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Zac Efron & Vanessa Hudgens: Sleeping Beauty Sweet

Zac Efron & Vanessa Hudgens: Sleeping Beauty Sweet

High School sweethearts Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens will be portraying Princess Aurora and Prince Phillip from the Disney classic Sleeping Beauty in a new portrait from celebrity photographer Annie Leibovitz.

JJ saw the gorgeous photo last month and you won’t be disappointed! There’s no lip-lock… but it certainly comes super close. Hubba hubba hubba!

David Beckham portrayed Prince Phillip back in 2007 but it’s a new generation of stars now! Other published celebrity Disney portraits include:

‚Ä” Jennifer Lopez as Princess Jasmine and Marc Anthony as Aladdin
- Beyonce as Alice in Wonderland
- Scarlett Johansson as Cinderella
- Julianne Moore as The Little Mermaid
- Gisele Bundchen as Peter Pan‘s Wendy
‚Ä” Jessica Biel as Pocahontas
‚Ä” Whoopi Goldberg as Aladdin‘s The Genie
- Roger Federer is King Arthur
- Rachel Weisz as Snow White
- Julie Andrews as Pinocchio‘s Blue Fairy

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Photos: Michael Buckner/Getty
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  • nicole


  • zanessa4everrr!


  • rubyred


  • Manteaux De Chef

    That is not the most flattering photo of them.

  • Laura

    I want to see the pic of them, where will it be??

  • lily

    Zanessa <3

  • dani

    JESSICA BIEL? I swear she has the best PR in hollywood. Can’t wait to see Roger Federer!!!!

  • Sandra

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  • gerard Vandenberg

    She is as NAIVE as only americans can be.
    TRACK HIS PAST, will ya!!

  • Jo

    LOL Jared you are too funny. They’re really cute together

  • kathy

    can’t wait to see the photo. van and zac as princess and prince.

  • zane

    im gonna buy this magazine . perfect couple ever

  • annie

    dat wuld b sooo cute!! :D
    deyr soo cute 2gether! =]

  • Danielle

    ….Beyaki….as Alice & Wonderland?! COME ON!!

  • misty

    cant wait i want to see it now jj lol

  • Mia

    lady gaga should be alice in wonderland.
    taylor swift should be cinderella

    & all the rest are so not a NEW generation of stars, their old =/

  • katie

    honestly, even though i love vanessa, sleeping beauty has blonde hair.

  • kasey11

    i can’t wait to see it

  • Malia


  • Zacvanfan


  • iP

    nooo! not sleeping beauty!! i don’t like vanessa for portraying her… besides she’s not blonde… taylor swift would have been better…

  • susan

    lovely!!!!prince and princess !!!

  • Kylie

    Vanessa should portray Princess Jasmine :)

  • suzy

    can’t wait to see.

  • dundies

    whats the point in this..
    UG annie is wrecking classics by having stupid people portray these characters, for no reason.
    whats next miley cyrus as the hunchback of notre dame?

  • gracemarie

    I think something important needs to be said here:

    These images of Snow White, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty etc.were created in the 1940′s and 1950′s were there would have been no choice but to make them all caucasian and and in many cases but not in all cases blonde

    Sleeping Beauty is white with blonde hair and blue eyes because that was the only acceptable image at the time. They could have given her brown hair like Cinderella but basically it would have been the same image.

    I think Disney is saying they are no longer held captive by the racial mores of the original time and if these images had been created now maybe they would look like Vanessa, or Beyonce maybe an asian actress. It’s time to open your mind and realize in many ways the original character images depict the racial and social mores of their original era.

    Your inage of Sleeping Beauty was the only one acceptable at the time she was created-open your mind.

  • Shannon

    OMG how cute they’d be perfect for it cant wiat to see the pics!!

  • Jordan

    I think that the picture will be sooooooooooooooooo pretty. They are such a cute couple.

  • ‚ô•zanessa-lova4life‚ô•

    Thats so cute ‚ô•
    Can’t wait to see it!
    GO ZANESSA ‚ô•

  • feebz

    can’t wait – like the rest of the fans on JJ!

  • narf

    I CANNOT believe that Zac is still with that tramp.

    She totally ruined his career. They’ll both be working at Mcdonald’s by next summer.

    I cant believe I ever liked them.

  • karen

    Narf! I cannot believe you said that! Zac’s career may be dead in the water right now but he only has himself to blame for that.

    He should have just come out of the closet and then he would have been acceped for who he is: just another gay man.

  • fleece baby

    This is exciting. I can’t wait to see Scarlett as Cinderella!!

  • Tiptoes

    I don’t think that is the real narf and karen – just kiddies with nothing to do but become envious of ZAN. .

    Anyway, I am so excited to see the picture. Am sure it is going to be very lovely and sweet.

  • Naomi

    And the twats are back!

    Sorry, no one can impersonate Karen and Narf and think the rest of us are daft enough to believe them. I guess it’s easy to believe people are as dumb as you are.

  • Malia

    No one can fake being Karen and narf. Sorry, you kiddies just don’t have the writing skills the real Karen and narf do.

    Maybe you should be hitting that English grammar book instead of being on the Internet.

  • Riley

    Yeaahhh! I can’t wait to see it.

  • Naomi

    Back to the more pleasant topic.

    I’m so happy for them. It’s an honor to be part of these series by Annie Leibowitz and what a way to exit Disney, to be immortalized as Princess Aurora and Prince Phillip.

    It’s also a recognition of their contribution to Disney movies that the picture is being featured with an interview of Annie in the first ever issue of the Disney 23 magazine and interviews of Zac and Vanessa will be featured on the new Disney 23 website.

    Can’t wait to see the picture and get my copy of the magazine. I’m sure it would look awesome, duh, it’s Vanessa and Zac afterall.

  • desiree

    Well even FOR REAL has stopped posting now the Zac has admitted he needs boxes of condoms for all the houchies he’s been screwing behind Vanessa’s back.

    There is finally no way to defend him and his dubious honor.

    Poor V

    Prince my ass! Wait maybe he is he does have a harem.

  • susan


  • Miss N
  • Veronica

    Sleeping Beauty is my favorite from all the Disney princesses and i always pictured Christina Aguilera .. so i’m disappointed that they picked Vanessa .. and Julianne Moore as Ariel? .. ok, she’s a beautiful lady but Ariel is 16, lol ..

  • Tiptoes

    there is a pic at Team Hudgens Forum (dies)….

  • Katie

    Anyone know when it will be out?

  • lakers fan in boston

    ohhh i hope vanessa looks extra cute!!=]
    i like the scarlett one the best
    jessica and gisele look kinda weird
    marc anthony looks like alddin =p

  • Naomi

    That picture is just stunning! period.

    I love Annie L.’s interpretation. I love the setting, the trancelike sleep with open eyes, the fit of her dress. Van just looks drop-dead gorgeous and Zac makes such a dashing prince.

    I can already see them in a period drama. So grateful to Annie for choosing them and portraying them so beautifully.

    This is really making me sentimental. I can’t wait to get hold of my copy of the magazine, it’s going in my collection for all time.

  • just askin

    The picture is on ONTD.

  • http://zanessa nathalia

    thanks jj
    zac and vanessa principles as lovely

  • Jasmin

    AW <3

  • soraya rachel fannnnnn