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Rihanna and Chris Brown's Secret Wedding?

Rihanna and Chris Brown's Secret Wedding?
  • Rihanna and Chris Brown get married?
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  • Prosecutors say Chris Brown is expected in a Los Angeles court Thursday, despite that they have yet to file charges.
  • Taylor Swift been nominated for album of the year at the Academy of Country Music Awards.
  • Mariska Hargitay was hospitalized on Wednesday after feeling discomfort from a partially collapsed lung and is undergoing tests.
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42 Responses to “Rihanna and Chris Brown's Secret Wedding?”

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  1. 1
    hiro Says:


  2. 2
    Independant woman Says:

    She’s ******* ******,
    She needs to leave him.
    Be independant dumbass.

  3. 3
    tawi-tawi Says:

    if it’s true about Rihanna, then she is simply an idiot without any doubt.
    why to make such a huge deal out of it then, if you like to get beaten once in a while, then let everyone know that you have fun and love pain, don’t call police, and enjoy your bruises.

  4. 4
    Dubai Says:

    I cant understand !

  5. 5
    mediterranean Says:

    I hope that this will not be another O.J. Simpson and his ex-wife case.

    She is very young, weak and lost. She needs a professional help and support of her friends and family.

    This guy will unfortunately do this again and again sooner or later.

  6. 6
    sami Says:

    I’m doubt if she’s marrying him.

  7. 7
    nicole Says:

    is it true? damn

  8. 8
    shialove!! Says:


  9. 9
    sos Says:

    These tabloids are just in love with what happened with chris and rihanna situation cause it fills their empty magazines pages and makes them more money. I dont know what to believe, but then again they were one of the first magazines to report Chris and Rihanna were back together which was true. If she wants to be with him then its her problem,people can say whatever they feel like but shes the one that needs to realize it.

  10. 10
    Anonymous Says:

    wow, i dont get it, if this is true then she dumb

  11. 11
    a total fan Says:

    This is why your children should look up to their parents or close friends as their role models and not celebrities.

  12. 12
    babybabybaby Says:

    Hope Mariska makes a speedy recovery. She’s a great actress and a sweet woman in real life. She started a foundation that helps sexual abuse victims, much like her character on SVU does. Sending positive thoughts her way…

  13. 13
    Jan Says:

    Smart move by Brown. A WIFE cannot be made to testify against her husband in court. Brown has a good legal team and this will same his sorry ass.

  14. 14
    lily Says:

    OMG !

    Plzzz Dont Get Married To Chris ; Rihannna
    You Deserve Better !!!!

  15. 15
    september Says:

    people ..people…whats wrong with y’all saying she is dumb and an idiot and she needs professional help!!! she does not need any help..she dicided that no one is her no one can live for her… let her live and mind your bussinesses, if she gets bit up again then its their problem. may be they do fit each other like puzzles may be he’ll screw up again life is all about risks…bottom line LET THEM LIVE THEIR LIVES, we are not involved innit!!!!!!!

  16. 16
    gerard Vandenberg Says:


  17. 17
    anonymous Says:

    these drastic actions by Rihanna really do lead me to believe that she really might be pregnant by him, if not than why the hell is she doing all this

  18. 18
    andthisisaceleb Says:

    well if she’s going to go back to him she may as well marry him. at least it’s consistent with her lack of judgment.

  19. 19
    tweety Says:

    how could this happen .. chris brown should be in jail and i dont care how sorry he says he is!

  20. 20
    Cooki3Dough Says:

    alright i’m 20 and i know from sons father use to slap me and i believed him when he said he would never do it again, but like a dummy i stayed and it happened again and again. I finally left when it dawned on my that i was pregnant and i wasnt loosing my child over no man who wanted to put his hands on me. Thank god i had help from my older sister who is VERY INDEPENDANT. She helped me come down to earth and told me its not going to get any better but worse. Then i moved out the state. How that old saying goes you can only lead the horse to the water but cant make it drink. Thats the same in this case. We all love Rihanna but this is her 1st love and she might mess up a lil. But all her fans can do is be very supportive or her decisions!

  21. 21
    stasvegas Says:

    september is right. leave them alone! who cares who they are and what they do!! think about it like this, their are thousands of people in this world who could sing just as good or better than they can. Hell, i’ve heard a homeless guy sing better than chris, but people aren’t up in his life or drooling over him, and i deffinatly didn’t see a camera crew hovering over this homeless dude!!!!!! All i’m saying is you may enjoy their voice or looks, and there is no problem with that, but they are no different than u and me. and u wouldn’t want national TV to kno all your personal stuff or have your every mistake on camera!!!!!!!

  22. 22
    too real Says:

    To #15 commenting on Rihanna and Chris…you’re probably all for the violent relationship because you’re in one yourself….another ignorant a@# !!!

    First learn the basics or grammar, speeling and punctuation, before you decide you want to voice an IGNORANT OPINION!!

  23. 23
    samatha Says:

    rihanna is a ******* .i dont understand this.cannot believe she didnt do anything .wat a freak.hate this *****.

  24. 24
    TOSIN Says:


  25. 25
    j Says:

    are you kidding me???????????”

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