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Zac Efron is Prince Phillip

Zac Efron is Prince Phillip

And here it is!

High School Musical couple Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens portray a scene from the Disney classic Sleeping Beauty as Princess Aurora and Prince Phillip. Bigger pic inside…

Famed photographer Annie Leibovitz snapped the photo, as re-posted on Stitch Kingdom.

The photo will be published in Disney twenty-three magazine. The official website will launch in three days at

David Beckham portrayed Prince Phillip back in 2007.

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omg hottttt!
zaccy you’re sexy

# 5

hmm not so good

# 6

they look cute together, but it kinda looks weird

# 7

perfect couple

# 8

Amazing! They are gorgeous!

he looks a fabio book character and she doesnt look right in that role

oh my god-zac is soooooo hott. i melt everytime i see that man. love i tell you, love! vanessa looks like a little pale…and a little standoffish but its beautiful

they look sooo cute!!!

Um. . . Princess Aurora and Prince Phillip are both blond. But it’s a pretty pic. I’ll just pretend they’re not playing my favorite Disney couple when I look at it.

dubberuckie13 @ 03/06/2009 at 11:23 pm

AWESOME photo..
I couldn’t even tell it was them at first

OMG! That doesn’t even look like them! But they look so cute!

I don’t care for them, but I like the photo

he looks good she looks like crap in that pic. She’s suppose to be sleeping not looking like a corpse

Zac looks beautiful though!

why is zac ruined with blusher? why does the troll look like a dead body?


so beautiful.
only if zac showed his face.
that would have been better.

at least in this role it was confirmed unlike the rumor that vanessa auditioned for leah clearwater

Just Interested @ 03/06/2009 at 11:34 pm

they look like romeo & juliet

not phillip & aurora just saying ;)


If you would read a little bit about the picture you’d find out that the concept of this is where the prince has just kissed the princess and she has just awakened…Can’t people just appreciate the beauty of the work, the art of it all instead of finding fault like the fact you want the two of them to be blonds? Can’t you think outside the box so to speak and think of the prince and princess as having a different color hair that what you have always been use to?

Have said already and am saying it again. Where is the rule that says a disney/fairytale character has to be blonde, brunette or redhead unless specified in the tale? So here’s to Vanessa and Zac for being the best Princess Aurora and Prince Philip yet. The best young couple ever! Kudos to Annie for her amazing and outstanding portrayal yet again. She has captured the essence of what makes Zac and Vanessa so special in this photo pic.


i think it’s GORGEOUS!!!!
not necessarily zac or vanessa are super beautiful in this picture.. but more so just the whole photo itself is really pretty..
props to Anne.
she always continues to bring the greatest work of art.

i agree Boji
the best young couple in hollywood.
God Bless Zanessa.

ummm kinda weird?

JJ can you keep them only in JJJ

Beautiful and I dont care about how thier supposed to be blonde like who the hell cares what matter is Zac and Vanessa portrayed them right V looks stunning as usual and Zac handsome as ever also the pic how it was taken looks so serena nd peacful kudus to Anne!!

Very hot and yet innocent at the same time. The photo gets better the more I look at it. Gorgeous couple.

omg hes so hot.

What is wrong with you people!!! who said they have to be blonde and caucasian!!! this is not about Black and White!! It’s the photographer’s version of the Disney characters. Some immature people always bash Vanessa and she has done nothing wrong to any of you. She is a young lady making an honest living and trying to survive in Hollywood but it’s you immature people who have horse blinders on that cannot see the big picture that constantly bash her. Don’t post if you don’t like her, don’t post if you can’t say anything nice about anybody. Oh and by the way you immature people and people that HATE Zac & Vanessa…..Bless You All!!!

hmmmm..its OK..but i would have done it the other way around & stayed true to sleeping beauty…. it’s the OPPOSITE.. VANESSA’S EYE’S CLOSED NOT ZAC!!! lol SILLY PHOTOGRAPHER & PEOPLE (Z & V) Stupid actually..even I knew that and I’m not even a Disney star lo


Hmmmm . . . she is supposed to be pale because she has been in a deep sleep for many years.

they just look liked vampires. FAIL

*like myyy bad

I set this to wallpaper !

be sure, the royal family is noo supporter of the HOMO-SEXUAL-SCENE, folks!!

Don’t haters ever think that this is the interpretation of Annie Leibovitz of Sleeping Beauty and does not necessarily have to follow the norm of what they perceive Philip and Aurora to be?! People should just move past the illogical hate of either Zac and Vanessa. If they don’t like this photo, then they should critique objectively the treatment of the image by the photographer and not make below the belt attacks on the actors who posed for the image.

Art is subjective and people are certainly entitled to their own opinion. But some in here just abuse their right to dishing out their so-called opinion which in truth are actually just plain insulting rude commentaries. ***getting off my soapbox now***

[☆I n F a m o u s☆] @ 03/07/2009 at 12:12 am

can that girl do anything without efron? can she even get a job without him being attached.. lol

yah, I definitely agree with InFamous. The picture is definitely cute, but can this girl do something that doesn’t require Zac Efron? If it wasn’t for him I feel she’d be slightly irrelevant. There are a lot of couples like that in Hollywood I suppose…

Again, I add the picture is adorable.

zanessa4everrr! @ 03/07/2009 at 12:21 am


Now this is just hilarious….Fans of Zac and Nikki Blonsky just did a photoshop manipulation of this image to put in Nikki in the pic. And my goodness….I can’t help but feel icky about this….It just looks so insane like Zac kissing someone who just came out of a casket. LMFAO. Sorry if this is unrelated and sounds like a diss but I just can’t help but have a good laugh at it…

See for yourself….

He looks pussied out! I would so hit that!

Rants, Thoughts & Merde

the picture is good… but i don’t like them portraying felipe and aurora…. i don’t personally dislike them, but… i don’t know… i would have chosen someone else, maybe it’s because they’re my favorirte disney characters…and as someone said before, they look more like romeo & juliet. But it’s a really good picture, as all of Annie’s are =)

Stunning!!! I love it. All of Anne Leibovitz pictures don’t necessarily
follow the main stream,even Disney made the characters and
stories according to their interpretation in the films, not what was
written in the original fairy tales. You can tell she wanted her to have
a disoriented look on her face as she awakes from love’s first kiss.
Perfect couple for this!

They look like Olivia Hussey and Leonard Whiting in the 1968 movie version of Romeo and Juliet!

They look amazing!!!!!!!!!

This portrayal of them as Prince and Princess is amazing! Zac looks handsome, and I’m sure there are more images that we have yet to see taken by Annie Leibowitz. I would love to see Zac’s face…Vanessa looks beautiful, and would love to see them both have eye contact with the camera. I can’t wait for the outtakes!

no, not really @ 03/07/2009 at 12:51 am

the photo is too close up, unlike almost all of the the other disney pictures. where are they anyway? a medieval laundry room of some sort?

i love zanessa, but this is the worst picture of leibovitz’s bunch.

Looks beautiful! Love all the opportunities these two have been getting.


i like it. it;s cute

I love them but i don’t like this pic zac looks old and vanessa don’t look right 2 me but wat ever still love them

Just Interested @ 03/07/2009 at 1:31 am


LMFAO ewwww

zac has on way too much make-up and vanessa looks like shes dying. zac really looks stupid though. whats with all the blush?!

prince philippe should be robert pattison because vanessa looks like a vampire hehehheh they’ll make a cute pair though

Wow, we have a long way to go to get people to think outside the box.

Somebody has posted before why these Disney characters were all portrayed as caucasian but in the original fairytales, they are not. With enlightenment and the awareness of cultural stereotypes, Disney is trying to redress what it did and let children know that these tales transcends race and culture but apparently the message is being totally missed. How sad.

The same way Jesus and Joseph where always portrayed as blond and blue eyed when they were clearly middle eastern and would have looked more like Osama bin laden than Brad Pitt. If a persian were to be cast as Jesus or Joseph in the dreamcoat musical, I can imagine the same people going ‘but Joseph is blond’.

I thought the point of fairytales was fantasy and letting your minds loose in imaginations. It’s sad that rather we’re raising a generation of people with set minds not open to learn and be flexible. Doesn’t bode well for your country.

vanessa looks beautiful i can’t wait for her new role in sucker punch

They are kind of getting annoying doing EVERYTHING together. Don’t get me wrong Zac is Hot!!!

Having said my piece. Annie’s photography is a work of art targeted at a certain audience and like all such distinguished works, it doesn’t have to appeal to everyone and not everyone has to get it. People hated Mona Lisa when Da Vinci initially did it and that’s fine.

I for one love it. It looks like a classic painting. They were both caught in mid-pose, Phillip coming away from his kiss and Aurora’s eyes just fluttered open.

Aurora is pale as befits one who has been sleeping and Phillip is still flushed from rushing to her and the anxiety of not knowing if she would wake.

Van looks beyond gorgeous, like an English rose and Zac looks princely. Her beauty is so fluid and exotic that she can pull off different looks, pale, classic, sultry, smoking, an artist’s dream.

No wonder high profile producers are pursuing her for their movies, first Dead @ 17 then Sucker Punch. I guess industry insiders do see her amazing potential. Now we need a big producer to cast her in a perion drama.

I love that they are outgrowing their younger fanbase and can transform themselves into a photographer’s or director’s vision so much so that they are barely recognisable as their normal selves, that’s growth in their industry.

Love that they got this amazing opportunity early on in their careers, to be immortalized by Annie L. So exciting to think that this is just the beginning.

Some people are so un-cultured it’s funny. This is not meant to be the classic Disney fairy-tale, it’s Annie’s take on it. It’s meant to be how it is. Annie is a genius, and she knows exactly what she’s doing and what she wanted, and no doubt the finished piece is just that, she is a perfectionist after all. Zac and V look beautiful. He is meant to look like that, in contrast to her fair skin, ethereal and airy. It is a truly stunning shoot. Their chemsity just shines, it’s so innocent yet senusal at the same time. Amazing.

And for you idiots who said about V needing Zac. Hate to break it to you, but she has scored a new role in Sucker Punch, all by herself. So get your facts straight..

Interesting. I expected it to be the moment just before he kisses her and not after. Took a second, but once I realized that it was the moment after, I decided that I like it a lot. Kudos to Annie for taking a different route!

Stunning photograph, seriously. It’s just beautifully done… captured the innocence and romance of a fairy tale perfectly. They look just breathtaking….both of them. Annie outdid herself on this one….but then again, she had beautiful subjects!!


endofthworld @ 03/07/2009 at 2:46 am

I’m not into artwork at all but this picture is amazingly beautiful. It really pulls you in. I can’t stop looking at it and finding things. I’ve saved it. Good job Annie!

SHE MUST BE BLOND !!!!!!!!!! V is OUT . and the Red lipstick it’s not for her .

vancrazed @ 03/07/2009 at 2:51 am

What are talking about doing everything together. They ahve no other projects together. If you talking about going to premieres together, going on dates together, shoots together, I think you better get ready because that is what couples do. And that isn’t going to change for these two. If your tired of seeing them together maybe you don’t need to watch TV or read the internet cause they are all over it.

vancrazed @ 03/07/2009 at 2:55 am

Is it just me, or are some of you realizing that people don’t understand art for what it is. Annie is a legend. Pretty sure she knows how to capture the essence of her subjects. V should not be blond, and the red lipstick brings out the whiteness in her skin, which is necessary becuase of her natural coloring. She looks like a doll. As she should.
This is Annie art and it is perfect.

skippingsarah @ 03/07/2009 at 3:03 am

not the top. something’s not right

This picture is fantastic, Annie Leibovitz is a brilliant photographer and I love her work!!! This picture is gorgeous.

Hear,hear, Naomi! Very well put. I can’t agree more. A real piece of art work. I must say only ignoramuses would make such derogatory remarks and not appreciate good art work even if it stared them in the face. Unfortunately, Romeo and Juliet is not under the Disney Umbrella. Obviously, Zac and Vanessa would be ideal contenders.

I can’t believe they got to work along side the genius that is Annie Leibovitz.

I love that she never does the stereotypical shoots, first Beyonce as Alice in Wonderland, Whoopi Goldberg as The Genie, Marc && J.Lo as Aladdin && Jasmine, Jessica Biel as Pocahantas.

It’s the same here, she picked the two people she felt could convey the portrait — not the same attributes as the original characters.

The photo is gorgeous, Annie’s done it again.

BABY V supporter @ 03/07/2009 at 3:30 am

omg, theyre soooooo into each other <333


this portrait is just stunning, Anne did an amazing job and Vanessa and Zac are absolutely STUNNING, I mean I totally understand the concept the photoghrapher was going for, it is both romantic and breathtaking. This is really an awesome portrait and by far the best of the series.

zanessafan4ever18 @ 03/07/2009 at 4:32 am

Such a classy portrait.
Zac looks HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
V looks gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Sleeping Beauty was blond, it’s like saying Little Mermaid wasn’t a red hair

tnks. Annie for the magnificent picture of zac and vanessa.
classy portrait.

Wow this pic is amazing!!! x

They are so cute, ” sleeping beauty” is perfect for us ….

I put this pic as a wall on my computer … it’s amazing

i love it!!!

wawww they look so cute together

and I hate annie leibovitz….because of what she have done to miley

kiss me

They killed the original

This is my least favourite portrait. I thought Annie would blow us away with this one, especially since it’s a while the last one was released. They could’ve done so much with this! The dress is all wrong (and it should’ve been blue) and the way he’s kissing her looks so awkward…. it looks as if he’s the one that’s sleeping instead of her Vanessa.

Sleeping Beauty can be blond,red,or brunette.Its fantasy fiction.

I think some of you are missing the point that this is ANNIE’s interpretation of this scene from the fairy tale. Artists see their subjects in a more creative way, and Annie truly saw the beauty in this shot. WHO CARES ABOUT HER HAIR or dress color?? It doesn’t have to look like the animated movie…….and it doesn’t!! It’s ANNIE’s fantasy of this scene.

It works, and it’s just beautiful.

V-loyalist @ 03/07/2009 at 7:49 am

Hi go sox, right on to that!

My opinion, Annie did an awesome job using our young, lovely couple transforming them into this classic fairy tale. It’s one remarkable work of art and the others featured on the book as well. Honestly, I am no expert in photography but their costume, the backdrop, their expressions is exceptional and they portrayed it really, really good the way Annie wants to internalized it. Well done ZV and Annie.

I just hope I can have my own copy of the book when it gets available =)

It’s an amazing picture. I not a big fan of Annie’s work. Sometimes she get it right and sometimes not.

well people this only master piece of art sleeping beauty not the original one.this only a portrait not a movie think about it.
i admit this a very unique portrait of zac and vanessa.



margarita @ 03/07/2009 at 8:25 am

hey…they are good need to hate or anything,just enjoy it..anyway,they wont care whatever you say ppl..if you hate it then stop looking at it..let US fans enjoy whenever these two are together..its for our own enjoyment anyway not yours…spread love not hate..God bless us all! God bless zanessa!

They look awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!

he looks good
she not so much.
it should be a blonde

its beautiful….love how Anne did the whole look and feel of the classic oil portrait….

absolutely beautiful

V-fan-forever @ 03/07/2009 at 9:39 am

awwwww *dies*

they are GORGEOUS!! they look great love it!!! Zanessa Rocks!

the picture was really awesome..

they really look like a prince and a princess..
zanessa were really the BEST..

they really have an undeniable chemistry that no one has.

they are really awesome.. Ü

nice annie.

the title of this photo is Sleeping Beauty Awakening at the Castle (or something like that) .

Anne’s take on this is that he just kissed her, and she just opened her eyes after a long sleep. You can tell the Prince is still mesmerized by her beauty…

great portrayal of this classic story


#47 , I agree with you 100 %

Vote for Vanessa and HSM3 at KCA!!!

That looks….incredibly awkward.

christine x3 @ 03/07/2009 at 10:45 am


i think what Annie is trying to do for these series of photos for Disney is to go beyond the stereotype… and the ignorant posters here failed to see that. An African American as Alice in Wonderland (Beyonce)? The Genie as a woman (Whoopi Goldberg)? So what’s wrong if Sleeping Beauty is not blond? dont critic a photo too much if you are not a professional.. it will just make you look more stupid. just appreciate it for what it is… a beautiful photo.

for those of you who love Kate’s Falling Into You, she has updated her story with this one shot Disney pic of Zac and Van – Once Upon a Time.

This picture is INSANELY GORGEOUS as always. Zac and Vanessa did a great job on this one. Whoever thinks that there is something wrong with this picture doesn’t know how to appreciate ART. Its doesn’t have to be looking the real characters to justify the story, the message here is the concept that embodies the story not the actual appearance of the characters. THIS IS AN ART THAT CAPTURES THE MESSAGE BEYOND what other people can’t comprehend especially when this people can’t appreciate what an ART suppose to mean. So people grow up and think beyond what it can tells you. The photographer knows what she does and knows what she wanted for the story to be retold, which in this case a different aspect which makes it interesting.
Well kids sorry to disappoint but you gotta understand this is an ART not the real sleepig beauty fairytale. Remember its not even a real story to begin with. Its the imagination which makes it real so make your own.

Beautifully together they look

vanessa's lovers @ 03/07/2009 at 11:10 am

PERFECT,i see that’s before..

that doesnt look like zac

even with those famous blue eyes closed…he’s beautiful!



mm…I don’t know…

Zac looks beautiful :)

but Nessa…She doesn’t look like Aurora

But it’s a good picture anyways :)

zanessalove4verer @ 03/07/2009 at 12:03 pm

woo i love is beautiful

The beauty of it is, is that it looks like an oil painting. Incredible.

zanessa fan!!! @ 03/07/2009 at 12:25 pm

I think this picture is stunning!!! I love it!!!

Wow! They look enchanting! I love the pix.

Hey there Angels :)

this pic is sooo sweet
they look just perfect.

the portrait is utterly ENchanting, I have been staring at it consistantly since yesterday, they is no dening that Zac and Vanessa are extremely beautiful people but the vibe and chemisty of the shot just speaks volumes. It’ s as if they are in a fairy tale and she has only just awakened and he is still entranced by her beauty and not willing to lose contact with her. Beautiful picture, the emotions in the pic are just mind blowing, you can just feel the intensity of prince phillips emotions for his princess aurora.

I always thought of them as disney royality so this is perfect. I love the pic they look amazing. What’s with all the ignorant comments? by the way this is a zac thread so whoever’s looking for robert pattinson needs to go to one of his.

Zac looks gorgeous as usual but Vanessa looks too pale.

Awesome picture! They look soooo good together! Love Zanessa!

Awkward and ugly. Way to kill a great original.

omg thats amazing!!!

they’re so cute and vanessa is gorgeous as always!!!!!


Vanessa’s face does look a little weird, but wasn’t Sleeping Beauty supposed to have been asleep for 100 years?

This is actually quite beautiful.

Disney no talent reject

simplemente perfectos ellos todo lo que hacen es divino son una pareja de bellos me facinan es como si tuvieran una magia unica creo que la relacion de ellos va pasar a la historia como la de Romeo y Juliea me facinan


This doesn’t look anything like Vanessa. Vanessa looks Asian and in this picture, she looks Caucasian?!

That picture is enough to make you puke, Too much makeup, dull as dishwater. They ruined to good characters

Hey, Steph!! Enchanting is a perfect way to describe this picture. Geez, now I want them to do a period drama like Pride and Prejudice!

Tiptoes, that is just beautiful, and thanks for your warm welcome!! ;o)

What did Annie do? That doesn’t even look like Zac.

It seems like Zac is the sleeping beauty .

gracemarie @ 03/07/2009 at 2:16 pm

Did any of you ever do anything cultural or creative in your pathetic little lives.

Rudolph Nureyev and Margot Fonteyn BOTH BRUNETTES and with out question the greatest ballet pair ever, danced the Sleeping Beauty and dance it in such a way tears came to your eyes they were so wonderful.

Are you telling me that because the great Dame Margot Fonteyn, Carla Fracci, Patricia McBride, Gelsey Kirkland, Maria Tallchief some of the greatest dancers EVER should not have danced the part because they were all BRUNETTES.

It’s called “Artistic Vision” and Annie Lebowitz became famous because of it – some of you should get some.

zanessa fan @ 03/07/2009 at 2:19 pm

Oh My Efron!!!!
Wow This Is So Cute!!!!
They Are Such A Great Couple!!!
I Love Zanessa!!!

They are gorgeous!

Great Couple!!!

im sorry but that looks wierd how her face is all white and his is darker than he actually is and ho wher face is??

perfect couple

This picture is wicked creepy!!

They are perfect! I love Vanessa,she looks really GORGEOUS!
I love this pic, and everything about her


wtf? that picture looks just weird. way to much make up. and well, zanessa sucks!!!

my favorite Disney couple

vanessa is beautiful

cute together,


The best young couple ever!

wow, they both look amazing!

What the ****?
They both look terrible and Zac GAYfron is wearing makeup again….dickweed.

i think they look adorable, who cares if their blond there both awesome people and i love them!

I Love Zanessa!!!

I like the photo

Lol she kinda looks like Michael Jackson in this one

lakers fan in boston @ 03/07/2009 at 3:28 pm

i dont think the picture looks all that good
vanessa looks weird imo =[

vanessa looks okay. definitely not princess aurora-ish.
zac looks hot, on the other hand!

VANESSA looks beautiful though!

they look adorable

WTF!!!???? i never liked this movie and they just made it worst a **** and a travastdyke ewww both are horrible and this movie sucks

Looks beautiful!

beautiful brunette

Perfect couple for this!

Zac Efron is a good looking guy but when someone like David Beckham has already portrayed Prince Phillip to perfection anyone else who does isn’t going to measure up. I think Pocahontas has already been portrayed by Jessica Biel but it wasn’t that great of a picture so a do-over would have been nice and I kind of think that they would have been a great Pocahontas and John Smith. Plus this picture looks really awkward to me and she should be the one sleeping not him!


I think a lot of young kids on here only know fairy tales from the Disney cartoon version. And have very closed minds. You all need to go back to the original Grimm’s Fairy Tales.

Anyway, here’s a clear pic of the beautiful, flawless photograph. Anne Lebowitz is a professional photographer and she knows what she’s doing.

she should be the one sleeping not him!


Anne Lebowitz is a professional photographer

Anne Lebowitz work for vanity fair, rolling stone , vogue…

so Beautifull!!!!!!!! LOVE IT!

good election is the more popular young couple and dysney want money

what is better jj or x17 online ?

she´s pretty

zac is soooooo hott. i

i think the photograph is very beautiful…….i like it!

she looks kinda like micheal jackson

aussie chick @ 03/07/2009 at 5:56 pm

the pic is beautiful.
zanessa forever.

adcgordon @ 03/07/2009 at 5:59 pm

Awesome picture! Kudos to Annie Leibovitz for proving herself and her talents yet again. Love the picture of one of the world’s hottest couples!

It would help if some of you dim-witted people would take note of the name of this photo: “Sleeping Beauty AWAKENS…”

That is the reason her eyes are OPEN… This is like it was taken immediately AFTER she has received her kiss.

The prince is flushed from running to her and so he is in an awkward positon. He is so lost in his worry and thinking she is dead and also so taken by her beauty that he is lost in his thoughts and thus his eyes are CLOSED!

Also, as someone mentioned, most of you seem only to be familiar with the animated or cartoon version of Sleeping Beauty so you think she should be a blond. But in the original fairytale this isn’t the way she was conceived. And when the cartoons were made a lot of the princesses were given blond hair—like Cinderella.

good job anne leibovitz

where are the other pix? if this one was fabulous we need to see the rest of them!

i agree with you

Love this picture. Hi all, please check out this video that I’ve created…it’s a bit different than my other Zanessa videos..all comments are welcome, please rate it…Thanks so much.

wow they were the best of aaaaaaaallllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll
havent ever seen such wonderful couple so cute both of them

Yuck. She looks more like Malificent than Princess Aurora.

i can get over the fact that they are both supposed to be blonde. whatever. but honestly, they could have at least had her wearing the blue dress. no blonde hair, no blue dress, she looks dead…just not as amazing as all the other ones. cool picture? yeah. but just not what i hoped for. :(

I originally posted this on JJ but it applies here as well. Sleeping Beauty isn’t just a Disney cartoon. If you ever seen the ballet Sleeping Beauty performed by New York City Ballet Co. then you are familar with the following scene:

“In ballet production of Sleeping beauty that The New York City Ballet Co. performed at the Met in New York. In the ballet, Prince Phillip kisses Princess Aurora on the lips but she doesn’t wake up. Prince Phillips thinks he came too late to save her and believe she is dead, but before he leaves he kisses one last time on the cheek and takes in her scent so he can always her remember how she taste and smell.

At this moment Princess Aurora awakes, but she doesn’t look at him for she not sure what is happening so she pauses before she turns to face him. When she finally faces him, he is overwhelmed with emotions and they kiss again.

I think Annie L. was inspired more the ballet Sleeping Beauty than the Disney film.”

Sleeping Beauty is popular ballet that is performed around the world from Russia to China by major ballet companies to local dance studios. Sometimes, Princess Aurora is blond,burnette,or redhead and she doesn’t always have long flowing locks. She can have short hair, medium hair or an afro. Princess Aurora and Prince Phillip are not always white. They can be Asian,African-American(The Dance Theater of Harlem have done a production of Sleep Beauty in Russia), Pacific Islanders, Hispanic etc.

Sadly, some of the criticism of Annie’s interpretation only reveal how culturally limited some posters are.

They are gorgeous!
pretty pic

# 209



CUTE GREat Annie Leibovitz

gracemarie @ 03/07/2009 at 8:29 pm


I said the same thing above you and list some of the great ballerinas who have danced the part including the great Native American prima ballerina Maria Tallchief.

It seems culture to many on this board is going to the mall.


“Culturally limited” is certainly a much nicer way to put it! LOL

#209 pop86 @ 03/07/2009 at 7:56 pm
I agree with you. From some of the comments on here, insisting that the princess have blonde hair and other demands, people really do have limited cultural experiences. Lots of kids have grown up with Disney books and Disney movies and think Disney created these character.

In the original story, the Brothers Grimm named the princess “Briar-Rose.” In 1890, Tchaikovsky shifted the name of the daughter, in translation, to that of the mother—Aurora. The name, Princess Aurora was then used by Disney in the film they did in 1959.

WOW! They are soooo beautiful together. Goregous pic. I love it!!!!

Karen,good explanation! pop86 and Gracemarie, I can see that you are knowledgeable when it comes to ballet. I appreciate you sharing with the rest of us. Culturally limited is something which is unfortunate and evident in lessons taught in schools these days. Have an open mind and you will discover a whole new world, I’ll guarantee you that.

Malia, atta girl, show them your mettle!

Soni hannigan @ 03/07/2009 at 10:14 pm

Awesome picture. I can’t wait until the magazine comes out

She looks like snow white

Let’s get one thing cleared, Sleeping Beauty was not created by Disney.They took the story and made an animated story out of it.Sleeping Beauty is a fairy tale that has been around for many generations,I remeber when I was little I used to hear different versions of the story from different members of my family. Let’s not forget that they used this story for different movies,ballets,and theatre productuions so they probably used actors and dancers of different races.What reall matters is the beauty and the artisitc view that Anne has,you can see that she is not a cliche and she thinks differently than what everyone thinks and you can see that through her photography.

its very nice..i realy love vanessa and zac best couple…

hope to see dat movie that zac and vanessa will be the actor and vanessa…

Zac looks really good like a prince but Vanessa looks kinda pale and scarry! I think it would of been better if they had him kiss her while she was still sleeping. I think vanessa would look good as Princess Jasmine from Aladdin. If I didn’t know what this picture was for I wouldn’t of thought of sleeping beauty. I don’t get why the thing she’s on is kinda lumpy. I think that ruined the picture.But I think Zac is georgous!

I agree that Disney didn’t invent Sleeping Beauty and that it is a well known ballet, but this article specifically states” Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens portray a scene from the Disney classic Sleeping Beauty” so it’s little wonder people are surprised she’s not blond, give them a break!

It seems like if it’s commissioned by Disney for use in a Disney publication as well, it’s not assured Annie’s made an homage to any orginal Sleeping Beauty concept. I love the picture and am not at all disappointed that she’s not blond, but it’s easy to see why some would have expected her to be blond. Matbe they made her up as a blond to start with but gave it up during the shoot as it didn’t look right.

vanessa looks so awkward

woah!! that doesnt really look like vanessa hudgens!!!!!!!1

prince, she is pale because she’s just been asleep for awhile and just awakened by her love’s kiss. I think that’s why they made Zac’s face look so tan and rosy…….to distinguish the fact that he’s alive and she may not be. That’s why he kisses her.

As far as the “lumpy” draping under her, I’ve been trying to figure that out as well. I’m thinking it may be Zac’s legs under the drape, and she’s laying on his lap. Then they arranged all the flowers and other props around them, and Annie may have shot this from above on a ladder or something tall. Anyone else have ideas as to how this was shot?

And she’s already done Jasmine and Aladdin….JLo and Marc. I have to say, Zac and Vanessa would have done that one SO much better!!

i can’t wait the long long time

i don’t understand all the hype over whether or not she has blonde hair. or why she’s pale. what it comes down to is some people just can’t stand for zac and vanessa do do ANYTHING together. so they need to find something to ***** about.

it’s a beautiful picture. and vanessa looks just right for a someone who is supposed to have been asleep for a hundred years.

was there all this s-h-i-t spewing about when beyonce did alice in wonderland? omg, she’s black and doesn’t have blonde hair.

oh, wait, she’s not dating zac efron. so it’s ok.

i think some people are just artistically challenged. or maybe no imagination. :)

This is Annie Leibovitz’s photographic interpretation of Sleeping Beauty. A beautiful interpretation. And Zac and Vanessa are the perfect pair to portray the two characters.

kathchelle @ 03/08/2009 at 3:10 am

omg! i love zac efron!


Ha! A prince looks better than a princess!:))

Another day, another look at this picture…….stunning, really. I wish they would have shot a whole series of pics like this.

Agree go sox. can’t wait for outtakes and BTS, and interviews by ZV on this photoshoot.

and this pic is my computer background. i stare at it during the day…ha..ha..

So easy to do, Tiptoes!! I can settle for outtakes….really! It’s a come-to-life visual of them being a prince and princess. A dream for hopeless romantics……

they’re both sooooo gorgeous!!!

#209 I have never seen the ballet of Sleeping Beauty and am glad to hear you describe the scene that this phote represents. It fits pertectly. Anyway, that they both are dardk-haired doesn’t bother me at all. I think the photo is a beautiful interpretation. The thing that bothers me about it is a technical/artistic one: the wash out of the color on the skirt of the dress makes it look like two different pieces and how the ruffles on the top of the bodice are so washed out that they almost blend into her skin. It doesn’t make the photograph less beautiful, but, I can’t stop looking at those areas. As a fan of Annie Leibovitz (sp?) I am hoping this is one of the out takes.

why is she so white??? it’d be alright if it was snow white but it’s not, and since it’s disney shouldn’t she be blonde? she doesn’t look that great and neither does he, kinda dissapointed. on the other hand taylor swift would make an amazing sleeping beauty or cinderella.

why is she so white??? it’d be alright if it was snow white but it’s not, and since it’s disney shouldn’t she be blonde? she doesn’t look that great and neither does he, kinda dissapointed. on the other hand taylor swift would make an amazing sleeping beauty or cinderella.

of course zac’s face look greasy…. he was just fighting through the live jungle with only a sword in his hand….
I just watch the Disney version of sleeping beauty lol…..

he is obviously beautiful. she is disgusting. he has nothing cute, her eyes are brown, simple, her hair is brown simple, her teeth are all made, … she’s kind of chubby….. GOD, WHAT DO YOU SEE TO THIS WOMAN?

I justttttttt love them

zac, beautiful
vanessa beautiful
perfect couple
picture of good taste

PIECE OF TRASH @ 03/08/2009 at 3:35 pm

I for one have not forgotten Vanessa’s “other photos”. She is low class. I am sick of every body being politically correct and condoning bad behavior.

vanessa beautiful
perfect couple

#247, PIECE OF TRASH, sorry you have such a low opinion of yourself and think you are low class. get some therapy. and you even call yourself a piece of trash. that is really sad.

VANESSA IS A PIECE OF TRASH @ 03/08/2009 at 4:17 pm


Then all normal teens in America are low class pieces of trash, because even if not caught, are all doing or talking about sexual issues. You are pathetic, self-righteous, and cruel. Everyone makes mistakes as teens. Duh. That’s what growing up is all about.

I see we have some annoying little kiddies on here today. Only little children yell and scream and throw tantrums.

Some of you kids need to go back to your sand box and stay there till you are mature enough to use logic to express your feelings.

Trina, you got that right!!

People with little minds and small thoughts are the ones who always resent someone else being happy. Because someone else’s happiness makes the small minded person miserable.

Albert Einstein once said, “Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds.”

Now, who can argue with Albert Einstein?

VANESSA IS A PIECE OF TRASH @ 03/08/2009 at 4:45 pm

Hey go sux:

Stop making generalizations about teen age behavior. Not all teens are behaving like Vanessa.

the picture is amazing
vanessa is beautiful with your look

VANESSA IS A PIECE OF TRASH @ 03/08/2009 at 4:48 pm

Hey Malia,

How clever, you know how to look up quotes on line. Can you please expound on your comparison of Einstein and trashy photos on a cell phone? I am really curious you brainiac.

#255, i certainly hope all teenagers are not behaving as irrationally as you are. you are a very bitter and angry person. anger will destroy your soul. but sounds like yours is already destroyed.

VANESSA IS A PIECE OF TRASH @ 03/08/2009 at 4:49 pm

HEY ASSLEE. Go back to your Twilight novels.

Annie Leibovitz ‘s picture has a very classical romantic feel to it.

When I saw the photo that looks so much like an oil portrait, the first thing that came to mind was Lord Byron’s “She Walks in Beauty Like the Night.”

SHE walks in beauty, like the night
Of cloudless climes and starry skies,
And all that’s best of dark and bright
Meets in her aspect and her eyes;
Thus mellow’d to that tender light
Which Heaven to gaudy day denies.

One shade the more, one ray the less,
Had half impair’d the nameless grace
Which waves in every raven tress
Or softly lightens o’er her face,
Where thoughts serenely sweet express
How pure, how dear their dwelling-place.

And on that cheek and o’er that brow
So soft, so calm, yet eloquent,
The smiles that win, the tints that glow,
But tell of days in goodness spent,—
A mind at peace with all below,
A heart whose love is innocent.

That’s how Vanessa looks in the picture. Very appropriate for a fairy tale princess.

sorry, i’ve never read twilight and probably never will.

dude, who let that screaming banshee out of the nut house today? or is it computer day in the mental wards?

Yes, I keep company with great minds. :)

For every minute you are angry you lose sixty seconds of happiness.
……Ralph Waldo Emerson

Anger dwells only in the bosom of fools.
……Albert Einstein

Anger always comes from frustrated expectations.
……Elliott Larson

VANESSA IS A PIECE OF TRASH @ 03/08/2009 at 5:37 pm

Hey Malia,

How clever, you know how to look up quotes on line. Can you please expound on your comparison of Einstein and trashy photos on a cell phone? I am really curious you brainiac.
Still waiting for an answer to my question. I find it really sad that you can not express yourself with your own words. Going to a quote site and looking up the word angry is really unoriginal…much like the drivel that Disney has been dishing out as of late. Same goes with Annie Liebovitz who is pretty darn lucky that John Lennon did that pose or really, she would not have a career right now.

However, I do appreciate that you lshow some interest in classic literature, it gives me hope that you will out grow your childish views of Vanessa and Zac Efron.

Not all teens, but most do. Doesn’t make them BAD or TRASH. Exploring sexuality is a NORMAL teen behavior, whether you’re into it or not. YOU don’t have to bash those who do either. Like I said, everyone makes mistakes as a teen… should we hate all those who do? You can stop acting so perfect. God forbid YOU make a mistake, and NO ONE forgives you or forgets. Get over yourself.

VANESSA IS A PIECE OF TRASH @ 03/08/2009 at 6:00 pm

It is not about forgiveness…it is about having high standards and living ones life that way.

Do I forgive Chris Brown for beating Rihanna? No why should I?

Do I think that Jamie Spears should have had sex at such a young age? No, why should I?

Do I forgive Rihanna for reconciling with a man who beats her? No, why should I?

Do I forgive Vanessa Hudges from putting a blemish on a positive roll model for young girls? No, why should I?

Do I forgive Bernie Madoff for stealing a lot of people’s money? No, why should I?

Since when is having high standards and doing the right thing a crime? Maybe we would not be in this financial and credit crisis if people just did the right thing.

Vanessa made mistake – NO ONE DENY THIS

BUT since then, she is nothing but a good girl…..

it’s better to make mistake once, learned from it, and move on

rather than make mistakes again and again even though you already said you’re sorry,etc….

Move On !!!

well= love your enemies,
do good to dose who hate you,
bless those who curse you,
pray for those who ill-treat you.

Get over yourself! No one is asking YOU to forgive her. She has not done anything to YOU. Her fans have already forgiven her and still love her.

Besides you are incapable of forgiveness, you obviously don’t have what it takes because you are so bitter and judgemental and abusive in your language. I, for one, am ecstatic you are not a fan and I would hate you to change your mind so please disappear back to where you crawled out from.
Your very presence here is offensive and we have pretty high standards as well and we choose to live our lives according to OUR high standards which precludes ugliness such as emanates from you.
We hate to be contaminated by your bitterness and ugliness and we would also hate for you to have YOUR ‘high standards’ contaminated by hanging around this thread, so the sooner you disappear back to your likes, the happier everyone is all round. It’s that simple.

VANESSA IS A PIECE OF TRASH @ 03/08/2009 at 6:48 pm

Naomi…I bet you got off on those photos, eh?

Unlike you, I haven’t seen them and don’t need to. I’m not a pervert neither do I assume a moral platform to cover the festing ugliness within.

The term ‘white-washed sepulchre’ describes you adequately and I feel for whoever has to live with you.

So typical of slimy cowards, you have no comeback so you resort to dirty, perverted insinuations no well-balanced human being would think of. You need to get serious help for your sickness because no amount of penance would cover up such pervertion.

nobodies perfect in this world we all make a mistakes .

Vanessa Is A Piece of Trash:

Having high standards is a good thing to try to live by for everyone. BUT we are human and made out of dirt, we are fallible creatures. So, if you are a teenager I will guarantee that you will eat these words in the not too far future. You have not begun to experience what life will bring your way. You have many lessons to learn and emotions to experience. So, try not to dig yourself too deep of a hole to fall into.

If you are older than your teens—over the age of 21—then you are a self-righteous prick who is no good to anyone but yourself since you see yourself as being perfect. If you say you are not perfect then why are you finding fault with so many who are not perfect either? Or if you are not perfect it is alright when you have made a mistake for someone to hold that against you for the rest of your days—even if you have tried to do differently in that situation?

Just remember this—since it seems you think you are so righteous:
“Pride goeth before destruction , and an haughty spirit before a fall.”

And honey, I don’t think I’ve seen much more of a haughty spirit than you have.

Vanessa looks beautiful here as she ALWAYS does.


Hey moron no one actually gives a fu*ck what you think. Get off your high horse. And with your name and comments it’s obvious you actually have no idea what standards or what doing the right thing actually means.

I see you Vanessa fans are biblical folk…….so I better start speaking your language…..

“Do not prostitute thy daughter, to cause her to be a *****; lest the land fall to whoredom, and the land become full of wickedness”

Leviticus 19:29

oh dear, someone got out of the mental hospital and is running around here…

on a more positive note, this mag is coming out tomorrow so hopefully we can get ZV interviews and Anne’s comments on the scene. I would be interested to know how Anne executed this beautiful picture….

How do put domestic violence, and fraudulent bank and money dealings in the same category as a teen mistake?? My admiration of her started with the way she handled herself….can’t say much about your self-righteous behavior. I have very high standards too, and I may not have done the same as Vanessa, but I would NEVER hold myself higher and believe myself to be better than anyone else over someone who made a mistake.

So where’s your bible quote that speaks of forgiveness and penance? Vanessa has done that and more. I’m proud of her, the way she has moved on and shown courage through it all.

Looking forward to that, Tiptoes!

Um…Chris Brown is 19 years old…..did he make a teen mistake?

By the way, I don’t believe that God forgives everything. Forgiveness is a Christian tool to perpetrate crimes against humanity.


Let’s see you are tired of political correctness—I hate that term too—and condoning bad behavior—so do I. SO, why is it since you are so perfect you don’t understand common everyday manners? With what you have said in your comments it doesn’t show any of that. And you still display the most haughty and arrogant spirit I have ever seen. At this point it doesn’t matter what Vanessa has or hasn’t done it is your conduct that is in question now and the one you should be worried about. Is what she has done worse than how you are acting now in your attitude and language? I think not. An unforgiving spirit and a haughty nature is just as wrong as any picture or anything that you think Vanessa did that was wrong.

Hey, I am not as bad as the barracudas on the brangelina / aniston comments!

Just having fun and helping JJ get more web page hits….

Touche Karen, however I just wish at least ONE fan will admit that
the cell phone photos were not a mistake, but a planned move???

Good night all ;)

wow 286 comments. zac and nessa really popular. they get more comments than anyone else on jj. sweet.

when somebody steals a pic from you that is not a planned move. that is know as someone stealing from you. and even megan fox said people should be mad at the person who stole the pic and put it on the internet. not mad at vanessa.

if someone steals your wallet, your car or any other personal item, how would you be the bad guy? the person who does the stealing is the one who should be blamed. some of you got so much hate inside that your thinking is screwed up.


I was always taught you can’t deal with stupid. Now, before you dash off one of your quick responses trying to turn that phrase onto all of us who have disagreed with you, let me just say that we could all stop now from responding to you and just say we will let everyone judge from what has already been written and see who fares better as it is pretty obvious you are just wanting to argue about this and get attention and/or get the fans riled up with your arrogant comments. If you truly think you are so great there is nothing else to be said that hasn’t been already and I refuse to give you anymore attention as I’m sure you think you are worth all the attention in the world.

As far as Chris Brown goes it was bad judgment on his part and a part of his emotional immaturity that certainly needs too be dealt with right away. But the boy IS only 19 and there is hope if he wants to change and he seeks the help he needs. He needs to UN-learn those things he has been exposed to in his early years. The more open he is about this the more likely he can overcome it. It is truly arrogant of you to put this young man in a “box” when he is so young. Let’s wait and see what 10 more years bring before we ship him off to the land of undesirables for the rest of his life. I hope that my life is not judged by the first 20 years of it.

#283, man your brain is really screwed up if you equate beating the s-h-i-t out of a woman to that of one simple, harmless n-u-d-e pic. Obviously you think of the female body as something unclean and vile. Did that single photo harm you in any way? Absolutely not. Sounds to me like you need some help with logical thinking.

‘I, I am he who blots out your transgressions for my own sake, and I will not remember your sins’. – Isaiah 43: 25

‘Can a woman gorget her nursing child, that she should have no compassion on the son of her womb? Even these may forget, yet I will not forget you. Behold, I have negraved you on the palms of my hand;’ – Isaiah 49:15
‘Blessed are the merciful, for they shall receive mercy’ – Matthew 5:7

‘For if you forgive others their trespasses, your heavenly Father will also forgive you.’ – Matthew 6:14

‘Judge not, that you be not judged.’ – Matthew 7:1

‘You hypocrite, first take the log out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to take the speck out of your brother’s eye.’ – Matthew 7:5

‘Let him who is without sin among you be the first to throw a stone at her.’ – John 8:7
‘…forgiving each other, as the Lord has forgiven you, so you also must forgive’ – Colossians 3:13

Do you need more to understand the inherent tone of the bible or are you among those that practice selective christianity? Picking only remote bits that support a vindictive outlook.

karen you are a ghetto b itch.

Well, I’m back from my book club meeting and I see that same sad person is still on posting as two or three different people. Yep, I think she needs some anger management counseling to understand just why she hates Vanessa so much and why it has taken over her very being. And WHY she hates logical quotes. Seems those burn her up, too. Interesting.

Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to the Dark Side.

little name-calling kid. where is you mama, girl. she need to teach you some manners.

tippie-toes @ 03/08/2009 at 9:14 pm

i think that lovely pic of zac and vanessa has put a big thorn up some of the haters’ a-s-s-e-s. it’s tying their stomachs in knots and making their blood boil that zac is not with that ugly b-l-i-m-p they want him to be with. hating on vanessa will not force zac to buy into your sick fantasies of him being with some bloated toad. swallow your anger and drink some tea to wash it down.

Chris Brown is being charged with a violent crime; a stolen private picture is no where in that league.

Naomi, thanks…..those were perfect!

They look cute~Zac is handsome~Vanessa is beautiful

And yes, GOD does forgive….but honestly, what is there to forgive? She didn’t do anything wrong. Is there a commandment that says, “Thou shalt not take naked pic of yourself”? Nope….it was a bad decision, and she dealt with it, has lived with it, and moved on.

I;m weighing in on the ugliness. and can I just say to the empty, vile person who tend to believe God doesn’t forgive all sin…you better hope yoru wrong. i beieve that God doesn’t look at us through levels of goodness, but imperfection, becuase nooone perfect. So, you saying these things makes you just a filthy at the double murder charge of a guy in prison. Fortunately for some them say see their ought and ask forgiveness for their mistakes from humankind and God alike. Vanessa sure did. She didn’t cower, didn’t hide. She didn’t blame it on someone else. She admitted and imediantly apologized. She has more strength than most, and tobe honest with you, when she did that, that is when I became a fan. I really hope for your sake your wrong about God, because i would hate to wait till my last day to figure out if my sins and oughts were the ones God did or didn’t forgive. Fortunately for Vanessa she won’t have to worry about that.

Wow! It is just so great to come on this thread to see such intelligent, learned, knowledgeable fans imparting quotes and wisdom I’ve never heard before. Right On!

Viapot or Piece of Trash, I gather you are an intelligent person yourself but it is a shame that you choose to be so prudish and self-righteous. Where is the compassion? Vanessa has not committed a crime. She made one mistake. Even Jesus can forgive sinners. Chris Brown is young and if Rihanna can find it in her heart to forgive him, why can’t we? She must have seen the inner Chris that we don’t know about. Why are you so judgemental?Look not unto others but yourself.

What is going on in here! so much ******* i n g fighting!
How about we all just comment on this lovely, beautiful picture of these two! I mean my god, that has to be the best pictuer I have ever seen of them! Zac looks sooooo hott!

And ******* all the haters, us Zac fans know its wonderful

you know?when I was a kid and I dreamed of been princes Aurora I never imagine myself with my hair blond.So thanks Annie for the photo,thanks for making art and let the people talk,god or bad,it doesn’t matter.The important thing is that they talk about you.
“Poor that people that are not memorable enough to love and hate”

Viapot or Piece of Trash
move on ,dont waste your time with that hate feelings.
she has done nothing bad to you.
we love her and nothing can change that.
we love her because of how she handled all the bad comments about her.
now she is more famous and loved than before
so just a little advise to you MOVE ON or GET OUT OF HERE.

I think its a really great picture of Zac…but Vanessa looks really young like in HSM1…
The photography however is magic.

I love the picture!!! That would be cool if they reenacted all the famous Disney scenes, like Cinderella and the prince dancing at the ball. They’re soulmates!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ANNIE LIEBOVITZ, we want another masterpiece of Zac and Vanessa doing John Smith and Pocahontas, how about it?

An absolutely lovely photograph. Zac and Vanessa truly do look like a prince and princess. I am so happy they were asked to do this. And even happier that they agreed to do it. Bless these two wonderful young actors. My admiration for them increases with each project they do.

Michelle, I LOVE that idea! I think Vanessa, at least, would love the fantasy of recreating all her favorite princesses!!

Kathleen, I’m with you!!

Karen,go sox,Malia,Naomi:
There is no need to waste your time with people like piece of trash.You’re far too brilliant and mature that they feel intimedated that there are fans of vanessa that are so mature so they only make rude responses just to tick you off.Some people are just a little too thick headed to listen to what other people who are smarter have to say, it is such a shame we live in a world where hate dominates and is the stronger force.This is the second day I see this picture and it keeps getting more and more beautiful.

“snapped” the photo Jared? What an insult to annie!!

I love it. are so cute together! and so must always continue to watch .. we love you so so in love

I love it. are so cute together! and so must always continue to watch .. we love you so so in love*

V-loyalist @ 03/09/2009 at 12:02 pm

Karen,go sox,Malia,Naomi.. you guys are always an inspiration here, thanks guys!

And yup, I LOVE.. LOVE this picture so much, it is so romantic and enchanting!! It is now my pc desktop background at work and at home and I would love to think other fans also did the same ;-))

vanessa looks so.. hm.. weird? no, more than that ><

Wish I looked that hmm “weird”.

I hate Vanessa Hudgens! And I don’t think she suits the role for sleeping beauty in this photoshoot. I think Natalie Portman would be better for this. Nathalie looks more elegant.

i admire anne for choosing vanessa to portray aurora in her photoshoot,she really did an amazing job.anne your a genius!!!

vanessa you are truly amazing, i hope to see your new movie.Godbless

i’m happy that vanessa is in talks to star in several movies, i’m hoping for a confirmation asap, please inform your fans about your latest projects.please i really can’t wait!!! Godbless


i’m really looking forward to watch your new movie vanessa!!!

Go girl!!!

dear vanessa,

always have faith in yourself, you are truly amazing!!!i’m really going to see your new movie BANDSLAM!!!



emily miller @ 03/09/2009 at 3:30 pm

is that really vanessa anne hugdens

if life were fair they’d both instantly materialize before me so i could punch both of them in the nose .

Beautiful couple

they look so cute together. heey, it’s true the rumors that they are going to marry in august? i hope so.

#295, you are so right. As Lucas would say, “You got it!!!!”

anna, the rumors are not true!

Thanks for all the kind words, everyone!

oh my God
zac you’re sexyyy

Yes V-loyalist this is also my desktop background
i love it.

Ok, first off all, I think both of them suck. I just watched HSM3 and it SUCKS! It is so corny and so boring, I just literally could not stand it, it is just so annonying. Zac and Vannessa are just SO annonying…


I would suggest you stay away for all things Zac and Vanessa if you feel this way. Nobody is holding a gun to your head making you watch HSM3 or to come to their websites like here on JJ.

Below statements are from People Magazine, which explain Vanessa as Princess Aurora with her eyes open:

“Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens

Photo by: Annie Leibovitz / DisneyParks
Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens are showing off their fairy tale romance in the latest installment of a popular Disney ad campaign.

The High School Musical costars (and real-life couple) posed for celebrity photographer Annie Leibovitz in December, recreating the scene from Sleeping Beauty in which the princess is awakened by the kiss of her prince. The shot, titled “Where Romance Is Celebrated,” will run as part of Disney’s “What Will You Celebrate?” ad campaign.

Efron, 21, and Hudgens, 20, aren’t the first celebrities to portray iconic Disney characters for Leibovitz’s lens. Tina Fey took the role of Tinker Bell in a Peter Pan-themed shoot. Other celebrity participants include: Jessica Biel (as Pocahontas); Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony (as Jasmine and Aladdin); and Beyoncé (as Alice in Wonderland).
Get up-to-the-minute celebrity news and photos on your cellphone, iPhone or Blackberry at!”

Hmmm, I had read at a nother site where the name of the picture was
“Sleeping Beauty Awakens”… and I can’t remember the rest of it. LOL To me, that title would explain why her eyes are opened. Well, who knows? I don’t care if her eyes are opened or closed the pic is magical
and charming, not to mention extremely romantic. Plus, you have two eof God’s most beautiful creations depicting the scene.

Wow, Emily…while I believe that Van and Zac are capable of so much more i think you are missing the point of HSM. It was never intended to be taken seriously. It was made to be a cheesy movie that almost takes you away from reality. That being said, they fulfilled exactly what they set out to do. I walked out of the theatre with both my children not being concerned with the reality and state of the world we live in. In this current day and age, a little levity is refreshing. I suggest you go back and reevaluate what you think HSM was suppose to do. Win an oscar or be a contender was never it’s purpose, but a release from the current pressures we live in it achieved and it achieved it well.
As for Zac and Van, how anyone would base a likeness to them on a journey (of a set of movies) which began when they were mere kids, is beyond me. Maybe give yourself a few years and lets see what you think then. Either way, you are entitled to your own opinion, but I wouldn’t waste your time posting again, if you do indeed, not find them “entertaining”.

Corny is good. You can relax, laugh, and enjoy it. You don’t have to watch someone getting their head blown off, listen to f-bombs every other word, or worry about clothes coming off with your kids watching. If this kind of movie doesn’t appeal to you, then DON’T watch.

Thanks go sox, exactly what I was trying to say, but you said it much better with fewer words.

i love vanessa anne hudgens @ 03/10/2009 at 8:52 am

i love this picture they aare soo sweet together


greccesz germaaany

But you were more eloquent, vancrazed!! ;o)

i love them pretty

wow, over 300 comments. everyone must really, really, really be fascinated with this pic. i know i i am. greeeeaaaattttt photo.

what a beautiful picture. zac and venessa the perfect prince and princess. yeah!!!!!

I think the picture is stunning. Though I do think that Vanessa’s eyes should have been closed and Zac’s should have been open, but still. Amazing work!!

All hail the Disney Dream Portrait Series!!!

It IS a fascinating picture!! It has such an old-world, romance novel feel. I get a different take on it every time I see it. Love it!!

not like
not zac is mine

ztaan divinOoozzz..

dont make me sick

im so glad i started going off him otherwise id have died when i found out they were engaged
anyone that wants to marry a talentless girl like that is not worth my drooling over ;)

pete doherty (L)

they r perfect 4 each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
zanessa 4ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

oo is fantastik tey’re perfect but vanessa isn’t good for tat types of paperss
I forget to ask… will be on DVD??

Wedding Peach @ 04/25/2009 at 9:51 pm

Oh, how lovely. I thought it was the cover of a romance novel at first, and then I read the whole description. Wow. This is true romance bloomed in fairy tale fashion. Annie Leibovitz knocked this one out of the park with these two as Princess Aurora and Prince Philip.

EEDJIIIIAT @ 04/18/2010 at 9:10 am

Where did vanessa hudgens get her dress from? anybody got any ideas?

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