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Orlando Bloom is an Extreme Beauty

Orlando Bloom is an Extreme Beauty

Orlando Bloom works out his goatee while walking the red carpet at the “Extreme Beauty In Vogue” party at the Palazzina della Ragione during Milan Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2009 in Milan, Italy on Monday (March 2).

The 32-year-old Pirates of Caribbean actor posed for pictures with Domenico Dolce, Scarlett Johansson and Stefano Gabbana.

Featured photographers at the party included: George Hoyningen-Huene, Richard Avedon, Steven Klein, Irving Penn and Helmut Newton.

10+ pictures inside of Orlando Bloom, the extreme beauty…

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orlando bloom extreme beauty 01
orlando bloom extreme beauty 02
orlando bloom extreme beauty 03
orlando bloom extreme beauty 04
orlando bloom extreme beauty 05
orlando bloom extreme beauty 06
orlando bloom extreme beauty 07
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orlando bloom extreme beauty 09
orlando bloom extreme beauty 10

Photos: Vittorio Zunino Celotto/Getty Images, Bauergriffinonline
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  • Manteaux De Chef

    That aint no goatee. Dude needs to shave.

  • OH MY

    What happened to him? He used to be so hawt. Now he’s like the crusty end of a terrier’s posterior.

  • allspice30

    Really HOT! But a little late with the news huh JJ?

  • jaye

    I don’t know how i ever thought this guy was attractive. Oh, I remember, I was watching Lord of the Rings and i actually thought he looked like his character Legolas in real life. That Elf was hot! Muhahahaha!

  • aahhh so sweet….

    He looks a bit lost and awkward without his beautiful girlfriend Miranda by his side!

  • Heckler

    bet the facial hair is for Pirates 4.

  • gerard Vandenberg

    TRUE, in the middle of the night in YOSEMITE-PARK, folks!!

  • Joe

    So many times,I go to join a big and dream party in —–—– with my friends. I can get many surprises from friends in this party, it is a crazy night to me.

  • faiza

    eww so not hott…..anymore….wat happened to him?!

  • slime

    One of those talentless actors who relies on good looks and publicity to keep his career going. Sorry mate, but this can’t make your career last long!

    I bet your girlfriend will dump your sorry ass as soon as she finds a richer man!

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    he continues to look like an idiot.

  • Serge

    Scarlett Johansson “actress”actually is a clone from original person,who has nothing with acting career.Clone was created illegally using stolen biomaterial.Original Scarlett Galabekian last name is nice, CHRISTIAN young lady.

  • Chelsea

    You know what it is gals??….He’s getting O-L-D-E-R. apparently his young, once gorgeous face, is slowly wearing off….sad times =(
    I take jaye’s side: i miss his Legolas years….

  • uwe

    He is so ugly with this hair!

  • X

    I admit he doesn’t look his best. But I mean back he doesn’t look that bad, you guys are talking like he grew horns or something.
    I miss the Legolas days too.

  • yuk

    Looks like he is aging quickly and badly. Reminds me of a guy who used to be hot in High School, and then everything went South. The problem is no one has told him yet. I would run from that, imagine what another ten years will do to him.

  • http://gemma Gemma

    Orlando is like always very handsome!!!

  • anna

    Orlando is so cool !!

  • http://justjared poor loons

    HAHAHAHAHAHA the poor haters I feel your pain idiots .You loons are delusional Italian media went crazy about Orlando and the woman loved him go see on the Orlando love media section and you will see what they said about him

    Why don’t you sad loons stay at Delphi?Why do you have to be here ?

  • http://justjared poor loons

    The man never looked hotter and if you don’t like him anymore why would you spend all your time
    24/7 talking about him and all that happens in his life?MOVE ON .
    I forgot the Delphi idiots don’t have a life

  • Huh?

    I like Orlando, don’t get me wrong. And sometimes I think the man can still look super-hot. But even I have got to admit he looks very awkward and out of place in these pics. Why was he there anyway I wonder? I thought he’d returned to L.A. to finish up shooting that film “Delicious?”

  • who cares?

    He still looks best when he is a bachelor.

    Whether he is acting a role in a movie or in real life (pretending to go gaga over someone he does not have a romantic interest in) he still looks as though he is very uncomfortable.

    He still does not look all that much better here at the moment.

    Someone wrote in a blog concerning the display of affection he and what’s her name put on last week and I quote…..

    “Unless there was an exchange of money beforehand then, yeah, they pretty much nailed it.”

    Link below….

    He seems so much more relaxed and himself when he is just hanging out with his friends.

    Does not mean he is gay….. I would say he is just not ready to settle down yet …. and he is just having a bachelor party for as long as he can with as many as he can ….. claiming she is his girlfriend so he won’t be linked with every female he is seen with.

    That PDA he and her put on ….. No PDA I have ever seen between anyone celebrity or not was more of an act. Or more nauseating.

    Thank you Jared for finally putting up something about him that doesnt have her attached it.

    Whoever thinks I’m jealous, is Dead Wrong! Sounds to me that you guys are the ones who are jealous, and you think everyone else should be too.

    Why? News Flash Groupies – He’s just a guy like all the rest – Until he proves himself otherwise – Still waiting for that day to come.

  • @19

    So, your point is that anyone who disagrees with you posts at Delphi. Reminds me of the logic problems on the GRE. “all sloops eat soup, some slopes eat soup, so all sloops and slopes always eat soup. I doubt you did well on the GRE, if you ever took it, or even know what it is.

  • What Happened?

    I liked the way he looked when he was filming “Sympathy for Delicious.” There were some cute candids of him in Australia too. Here – I dunno. The poses do look awkward – like he’s too self-conscious or something. And I really, really wish he’d lose those sloppy suspenders off the set – or at LEAST pull ‘em up! They were o.k. for his ‘punk rock’ look while filming but definitely a NO on the red carpet imo. What were you thinking Orlando?

  • ****

    Yeah poor thing, he LOOKS 32.

  • @25

    No, more like 32 going on 40, with a huge air mass moving thorugh onto fifty.

  • mmmm

    Love that man!
    But you can tell how much he hates any red carpet.
    Still beautiful, but I can’t wait until he can cut his hair.

  • TitanicGirl

    i thought he was the “hot” guy. he look like a geek.

  • No more baby face

    LOL – well, he IS 32 after all! But yes, the boyish ‘fresh-faced’ look is gone. He had such a pretty face once. Now he looks so worn-out and it shows up especially around his eyes. I always thought he’d be one of the ‘lucky ones’ who’d retain his youthful appearance well into his thirties.

  • Natalie

    Well, he has aged a lot.

  • http://justjared what???????????

    If you Delphi loons want to see man who are aging badly see Leonardo Di Caprio ,Collin Farrel ,Jude Law

  • orlando is only getting better

    …like a fine wine and he sure looked happy with his girlfriend on that balcony. If that was an act their oscars should be arriving shortly.

    In some of these pics it looked like Dolce & Gabbana thought he looked pretty good – and they’re the experts.

  • SNL

    JJ why don’t you post candids of Orlando recently at the movies with his girl instead of old stuff?

  • Miranduh Kerrazy

    I’m a fameho biatch who’s just using orlando for my own personal gain, and viseversa.

    Orly is not really my boyfriend. Aside from the fact that he’s GAY, i’m totally in love with someone else. He’s not really that good looking, but he’s very rich, and certainly not gay. Mind you, orly is a very unhygienic person, and his smell really stinks! Gosh i can’t even stand him cause i’m a clean freak, but you guys should really applaud me for acting that i’m so in love with him, but in reality, i really want to vomit especially when i’m kissing him. Have you noticed from our balcony pics that i was trying to push him away! Gosh, his halitosis is killing me.

    Anyways, once my career as a model is already established, asap i will dump him, and hopefully that someone who i’m so in love with right now will notice me.

    p.s: Orly and i never had sex. All those are for the show, and he really has tiny testies, i saw that in gran canaria last year. That was the first and last time i saw him naked.


    He’s gay, and he always tries to cover this hard truth by dating countless women. I pity him sometimes, and advises him to just go out there in the open, and be his true self.

  • @33

    Hon those are not new, but rather old stuffs from last year! LOL

    Get your facts straight sweetie!

  • Angie

    I don’t find him hot anymore. what happened, did he gain weight?

  • lani

    I noticed that his face became a bit chubby.

    What a difference when he was still in OZ!

    Orlando surely just lets himself go, poor man.

  • @34

    Oh, I see the idiot haters have arrived.
    At least get a new act. Pretending to be Miranda bit has gotten really boring. I know that you aren’t a creative lot, but you really need to get some help with your ideas.
    And welcome to 2009. Even Ted C. has given up on the “he’s gay” lies.

  • http://depedteacher.blogspot.c

    Hey Orlando,

    Any coming movies. I am missing you now. Hope you have the next movie to come

  • @37

    So you are claiming that in a matter of 3 days he went from lean to “fat”? Oh please. That’s just stupid.

  • @34

    Miranda’s first language is English. It’s quite obvious that it is not your’s.

  • http://depedteacher.blogspot.c

    by the way you have a nice hair and smile of course

  • Better with girlfriend

    In some recent pics he looks sexy – and in others (like these) he looks like crap. Weird. I have to say it – he looked a lot ‘better’ in the ones where he’s with the g/f. Here he just looks lost and awkward and messy.

  • @43

    I think that he is just exhausted.
    He was homein LA for less than two days, after being in Oz for almost two weeks, then he is on another plane to Milan. The jet lag he is experiencing must be phenomenal. He looked better in Oz because he was rested and happy.
    He’s not at his best here, but his worst days are still better than most people’s good days. he is a gorgeous man. Even when he is tired and bored.

  • http://justjared orlando fan

    The sexiest man on the planet love him

  • Puzzled

    Still don’t understand why he flew to Milan for this particular fashion show in the first place. It’s obvious Miranda isn’t there so that can’t be the reason. He never cared about them before – has he suddenly become a fan of fashion? (Certainly couldn’t tell it by his ‘personal fashion choices’ – lol.) I thought I had read he was supposed to be finishing up filming in L.A.??

  • @46

    He didn’t go to the fashion show, but to the photographic exhibit. Maybe Sebastian wanted to go, and Orlando took him as his guest. He may have also used D&D’s dime to get himself back to Europe for another UNICEF visit.
    But since he is regrowing the facial hair, I think that he still has some filming to do for Sympathy for Delicious. We will probably see him back in LA shortly.

  • @47

    Oh, I see. So he probably went for Sebastian’s exhibit – or simply to accompany him then. That would make more sense. I hope he’s not finished filming yet. Would love to see more of those “Delicious” photo-ops!

  • Mimi

    He does look older but still hot. Maybe now he can play more mature rolls. I want to hear him sing in Delicious. Maybe Miranda turned him on to the whole runway thing, but he looks rather uncomfortable. I don’t think he wants to be on the red carpet.

  • ionelush

    e soperb…..