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Jake Gyllenhaal: Prince of Persia Buff

Jake Gyllenhaal: Prince of Persia Buff

A shirtless Jake Gyllenhaal shows off his buff body in these new stills from the upcoming fantasy adventure, Prince of Persia: Sands of Time.

“I over-prepared myself because I never knew how much they were going to ask me to do, so I just made sure I’d be hopefully able to do anything,” Jake has said of his new physique. “I guess I’ve gotten buff. There’s a lot acrobatics in the movie — a lot of running up walls, and jumping on things and Parkour, so it requires muscularity, but it requires a lot of aerobic ability too.”

Prince of Persia: Sands of Time opens in 2010.

UPDATE: Apologies, images removed!

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145 Responses to “Jake Gyllenhaal: Prince of Persia Buff”

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  1. 126
    Ivana Says:

    I am so sorry if i insult you… you obviously care so much for traditional values and you probably belong to this circles… i live typical civil life and i don’t know so much about that… but i am trying to be nice…

  2. 127
    Hortensia Says:

    I think the “nobility” thing is a bit overdone. I doubt Jakey would get invited to any royal events in Sweden on account of his “nobility.”

  3. 128
    Hortensia Says:

    SE everything you say seems to be stupid and wrong. I say “seems” becuase your English is so awful nothing you say can be really understood. Why don’t you go learn how to write an English sentence that makes sense before you try to post comments in the language? What language is native to you? Martian? Saturnian? ******* Sanskrit? Maybe the language monkeys speak. Are you perhaps a monkey trying to pass as human? You are hilarious and disgusting. But keep it up, you make everybody laugh at you.

  4. 129
    x Says:

    Hortensia, Se

    Jake is dating a fever christian woman. Athough his mother is jewish I think he doesn´t live how typical jewish mainly his father is Christian.

    I didn´t know Robert de Niro and Al Pacino were jewish. I thought they´re catholic. Are you sure?

  5. 130
    Ivana Says:

    Hi X ..
    They are partly Jews… Robert De Niro grandma is one… so i read it..
    But who knows is this true ???

    And i do agree with you, since Jake’s father is European (Swede) and Christian … Jake is also..

  6. 131
    Ivana Says:

    Just found out… Al Pacino is not Jew (Italian/American)… I must say his face definitely looks like Jew.. :))))

  7. 132
    Hortensia Says:

    Please please…..if the mother is Jewish, her children are Jewish. Jewishness goes through the mother’s side. Jake’s mother is Jewish; hence Jake and his sister are Jewish. Period. What his father is makes NO difference. Lots of Hollywood actors are Jewish but have changed their names to disguise the fact. Harrison Ford, for example, is Jewish. Reese Witherspoon is NOT Jewish. Ivana, don’t be stupid. You can’t tell a Jew by appearance. Jake has said he regards himself as Jewish. Wise up dumbbells.

  8. 133
    Hortensia Says:

    Jake had a Bar Mitzvah. Can’t be more Jewish that that.

  9. 134
    Hortensia Says:

    I suspect Jake has been circumcised, but since nobody has ever gotten a good look at his tool, we can’t be sure. I’d say it is 99% certain. LOL

  10. 135
    Hortensia Says:

    Madonna is Jewish. Daniel Radcliffe is Jewish. Etc., etc., etc.

  11. 136
    Ivana Says:

    We all measure by father side.. :)))
    Example: If my father is Croat and my mother is Macedonian.. i would be Croat … this stand for religion too ..

    Dumbbells i read facts from “Famous Hollywood Jews”
    And by the way isn’t Jake give statement, that he celebrate both Christmas and Bar Mitzvah ..
    And why do you take all so serious.. Looks Al Pacino as Jew was Joke..
    If i am joking… that doesn’t mean i am silly.. :)))

  12. 137
    Hortensia Says:

    Ivana, I had no intention of being rude, but it is official and definite that Jewishness descends through the maternal line. What other identities do is irrelevant. Jakey is thoroughly American and I suppose the family, before it broke up, celebrated both Christmas and the Jewish holiday too. But Jakey had a Bar Mitzvah, and only Jewish boys have that. His main identity is Jewish.

    One reason this is not a joke is because Jews in fact are dominant in Hollywood. Mainly because almost all the figures in the industry are Jewish. Not all the actors, not all the studio heads, but below the very top Hollywood is as Jewish as Wall Street. And there is the question of whether this influences the political points of view of movies, etc., etc. Have you ever seen a movie sympathetic to contemporary Arabs or Palestinians?

  13. 138
    se Says:


    The Germans don’t like Jews because Germany would be the Promisse Place not Israel for Jews.

    Everybody knows that the frustation of Jews is not to be Germans !

  14. 139
    se Says:

    The British Empire was dominated by Jews and Rotschilds. The Jews dominated the sleve trade of black people and they daminated the Opium trade between india and China!

    The briten and Jew begin with trade of drug in world. The ambition of Jews transform then in Robbers and assassins.

    The great motive that the Jews don’t like the Nazist es because the the Nazis took their real face of them!

    The Jews somtimes are rich but not for long time because they have addition to be opportunist and this addition blind them!

    To be Jew is a shame! Their temple would be use to clean dirty money and lot of dirty things!

    My family never let nobody of own member get marriage with a Jew!

  15. 140
    se Says:

    Reese Witherspoon isn’t christ.
    Christianism belongs only catolics or orthodox church!
    The other belongs the sects of Gnostic!

  16. 141
    se Says:

    The dominatiom of Jews in the would is very damage because to Jews have their advantages they destroy the interesse and the economical sistem of our world!

    Probably the Jews are involved in all these economical crisis at presents! In the past they would be involved in Economic crisis of 1929!

    They dominate the magazines and press worldwide and they are making the campain of |Holocaust intensive to take the money of Germany and Swiss Banks too!

  17. 142
    se Says:

    The ambitions of Jews transform them in robbers and assassins for money.
    The domination of Jews in economical sistem is very damage because the Jews to become advantages they destroy the economical sistem of countries too!
    They dominate the Media…the magazin, newspapers and television too. They are making eternity campains about Holocaust to take money of German and Swiss banks when they need money!

  18. 143
    se Says:

    I don’t know what is worse for Europa. The Muslins or the parasits Jews!

    Norman Finkelstein and their famous book “The Holocaust indusdtry ” has right!
    All these quantity of Jews whose would death during Second War was exagerate!
    The Jew Sarkosy. The president of France obrigate the france people pay for the sons and grandsons of Jew last money.

    Germany will never be free of Jew! They must pay for all eternity for these parasits!

    I can’t undrestand why the governments of Europe let the Muslins and Jews live again over there. The European are always enemy of these people in all time of History.

    The christ have another mentality and the relation of christian people is based in “equilibrium”.

    The Muslin and Jew are oportunist and parasits. They aren’t able to live in a christ sistem of life!

  19. 144
    se Says:

    Norman Finkelstein in his book “The Holocaust Industry” has right when he said that the big quantity of victims that the Jew Community say is exagerate…
    It is only with objective to explore the Banks of Germany and Swiss!
    The German will never be free of Jew and they must pay for all eternity for these parasits.
    Germany has lot of problens with their Muslin and Jew whose come over there to live in social sistem and they don’t work….

    The Jew president of France Sarkozy obrigate last moth the french people pay for the “victim of Nazism”. The french will pay for the sons and grandsons of Jews!
    Absolut parasits. THe generation of France, germany and Swiss whose nevre live in this time or know the history through books must pay for these parasits.

    I don’t know why the European let the Muslin and Jews return to live in Europe again. The Muslins and Jews are parasits and opportunist . They aren’t able to live in a society wwhose the people practice the “equilibrium” like christ society!

  20. 145
    johnny Says:

    just a bad actor. even in brokeback mountain. his best is zodiac and robert downey carried him just like heath ledger did in bm. hes worse than colin farrell

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