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Zac Efron is Prince Phillip

Zac Efron is Prince Phillip

And here it is!

High School Musical couple Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens portray a scene from the Disney classic Sleeping Beauty as Princess Aurora and Prince Phillip. Bigger pic inside…

Famed photographer Annie Leibovitz snapped the photo, as re-posted on Stitch Kingdom.

The photo will be published in Disney twenty-three magazine. The official website will launch in three days at

David Beckham portrayed Prince Phillip back in 2007.

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Photos: Annie Leibovitz
Posted to: Vanessa Hudgens, Zac Efron

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  • Karen

    It would help if some of you dim-witted people would take note of the name of this photo: “Sleeping Beauty AWAKENS…”

    That is the reason her eyes are OPEN… This is like it was taken immediately AFTER she has received her kiss.

    The prince is flushed from running to her and so he is in an awkward positon. He is so lost in his worry and thinking she is dead and also so taken by her beauty that he is lost in his thoughts and thus his eyes are CLOSED!

    Also, as someone mentioned, most of you seem only to be familiar with the animated or cartoon version of Sleeping Beauty so you think she should be a blond. But in the original fairytale this isn’t the way she was conceived. And when the cartoons were made a lot of the princesses were given blond hair—like Cinderella.

  • acdc

    good job anne leibovitz

  • makeila

    where are the other pix? if this one was fabulous we need to see the rest of them!

  • vivian

    i agree with you

  • athena

    Love this picture. Hi all, please check out this video that I’ve created…it’s a bit different than my other Zanessa videos..all comments are welcome, please rate it…Thanks so much.

  • paria

    wow they were the best of aaaaaaaallllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll
    havent ever seen such wonderful couple so cute both of them

  • bobv

    Yuck. She looks more like Malificent than Princess Aurora.

  • layla

    i can get over the fact that they are both supposed to be blonde. whatever. but honestly, they could have at least had her wearing the blue dress. no blonde hair, no blue dress, she looks dead…just not as amazing as all the other ones. cool picture? yeah. but just not what i hoped for. :(

  • pop86

    I originally posted this on JJ but it applies here as well. Sleeping Beauty isn’t just a Disney cartoon. If you ever seen the ballet Sleeping Beauty performed by New York City Ballet Co. then you are familar with the following scene:

    “In ballet production of Sleeping beauty that The New York City Ballet Co. performed at the Met in New York. In the ballet, Prince Phillip kisses Princess Aurora on the lips but she doesn’t wake up. Prince Phillips thinks he came too late to save her and believe she is dead, but before he leaves he kisses one last time on the cheek and takes in her scent so he can always her remember how she taste and smell.

    At this moment Princess Aurora awakes, but she doesn’t look at him for she not sure what is happening so she pauses before she turns to face him. When she finally faces him, he is overwhelmed with emotions and they kiss again.

    I think Annie L. was inspired more the ballet Sleeping Beauty than the Disney film.”

    Sleeping Beauty is popular ballet that is performed around the world from Russia to China by major ballet companies to local dance studios. Sometimes, Princess Aurora is blond,burnette,or redhead and she doesn’t always have long flowing locks. She can have short hair, medium hair or an afro. Princess Aurora and Prince Phillip are not always white. They can be Asian,African-American(The Dance Theater of Harlem have done a production of Sleep Beauty in Russia), Pacific Islanders, Hispanic etc.

    Sadly, some of the criticism of Annie’s interpretation only reveal how culturally limited some posters are.


    They are gorgeous!
    pretty pic


    # 209



  • martin

    CUTE GREat Annie Leibovitz

  • gracemarie


    I said the same thing above you and list some of the great ballerinas who have danced the part including the great Native American prima ballerina Maria Tallchief.

    It seems culture to many on this board is going to the mall.

  • Karen


    “Culturally limited” is certainly a much nicer way to put it! LOL

  • Malia

    #209 pop86 @ 03/07/2009 at 7:56 pm
    I agree with you. From some of the comments on here, insisting that the princess have blonde hair and other demands, people really do have limited cultural experiences. Lots of kids have grown up with Disney books and Disney movies and think Disney created these character.

    In the original story, the Brothers Grimm named the princess “Briar-Rose.” In 1890, Tchaikovsky shifted the name of the daughter, in translation, to that of the mother—Aurora. The name, Princess Aurora was then used by Disney in the film they did in 1959.

  • Olivia

    WOW! They are soooo beautiful together. Goregous pic. I love it!!!!

  • Boji

    Karen,good explanation! pop86 and Gracemarie, I can see that you are knowledgeable when it comes to ballet. I appreciate you sharing with the rest of us. Culturally limited is something which is unfortunate and evident in lessons taught in schools these days. Have an open mind and you will discover a whole new world, I’ll guarantee you that.

  • Boji

    Malia, atta girl, show them your mettle!

  • Soni hannigan

    Awesome picture. I can’t wait until the magazine comes out

  • Caitlin

    She looks like snow white

  • Nash

    Let’s get one thing cleared, Sleeping Beauty was not created by Disney.They took the story and made an animated story out of it.Sleeping Beauty is a fairy tale that has been around for many generations,I remeber when I was little I used to hear different versions of the story from different members of my family. Let’s not forget that they used this story for different movies,ballets,and theatre productuions so they probably used actors and dancers of different races.What reall matters is the beauty and the artisitc view that Anne has,you can see that she is not a cliche and she thinks differently than what everyone thinks and you can see that through her photography.

  • honey

    its very nice..i realy love vanessa and zac best couple…

  • honey

    hope to see dat movie that zac and vanessa will be the actor and vanessa…

  • prince

    Zac looks really good like a prince but Vanessa looks kinda pale and scarry! I think it would of been better if they had him kiss her while she was still sleeping. I think vanessa would look good as Princess Jasmine from Aladdin. If I didn’t know what this picture was for I wouldn’t of thought of sleeping beauty. I don’t get why the thing she’s on is kinda lumpy. I think that ruined the picture.But I think Zac is georgous!

  • nonifan

    I agree that Disney didn’t invent Sleeping Beauty and that it is a well known ballet, but this article specifically states” Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens portray a scene from the Disney classic Sleeping Beauty” so it’s little wonder people are surprised she’s not blond, give them a break!

    It seems like if it’s commissioned by Disney for use in a Disney publication as well, it’s not assured Annie’s made an homage to any orginal Sleeping Beauty concept. I love the picture and am not at all disappointed that she’s not blond, but it’s easy to see why some would have expected her to be blond. Matbe they made her up as a blond to start with but gave it up during the shoot as it didn’t look right.

  • holly

    vanessa looks so awkward

  • elizabeth

    woah!! that doesnt really look like vanessa hudgens!!!!!!!1

  • go sox

    prince, she is pale because she’s just been asleep for awhile and just awakened by her love’s kiss. I think that’s why they made Zac’s face look so tan and rosy…….to distinguish the fact that he’s alive and she may not be. That’s why he kisses her.

    As far as the “lumpy” draping under her, I’ve been trying to figure that out as well. I’m thinking it may be Zac’s legs under the drape, and she’s laying on his lap. Then they arranged all the flowers and other props around them, and Annie may have shot this from above on a ladder or something tall. Anyone else have ideas as to how this was shot?

    And she’s already done Jasmine and Aladdin….JLo and Marc. I have to say, Zac and Vanessa would have done that one SO much better!!

  • juju

    i can’t wait the long long time

  • ashlee

    i don’t understand all the hype over whether or not she has blonde hair. or why she’s pale. what it comes down to is some people just can’t stand for zac and vanessa do do ANYTHING together. so they need to find something to bitch about.

    it’s a beautiful picture. and vanessa looks just right for a someone who is supposed to have been asleep for a hundred years.

    was there all this s-h-i-t spewing about when beyonce did alice in wonderland? omg, she’s black and doesn’t have blonde hair.

    oh, wait, she’s not dating zac efron. so it’s ok.

  • kami

    i think some people are just artistically challenged. or maybe no imagination. :)

  • Malia

    This is Annie Leibovitz’s photographic interpretation of Sleeping Beauty. A beautiful interpretation. And Zac and Vanessa are the perfect pair to portray the two characters.

  • kathchelle

    omg! i love zac efron!

  • jordan


  • Mem me

    Ha! A prince looks better than a princess!:))

  • go sox

    Another day, another look at this picture…….stunning, really. I wish they would have shot a whole series of pics like this.

  • Tiptoes

    Agree go sox. can’t wait for outtakes and BTS, and interviews by ZV on this photoshoot.

    and this pic is my computer background. i stare at it during the day…ha..ha..

  • go sox

    So easy to do, Tiptoes!! I can settle for outtakes….really! It’s a come-to-life visual of them being a prince and princess. A dream for hopeless romantics……

  • mirto

    they’re both sooooo gorgeous!!!

  • denece

    #209 I have never seen the ballet of Sleeping Beauty and am glad to hear you describe the scene that this phote represents. It fits pertectly. Anyway, that they both are dardk-haired doesn’t bother me at all. I think the photo is a beautiful interpretation. The thing that bothers me about it is a technical/artistic one: the wash out of the color on the skirt of the dress makes it look like two different pieces and how the ruffles on the top of the bodice are so washed out that they almost blend into her skin. It doesn’t make the photograph less beautiful, but, I can’t stop looking at those areas. As a fan of Annie Leibovitz (sp?) I am hoping this is one of the out takes.

  • alison

    why is she so white??? it’d be alright if it was snow white but it’s not, and since it’s disney shouldn’t she be blonde? she doesn’t look that great and neither does he, kinda dissapointed. on the other hand taylor swift would make an amazing sleeping beauty or cinderella.

  • alison

    why is she so white??? it’d be alright if it was snow white but it’s not, and since it’s disney shouldn’t she be blonde? she doesn’t look that great and neither does he, kinda dissapointed. on the other hand taylor swift would make an amazing sleeping beauty or cinderella.

  • ashfan

    of course zac’s face look greasy…. he was just fighting through the live jungle with only a sword in his hand….
    I just watch the Disney version of sleeping beauty lol…..

  • ellie2

    he is obviously beautiful. she is disgusting. he has nothing cute, her eyes are brown, simple, her hair is brown simple, her teeth are all made, … she’s kind of chubby….. GOD, WHAT DO YOU SEE TO THIS WOMAN?

  • zanessa4

    I justttttttt love them

  • http://zanessa nathalia

    zac, beautiful
    vanessa beautiful
    perfect couple
    picture of good taste


    I for one have not forgotten Vanessa’s “other photos”. She is low class. I am sick of every body being politically correct and condoning bad behavior.

  • martin

    vanessa beautiful
    perfect couple

  • ashlee

    #247, PIECE OF TRASH, sorry you have such a low opinion of yourself and think you are low class. get some therapy. and you even call yourself a piece of trash. that is really sad.