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Zac Efron: Slicked Back Boy

Zac Efron: Slicked Back Boy

Zac Efron has all the right moves with his sleek, slicked-back hair in the April 2009 issue of Elle.

His 17 Again costar Leslie Mann, 36, tells the mag of Zac, 21, “It was hard not to be a lady cougar around him. One day during rehearsals, I was leaving, and Zac said, ‘What’s your phone number so I can call your daughter on her birthday.’ I gave it to him, and he turned to the director and said, ‘See, I told you I would get it.’ (laughs) He’s such a woman’s fantasy, especially for someone with an Oedipus complex.”

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  • Malia

    Hmmmm . . . I think Leslie Mann needs to retake Psychology 101 again. :)

    An Oedipus complex is when a young boy is fixated on his mother and competes with his father for her attention.

    So SHE can’t have an Oedipus complex. SHE can be a cougar and fixated on Zac, though.

    No, Zac is not a PLAYER. He is an ACTOR, marketing a movie he made. And you can bet your bottom dollar that older women will be going in droves to see 17 Again and fantasize over Zac.

    And all the while they are fantasizing, he will be holding Vanessa Hudgens in his arms.

    This movie was made 15 months ago, and Zac and Leslie haven’t run off together and had a torrid affair. She’s still with her husband and he’s still with Vanessa.

    Some of you really need to grow up enough to understand the difference between the real world and that of the movie/fantasy world.

    And marketing a movie.

  • Bud

    Geez, this guy can’t get any more annoying. The kid seems like a complete a s s. Looks like he could use a good lesson on how to respect women. This is very distasteful and disrespectable. Great actors like Al Pacino and Sean Penn didn’t have to flirt their way to the top or use women like tools. They kept attention on their work and not on being crowned the most flirtatious players in Hollywood.
    If this guy wants to be taken more serisously as an actor, he needs to rethink what he says. Both men and women read what’s written in interviews and I can tell you this, men don’t exactly give a damn if he’s some charming cute-sy heartthrob, we look at body of work and great performances. His interviews are solely based for women. He enjoys all the attention he gets from them and comes across as a big narcissist.
    His girlfriend is so smokin hot, she can definitely do way better then this douche bag.

  • mrsefron.


  • fleece baby

    His eyes are so sexy!!

  • leah

    OMG!!!! He makes me wet. I love his hair combed back. He is so very hot. He can have my home phone number, my cell number, my address, my social security number, whatever he wants.

    The interview that Leslie Mann did on the Ellen Degeneres was funny. She taked about how she got to kiss Zac, and her daughter ran up to her when she got home and licked her face. She also said that she used to be creeped out when she saw older men with younger women, but that now, she totally gets it. LOL

  • duhh

    #53 YOU ARE SO RIGHT! People are always making excuses for him to . He is such an a s s wipe and to much of a flirt.Vanessa has been through soooo much and now she’s with this s h i t.Don’t worry Vanessa the worst happens to the best of us.

  • tami

    I absolutely love him but I don’t think this particular picture does him justice. Didn’t know he was such a player. Poor Vanessa.



  • Karen

    This young man who everyone is taking opportunity to rag on is someone who has proven time and time again that is is a one woman man. Even Vanessa in her acknowledgments on her last CD gave a special thanks to Zac for “always having her back”. He has shown nothing but love for his lady. And nobody get more angry than Vanessa when someone says something against Zac. As she has said, they know the truth and that is what is important and who would know it better than her?

    The more popular he gets the more people will want to take popshots at him. You can say you are not envious or jealous or resentful all you want but if that is true then why are you even here to get so bent out of shape about anything about him? Why is it so important that you say all your nasty lies on a website like this? Does that kind of cesspool reaction make you feel better in any way? I don’t understand people who like to get their kicks by lying about people they don’t know. And before you say I don’t know him and all that junk, when there is fact to back up your ugly comments as their are about the good things we fans say, then maybe you will have a leg to stand on.

  • leah

    #47 Zac is a Rat -
    You are so dumb. What is wrong with Zac telling the waitress that she has the most gorgeous eyes? Why do you think that it would be different if he had said that she had nice eyes or striking eyes? It’s just a matter of semantics. And what’s wrong with him giving other people (females or males) compliments? It’s always nice to compliment someone, and it’s always nice to be complimented. You have a very strange view of things.

    As far as getting Leslie Mann’s phone number. It sounds like they all were just goofing off and playing around on the set to me.

  • ashlee

    i haven’t read the entire interview. but it seems his pr people are trying to present him to an older female audience who doesn’t know zac. and they are trying to show him as a ladies man, a ruthless player.

    these interviews are not done without some pr behind them. however, older women do not like guys who are players, who blatantly “flirt” with other women and brag about their “acquiring phone numbers” while being in a committed relationship.

    zac is doing what his management is telling him to do. but what they don’t know is this interview could backfire and bit him in the butt. big time.

    his true fans who have been around for a long time pretty much understand zac and where he’s coming from. but the readers of elle mag who are being introduced to him through this interview may very well read it and conclude that he is a worthless, unprincipled p-r-i-c-k.

  • ~The Observer~

    Actually, Zac didn’t declare himself as a ‘one women man’-somebody else did. So far, from everything that we’ve seen and read, it looks like he’s turning out to be quite a jerk. He craves on womens attention and loves his (soon-to-be-diminishing) heartthrob status.
    I like Vanessa. I think she’s a great girl who’s insanely beautiful and has potential for a good career in movies ahead of her. I am starting to get really annoyed of her staying with this guy. Either she doesn’t have any self respect, or she doesn’t read or see any of his interviews. He says a lot of things that are really unnessessary and could do without. If you look at other established actors in the industry, their interviews are inspirational and educating. They talk passionately about their movies and what they would like to see themselves accomplish in the near future. They also appeal to BOTH men and women.
    Stop being biased and taking his side for the sake of taking his side. You have to use your common sense and step back from your fan status to see and hear the overall picture.

  • Trina

    #63, actually, Zac did say, “I like to pick one girl and stick with her.” And it’s on the Room Raiders video on You Tube. “A young Kathryn Zeta Jones.”

  • ~The Observer~

    There’s a limit to ‘flirting’. You really need to distinguish the difference between be charming and being downright flirty. Charming isn’t so offensive. Brad Pitt and George Clooney display that very well. They are playful guys with great sense of humors who love to joke around but don’t cross the line and offend the women in their lives.
    The reason why Zac has an older fanbase isn’t just because of him alone, it’s because women respect men who are sensitive and treat their lovers with repect and kindness.
    Right now, he’s showing that he’s a guy that has his cake and wants to eat it too. Here he is with a beautiful girl, but yet, he’s winking and blowings kisses on the side to keep his options and range wide open. It’s rude and disgusting.

  • duhh

    #63 Thank You !!!!!!!!!! You are probably the only sensible person here.As an actor is that how you want to represent yourself? Saying things that are utterly ridiculous? I love Vanessa but she can’t be this clueless..can she? I hope she realizes the type of person he puts himself up to be and that he’s playing her like a game of tic tac toe.Vanessa should know before the cut gets to deep.

  • cari

    He looks exactly like a younger John Stamos…….think i remember a picture taken and posed exactly the same. hmmmm…….coincidence???

  • Kelly

    Omg Zac is so hot and sexy.

  • ~The Observer~

    I just want to point out, I’m not taking sides. I hate the whole notion of ‘taking sides’. It tells people you would put favoritism over morals and principals. If you’re wrong-you’re wrong. You can’t argue with something that isn’t righteous.
    Be honest with yourself; how many women can actually see their guys kissing other women for publicity sake or flirting like they’re still bachelores. Many of you women would not be happy at the thought of your significant others disregarding your feelings and making you feel as though you’re invisible to them.

  • Vfan

    The Observer…You are right it kind of makes me upset that it has to do with Vanessa .It would be bad for any other girl but Vanessa already got hurt and betrayed. I don’t think it’s fair.

  • sheila

    i feel like elle has tried too hard to paint an image of zac; as if he has to be forced away from his high school musical image in a matter of a few sentences. if someone is sexy, it doesn’t need to be rammed down our throats. johnny depp, matt damon, brad pitt and many others who are very much “taken” men are still considered sexy.

  • Soni hannigan

    I seriously doubt that Zac would, during an interview, knowing full well that Vanessa would read it, say to a waitress that she has gorgeous eyes. Come on. That would not happen. Show me the article.

  • Malia

    I just read the entire interview and I get a sense that Zac is “trying too hard” to fit into a niche that either the magazine or his PR people wanted–a sexy heartthrob for OLDER women. The magazine would be the one who contacted Leslie Mann and asked her to give them something “sexy” about Zac. She did.

    At times when I read about something Zac does or says, I attribute it to his being naive. But, you must remember, he has PR who is pushing him in a direction that they believe to be in his best interest. And, yes, he trusts them. That’s what he pays them for.

    But, for the life of me, I can’t understand why his PR would think women who read Elle would consider a young man who’s portrayed as a “player” and consummate flirt appealing. The picture they paint of Zac in the interview is a big turn off to older women.

    I have always seen Zac as being a decent, respectful guy. If this is the direction in which his PR firm is pushing him, maybe it’s time he looked into hiring another PR firm.

  • Karen

    Apparently I am in the minority here but for the life of me I cannot find anything wrong with what Zac says in that interview. Even Vanessa has said how Zac compliments EVERYONE and she said it wasn’t just women/females but he would compliment male friends and visitors to the set of HSM. And if you listen to his Oscar interviews you can tell that is true when you hear him tell about meeting Dev from Slumdog Nights. And furthermore when he talks about Leo or Leslie Mann or anyone else you can see how complimentary he is and excited like a kid would be not like some PLAYER. Just reading something may sound like one think especially if you are reading it after hearing all kinds of bad things about the interview.

    He said he had a crush on Leslie Mann that’s not saying he has the hots for her. It was a compliment plain and simple. He said in the past he had a crush on Lori Loughlin so what? A crush is not like being in love with someone. And so what if he told a waitress she had gorgeous eyes? Maybe she did and it just simply shows he NOTICES things. It wasn’t like he was getting her phone number. Plus, for all we know she was 30, married, and had a child. I’ve have males who have complimented me in something in had on or the color of an outfit or whatever but the person wasn’t trying to hit on me—simply to say something nice that stood out about me to them. What makes that so wrong?

    Maybe if people simply would say nice things to each other more often without fear of someone taking it to mean anything other than was is being said then people would learn to trust more and feel better about themselves and others. And then maybe there would be a lot less people who simply wanted to creat grief and unrest.

  • ~The Observer~

    I would’ve brushed this off if it were a one time thing, but his outrageous comments are becoming too occational and ridiculous. His consistency proves these gestures and comments aren’t just some naive slip-ups, it’s who he is-or who he’s become for that matter.
    PR can’t shove words down your throat. You think and deliver the words yourself. This is a grown adult we’re talking about so you can’t excuse his behaviour as an act of adolescence. You need to take charge of your own actions and not blame others to justify your behaviour.
    I don’t understand what he wants people to see him as? Is he looking for an older audience? Does he want to be praised as somebody very desirable? Or is he implying to female readers that his options are still open and to keep dreaming about him cos ya never know…

  • ashlee

    i don’t think zac knows yet how he wants people to see him. i know he wants 17 again to appeal to an older audience. but since his current fans are mostly teen age girls, maybe he believes his older audience can only be older females. if that’s the case, he first needs to figure out what appeals to that group.

  • kami

    he should just be himself and not try to be something he’s not.

  • ~The Observer~

    Sorry, but when you are in a relationship, it’d probably be best if you kept some “compliments” to yourself.
    I use to be extremely friendly with men and women equally. I wasn’t trying to be flirty but it was brought to my attention that I was coming across as somebody who was a flirt. It was offending the person in my life and made them feel like they didn’t matter. I didn’t mean it-it was just my way of being nice.
    Sometimes, you really need to think about what you’re going to say, how it’s going to be perceived, and who it might hurt or offend.
    If your comments are controversial, then maybe you need to evaluate what you’re doing and how to make the necessary changes so you don’t offend anybody.

  • Karen

    You know the old saying? You can’t please all the people all the time, etc. Well, I can guarantee that no matter what Zac Efron says particularly at this time in his life and career that someone will find something wrong with it. People are excessively critical of him. He is an adult but he is a YOUNG adult who is trying to find his way in this world and he is under a microscope. He can’t hope to please everyone considering the amount of attention he gets. This is totally unfair. Plus, what one person thinks is insensitive another person may feel differently. Some people walk around with their heart on their sleeve as the old saying used to go and some people are insecure and petty and no matter how you would try to think about their feelings they will not be satisfied. Yes, the best thing for Zac is to be himself but there will be those who don’t like that.

    By the way, if we all could hear and watch Zac do this same interview instead of just reading it, there might be a big change in how people would feel about it. It is definitely way overblown

  • Karen

    Also, is it just me or does it seem that after the accolades Zac and Vanessa got on the red—actually it was yellow—carpet just a few nights ago at the Watchmen premiere that now there is a push or urgency to make him look less than wonderful? Could it be that now there is a need by some to make him look less than perfect because some people think that if you are the “darling” or “sweetheart” then it makes you boring? SO, if there is more controversy surrounding you then you are more interesting. I’m afraid that is how the machinery seems to work in Hollywood so you can just rack me up there as a little cynical when it comes to some of the PR ploys of Lalaland.

  • For Real

    I just received a red alert email that there is some discontent in Efron blog land. Because of the Elle interview?

    Fear not you faint of heart.

    Mr. Efron has put on his marketing hat and is promoting his film “17 Again.” As the star of this motion picture, bringing in viewers is part of his job.

    He gets paid to do so.

    He may be a mere 21, but, Efron is clever at endorsing his projects. And he does so with a blithe, self-effacing sense of humor. He is never swayed by how blog aficionados or pessimists perceive him.

    Look how well he marketed Hairspray—so well, in fact, that a plethora of his costar’s young fans actually believed he had discarded his long-time love and taken up with his female costar.

    Fortunately for Mr. Efron, his indisputable girlfriend, Ms Hudgens, works in the motion picture industry, too. She is behind him one-hundred percent in his promotional duties. At the end of the day when Mr. Efron takes off his marketing hat, he lives in a real world—a world in which Ms. Hudgens is a very significant part.

    And, yes, the two of them (and their families) are sharing a good many laughs over the fan-sites and misanthrope hype about his being a ladies man.

  • sheila

    the only think i have to say about the article is that it painted a somewhat one dimensional view of him (regardless of how the comments get perceived or analyzed). as someone who’s been a fan of his for awhile, the article ended up painting him as a bit shallow and that is definitely not him. it was a little disappointing, imo. he may have had tons more to say in the actual interview and they may have talked about a wide range of topics, but that didn’t come out.

    what came across is that leslie mann got all cougarish around him, he thinks ashton kutcher has got a good situation and he goes through a lot of condoms. i would have liked to have something a little more interesting come out of that article.

  • go sox

    I guess it just goes to show how the media and tabloids can influence how people view celebrities. Continued stories about supposed “flirting” with waitresses, lunches with attractive friends, crushing on cougars, and talk about condoms, will influence the way most people see him.

    Now, I am a big supporter of Zac’s career, but I gotta say, there are people out there who believe what they read, and that’s where haters and negativity come from. They may take issue with something he’s said or done, and are convinced he’s a jerk. Sadly, this is the reality of tabloids and the media.

    So let’s be mindful of how things are portrayed to us, and realize things aren’t always how they seem.

  • go sox

    sheila, I gotta agree with you on that one.

  • ~The Observer~

    Being a ladies man? Please don’t flatter yourself. This is about an overall public perception that is being presented. If you have to scoop that low just to promote a film, then I feel sorry for you. Your morals and upbrings come into question and you end up damaging your image.
    I don’t care if this guy is Zac Efron or Joe the Plumber, it’s about a man/women treating your other half with better respect.
    Fans and readers aren’t psychics. What we see and read is what we get. That is what we judge by. There are plenty of successful actors out there who don’t feel the need to sell their souls to the devil just to promote their movies. They rely on their performance and talent.
    This is sending the wrong message to men and women. The opinions of readers, blogs, fans, etc are extremely vital in a celebrities career. Just ask Chris Brown and Rihanna.

  • justenough

    ladysdsandiego, I couldn’t have put it better myself!!!

  • gracemarie

    As much as I enjoy For Real’s posts I have to say I wonder if more than one person uses the name .

    The earlier versions of For Real’s posts seemed more matter of fact , down to earth and direct, these later posts, though still direct ,read like doctoral dissertations LOL

    Or is it just me?

  • AdAItaly

    If You want to know the real secret of Zac Efron and all that media don’t say about him, watch this video on YouTube: The evident proof that Zac Efron…” !!!

  • go sox

    #88, yeah, and we should believe some lame video on YT by some moron is proof?? LMAO

    gracemarie, I don’t doubt this is one and the same poster. Same writing style.

    So ~The Observer~ , you’re a perfect example of someone forming an opinion about Zac based on what you’ve been fed by tabloids, etc. Have you ever actually seen him treat his love with anything but respect? Are you privy to seeing them in everyday life? No, didn’t think so.
    Promoting a movie is a delicate thing…..especially for a young, up-and-coming actor like Zac. They have to drum up interest to the point where people want to go out and see the movie. I see why he has to throw himself into it, as his career depends on box-office and demand for him. As time goes on, I don’t think he’ll need to “scoop that low” to promote…his work will speak for itself.

  • Pretty but blah

    He’s pretty in a cookie-cutter plastic kind of way but too bland imo to be really interesting.

  • Trina

    A lot of people are WAY too invested in Zac and Vanessa’s relationship. They want to be part of it. They get upset with Zac because he doesn’t come out publicly and say the words, “I love Vanessa with all my heart and soul” in an interview. He may say that every day in private to Vanessa, but some misguided people want to hear it said “to them” in order to sooth their own misgivings about the relationship.

    Some people are putting themselves in Vanessa’s place and creating all kinds of scenarios about thing they think are or are not happening. And this kind of thinking is getting them upset.

    Some people need to step back and leave Zac and Vanessa’s private relationship to them. Stop over analyzing their every word and action and making a federal case out of it.

    The relationship is between the two of them, and as Zac said, “Everyone else should get their noses out.”

  • go sox

    Trina, many good points there. We have to remember that people make give their opinions based on their own experiences and what they think is appropriate. Those opinions can range from one of the spectrum to the other! Some people think Zac and Vanessa do no wrong, and others think he’s a rat and player and she a tramp!! We get it all here.

    But the two of them obviously do things THEIR way, and guess what? It works for them. They understand each other, trust each other totally, and are 100% supportive of each other and their careers. Amazing for a young couple. Adults could learn a few things from them.

    So let them do “their thing”…’s been beautiful so far, hasn’t it?

  • cristina

    I love you Zac.He is my live.Eyes beautiful,smile insuperable,body handsome ….Zac is the best.I am spanish kisses

  • Tiptoes

    good discussion guys.

    please remember that Zac is promoting his movie and everything he says or does in public is done with the intention of marketing his movie where he is the lead star. so, read all of these articles with a grain of salt.

    everything else in his private life, including Van, is off limits. am sure Van knows these things as she is in the same business with him. She is not bothered, and neither should we be.

  • vancrazed

    Trina , I do agree, i am a huge fan of vanessa and Zac. But, i will tell you that I understand the entertainment industry for what it is, and it can be cut throat. A simple slip or wrong wording can rip your career apart.
    To say that, people want someone who is authentic. i think Zac and Vanessa as individuals inhabit that. While Vanessa is always very controlled in her interviews, it is more normal for us not to see Zac that way. Therefore the critique will be worse on him.
    It makes him look different to an older fan base, because they immediantly think about how it would feel if a significant other would say that to the mass public about someone other than their own partner.
    As I don’t agree with this public obsession, I do think that it wouldn’t hurt for him to a little more guarded about his words, yet i don’t judge him for that. He is only 21. He is learning how this all works, and we need to remember that.
    Saying that, I think that he and Van probably sit around and talk about this. She knows full well what he is going to put out to the public and isn’t threatened by it at all She is one of the most naturally poised and confident women in Hollywood. IMO…he is lucky to have her, she understands him, supports him, and puts up with 1000′s of girl swarming him (which you know would get tiring). I’m glad they are together. And while i don’t live for their relationship, or breath it, I do follow their careers. Especially Van, and the thing I believe that is setting her apart in hollywood right now, is her sheer confidence. She doesn’t have to try and it is catchy. She is not fake, she is just her, and she makes no apologies. I love it and am thankful for it.

  • Karen

    One problem is that so many people want Zac and Vanessa to be so perfect in their eyes and unfortunately most people’s eyes are in fairytale land when it comes to these two. I have heard married couples in the business express a “crush” on somebody they have worked with and it wasn’t even someone older and it didn’t get this kind of nit-picky scrutiny. Even Leslie Mann has talked about Zac being so sexy so why isn’t she being picked to death? It’s because Zac is part of a very fairytale love affair that millions of people are captivated by and they are not allowing fore the slightest little “blip” on the radar screen.

    What people need to realize is if they are going to be so scrutinized then they may go further back into their hole in regards to their relationship so people will have to guess what is going on there. The uproar about him saying he had a crush on Leslie are just meeting her is ridiculous. Zac is simply saying he was impressed with her and he was thrilled she was so much fun and easy to talk to which was going to make working with her so easy. I don’t understand the big outcry over what he said. It SHOULD be easy to understand what he meant. And the thing about Demi Moore, etc, is to say he could understand now after working with Leslie that an older woman can still be sexy and desirable. Men just like women do not fail to see someone as attractive or sexy just because they become romantically involved with someone else or even marry. If that was the case many heartthrobs like Brad Pitt and George Clooney would be in trouble with their careers.

  • vacrazed

    I really don’t even think the ‘crush’ is the issue Karen. It is just that so many people want to find anything aboslutely anything wrong with these two that even if it is pathetic and childish , they will use it. They have to dig that deep and chase that hard to find something. I mean, many of them are still having to use Van’s pictures againest her and that was 2 years ago and she has risen from that miraculously. Love these two and not for conventional reasons, they just stand for something so rare and so unique that I like the message they have sent to the world about authenticity.

  • poppy

    Wow, some people are so immature it’s untrue. Leslie said many things about Zac, that she could go Cougar on him etc etc, does that mean she will leave Judd and her two beautiful girls, no it does not. Zac is a master at PR, he knows how to turn on the charm, he knows what’s real to him and what isn’t, the same with V. As actors, it’s part of their job description to promote the movies/shows they are in, that is the whole point. But, at the end of the day, they are together in this and they trust eachother. They are strong and have come so far together, they should be admired for their humble and endearing natures, not shot down for doing what their work requires of them. Having said that, I bet they laugh their a**ses off at some of the things that are said, or that is told to them. It certainly provides me with many laughs, seeing how dumb and narrow minded some people are.

  • go sox

    All I will say about this discussion about Zac and his comments, I think some things are better unsaid. I do believe in time he will learn the fine line. He’s a smart guy, with a lot to learn about the business. He will learn to balance his personal values with what is expected of him professionally.

  • Karen


    In your #95 post you had said:
    “I do think that it wouldn’t hurt for him to a little more guarded about his words, yet i don’t judge him for that.”

    I thought you were possibly referring to his words about having a crush on Leslie as you further said:
    “It makes him look different to an older fan base, because they immediantly think about how it would feel if a significant other would say that to the mass public about someone other than their own partner.”

    So, I was referring to that thought. As you said then in your #97 post:
    “…so many people want to find anything aboslutely anything wrong with these two that even if it is pathetic and childish , they will use it.”

    That statement is very true. But that is just it, no matter how guarded Zac and/or Vanessa would be there are those people who will nit-pick and find fault. The more positive attention or love and admiration these two get whether it be for their careers or for their relationship there will be those who will be dead set to bring it down and cause trouble where there isn’t any if nothing at all would have been said in the first place. There are people who absolutely can’t stand someone to do make good—especially good looking young adults.

  • vacrazed

    I agree Karen, and I actually wasn’t referring to his statement about Leslie mann as all. Zac tends to slip a lot in interivews, I think that was just him being Zac. The Leslie think I give little if any attention too, but I do think it is those kind of immature things he says that affect his older fan base.