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Zac Efron: Slicked Back Boy

Zac Efron: Slicked Back Boy

Zac Efron has all the right moves with his sleek, slicked-back hair in the April 2009 issue of Elle.

His 17 Again costar Leslie Mann, 36, tells the mag of Zac, 21, “It was hard not to be a lady cougar around him. One day during rehearsals, I was leaving, and Zac said, ‘What’s your phone number so I can call your daughter on her birthday.’ I gave it to him, and he turned to the director and said, ‘See, I told you I would get it.’ (laughs) He’s such a woman’s fantasy, especially for someone with an Oedipus complex.”

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Photos: Hilary Walsh
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  • zack

    He looks all grown up.

  • ladysdsandiego

    F**K HE’S HOT!!!!!!!

  • ladysdsandiego

    look at his eyes. they’re so beautiful.

  • Juliana

    He looks hot!

  • zach

    Sorry–the hair style doesn’t work.

  • gaga

    HAHAHAHAHAHA the woman is comparing him to guy who slept with his mom unknowingly in the myth Oedipus Rex, in other words he gave her vibes that he wants to unconsciously possess his mom…. what a woman

    and i don’t care if I’m looking at her analysis in a shallow, anyone who wants to use Freudian reasoning for whatever deserves to be made fun of.

  • secret

    i love leslie mann..
    i cant wait to watch this movie.
    he looks hot

  • secret

    i love leslie mann..
    i cant wait to watch this movie.
    he looks hot

  • sarahi

    OMG when I first saw this picture I freaked out cause he looks so good, his eyes are amazing!

  • athena

    Hmmmm, we know Zac likes older women…He looks really good here…I can see him playing a tough role…it would be great if he did a role anyone would least expect of him.

  • Fox

    He has an Oedipus Complex? I hope thats a joke!

  • athena

    He’s got great clear blue eyes. This is a video I’ve created…check it out. Please comment and rate. Thanks.

  • mimi



    If God gives you great looks, beautiful eyes and you know how to work it, go for it! We all can’t be that adorable.

  • Ivana

    He’s such a woman’s fantasy, especially for someone with an Oedipus complex.”

    Erm, i think she’s using the wrong term here. Basically, what I got from this is she’s talking about herself and other women here when she says he’s a woman’s fantasy . So the next line, -where she references the O complex- I read it to mean that SHE is the one with an Oedipus complex…which is obv. wrong choice of words since Gaga already mentioned what the myth is really about. It just seems like poor choice of wording on Leslie’s part.
    Or something.
    I don’t fVcking know. it’s 3:30AM, I don’t care about Zac Efron, I’m tired, and I’m still posting anyways. FYCK.

  • lai


  • Karen

    Look, she may have gotten her complex a little confused but it is obvious what she was saying after she said he a woman’s fantasy. She is simply saying he’s a guy every woman could have fantasies about no matter how old or young—even if the woman is old enough to be his mother. Why do some of you people always have to try to make something out of nothing or never seem to be able to figure out somthing so simple???? There are those who obviously just want to get something started.Lesley Mann obviously thought Zac was a very charming young man. She even said as much on the Ellen show way back in October or November.

  • zac is a rat

    My god Zac does’nt half think he’s gods gift to women andno women can resist him, talk about a big ego saying ‘ See, I told you I would get it’.

    Makes you wonder how many numbers he does havein his phone from other female co-star’s and what kind of lines he uses to get them, what a jerk.

    Why all of a sudden is there so many pointless posts about me efron on JJ, one gusessis becuase he’s off to promtoe his film soon so JJ does’nt want people to forget who he is. Bet Vanessa can’t wait for him to go at least then she won’t have to see him fawing over other women but no doubt she’ll hear about it in the paper.

  • WIll go

    stop the negativeness people. if its negative, keep it to yourself. waste of time and energy. so tiring. anyways, its a graet pic of zac! loves it! :-) keep up the good work.

  • EMilie

    He’s ridiculous, ugly and looks so stupid!! yeurk

  • elen

    he is boring!

  • What

    where’s that one man women thing ? he’s totally player

  • What

    i mean One-Woman Man

  • Lemongirl02

    Lol, he looks soo Hot

    #24 i agree with you

  • Lemongirl02

    Lol, he looks soo Hot

    #24 i agree with you

  • raider814


  • ‘Mandise

    he does have pretty eyes but seems to be a jerk. And besides, as Gaga and Ivana said, it was a wrong move from Leslie to mention the Oedipus complex

  • zanessa4everrr!

    HE LOOKS AMAZING! the interview is hilarious!

  • zanessa4everrr!

    HE LOOKS AMAZING! the interview is hilarious!

  • TitanicGirl

    i love him but it looks disgusting.

  • http://yahoo j

    Zac is really a flirt with the ladies!Hard to have a boyfriend like that you know.

  • smdwh

    love it

  • ellie

    I must say hes’ a young good looking man

  • Katie

    *sigh* *Faint*

    Whoa! I’m okay. I’m fine. It’s ALLLLLLL good!


    he ‘s soooooooooooooo gentleman! Ow my..^^

    good person..great heart

    God bless him


  • Zacfan!

    He looks amazing.

  • Stephie

    WOW!!!i love his eyes on this picture…his eyes are like woah! he is soo HOT lol.that was very nice of him haha.i wish he would call me on my bday xD

  • pita

    he is an amazing person, that’s why i love him.

  • sucre


  • Ann

    OMG I Want that. HOT HOT HOT

    Its nice to see him without that Albatross hanging on his neck.

  • susan

    look at his blue eyes beautiful.!!!

  • christine x3

    ohhhhhhhhh snap. he’s looking GOOOOD.

  • lizzie

    I dont hink he’s attractive

  • Manteaux De Chef

    His eyes look retouched.

  • vanessa’s lovers

    Sorry–the hair style doesn’t work.
    [2 votes]

    i really don’t like he hair…

  • zac is a rat

    If you go to one of Zac’s sites and read the whole interview he did with Elle then what shows what a real jerk he is and how he switches his feelings from one female to another.

    A waitress came to clean the table while he was doing the interview and he turned and told her’ You have got the most georgous eyes’ and this of someone who was all over his gf at the recent preimer they went to and the minute that V’s not with him he’s giving other females compliments, he could have said that she had nice eyes or striking eyes but that kind of comment is what he should be saying to Vanessa not some stranger.

    I bet his phone has tons of girls numbers in that Vanessa does’nt know about and I would’nt be suprised if meetings have gone on behind her back.

  • Erin

    Seriously, what with the negativity here?
    #21, you really honestly can’t believe everything you hear. For heaven’ sake, you don’t even know Zac Efron. You probably never met him before in your life so stop acting like he’s a player. Vanessa would have dumped him a long time ago if he did half the things you say. Just get a life. and this is coming from someone who has actually met him.
    and #15, where did you get the idea that Zac has Oedipus Complex, seriously.

  • annie

    ii actualyy screamed wen ii saw dat pic! he is soooo hawt nd sexyy!

    nd ii wudnt mynd my mum givin him my number 4 my birthdayy! hahaha!

  • Lissy

    Efron!!!! so hot.


    SO SEXY (L)