats_right

    #4 I agree with you, Michael Jacson will always be the ledgend you people should have some respect for him as an artist I Know his weird and all that but who will forget the 80′s back then I was a kid growing up with his songs Billy Jean, Moon walk, Beat it, Thriller, Dirty Diana, Man in the Mirror, Whose Bad and the list goes and on and on Michael I wish you the best good luck !!!!!

  • jaye

    That is one scary face. Yep, i can make fun of it because it was one he created, he wasn’t born with it. if he had left well enough alone, he’d be a handsome man rather than a weirdo.

  • Karin

    Scary or not, the man is a legend and has made some of the best hits in pop history. I wish for once people would just stop obsessing about his looks and his behaviour, but talk about his music carreer instead.
    I for one can not WAIT to finally get to see the man himself live in concert. I hope he’ll still be able to put on a hell of a show.

  • Bobby

    I think I can see his skull.

  • maria

    looking at his face is like looking at a skeleton creepy 8-0

  • freakingmind

    # 36 thats-right..

    ” should have respect for him” ???????????? OMG

    what a freakish comment!

    anyone with one half a mind would know better than you!

    are you in grade school or never graduated from hs????/ yikes

  • S

    What!? You gotta be kidding with me! A tour and a brand new album! It’s sad that he looks like that, because he have alot of talent and it feels like he is just going to broke a bone or just fell apart on the concerts.

  • Lilysmom

    Why should anyone respect an unconvicted pedophael with severe body image issues? Pity him, yes; respect no. I’m sure there are people who will go see his concerts out of curiosity, as well as those who have fond memories of their youth. But he has turned himself into a sideshow freak and the public does not have to pretend otherwise just because he once was a talented performer.

  • lakers fan in boston

    ive never heard his music
    i just no he freaks me out =[

  • a total fan

    I will never understand why he did all the surgeries. He looked ok just the was he was.

  • bleh

    damn his face look so f&cked up hahahaha

  • bleh

    damn his face look so f&cked up hahahaha

  • OH LORD!


  • http://www.crookedbrook.com/custom-embroidered-fleece-blankets.htm Fleece Baby

    His face is going to fall apart onstage. This is obviously a sad cry for help.

  • richard.p

    King of Pop back michael jackson
    Queen of pop Madonna
    Princess of pop Britney spears

    i love them