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Brad Pitt + Washington DC + Daughters

Brad Pitt + Washington DC + Daughters

Newsboy cap-clad Brad Pitt gets in some special father-daughter bonding as he takes Shiloh, 2 1/2, and Zahara, 4, to Jan’s on Friday (March 6) in Washington, D.C.

How cute is Zahara licking her lips!!!

Brad was in town with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and House Democratic Whip James Clyburn to discuss the “Make it Right” project.

Hot mama Angelina Jolie has been busy filming her spy flick, Salt, out in 2010.

15+ pics inside Brad Pitt inside…

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Credit: Jae Donnelly, Gene Young; Photos: INFdaily, SplashNewsOnline
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  • dabu

    Cute kids, handsome dad!

  • Bella

    fabulous! wanna see pics of shi plsssssss

  • K

    Shouldn’t it be “two of his daughters” since he has three?

  • Angi

    Nice pics, looks like a great day!

  • dawne kay

    Love how these two sisters switch clothes…..would love to hear them discuss who’s wearing what……….Zee so cute, wish we could see Shi as well. What is Jan’s?

  • bebe

    what a wonderful guy…love him

  • secret

    i love it.

    but i miss their family outings with the whole family

  • vickifromtexas

    that is one hot dad. = )

  • sharon

    Brad is soooooooooooooo sexyyyyyyyyyy.

  • Jane

    numba 10

  • Not impressed by JA

    cuteness overload !

  • estelle

    Thank you Jared, they are so cute, Z is so big and so beautiful.

  • Jill

    Awwww…. Daddy and his little girls :D

  • e!

    love it how they share the same clothes…

    would have been better if shi did’nt have a hood on!!!

    TO CUTE!!!



  • lylian

    What is Jan’s?

  • estelle

    Jan’s? may be a children clothing store.

  • bdj

    Too cute. Zahara and Shiloh are cuties. It is nice to see them getting some time in with their mighty fine Dad in D.C. Thanks for all the great pictures of AJ on Salt location and BP with his MIR foundation on the Hill.

  • Orchid

    Can’t see Shiloh. She’s all covered up.

  • meh

    aww cute. z is so fierce

  • Orchid

    How come my name is in blue now???

  • e!


  • e!

    love how they are sharing their clothes :D

  • Orchid

    Wasn’t Brad dreaming of having little girls? Now he has three of them!

  • Jill

    Jared, when are you going to give us a thread about Brad at the White House today?
    Celebitchy reported that Brad was invited to the White House to talk about the MIR foundation. The haters totally lost their sh*t.

  • Myselt

    Great pitures.

  • lovely family


  • lovely family


  • lovely family

    some much daddy love

  • some bunny

    Who ever runs this website is very smart and has wonderful taste in pictures. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, and the kids all in one week. The best!

  • releka

    Too cute!!

  • me

    I noticed shi wore something z wore one time. It is very nice to see a handsome dad with his cute girls.

  • lovely family

    he met the president……………wow brad is stomping with the big dogs…………….

  • pipa

    This is what you call DEDICATION in a man. Angie too is dedicated to to her man and her family. love how they schedule business according to their partners schedule and bring the family wherever no matter what.

  • http:/GPost Team Lara Croft

    How cute??!! What is “Jan’s”? is that a restaurant or store for kids?

  • andamentothat

    greetings fans..

    A is for Adorable!

  • some bunny

    I just noticed that Brad Pitt is carrying both of his daughters at one time! He is so multi tasked, and what arms, those girls are getting so big!

  • bdj

    Pitt granted audience with Obama

    Brad Pitt was granted a private meeting with President Barack Obama on Thursday to discuss the issue of Hurricane Katrina-hit New Orleans, Louisiana.

    The natural disaster left thousands of people homeless when the levees broke and flood water washed away massive swathes of residential areas in 2005.

    Pitt has played a major role in the rebuilding process in the state, with his Make it Right Foundation providing funding for a number of re-housing schemes.

    And the movie star, in Washington, D.C. with his partner Angelina Jolie while she shoots new thriller Salt, used his spare time to discuss the issue with the President at the White House.

    Pitt later talked more about ways to better help those still affected by Hurricane Katrina with Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi.

  • aeon

    Amen to that Pipa, you are so right.

    Take note youngones, trolls, Jentrolls, Jenuts, Jenhags, this is how a relationship works compromise, communication, teamworks and most importantly LOVE baby. They work to make their relationship, family, careers, and the world better. What more is there in life? They don’t need anything else.

    Love you Angie and Brad and family.

    Big-Ups to Brad for going to DC and not reminding them no to forget the New Orleans. Oh yeah…life is good for the JP Family….

  • some bunny

    me @ 03/06/2009 at 7:16 pm I noticed shi wore something z wore one time. It is very nice to see a handsome dad with his cute girls

    You noticed what? Are you kidding? Siblings like to share clothes when they are small & since you care, take note that will change in a few years..

  • me

    Lovely and quite charming family. Thanks for the photos.

  • bdj

    Changeling is another Oscar-worthy masterpiece from director Clint Eastwood — a harrowing, emotionally gripping movie you won’t be able to get out of your head for days.

    As in her searing portrayal of the pregnant Marianne Pearl in last year’s A Mighty Heart, Angelina Jolie once again connects with her maternal side. In another challenging role, she must exhibit a wide emotional range, going from fear to anguish to anger to pure resolve in an effort to uncover the mystery of her son’s abduction. Splendidly outfitted in ’20s garb, Jolie delves deep into the soul of a woman who dared to go against the grain and challenge a corrupt police department in Prohibition-era L.A. She’s simply remarkable in the most intense, determined and heartbreaking role of her career.

  • uglysexy

    I guess he doesn’t have a pervestachio if he’s got a goatee with it now

  • uhuru

    Extreme. Adoreableness.

  • aeon

    Z is such a big girl now. Oh my, very beautiful.

  • palvasha


  • Chibiusa

    ah,daddy taking care of his little girls.too cute.

    of course a troll is never far away from a JP thread.

  • Alexis

    Sooo cute. I love that the little girls are wearing their same cold weather clothes that they’ve already been wearing!! They’re so adorable. I love their family.

  • aeon



  • heeya

    Jared, sometimes you sounds creepy! What is so cute about Zahara licking her lips? You are gross!!!

  • T&L

    If Washington D.C. is “Hollywood for ugly people,” then what happens when an attractive Hollywood actor sets foot on Capitol Hill? Heads explode, that’s what.
    Brad Pitt visited our nation’s capital yesterday to meet with President Obama. He also hung out with Nancy Pelosi, which thrilled her, and spoke with Senator Patty Murray as well.
    These people in Washington, these politicians and their staffers, hang out constantly with world leaders and Nobel laureates and have no problem getting everyone from Gorbachev to Mandela on the phone at a moment’s notice. And yet they are all rendered giddy by an actor coming to visit:

    Camera shutters clicked. Hundreds of House pages and interns stalked Pitt in the Capitol corridors before and after his tête-à-tête with Pelosi. Young women squealed. “I was 10 feet away from him! . . . Oh my God! . . . Did you see him?” After the movie star and his entourage passed by, Jon Kyl (Ariz.), the number two Senate Republican, got on an elevator without his security detail. “Apparently I’ve lost my detail,” he told an aide. “They’ve been playing scout for the girls looking for Brad Pitt.”

    Poor Brad Pitt. People were so delighted just to be near a handsome man for once that the question of what he was there for almost went unanswered. He came to Washington to promote his Make It Right Foundation, which aims to build environmentally friendly homes for low-income residents in New Orleans’ Ninth Ward. The foundation has built seven homes to date, and sprinkled them liberally with handsomeness.