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Nadya Suleman Giving Birth -- VIDEO

Nadya Suleman Giving Birth -- VIDEO

The video of Octo-mom Nadya Suleman delivering her eight children in a California hospital has leaked!!!

The tape was being shopped around for upward of $1 million and was made with the mother’s consent.

The unemployed Suleman, 33, delivered the octuplets on Jan. 23 after undergoing in vitro fertilization. She could certainly use the cash for her family of 14!

The video aired on last night’s episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live! Check it out below!

Nadya Suleman Giving Birth — VIDEO
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  • hwooddood


  • ade


  • erin

    hate her hate her hate her.

    i refuse to even watch the video. number one because i don’t care about her or her kids, but also because i won’t give it the views.

  • ihavenolife

    did anyone watch the video above? is it gross? if it’s some kind of spoof i’ll watch it. if it’s actually her giving birth, i’ll pass.

  • Cheery

    it’s a spoof! LMFAO!!

  • Regular joe

    She is so strange looking. Her face is gross and her upper arms are fat and flabby. Her loose skin hanging from her stomach is grotesque. She also wants the government to pay for a tummy tuck in 6 months. She makes me sick..she’s a loser leach. I hope she’s had the surgery where she can’t have anymore kids.

  • alllthegossip


  • leigh krueger

    funniest video!! the doctor knocking the babies away with the pan was hysterical

  • danz

    what a predictable joke.

  • e

    sicko mom

  • ~*HoT PiNk PrInCeSS*~

    I agree with #10

  • Manteaux De Chef

    Predictable but funny.

  • Cathey

    If Jared posts 1 more item on this woman I will never log onto this website again!! She is not worth my time!!

  • eleanor

    funniest thing i have seen all day!!
    WATCH IT PEOPLE its sooo funny

  • vmars111


  • Heh

    Lordy lordy. She reminds me of AJ.

  • Blah girls

    Ew this woman!!!

  • test

    Lordy lordy.



  • Not aj

    No diff between her and AJ in my opinion. Both are mental.

  • >^..^

    Re: Erin

    Erin: WATCH THE VIDEO!!!! You won’t be sorry. Specially if you hate her. THOSE LIPS!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA. TOO FUNNY.

  • Fox

    Who would want to watch the ACTUAL footage! Thats disgusting. But this spoof is so much better!

  • wtf do you care?!

    can someone please explain to me since when did this crazy octo-pussy mom become a celebrity?????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bob

    So sick of seeing this fameho day after day talking mile a minute.
    Put her in orbit!!!!

  • Ali

    enough of this woman. no more.

  • mrsefron.

    LMAO! it’s a spoof watch it it’s funny!!!!!!!

    expecelly when they show her HA! ANGIE LOOK A LIKE!?! YEAHHH RIGHTTTTTTTTTT. Angie is PRETTY,

  • kc

    those posters who keep comparing her to angelina to this woman are the same boat with octomom. these women are useless and waste of space who stinks up the planet earth with their rut.I think what these poster wants to say is that they look like this octomom with the same mentality only difference is their worst than her because their bitter,jealous, very low class, foulmouthed and downright evil. i think you need to lock up in a mental ward maybe one day when your boyfriend/ lover/husband keep dumping you for another woman, maybe sooner i hope!!…so i can’t wait you to go mental.

  • Marta

    great vid

  • Oprah

    Jimmy Kimmel FTW

  • corey2cool

    that was the funniest thing I ever seen, I was drinking a beer and it came out my nose.

  • ‘Mandise

    HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!! that’s too funny…predictable but damn hilarious!! I love it when the doctor knocks the baby wit the pan away! too funny

  • ihavenolife

    haha thank goodness it’s just a spoof. jimmy is funny!

    kc @ 03/06/2009 at 3:07 pm

    huh? what are u trying to say? who is being dumped and going mental? are u talking about nadya? i don’t follow her that closely so i don’t know. did she get dumped and that is why she has so many kids? doesn’t make sense.

  • fleece baby

    HAHAHAHAHA That’s wicked funny!!

  • lily

    I didn’t want to watch it at first but it is really really funny
    I hate this women but this video is GOOD

  • Annabel

    Jared, the babies were born on the 26th, not the 23rd.

  • julia

    ok annael but nobody cares

  • dez

    I don’t want to comment, but compelled to do so because I think this woman is a fame seeking freak. I am pleading to all JJ readers to stop commenting on her posts because the more hits she gets it will seem like people have a genuine interest in her, hence, more articles, interviews,etc. (yuk!) Maybe if all the comments stop then maybe she’ll go away. I hope.

  • vanessajonas

    angie lookk alikee hahaha

  • lakers fan in boston

    i thought that was hilarious =D
    love how the babies just started popping out, especially when like 5 came out at the same time =]
    and how they made fun of her fake lips lol

  • kaila


  • kaila


  • LOL

    I just pissed my self laughing and YES, YES, it remains me an awful lot of Angelina Jolie ROTFL

  • tine

    What does her husband says about this!!!!

  • tk

    HA HA HA . good spoof. hope the real video comes out soon , complete with nadya under the effect of her hormones :)…

  • Ron

    She is as hot as Angelina Jolie, I’d like a threesome with this two hot moms.

  • Zman

    This is probably how Angie looked when she gave birth to her twins.LMAO!

  • salma

    i was hilarious but also innapropriate ……

  • The real deal

    Not aj @ 03/06/2009 at 2:08 pm No diff between her and AJ in my opinion. Both are mental.

    Well since you cannot tell the difference I’ll spell it out for you and try not to use too many big words so you won’t get confused.

    Angelina Jolie is a multimillionare who has ADOPTED three children and given BIRTH to three children. They have six, 3+3=6. She has a partner who is also a multi millionare. These people have a thriving career and can AFFORD the children that they have. They can afford to live in really big houses called mansions with really big yards so the kids have room to play. They can afford to have nannies and the best that money can buy. Plus they seem to be in a solid relationship and are very involved in their children’s lives—thus providing a stable environment no matter how many times they travel.

    Now, Nadya Suleman is a woman who has given birth to 14 children. Several of her children are special needs. This woman has no money, only has emotional support from her parents. She has no job, lives off of welfare and receives food stamps. She has no husband or partne,r has no health insurance and lives in a small cramped home.

    Now even someone as intellectually challenged as yourself should be able to see that there is a BIG difference between AJ and this woman. Hell, even Stevie Wonder could see the difference.

    Both AJ and Brad Pitt (you people always seem to leave him out of the equation) have stated that they always wanted a large family. There is nothing wrong with that if you have the means and the ability to do so. Now , there is something wrong with someone without the means and who has several children that will be challenging by just themselves.

    I hope this helps in your reasoning. And I also hope that you do not reproduce. There are more than enough brain dead individuals populating this planet as there is.

  • Salomon


  • Tanya Mikhal

    Angie Jolie is “Hexamom “and Nadya Suleman is Octomom, they should meet and become friends so that their children play together.