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Zac Efron: Slicked Back Boy

Zac Efron: Slicked Back Boy

Zac Efron has all the right moves with his sleek, slicked-back hair in the April 2009 issue of Elle.

His 17 Again costar Leslie Mann, 36, tells the mag of Zac, 21, “It was hard not to be a lady cougar around him. One day during rehearsals, I was leaving, and Zac said, ‘What’s your phone number so I can call your daughter on her birthday.’ I gave it to him, and he turned to the director and said, ‘See, I told you I would get it.’ (laughs) He’s such a woman’s fantasy, especially for someone with an Oedipus complex.”

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  • zac my luv

    zacy u r the best guy ever love u lots

  • Kelly

    Zac will became a even bigger star with 17 again and MAOW.

  • fan

    I rarely posted any comments regarding Zac and Vanessa, but I am huge fan of the two. I am more so bigger fan of Vanessa than Zac. I love both of these two work of arts in the movie industries. It just appears to me, that Zac speaks this way regarding his passionate feelings toward his co-star is only when working with this director, Adam Sharkman (??? spelling on last name), which he is the same director for Hairspray. It seems like it is the director’s instruction to Zac to say those comments about his leading lady as the director’s marketing method to lured people to watch the movie. The director did that to Zac in Hairspray with Blonski as well. I believe that Zac is paying paid and to follow the director instruction as to what to say in an interview.

    You notice in HSM, both Vanessa and Zac are not to bring their personal relationship in the interviews or comments. The two are to keep the topic on the concepts of HSM and make reference to the entire casts and not each individual actor. Disney has these two comments on the whole casts as real close friends/family to each other and not just focus on Zac and Vanessa private relationship.

    Looking how George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Angelina Joline, Jennifer A., Catherine Zeta-Jones, etc. interviews and the comments on their leading man/lady are always like ‘great working with’ or ‘fun working with them’. They are pros and knows how to promote the movie without being flirtie or personalizing with their co-stars. They can joke and make fun of each other as well. I seen that type of interviews with Zac, Van, Ash, Corbin, Mo, and the other HSM casts in promoting HSM3. Which that type of interview is fun and playful for the actors without any type of foreplay to promote the movie.

    Zac and Vanessa will gain more experience on being interview and promoting movies and be able to do on their free spirit without the directors instructing them what to say.

  • gracemarie

    Karen/Go Sox/PoppyFOR REAL:

    Well I’m not usual swayed by too much. But between the Elle (condom, sexual, economy box) interview and his going to Europe for so long without V as much as I appreciate FOR REAL and his/her comments this makes me wonder a bit .

    I’m not proud of that but it’s true.

  • go sox

    Not sure what you mean, gracemarie. When did he go to Europe for “so long” that wasn’t WORK RELATED? And what does it make you wonder about?

  • gracemarie

    This present trip goes from Sydney to Melbourne to Paris. I was hoping she would attend at least one of them.

    Anyway Go Sox I think I’m just having one of those days. I usually don’t think about such things LOL I wasn’t a big fan of the Elle magazine condoms from mom interview. LOL

  • Karen


    I have a feeling that Zac wanted Vanessa with him and she wanted to be there too with him launching his new movie but let’s look at it in a logical way: too many people as you can see on these boards are too obsessed with the “Zanessa” angle of their lives. Read the threads and you can see it since even when the topic is just Vanessa going out for juice or Zac doing a good deed there will not be 2 posts in a row than won’t mention the other one of wonder where the missing person is. They have to do some separating when it comes to their careers to be sure what they have as an individual talent. Just because they are not together does not mean they don’t know how to be faithful. They were apart for nearly tow months at this time last year and nothing happened. Why should it now. He has work to be done and it’s not a requirement that they have to be together—-only a requirement from the fans it would seem and that’s why they can’t go out on this together becaue they have to be sure everyone knows they are NOT Simese twins but individuals. If people wouldn’t clamor aobut “Zanessa” so much I think it would be different. Heck, you don’t always see Brad and Angelina together promoting their stuff either.

    As far as the condom thing goes, I wish people could understand it was meant as a joke and evey though you may not like it, it was still a joke. The interiviewer just HAD to bring up the “sex shop” pictures and Zac trying to brush it off made a joke in making it sound like his mother was shocked—and maybe she was—about him being in a “sex shop”. Then as a joke in regards to the fact he had been “exposed” so in public for going to this supposed sex shop—which it wasn’t—just slipped the condoms into his stocking for a joke. If nothing else this just goes to show just how harmful the gossip people can make things for celebrities.THey want something to write about and cause a stir over but then it can come back and harm someone like this young man who wasn’t doing anything wrong in the first place. And maybe it was a joke all the way around and none of that happened in regards to his mom. I wish people could learn to take some things that are said with a grain of salt.

  • gracemarie

    Thanks Karen

    Unfortunately now everyone is playing “who is the blonde?”Some people need to go to college or get a career or go on a vacation LOL especially that desiree girl

  • Karen

    The only thing desiree and zac is a rat want to do is get a reaction. It’s like a career with them. They are both so obvious at this point. I’m beginning to have suspicions that they are “plants” on these boards just to get more “hits”. You know, say something that you know someone is going to get upset about so they will reply to that comment. That makes more hits on the thread. I mean, the rat can’t possibly think he/she is making anyone believe those little “droppings” that are left in those ridiculous comments.

  • Karen

    BTW, gracemarie, the explanation of the blond is way too easy since she is acting as Zac’s publicist. She works for Gina Hoffman who is Zac’s publicist and obviously she can’t be on this trip so the blond came. I hate referring to her as “the blond” but I don’t know her name. Plus, on JJJ when this thread first came up and it came up there before here which is very comon I immediately said within the first few posts that this blond was acting as his publicist and not Zac’s new woman and just as quickly as it came up her the likes of desiree and rat had to make something of her.