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Elijah Wood: Mackin on Melrose

Elijah Wood: Mackin on Melrose

Lord of the Ring star Elijah Wood and his girlfriend Pamela Racine walk along Melrose Avenue in Hollywood on Thursday (March 5.)

Elijah‘s new movie 9, opens on September 9th. Jennifer Connelly, John Reilly and Martin Landau all co-star in the film.

He recently commented about the film, saying, “I was so excited by what Shane Acker had done. [9] comes to the world kind of late… so he’s completely innocent. While his brethren have stopped questioning, stopped looking for answers surrounding their situation, 9 isn’t at all hindered by the fears of the other characters!”

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29 Responses to “Elijah Wood: Mackin on Melrose”

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  1. 1
    blabla Says:


  2. 2
    Manteaux De Chef Says:

    You would never know it was him.

  3. 3
    Blah girls Says:

    He’s been cute since his hobbit days, awww!

  4. 4
    natcat Says:

    aww i freakin love himm!! adorable..lucky girll!

  5. 5
    Nicole Says:

    I love would to walk with him. She is wearing his sweater by the way.

  6. 6
    liz86000 Says:

    She’s walking with him like she’s his mother! It reminds me of how Tom Cruise leads Katie Holmes like she’s a little girl & he’s her dad…

  7. 7
    Laura Says:

    aha, hes so small and hobbit-like!

  8. 8
    GABRIEL A Says:


  9. 9
    uglysexy Says:

    nobody cares about frodo anymore I guess judging by the volume here…I always thought he looked like winona ryder

  10. 10
    uglysexy Says:

    except less masculine than her
    but don’t get me wrong …I think winona is hot

  11. 11
    NativeNYker Says:

    She looks wrong! He could & should do better.

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  12. 12
    Almost like strangers Says:

    Is that really his girlfriend (i.e. ‘sweetheart’)? If so her body language (folded arms) makes her seem very distant and detached. Poor little ‘Lij doesn’t look too happy himself here.

  13. 13
    Jessica Says:

    #12 I was going to say the same thing. He’s trying to hold her hand, and she’s got her arms crossed?!? Obviously, she doesn’t want to be there or with him.

  14. 14
    gerard Vandenberg Says:

    a loser’s environment attracks?
    …………yep, folks. indeed.

  15. 15
    'Mandise Says:

    yeah very bad body language …….he’s so small! she’s more masculine-looking than him haha! I like him tho, he’s cute.

  16. 16
    chico Says:

    maybe that awkward body language is because she’s unconfortable with the paparazzi.

  17. 17
    ana Says:

    #13 He’s trying to hold her hand, and she’s got her arms crossed?!?

    she is an idiot!
    i’d never stop holding him !

  18. 18
    yomama Says:

    It looks like he’s walking with his mother.

  19. 19
    jasmine Says:

    My gosh it really does look like his mother taking him for walkies.

  20. 20
    Jughed Says:

    cute couple. i dont think there’s anything wrong with a man walking with a taller woman. all you ladies who are making fun of that here should look at yourself in the mirror! maybe shes just a nice person.

  21. 21
    reginald Says:

    You must be related to this girl, because you practically cream your pants every time she’s seen in public. It doesn’t make sense becuz she’s a glorified stripper, and she looks old enuff to be his mom.

    And she must not have noticed the camera, bc her face is saying, Ewwww, get this geek away from me! Arms crossed, standing apart, sneery face. I smell breakup.

  22. 22
    yup Says:

    I love Elijah! I wish he wouldn’t limit himself to obscure stuff now when he has the best acting abilities I have ever seen!

  23. 23
    Laddee Says:

    Trouble in Paradise…..She looks bored out of her mind and he’s keeping face for the cameras, why don’t they call it quits and be done with it.

  24. 24
    sydney Says:

    AHHH! she really looks like his mother!!

    Girlfriend ranting aside:: Elijah’s new movie is gonna ROCK! i love him SOOO much… i just wish ’9′ was in live-action!! but its good that elijah doesnt see himself ABOVE animated movies

  25. 25
    srebra Says:

    Wow it’s amazing how everyone thinks she looks like his mother! Seriously, I think she’s with him only because he’s so famous, and she’s a nobody wearing lame outfits on Gogol Bordelo’s concerts.
    He deserves someone who loves him for himself….
    and she is older than him, but that would be fine, only if she at least tried to look hot, she always look like crap when they are together….
    Free Elijah! hehehheh
    also I am soooo hooked up on him!

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