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Jake Gyllenhaal: Prince of Persia Buff

Jake Gyllenhaal: Prince of Persia Buff

A shirtless Jake Gyllenhaal shows off his buff body in these new stills from the upcoming fantasy adventure, Prince of Persia: Sands of Time.

“I over-prepared myself because I never knew how much they were going to ask me to do, so I just made sure I’d be hopefully able to do anything,” Jake has said of his new physique. “I guess I’ve gotten buff. There’s a lot acrobatics in the movie — a lot of running up walls, and jumping on things and Parkour, so it requires muscularity, but it requires a lot of aerobic ability too.”

Prince of Persia: Sands of Time opens in 2010.

UPDATE: Apologies, images removed!

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145 Responses to “Jake Gyllenhaal: Prince of Persia Buff”

  1. 1
    Mamie Says:

    I really hope Reese knows how lucky she is! :) Haha, I love him! I’m excited for the film!

  2. 2
    Manteaux De Chef Says:

    I don’t think so.

  3. 3
    JGP Says:

    he so hot! he’d be hotter without Reese! lol

  4. 4
    anonymous Says:

    this is offensive, a white guy playing a persian? offensive

  5. 5
    Sotos Says:

    It’s been a while since Jarhead!

    I don’t expect anything from this movie. I bet it will be smt silly and for children instead of a good movie. But I don’t bother seeing this pictures…
    Book me a ticket!!!

  6. 6
    J. Says:

    i think he is so so hairy. the body hair can destroy the whole look of a man.

  7. 7
    Pole Says:

    Actually it’s a Jewish guy playing a Persian AFAIK.

    I don’t think he’s hot at all. I guess I just don’t get it. He doesn’t look right in this part IMO.

  8. 8
    Sweetteets Says:

    Eh Eh, He looks fug with long hair,

  9. 9
    nice to look at Says:

    I don’t think the movie will be very good (cos movies based on video games usualy aren’t), but his body is toned and FIT!!!

    Have they darkened his chest hair or something? Cos usually when you see topless shots of him you don’t see any hair

  10. 10
    Sabine Says:

    Am I the only one thinking he looks ridiculous? I love Jake, he’s a great actor but I feel like this could be a very embarassing movie for him…

  11. 11
    dundies Says:

    …is this a comedy?

  12. 12
    NOt that great Says:

    Wasn’t Hatrik Rosan from India supposed to play this role?

  13. 13
    Twifanatic Amanda Says:

    This is hot, and I love this video games, hope the movie doesn’t suck :)

  14. 14
    rok Says:

    He dosnt have the face for long hair. Hes cutter with shorter hair. I know its for the movie…just giving my opinion.

  15. 15
    bex Says:

    lmao. he looks like he’s in a cheesy porn film.

  16. 16
    fugfacehotbod Says:

    Jakey has fugly face hot body syndrome. I heard Jake and Austin are back together.

  17. 17
    Patty Says:

    bex, I’m afraid I agree with you, especially the one with the hands on the hips. And Sabine, I’ve thought that since the first pictures started coming out. But maybe we’re getting a false impression. However, he is a very good actor and needs to cultivate his career with drama not fantasy or musicals, IMO.

  18. 18
    hehe Says:

    toothy has a long horsey face

  19. 19
    ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Says:

    conan the barbarian + trent reznor = jake in “prince of persia”!

  20. 20
    BOSTINE Says:

    not my type.

  21. 21
    hot Says:

    he’s too hot to be persian

  22. 22
    Ivana Says:

    Although i like him… i am little bit sad…
    His movies were promising and now this…
    No wonder why gays dribble for him .. :-D

  23. 23
    momoddd Says:

    I usually like him, but here, he looks… ridiculous, no?

  24. 24
    Hrithik Roshan Says:

    Hrithik Roshan would have been a perfect choice for this role :-(

  25. 25
    wtf Says:

    so gay looking. this movie is going to bomb.

  26. 26
    Tina Says:

    “I really hope Reese knows how lucky she is!”
    Reese Witherspoon happy to have a fake, make believe boyfreind?
    I don’t think so

  27. 27
    tanii Says:

    this movie’s gona be ****. Jake Gyllenhaal is so arrogant. No talent whatsoever.

  28. 28
    Marc Says:

    Jake is talented
    Not sure about this look and movie, I hope to see him in some real movies and roles

  29. 29
    Rotflmao Says:

    well, neck down he has the sexiest kind of man body there is. Not too muscular and the perfect amount of hair. he doesn’t look like a waxed ken doll on steroids. His face is just too goofy and it just makes his whole vibe a cheesy vibe. rotflmao!

  30. 30
    Meg Says:

    bad hair

  31. 31
    vicky Says:

    Talented, sweet and good looking, hope to see him in good movies!

  32. 32
    marym Says:

    Wow Jake looks good, Reese is he luckiest lady alive.

  33. 33
    reese stinks Says:

    Reese is just a beard.

  34. 34
    yaya Says:

    i think he looks good

  35. 35
    Lara Says:

    A caucasian playing a Persian? Sorry but this film is going to suck, and deserves to for being racist.

  36. 36
    yuck Says:

    He looks fug and stupid.

  37. 37
    Reese Witherspoon Says:

    I love my fabulous Jake.

  38. 38
    Reese Witherspoon Says:

    Too bad he’s gay and doesn’t give a s h i t about me!

  39. 39
    Manteaux De Chef Says:

    #4 I agree. At this day and age, to have a White guy playing a Persian is offensive.

    Like the days of whites playing Asians, Native Americans (Western Movies) or Africans (Tarzan movies).

  40. 40
    Reese Says:

    Jakes fantastic, especially in bed.

  41. 41
    Jake G Says:

    you stupid b i t c h,
    stop posting BS, no one cares about you.

  42. 42
    bomb Says:

    damn, he looks ridiculous. this crapfest of a movie will be an endless source for LOLZ.

  43. 43
    Kirsten Dunst Says:

    He is mine you B I T C H.

  44. 44
    Austin Says:

    don’t bother.

  45. 45
    Reese Says:

    Sorry Kirsten I have him now, in my bed every night ahhhh, so much better than my ex.

  46. 46
    Kirsten Dunst Says:

    I must get drink you lucky witch.

  47. 47
    slambang Says:

    He is BEYOND hot! Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. 48
    Tony Says:

    Poor Reese Witherspoon,
    reduced to a disliked beard, supported only by silly fangirls.

  49. 49
    Reese Says:

    Whats the matter “Tony” don’t like it, well lump it. The only people that dislike me are fantasists.

  50. 50
    sarah h Says:

    lol,I’m playing this game in my computer at the moment :D!!He is hot!!

  51. 51
    Anon Says:

    I also think he looks silly. I think this movie will make him a laughing stock. I don’t like the hair It just doesn’t work. And he is just to modern to be playing in movies about ancient Persians. Unless he is playing it for laughs kind of like Brendan Fraser?

  52. 52
    Demonstar Says:

    No one was upset when Oded Fehr , who’s Israeli, played an Arab in that Mummy movie with Brendan Fraser. The Rock was The Scorpion King in the second one and he’s Black, so actors are playing FANTASY not reality. In Kingdom of Heaven, they used Arab actors for Arab parts, but that was based on a true, actual ,historical event. It really happened. Quit complaining about Jake. This is a Disney movie by Bruckheimer and it will be good.

  53. 53
    sandy Says:

    He’s not pulling this off.

  54. 54
    sandy Says:

    He’s not pulling this off.

  55. 55
    popozao Says:

    what the hell is that?

  56. 56
    Monica Says:

    Bruckheimer’s Confessions of a Shopaholic is a bad movie and a flop.
    For Jake’s sake I hope Prince of Persia will be better.
    Better yet – let’s hope Jake’s other movies will be great.

  57. 57
    sarah Says:

    Just no. gross

  58. 58
    Sebastian Says:

    Wow. Looks good. I hope the movie also.

  59. 59
    me me me Says:

    he doesn’t do it for me.

  60. 60
    Jake is Fantastic Says:

    Jake looks great in the Prince of Persia role! The commenters here who are insulting, you’re either jealous or misinformed, or both. The long hair is for the role, Jake’s body is fantastic, not overdone or prissy. I bet none of you liked or believed the first shots of Depp as a pirate, either.

  61. 61
    eva Says:

    Why is the prince of persia so pale? He better do some outstanding acting to make me get past his non-heroic, very preppy appearance.

  62. 62
    Pole Says:

    How can anyone know if the movie is good or bad when it hasn’t been relaesed yet??!

  63. 63
    just sayin' Says:

    This has FAIL written all over it. I don’t get why Jake is doing this movie, it’s such a bad idea. He looks weird, like his goofy face was photoshopped on a ‘roided body. The sexy pose is not working either, he just looks awkward. That hair is disgusting. Sorry, I’m gonna pass.

  64. 64
    dee dee Says:

    Austin is one lucky boy, Jake is hot!

  65. 65
    Johnny D Says:

    Glad to see Jake’s natural Prince look is unrealistic when people loved my totally authentic eyelinered eyeshadowed mascared rouge lipsticked powdered madeup pirate face!

  66. 66
    Liza Says:

    This is definitely not a good look for Jake. He looks like the Hulk on steriods who needs a shower. He’s been bearding with Reese for 2 years for this? Not only do these pics make him look like a gay guy in a gay buff movie, but after all of his hard bearding work, how can anyone look at these pics and think Jake is straight.

  67. 67
    jaye Says:

    Nice, bode, but the face seems out of place.

  68. 68
    Tobey Says:


  69. 69
    t Says:

    yum wow

  70. 70
    Brianne Says:

    All you jealous haters and naysayers. Jake is absolutely beautiful. Get over it.

  71. 71
    gaga Says:

    are you kidding….Johnny D is a chameleon believable in any role he does thus far, Jake looks like he’s playing dress up for a costume party. He’s not believable and though his acting can be good at times, he’s just gonna look ridiculous here. He won’t pull it off….not to mention he has a very unlikable persona.

  72. 72
    [☆I n F a m o u s☆] Says:

    has he ever looked more like a dweeb?

  73. 73
    Osakhomen Says:

    Man, that body is HOT!

  74. 74
    duh Says:

    Something about the slope of his mouth and the glassy bug eyes make him look slow.

  75. 75
    um Says:

    um Persians are white. Officially they are Aryan, the original not the Nazi version.

  76. 76
    John Says:

    man, this guy looks ridiculous…shouldve picked john abrhaham

  77. 77
    Demonstar Says:

    That’s exactly the point. When Johnny Depp played Jack Sparrow in POTC, he played it for fun. It was almost as if he was giving us a sly wink and we were in on the joke. We knew from the opening scenes that Johnny, Orly, and Keira were in a fun, fantasy movie. It was campy. If jake plays this for fun, and special effects and thrills, he’ll be OK, but if he is “over prepared” and serious, he will flop and look like an ass. Which he already does because I really, really hate that hair. And his eyes look too bulgey. I have seen other pictures of him, bcz I am Reese’s fan and I like them together, but in other pictures, he looks a lot better. It’s the hair and the bulge eyes.

  78. 78
    x Says:

    Jesus, I can´t wait this movie until 2010 ! Jake is fabulous!

  79. 79
    Joey Says:

    Can I ask why the images were removed? I hope it’s not cause people were bitching about his hair or whatev, cause really, who cares what THEY think?

  80. 80
    velcrodots Says:

    Since when did this turn in to ‘Princess of Persia’?

    Nice bangs, Jakey!

  81. 81
    Hortensia Says:

    You can still see the photos on other internet sites. And they are NOT GOOD. His boobs are too feminine, and he poses with hands on hips in a kinda swishy way. He needs to shave his body and his hair looks greasy and dirty. And he is too pale. Commentators say the movie will bomb. Jakey needs another bomb like a hole in the head.

  82. 82
    Hortensia Says:

    Odd I could not post a link to the sites that still have the pictures up. Wouldn’t register. You have to google for them.

  83. 83
    Hortensia Says:

    The photos are on the Huffington Post blogsite.

  84. 84
    Hortensia Says:

    He dosnt have the face for long hair. Hes cutter with shorter hair.

    I agree, his face is too long for long hair. He ends up looking like a Basset Hound.

  85. 85
    ana Says:

    he looks more gay in those pictures than in BBM.

  86. 86
    sad Says:

    I saw the pics on ONTD, last night, and just about busted a gut laughing.
    He looks ridiculous!
    Bruckheimer was going for box-office appeal, and didn’t give a damn about authenticity. That would have been OK if he had been able to talk Orlando into playing the part. He offered him a ton of money, but Orlando didn’t want to do another fantasy trilogy with a sword. Not only is Orlando naturally athletic, and graceful enough for parkour (not to mention fit and gorgeous with long hair), there isn’t another young actor out there who can believably wield a sword like he does, so Jerry was up s**t creek. He chose Jake to try to appeal to the younger theater goers, and has regretted his decision ever since. They delayed the movie for over a year to try to fix Jake’s clumsiness with CGI.
    I loved the game, and got excited when I heard that Orlando was playing the part, but I will not be seeing this one in the theaters. Think about it….when a studio ‘leaks’ production stills, they send out pictures that they think will bring interest to the film, and these were the best they had??? They have been laughed at all over the web. This movie is in trouble already. Big trouble. And Bruckheimer knows it. Maybe he should have offered Orlando 80 million, instead of 40.

  87. 87
    Hortensia Says:

    Ana: He didn’t look gay at all in Brokeback, nor did Heath. That was what made the picture so great. Most people don’t want to watch openly gay men for long or for more than passing laughs on the screen.
    I would not say he looks exactly gay. He just looks…well…unappetizing…to either women or gays. Neither women nor gays like body hair. He should have been shaved. Then after that, his hair should have been done so that it doesn’t look ratty and greasy and dirty, as it does. His chest is not good either. His “breasts” are too feminine looking. Bad look all around.

  88. 88
    Shani Says:

    God, doesn’t he look gay there? and the long hair doesn’t do anything for him, this guy’s face is too long, that hair doesn’t suit his face at all. Body is good.

  89. 89
    Alison Says:

    I like jake and some of his movies, but sorry, he looks ridiculous here, very odd look, it’s his face, the hair, the pose, I don’t know but he doesn’t look the part.

  90. 90
    sad Says:

    I found it rather telling that one of the paps filming Orlando on the set of Sympathy for Delicious yelled out “Prince of Per-siaaaa” as he walked by. With long dark hair, buff chest and eyeliner, he sure looked the part. And if being dressed as a rock star made him look THAT close to the images from the game, can you imagine how good he would look if he was TRYING to look like the Prince?
    Even a pap could see it, for crying out loud.

  91. 91
    isaure Says:

    Orlando Bloom in the part ????????

    well euh NO

  92. 92
    isaure Says:

    The pics are bad ! the guy is hot but it’s cheesy and look like the last novel of Daniel Steel’s promotion!

    Anyway, Jake wastes his time in this kind of movie , the guy is talented and should remain in indie circle!

    At last to be fair, anyone would be ridiculous in such role, fantasy movie is not taken seriously, too risky!

  93. 93
    @91 Says:

    Remember, the buff, gorgeous guy from Kingdom of Heaven is the same guy that played the graceful, athletic Legolas. That would have been one killer combination. Not a joke like Jake.

  94. 94
    sheryl Says:

    sad @ 03/08/2009 at 2:22 pm
    “Not only is Orlando naturally athletic, and graceful enough for parkour (not to mention fit and gorgeous with long hair), there isn’t another young actor out there who can believably wield a sword like he does,…”

    Hahahahahahahahahaha….oh dear god….
    (catches breath)

  95. 95
    isaure Says:

    Orlando Blum was hightly ridiculous inTroy like Pitt!
    And no he is not a credible actor either!

  96. 96
    @94 Says:

    I agree with the other poster. Orlando would have been MUCH better in this part that lame, white-bread Jake.
    MUCH better.
    Why have they delayed the movie for a year if they aren’t worried about it? They must be trying to compensate for something.
    And since you disagree about Orlando, name one other young actor who can wear a costume and brandish a sword without looking like they are going to a costume party. We have seen the pics of Jake, so we KNOW it sure isn’t HIM. Name one. Bruckheimer offered Orlando 40 million for the trilogy. He must have thought that he was the best choice out there. And Bruckheimr is many things, but stupid isn’t one of them.

  97. 97
    @96 Says:

    Hahahahah offered 40m right Bloom can’t get any work.

  98. 98
    @97 Says:

    No, #96 is right.
    He was offered 40 million for the trilogy.

  99. 99
    Hortensia Says:

    Well if Orlando turned down 40 million, what did Bruck pay Jakey? Did he come cheap? I do suspect La Wither pushed him into it. Prolly said “time for you to make some real money Jakey, the way I do; if you want my respect you’ll have to get rich quick.”

  100. 100
    JGFan Says:

    Jake was second choice. He must be used to it. After Reese’s last interview clearly she would rather have stayed with Ryan but he wouldn’t stay with her. Orlando would have been perfect for this role too. Poor Jakey!!

  101. 101
    @96 & 98 Says:

    So please provide some sort of proof.

  102. 102
    @101 Says:

    It was all over the internet. If you missed it, that’s your problem.

  103. 103
    Hortensia Says:

    One has to feel sorry for Jakey if this bombs. He really needs a winning movie for a change. He looms much larger as a celebrity than as a Hollywood star. Lots of fans, few really good movies. Even fewer blockbuster movies (only one so far and he was not the star). I really wonder why Bruck didn’t insist that the body hair be shaved off. It doesn’t help his appearance one little bit. And this movie depends upon his looks.

  104. 104
    Hortensia Says:


  105. 105
    goldberry1 Says:

    Hot body, hot poses, hot man, great actor.

    Luv you Jake


  106. 106
    se Says:

    Jake Gyllenhaal is a prostitute men and he works for Video Game Mafia!
    Video Games damage children and teenager because they have bad subliminar impressions and they are violents. They damage the concentration of children and teenagers by school ativities!

    Reese Witherspoon is a sheap studio prostitute whose build her carrier with lot of sex with the man of Hollwood studios and her old sex maniac dirigents! They gave her main placer in film!”

    Adivise for the blind and ambitious Government USA!

    Russia will never let that USA invade Iran ( or persians ) because this country is in the corner of their oil territory!
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    Decadent country USA!

  107. 107
    se Says:


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    Nobody can watch the face of GOD.
    God is goodness and powerfull. Qualities that the modern people haven’t.
    JESUS CRIST is a son of GOD. And all another religion of our wold don’t exist.
    It is better that the brothel Hollywood and their man and women with a big holl in their %AS@S@ make a film of another themes that they know!

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  108. 108
    Hortensia Says:

    Stupid SE, go away.

  109. 109
    stela Says:

    Jake is better actor than Orlando Bloom. Disney knows what is doing.

  110. 110
    Ivana Says:

    God Se… Egyptian hieroglyphs have more sense than your so called letter..

  111. 111
    sesssss Says:

    LOVE JAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  112. 112
    se Says:

    Idiot and ignorant! Hotensia you must get out!

  113. 113
    Hortensia Says:

    Egyptians were very smart. SE is neither smart nor an Egyptian. He is a fool who lives somewhere nobody cares about. Ignore him or her or it. I really think SE is probably an “it”. LOL

  114. 114
    Hortensia Says:

    Let’s be honest, people. Some of us are here to gush and express our longing for Jakey, etc. Others of us are here because it gives us a chance to say kinda nasty things about him, or sort of nasty things, or at least demeaning things, and because he seems to have it all and be eviable, that makes us feel better. When I say something slighting or sneering about Jake I feel a bit better. Like I had had a chance to punch him in the face when I ran into him. Even things up a bit, you know. LOL

  115. 115
    Hortensia Says:

    I doubt Jakey reads these comments, but who knows? Movie stars have lots of down time with nothing to do but laze around, screw around and in some cases go to bars and get drunk and do drugs. I don’t think Jakey does much of that, in fact probably none of that. But even if he doesn’t see what his “fans” and “fan enemies” say about him perhaps his PR people do. I would think some people read these things besides just those of us who comment.

  116. 116
    Hortensia Says:

    A person who knows a lot about the movie business said that stars become “soul-less creatures.” Meaning people who lose their own personality and humanity. This is doubtless the result of being so many different people, and that is what acting is all about, so that they end up being really nobody. Some rare cases there are who are able to keep their own personality but many lose it. I think of Daniel Radcliffe. When he started out in David Copperfield he was so good because he was obviously just being himself in costume. He later said he didn’t really know what he was doing, meaning he was not consciously acting. More recently now that he is harder and more professional he was asked about what fame did to him. He was very honest, I think. He said it had given him two different personalities. He had a public personality that he puts on when he is interviewed and in which he is far wittier and more amusing than in real life, and then what he is when is not on show. Evidently that Daniel is much more ordinary and un-interesting. So stars who understand what has happened to them, know that the profession has given them an artificial personality that they wear like a mask when they are “on show.”

  117. 117
    x Says:

    Hortensia, Jake doesn´t spend his time reading our comments. Maybe his assistants can do it.
    Anyway, Jake, if you are reading this, I love you.

  118. 118
    Ivana Says:

    Now when Reese is in Berlin… he maybe reads… :)))
    And he probably laughs all our statements… :)))

  119. 119
    Hortensia Says:

    News out> Jakey’s divorcing parents finally sold their Hollywood Hills house for about $3,100,000. Now maybe they can pay off some of their debts. I don’t know if they are divorced yet. One website said they were; another was unclear. Anyhoo Jakey seems to hang around with his mother as well as Witherspoon in LA; sis is in New York doing a play that has gotten only so so reviews; and papa is nowhere to be seen. The kids don’t seem to have much to do with papa. Mama and the two kids are Jews by blood; papa is not.

  120. 120
    Ivana Says:

    But papa have royal nobility…
    Best combination are Jews and European nobility… open doors everywhere… :)))

  121. 121
    Ivana Says:

    Just saw a house…. those lucky ******** have taste. House is just beautiful and i find her much nicer than RW Ojai estate…

  122. 122
    se Says:

    The European Nobility would be build in Roman by Imperator Dioclesian to defend the border of Roman Empere.
    They are the resulta of Roman and the barbar whose would be turn to Christianism….
    The Jews would be expulse of France in Middle Age and by Spain and Portugal later.
    The European Nobility is christ and they never don’t mix with Jews or muslin!
    The real European Nobility can’ work as prostitute or robber!
    There are only one diference between Jews and Muslins:
    Both sent their own mother for money but the muslin after become money for their mother betray the people and don’t give her!

    Nobody in Europe like Jews or Muslins!

  123. 123
    se Says:

    The father of Jake Gyllenhaal probably learned with her son how to take a sheap young prostitute to have silk and retarded children!

  124. 124
    se Says:

    The father of Jake Gyllenhaal probably learned with her son how to take a sheap young prostitute to have silk and mental retarded children!

  125. 125
    Ivana Says:

    No one love Jews during second world war… Rich German families hate Jews during the war because this one make more money and steal their property….
    Now things are slightly improved… If you look closely every actor in Hollywood is partly Jews… Al Pacino, Harrison Ford, Jake Gyllenhaal, James Franco, Marla Sokoloff, Woody Allen, Robert De Niro, Ben Stiller, David Bowie even Olivia Newton John.. They all have one in family
    I am not defending anyone, just give you facts…
    Always when we talk… it turns into something quite different and i don’t liked :)))

  126. 126
    Ivana Says:

    I am so sorry if i insult you… you obviously care so much for traditional values and you probably belong to this circles… i live typical civil life and i don’t know so much about that… but i am trying to be nice…

  127. 127
    Hortensia Says:

    I think the “nobility” thing is a bit overdone. I doubt Jakey would get invited to any royal events in Sweden on account of his “nobility.”

  128. 128
    Hortensia Says:

    SE everything you say seems to be stupid and wrong. I say “seems” becuase your English is so awful nothing you say can be really understood. Why don’t you go learn how to write an English sentence that makes sense before you try to post comments in the language? What language is native to you? Martian? Saturnian? ******* Sanskrit? Maybe the language monkeys speak. Are you perhaps a monkey trying to pass as human? You are hilarious and disgusting. But keep it up, you make everybody laugh at you.

  129. 129
    x Says:

    Hortensia, Se

    Jake is dating a fever christian woman. Athough his mother is jewish I think he doesn´t live how typical jewish mainly his father is Christian.

    I didn´t know Robert de Niro and Al Pacino were jewish. I thought they´re catholic. Are you sure?

  130. 130
    Ivana Says:

    Hi X ..
    They are partly Jews… Robert De Niro grandma is one… so i read it..
    But who knows is this true ???

    And i do agree with you, since Jake’s father is European (Swede) and Christian … Jake is also..

  131. 131
    Ivana Says:

    Just found out… Al Pacino is not Jew (Italian/American)… I must say his face definitely looks like Jew.. :))))

  132. 132
    Hortensia Says:

    Please please…..if the mother is Jewish, her children are Jewish. Jewishness goes through the mother’s side. Jake’s mother is Jewish; hence Jake and his sister are Jewish. Period. What his father is makes NO difference. Lots of Hollywood actors are Jewish but have changed their names to disguise the fact. Harrison Ford, for example, is Jewish. Reese Witherspoon is NOT Jewish. Ivana, don’t be stupid. You can’t tell a Jew by appearance. Jake has said he regards himself as Jewish. Wise up dumbbells.

  133. 133
    Hortensia Says:

    Jake had a Bar Mitzvah. Can’t be more Jewish that that.

  134. 134
    Hortensia Says:

    I suspect Jake has been circumcised, but since nobody has ever gotten a good look at his tool, we can’t be sure. I’d say it is 99% certain. LOL

  135. 135
    Hortensia Says:

    Madonna is Jewish. Daniel Radcliffe is Jewish. Etc., etc., etc.

  136. 136
    Ivana Says:

    We all measure by father side.. :)))
    Example: If my father is Croat and my mother is Macedonian.. i would be Croat … this stand for religion too ..

    Dumbbells i read facts from “Famous Hollywood Jews”
    And by the way isn’t Jake give statement, that he celebrate both Christmas and Bar Mitzvah ..
    And why do you take all so serious.. Looks Al Pacino as Jew was Joke..
    If i am joking… that doesn’t mean i am silly.. :)))

  137. 137
    Hortensia Says:

    Ivana, I had no intention of being rude, but it is official and definite that Jewishness descends through the maternal line. What other identities do is irrelevant. Jakey is thoroughly American and I suppose the family, before it broke up, celebrated both Christmas and the Jewish holiday too. But Jakey had a Bar Mitzvah, and only Jewish boys have that. His main identity is Jewish.

    One reason this is not a joke is because Jews in fact are dominant in Hollywood. Mainly because almost all the figures in the industry are Jewish. Not all the actors, not all the studio heads, but below the very top Hollywood is as Jewish as Wall Street. And there is the question of whether this influences the political points of view of movies, etc., etc. Have you ever seen a movie sympathetic to contemporary Arabs or Palestinians?

  138. 138
    se Says:


    The Germans don’t like Jews because Germany would be the Promisse Place not Israel for Jews.

    Everybody knows that the frustation of Jews is not to be Germans !

  139. 139
    se Says:

    The British Empire was dominated by Jews and Rotschilds. The Jews dominated the sleve trade of black people and they daminated the Opium trade between india and China!

    The briten and Jew begin with trade of drug in world. The ambition of Jews transform then in Robbers and assassins.

    The great motive that the Jews don’t like the Nazist es because the the Nazis took their real face of them!

    The Jews somtimes are rich but not for long time because they have addition to be opportunist and this addition blind them!

    To be Jew is a shame! Their temple would be use to clean dirty money and lot of dirty things!

    My family never let nobody of own member get marriage with a Jew!

  140. 140
    se Says:

    Reese Witherspoon isn’t christ.
    Christianism belongs only catolics or orthodox church!
    The other belongs the sects of Gnostic!

  141. 141
    se Says:

    The dominatiom of Jews in the would is very damage because to Jews have their advantages they destroy the interesse and the economical sistem of our world!

    Probably the Jews are involved in all these economical crisis at presents! In the past they would be involved in Economic crisis of 1929!

    They dominate the magazines and press worldwide and they are making the campain of |Holocaust intensive to take the money of Germany and Swiss Banks too!

  142. 142
    se Says:

    The ambitions of Jews transform them in robbers and assassins for money.
    The domination of Jews in economical sistem is very damage because the Jews to become advantages they destroy the economical sistem of countries too!
    They dominate the Media…the magazin, newspapers and television too. They are making eternity campains about Holocaust to take money of German and Swiss banks when they need money!

  143. 143
    se Says:

    I don’t know what is worse for Europa. The Muslins or the parasits Jews!

    Norman Finkelstein and their famous book “The Holocaust indusdtry ” has right!
    All these quantity of Jews whose would death during Second War was exagerate!
    The Jew Sarkosy. The president of France obrigate the france people pay for the sons and grandsons of Jew last money.

    Germany will never be free of Jew! They must pay for all eternity for these parasits!

    I can’t undrestand why the governments of Europe let the Muslins and Jews live again over there. The European are always enemy of these people in all time of History.

    The christ have another mentality and the relation of christian people is based in “equilibrium”.

    The Muslin and Jew are oportunist and parasits. They aren’t able to live in a christ sistem of life!

  144. 144
    se Says:

    Norman Finkelstein in his book “The Holocaust Industry” has right when he said that the big quantity of victims that the Jew Community say is exagerate…
    It is only with objective to explore the Banks of Germany and Swiss!
    The German will never be free of Jew and they must pay for all eternity for these parasits.
    Germany has lot of problens with their Muslin and Jew whose come over there to live in social sistem and they don’t work….

    The Jew president of France Sarkozy obrigate last moth the french people pay for the “victim of Nazism”. The french will pay for the sons and grandsons of Jews!
    Absolut parasits. THe generation of France, germany and Swiss whose nevre live in this time or know the history through books must pay for these parasits.

    I don’t know why the European let the Muslin and Jews return to live in Europe again. The Muslins and Jews are parasits and opportunist . They aren’t able to live in a society wwhose the people practice the “equilibrium” like christ society!

  145. 145
    johnny Says:

    just a bad actor. even in brokeback mountain. his best is zodiac and robert downey carried him just like heath ledger did in bm. hes worse than colin farrell

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