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Matilda Ledger is Courageous in the Cold

Matilda Ledger is Courageous in the Cold

Michelle Williams and Matilda Ledger are seen out on Wednesday (March 4) trying to stay warm and getting some coffee in Brooklyn, New York.

On the way home, Matilda asked her mom, “Whats the problem?” Michelle, annoyed at the photographers then asked, “Do you want them taking your picture?” Michelle then picked up Matilda and then walked home.

Earlier this week, Michelle and her beau, director Spike Jonze, traveled with Matilda to Los Angeles.

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  • sASHA m

    shes sooo cute!
    she look just like heath!

  • Sam

    She’s adorable!

  • shialove!!

    aww she is like her father.:(

  • me

    Michelle should relax a bit. She’s a celeb, they’ll take even more pics of her and Matilda after “Shutter Island”(the new Scorsese/DiCaprio film). It’s part of the very well paid job.

  • ofertas de hoteles

    She is beutiful.

  • NativeNYker

    That kid is going to need lots of help, cuz her mom is troubled…

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  • jacqueline

    Where’s the tall nanny? Is it the person holding the drinks? I read Michellle just returned from LA with Spike Jonze where she stayed at his house in Los Feliz.

  • me

    can someone pls tell me what make those boots are? thank you

  • me

    “Where’s the tall nanny? Is it the person holding the drinks? I read Michellle just returned from LA with Spike Jonze where she stayed at his house in Los Feliz.”

    I haven’t seen the tall, blonde nanny for a while. The other woman is her sister. Yes, she just returned from L.A. where she lived in Spike’s house.

  • Anon

    Michelle needs to get a grip. I am totally opposed to the photographers stalking minor children of celebrities. But I also think that as the mother of a THREE year old, she needs to stay calm and act natural and not make that kid self conscious or paranoid. Little Matilda has no comprehension about this. Taking pictures, per se is not wrong, but the harrassment is. And she is going to make the little girl withdraw and be frightened. Something her father would definitely not approve. I am a Heath fan, and I remember reading his interview where he said he wanted to raise her to fearless. Not a sour unstable jerk.

  • mary

    The boots are probably Loeffler Randall, Me. Way expensive. Anyway, I don’t think being annoyed by the paps makes her troubled. Yeah, it’s part of the “job” of being a celebrity, but she’s only human and a lot of actors think that the kids are off limits. She’s not whoring her kid out like some celebs do.

  • sd

    #10, i agree with you.

  • suzy q

    #10 – HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA – so you know better what Heath would want for Mathilda than Michelle does! OMG that’s hysterical. Yeah real ‘fearless’ of him to basically kill himself with a drug overdose. I don’t think I’d spend a lot of time worry about how a guy like that would want to raise his kid if he had bothered to get his sh*t toghter and be alive for his kid. WHATEVER about Heath Ledger! The only reason they follow Michelle is because of him and the crappy legacy he has left his daughter.



  • slambang

    Good for Michelle for getting her daughter out of sight of the photogs. She is raising her little girl the right way, letting her be a CHILD. And #6, I do’t believe Michelle is “troubled”, she is just trying to protect her daughter. She doesn’t go out of her way to stage photo ops and pimp her child out, unlike SOME celeb parents!

  • sd

    Michelle is scaring Matilda with her behaviour. Best would be to ignore the paparazzi and get on with her life.

  • Sonia Wu

    I agree with #11 and #14.
    Michelle is a great mother and I like her style a lot.
    Regretful to know that her boots are way expensive though.
    Matilda is very cute and vivacious, just like a normal and well adjusted child.
    Don’t blame Michelle for being protective. If your child lost her father, you would be protective too.

  • Anon

    The whole world knows Michelle “hates” for the photographers to take pictures of her and her baby. Fine. But she should not show her fear and her upset to the child. Think about it. Violet Affleck and Kingston Rossdale get hounded terribly. Much, much worse then Matilda. But even tho their parents hate it, they don’t show that to the kids. If Michelle really, truly wants her kid to be “normal,” she should “Act” natural, when she has the kid with her, not matter how pissed she is. I agree with #6, NativeNYer.

  • Anon

    I think that kid is adorable, but I don’t like Michelle Williams. She seems underhanded and mean to me. IMHO.

  • Simone

    I think the only reason they follow Michelle is Matilda. And that is because her dead father’s now God-like status. Otherwise they would leave them alone. Which is not such great thing. The little girl should be left in peace.

  • ‘Mandise

    Yeah they’re followed around because of Matilda and Heath mostly..not Michelle. S he should get a grip. It’s kinda offensive or mean to reply to your daughter like that even being pissed off by those damn paparazzis..I mean, it’s not the child’s fault she’s just very curious. I don’t like how she’s acting or behaving (it’s part of the job to be photographed, get over it) and I totally disapprove of how she treats Matild

  • sd

    “and I totally disapprove of how she treats Matild”

    Me too!

  • gerard Vandenberg


  • miss_sweden

    You disapprove how she treats Matilda? How do you even know how she treats her?

  • sj

    Michelle William’s attitude towards the paps and public attention used to really bother me, I thought “geez chill”, but I’ve reached the point that I see her as a really strong woman who knows what she wants and doesn’t want, and doesn’t mind being labeled a “bitch” if she speaks her mind and stands up for herself… I have a lot of respect for her.

    I think Matilda has a great mom.

  • julia

    And thats probably how the conversation between Matilda and Michelle went…Who are the reliable witnesses? The paps?? LMAO

  • diana

    I have my doubts she’s that good a mother most think. She probably enjoys her time with Spke Jonze more than with Matilda. The quote from the papz is probably not 100% accurate, but I don’t think they completely made it up.

  • aaaanne jugsten

    hey , wtf am i writing in portuguese? O: -MORRI.

  • Steph

    I think the whole thing could have been taken out of context. You all are assuming she was being snide when asking Matilda if she wants them to take her picture. Maybe she really posed it as a question and Matilda didn’t want them to take her picture. Who knows. I do believe she is trying to do right by her child. Don’t worry Michelle-it won’t be like this forever!

  • Raphael

    Kids who are simply the children of celebrities shouldn’t be targeted by the paparazzi, #4.

    You don’t know these people, #10.

    Why is it regretful, #17? It’s her hard earned money that she spent it on.

    You don’t know how she treat her, #21 and #22.

  • Frida

    #27 Yea, because you know her so well don’t you? Criticizing her is so ridiculous, Michelle seems like a down to earth person and a good mother, that’s all that matters to me.

  • cole

    #31, let’s hope for Matilda that you’re right and she is a good mother.

  • corey2cool

    i’m sorry but until you have people stalking you with camera all the time you have no right saying what best for anyone. It has to be triedsome for her wanting to protect her child from any more pain from the world that took the little girls father. As a parent won’t you want the same to get away from it to take your child away from it. No matter what happen between her and heath, they were together, they did have a family and she feels that lost every time she looks at her daughter even if she doesnt feel it for herself. Just because they are in movies and have money and we know alot about them does mean they are stronger than us, or smarter, or better they are normal people with the same feelings that just hit the jackpot in life.

  • kary

    yes she wants protect her child but she said in an interview that she doesn’t want to be unknown, she likes to be famous i’am pretty sure. so she must not complaint about papzs. she decide to be an actress .

  • lkalia

    you right # 34
    she has decide to be an actress so she must to accept that.

  • the authority HAS SPOKEN

    NUMBER 13 — i hope your whole family gets cancer and your house burns down and you’re all left homeless with painful painful cancer.

  • ally

    I hate paps stalking celeb babies too but for the adult stars Michelle ought to know pulling a witch or a Bale wont drive them away.

  • Fleece Baby

    It’s freaky how much she looks like Heath.

  • teri

    Maybe if Michelle didn’t point the paps out, Matilda wouldn’t notice. I wouldn’t like the paps either but she is a celebrity. On the other hand, she has requested privacy and doesn’t parade her child around like some others. Tough situation.

  • sj

    Poor Michelle. I don’t blame her at all. It used to be one photo every two months for her, but lately they’re really going crazy.

    I guess they didn’t show the rest of the photos. There are more photos on other sites where it appears more photographers are calling things out at them. I actually didn’t realize she got followed by so many of them, I thought it was just one or two..

  • Kate L

    I think this entire site is GROSS! All you people commenting on total strangers! and on CHILDREN! What is wrong with the world? These are human beings you are all gawking at,and talking about, like you know them! We abuse freedom so much in north America its just SAD! She is a mom standing on the street with her kid, we have NO right to take photos and gossip about them. They are not animals in a zoo! We treat animals better, at some point we set them free! I do not know how all of you sleep at nigh, imagine the damage you are all doing to these famous peoples children?

  • Manteaux De Chef

    The paps don’t care, with or without kids.

  • Cheryl

    Hey, all you complainers…

    Take a walk in her shoes – and then go to pictures posted of yourself for the world to see, and read what others have to say about who you apparently are, based on someone elses’ perception

    - maybe then, you’ll understand.

    Nothing wrong with the way she acts; no reason we should all be watching.

  • stella

    Of her, yes. Of her daughter? No. Of course, I can never resist looking at pictures of the lovely Matilda, but I wouldn’t mind if Michelle moved her daughter to France, in a way they’d be better off. This constant photo-taking at the age of two can’t be good for any kid.