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Michelle Obama Covers Oprah Magazine

Michelle Obama Covers Oprah Magazine

First Lady Michelle Obama joins daytime diva Oprah Winfrey on the April 2009 cover of O magazine, via OK!.

“Say what you will about books-people do judge a magazine by its cover, which is why it’s important to me to keep the cover of this one looking fresh,” says Oprah. “And right now nothing – and I mean nothing – is fresher than the family that moved into the White House in January, sparking a national spirit of renewal the likes of which I’ve never seen.”

During the interview, Michelle described the White House to Oprah, saying, “It’s a beautiful home. When you go out and come back, especially at night, with all the white lights on – it’s just beautiful. We feel privileged, and we feel a responsibility to make it feel like the people’s house. We have the good fortune of being able to sleep here, but this house belongs to America.”

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  • lilly

    michelle obama is stunning and always looks so classy. love her.

  • h.

    Man, Oprah has about as much ego as she does money. What kind of person plasters their face all over their magazine every month? Sure, she CAN because it’s hers but it’s pretty ridiculous, imo. I’m surprised she actually let somebody else share the cover with her this month.

  • Manteaux De Chef

    Why no sleeveless dress?

  • supercut


  • q


  • Blah girls

    That pic is kinda awks but they both look dazzling!

  • voe

    No reason to be surprised, h. Oprah now shares the cover because she knows that without her make-up artist, or in natural state, MO is the runner up to Oprah the O magazine’s beauty queen. :D

  • Harry

    God, can Oprah push her mind numbing adoration for the president any more than she does, in fact the only reason she’s as happy as she is is because the president is black. I bet a million dollars (if I had it) that Oprah wouldn’t be so gushy if he was white & a democrat. Sad to see that being a certain color in this world still affects people.

  • Regular joe

    Oprah looks like her face is falling off…Damn she’s getting old!

  • twittweets


    Twit Tweets…Tracking Celebrity Twittery

  • Maria

    Okra ruined the picture!!! She just ruined it!!

  • Miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiaaaapocca

    Michelle, please drop the belt thing already..I am so tired of her cutting herself up in two with ridiculous belts…sheesh..whats with it a security blanket like the they have the suri…

  • Laurie Hughes

    Please God, may I someday learn to live my life as gracefully as these ladies do. They truly represent our nation’s best!

  • http:/GPost Team Lara Croft

    great look michelle! great style!

  • sillyme

    I think it’s safe to say that, if McCain had won, Cindy would not be gracing the cover of O. I’m just glad my (gift) subscription ended with the March issue.

    And, that’s a horrible picture of both of them. Hard to believe that’s the cover.

  • lorayne salas

    I think it is ok to be excited about the “fresh breeze” blowing through the country at the moment.

    And the fact that we have a new first lady who happens to be black, Is history………..

    Soon we will be able to not look at color at all.

  • sherri

    You could become the first femal minority president of the united states who also happened to discover a cure for cancer and HIV/AIDs and you would still have to share that cover with Oprah.

  • Jayne


  • y


    and the U.S. stocks are a record low

  • Not impressed by JA

    Oprah looks like a juvenile fan in that cover. She should have desapeared and let Michelle shines in her own way !

    Oprah is so vain !

  • jaye

    Keep the cover fresh? She never thought about fresh before. I thought she enjoyed looking at herself. But alas, she has and idol other than herself, Michelle Obama.

    They are on the front together, but there weren’t photographed together; Oprah would have wet her panties if Michelle had actually been there. .

  • annie

    First Lady Obama is overexposed I am a little tired of seeing her on every magazine talking about life in the whit house…..its getting a little tired

  • mare

    Enough Oprah! We get it! You love Obama!!!!! Get on with your show about stuff woman really care about . Not your own personal agenda!!

  • ann

    She is just like her husband!! All she wants is attention. She is one ugly woman. She looks like a ape:0

  • fleece baby

    Oprah is crazy.

  • Not impressed by JA

    annie @ 03/06/2009 at 3:08 pm First Lady Obama is overexposed I am a little tired of seeing her on every magazine talking about life in the whit houseā€¦..its getting a little tired

    I agree !
    I think it is becoming too much of ‘SHOW BUSINESS’. It should regain the political sphere. It’s not Hollywood, it’s Washington for God sake !
    The first lady should stay more sober and traditional by not appearing so often in the same field who are culturally the ones of those Hollywood celebrities..

  • pierre


    Gross! Oprah looks like a teenage groupie!

  • jess

    Yes, #19.

    It’s called a recession. Stocks slump during recessions and we’re on the brink of a depression.

    Did you not learn this in economics? Have you advanced 10th grade?

  • Proud

    For all you jealous people out there, it really doesn’t matter whatcha say because the First Lady is a graceful, beautiful black woman, actually one of many in the country who are normally ignored.

    And to Ann, your racist slip is showing honey. Get over your extreme jealousy and bitterness and realize that Michelle is gorgeous and no she doesn’t have that ‘look’ you usually fawn over and worship. It is exotic and natural…pure loveliness.

    Oh and you might wanna look in the mirror at the ape staring back at you. LOL!

  • k

    And this should suprise us why?

  • wtf

    Michelle’s eyebrows are scary and O looks horrible and is obviously photoshopped because she is WAY larger than that.

  • RHONDa

    did someone say a “fresh breeze” , Americans have lost 3 trillion dollars of wealth since Nov 4, We lost 156,000 jobs in Feb. alone. Record nearly 32,000,000 now on food stamps. How long do you wanta ride the Obama happy train?

    You gotta really HATE America to love Obama

  • voe

    black woman, actually one of many in the country who are normally ignored.

    It is your right and perfectly fine to be proud but the above section of your statement brooks challenge.
    Ignored by whom? Oprah, since she hasn’t feature any of them before MO? The media? If so, how did MO get where she is?
    There are many white, yellow, brown, red beautiful women in this country too. Please show evidences that they ARE NOT NORMALLY IGNORED. For a start, a cover of O or E–bony magazine would be fantastic. Funny, no one ever cry “unusually ignored” or “racist” to E–bony for not featuring other ethnic people on cover. And how hilarious that the word E–bony caused censoring from the host here! When will the “black” be blanked out?
    IMHO, Oprah and MO aren’t beautiful black. Perhaps Oprah is biased against those blacks we non-blacks consider beautiful. I can see she certainly is biased against non-blacks for the cover of her magazine.

  • ej

    Michelle Obama looks like Rupaul in this picture!

  • lakers fan in boston

    i dont think michelle is good looking really
    but that outfit looks really cute on her =]
    i mostly admire her as a person
    fuck oprah, i cant stand that bitch
    i heard u finally fucking shared ur magazine cover, heard u were on it 105 times in a row on it by urself

  • oink, oink

    they both must eat alot of pork. two ugly, nasty heffers.

  • Sandee

    Both of them are fugly.

  • http:/GPost Team Lara Croft

    magazines of color came about because blacks were not allowed before the 50′s to be on the cover of mainstream magazines. i think the first magazine to do this was time magazine. just like the advocate and out magazine came out because no mainstream magazine was talking about gay people. “ms” magazine came out to address feminism because mainstream male magazines were not addressing this. why is it hard for people to understand that certain magazines focusing on certain groups of people do so because they were shut out of the mainstream? why do we still have to explain this to people? actually, o magazine is one of the most inclusive and diverse magazines. oprah gets flack for having too many white people featured in it or gets flack for having too many black people in it. newsflash: the reason she is a billionaire is because she appeals to ALL people. and she took that appeal straight to the bank. i think this billionaire woman could not care less what anyone things. she has made it! what have you all done today?

  • the MO perfume…..

    what’s next for mo……..her own perfume scent, yes, the smell of pork.
    or, starring in a movie? some first lady (NOT).

  • proud and tall

    Wow!!! The cover and both women are amazing but I find one thing even more amazing. The ignorant, childish, ridiculous comments some of you clowns post. It would be laughable it wasn’t such a damn shame. Oprah and Michelle Obama don’t owe you losers ANYTHING!!!!

  • voe

    Team Lara Croft,

    Per your explanation of the magazines, which by the way isn’t new, please answer this questions: Why can’t white people’s magazines, using the same track of mind stated in your explanation, exclude non-white to cater to white?
    i think this billionaire woman could not care less what anyone things. she has made it!

    I beg to differ. She does care, has been caring and will care, so to stay where she is, as is every one catering to the public. If you think she doesn’t, you were born yesterday. As for her catering to all ethnics, she must, to make her dough, to be able to demand Hermes to serve her after hours, to crash wedding, to get more admirers like you so to fatten her bank account among other things.
    what have you all done today?
    And what have you done besides coming onto a gossip blog telling people what they already know and clamoring “Pitt for President 2016″ because he looks dapper on Capitol Hill and had a meeting with Nancy Pelosi? When will you kettle stop asking about the achievement of the pot?

  • Bitter Republicans Suck

    Awwwwwww. The neocons are jealous.

  • Razorback

    To all of the jealous bitter incest ignorant Rednecks aka Republicans, she is on the covers because THEY ARE THE TOP SELLING MAGAZINES. They have been proven to be the only reason why magazines are selling.

    y @ 03/06/2009 at 2:49 pm

    Learn some history neocon, they are not at a record low. Learn about the Great Depression. Beeetttchhh… Oh I forgot, you’re a Republican. Knowledge and brains run at a all time low for you guys.

  • ruby

    Sorry but this is a really bad pic. Msr. Obama is a very good looking lady but the plastic belt and boring outfit is a bit ugly.
    Oprah dress is really horrible.

  • Face Lift Cindy

    Oprah can take some advice from that ugly too much makeup wearing pill popping home wrecking wife, Cindy McCain, (exact words of John McCain describing wife) and go get in touch with a plastic surgeon. It does wonders.

  • Cindy McCain

    Does anyone have some drugs? I mIss them.

  • sARAH Palin

    Crap. You bettcha. I wish I could be on the cover. But I’m too busy being a grandma to my two lovely grandkids Trig and Tip. I’M also helping my knocked up daughter who dropped out of HIGH SCHOOL get her GED. Oh and her wonderful r^dneck boyfriend is the best. They are in LOVE. They take classes together. Yes, that’s classes at the GED. Oh,and I have a secret. I’m sleeping with Joe The Plumber. I here the WELFARE program he was on is fitting for dazed and confused Repubicans.

  • someone

    Harry- I really don’t think you could have been more accurate with that comment!
    People are starting to realize they marked the wrong choice on their ballots. They voted for “the cool, young, and hip guy” but really it’s starting to sick in that he has barely any experience whatsoever and that he’s making this country go even more down the tubes than before. I’m so sick of the obamas trying to be plastered on books and magazine talking about life in the white house. start being a president and a family instead of trying to be a celebrity. Obama takes vacations left and right and who pays for that?! We do! I’m sick and tired of him getting different treatment because of his color. If he wasn’t black he probably would not be in office right now. I have nothing against different races, but come on now, we all know this is true. Another thing is that MO needs to learn how to dress. For Pete’s sake woman- get some real attitude in your wardrobe! Take control & stop worrying about talking about how life is now. And btw, aren’t your kids a little too old to get a swingset? yea…. and oprah needs to stop with this whole obama thing. we get it. you love the obama’s. the president is black. you’re friends with them. we know. gosh this is all getting ridiculous! what is this world coming to?!

  • Elvie

    Michelle may not be an naturally beautiful woman, but she knows how to carry herself withe elegance and poise!! Oprah looks silly in here, why does she have to be on the cover of all her magazines!!

  • http://justjared scroogenot

    brad pitt,george clooney,oprah,just to name a few,having direct access to the first family&white house!!Not my idea of ‘THE PEOPLES HOUSE”!!Save your BS for those naive enough to believe it!!Need to cut this short,as my Spam is finished frying,sure wish it were 100$per pound beef,like you hipocrits&oxymorons indulge in!!God help us all!!