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Hugh Jackman: New 'Wolverine' Trailer!

Hugh Jackman: New 'Wolverine' Trailer!

Hugh Jackman, aka The Sexiest Man Alive, growls, jumps and slices his way through this new action-packed trailer for superhero flick X-Men Origins: Wolverine, due out May 1.

Just 55 more days!

Below are new Wolverine promos via USA Today featuring Ryan Reynolds (Wade Wilson/Deadpool), Liev Schreiber (Victor Creed/Sabretooth), Taylor Kitsch (Remy LeBeau/Gambit), Lynn Collins (Silver Fox) and (John Wraith/Kestrel). I am most excited for Gambit!!! Woo woo!!!

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“Wolverine” Trailer

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  • lizzie

    I dont wanna watch that. Im not a fan at all

  • hwooddood

    I’m SO going to see this…but first up…WATCHMEN tonight!

  • oh no!


  • Manteaux De Chef

    He looks scary!

  • groundhogday

    I can’t wait. It’s gonna be a great movie for all us Sci-Fi Geeks.

  • mike

    again….why the mayflower link from # 1? Nothing to do with this thread.

    why is this woman posing? ugh

  • Sula Nail Polish

    I wanna see this


    It looks awesome!!!!! Can’t wait to see this!!! Btw, Hugh Jackman makes an ideal Wolvie!

  • dakila

    hmmm liev shrieber and hugh are hot!

  • groundhogday

    Just watched the trailer AAAAAAWSOME.

  • Miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiaaaapocca

    I cannot wait that long for this movive..I totally liek watching tehse actors

    GO Aussie!!!

  • Fred

    Recently, I discovered a hot place —–—– where many sexy military singles who like talking about fashion and love there. I’m an open minded girl from US, I also like playing with tall guys on it.

  • Miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiaaaapocca

    why did #1 feel teh need to post her AD…can we say she is not hear for anything but just to pimp out her site…pathetic wench!

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    this will be the second best comic book movie, ever. second to the dark knight.

  • gerard Vandenberg

    …………..he is pregnant, folks?

  • criss

    i can´t wait is going to be a great movie!!!

  • NativeNYker

    Cant Wait!

  • black

    Looks good—-and hey, come on now—it´s WOLVERINE!!!

    One bad choice though—-William—–what is it with singers trying to act? They can´t. Leave it to the pros.

    Cher is the only exception.

  • omg

    i loved the music at the end ,looks great can’t wait

  • Amanda

    This trailer’s not bad, but the new Star Trek trailer premiered last night with Watchmen and it’s freaking AMAZING! Puts the Wolverine trailer to shame!

  • vmars111

    Every 3 seconds, there’s a shirtless frame of Hugh Jackman.

    Thank you, Jeebus!

  • green_bird

    Oh, I was clapping my hands in adulterated glee last night. GAMBIT HAS RED EYES!!!!

    I heard that Kitsch had a dialogue coach with him on set, which means that if this rumor is true, we will be hearing some sort of a Cajun accent from Kitsch.

    Seriously, if he nails Gambit, Kitsch is going to be a star, because fan boys and fan girls will worship him.

    Now if only they redid Rogue and put these two together on the big screen…

  • annie

    WHAT!!!!!!! this is going to be sick!! whoever thinks it boring is CRAZY!!!!!!

  • fleece baby

    This looks amazing! I can’t waittttt.

  • Steph

    Wow Liev Schreiber looks HOTT. Gotta love the bad guy. haha

    And DUH, of course Hugh Jackman looks amazing too! Love him!

  • lakers fan in boston

    since of a fan of the xmen movies i defs will see this
    it looks like a great movie =]
    cant w8

  • maria

    OMG can’t F-ing wait :D

  • Karma-Kameleon

    No, he does NOT look good shirtless. He looks smelly. Not hot.

  • Angie fan

    cool!!! gonna watch it!

  • jrfan

    GAMBIT! SQUEEEEE! Now all that’s left is the accent. I want to hear. him. speak. @22-I will be one of those fangirls. :D

  • the mrs.


  • veronica morales

    My very dear JustJared!
    The truth is that I am happy to have this great news.
    I live across the world and I think you are one of the websites where most news seems to very talented Hugh Jackman
    I am grateful to you.
    I’m happy waiting for this movie looks very entertaining for the genre of action …
    I send you all my love from Chile

  • John M

    This looks like crap. The lighting is bad. Looks cheap. Gambit can NOT elevate cards? Deadpool turns in to weapon X claws and all. Stupid. Logan when he is a child kills Logan the grounds keeper not his father. Sabertooth is not his brother in other X-men movies and does not meet Scott until the fist X-men movie which according to this movie the other 3 X movies have no relevance. Totally stupid cheap crappy movie. Bad director. Bad everything. Arhhh.

  • Athena

    I wish we saw more of Daniel Henney. He’s what I’m looking forward to the most in this film.

  • criss

    i think is going to be awesome!! And Hugh loooks so sexy!!

  • Lydia

    Hey, very nice blog!! I have bookmarked your site and have taken the feeds also.