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Michelle Williams & Spike Jonze: Saturday Stroll

Michelle Williams & Spike Jonze: Saturday Stroll

Director Spike Jonze keeps his arm around his leading lady, actress Michelle Williams, while taking a romantic morning stroll through New York City on Saturday morning (March 7).

Michelle was also seen chatting on her cell phone and toting around a cotton shoulder bag from the Guggenheim Museum with the following words written on it: “Je T’Aime” (“I Love You” in French).

10+ pictures inside of cute couple Michelle Williams and Spike Jonze

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spike jonze michelle williams saturday stroll 01
spike jonze michelle williams saturday stroll 02
spike jonze michelle williams saturday stroll 03
spike jonze michelle williams saturday stroll 04
spike jonze michelle williams saturday stroll 05
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spike jonze michelle williams saturday stroll 10

Photos: Edward Opinaldo
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  • LolaSvelt

    Both are very talented and they seem very happy.

  • ‘Mandise

    awww so cute, I love the bag! want one :p It’s great that she’s moved on….

  • fed up

    Yes world she has gotten over her EX BOYFRIEND HEATH LEDGER.!

  • sara

    THEY ARE TOGETHER ?! Since when?

  • Ivana

    This is just my opinion…
    I have nothing against her and i am glad that she is happy..

    But she was to shy for Heath… the only good of that relationship is little Mathilda who looks just like her father.. and i am glad for that..

  • fed up


  • fed up

    Too bad that her daughter had to look light her strung out drug addict
    father.. Who cares about Heath when she was dating Spike at the
    time of Heath’s death.. So who give a care did she accept all the
    awards for Heath herself NO! If you went through the garbage you
    will probably find them there. She was anything but shy with Heath

  • fed up


  • tori

    They were already together in June 2007.

    Michelle’s clothes are always cool.

  • me

    I don’t think Michelle’s as shy as she sometimes comes off, I think she’s just a bit media shy. That’s all. She’s had many boyfriends and sexual experience since she was 14 years old (that’s what she said in an interview).

  • Fleece Baby

    How old is he??

  • me

    She’s 28.

  • fed up with fed up

    fed up,

    Stop your f*cking screaming, moron.

  • Elsa

    She’s 28.
    He’s 40.

  • Manteaux De Chef

    Almost robbing’ the cradle !

  • fed up

    She is 28 not under 17 years old. Not robbing the cradle.. So what if he
    is 40 that is not robbing the cradle.. This is great that she is finally going public letting the public know that she is over Heath..

  • Me

    How could she break up with Heath over his constant drug use, when she is a constant drug user herself. Did anyone here see her sickly body in Deception or Incendiary? That’s what happens when you hit up cocaine. So, where does she get the right to condemn Heath for what she herself does?

  • lkalia

    she looks miserable here, when she was with heath she was shying and have some nice clothes but now sorry she looks like a tramp

  • lea

    oh my god michelle is so old, she looks like a woman of 40 years old. maybe because of drugs

  • cloe

    yeah she is old and ugly, spike has a better look than her; i prefer him with drew barrymore than her, MICHELLE is so UGLY

  • terry

    michelle dated many old guys, I’am not surprsie that she is dating spike jonze but i ‘am pretty sure that he will break up with her, he can’t stay with women along time

  • sal

    she loves sex that’s why she dating and break up and dating and break up. i know why many people don’t like her now

  • christine

    THE UGLY COUPLE OF THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • gera

    michelle williams used drugs and she gives drugs to heath ledger, she kill him!!!!! B I T C H

  • laly

    I have never trust this actress she is so mysterious, she speaks always like a poet or someone who writes a book. she pretends to be nice and show everbody that she is a good mom and still in grieve but i’am sure she is not perfect she made mistakes i’am sure that she is responsable about the death of her ex heath ledger.

  • rose

    I laughed at a lot of the above comments, the nasty ones were so obviously written by the same person that its just sad. Michelle is beautiful and talented, which i am sure the people writting those comments are not. So sorry, get over it you suck. Stop using different usernames to bash a great actress and person

  • Ms x

    #17, I heard Michelle’ s no stranger to drug use too. I don’t think they broke up because of Heath’s drug use, I think he did drugs occationally, but I don’t know if he was an addict. I think Heath just wasn’t that into her anymore, I think it was him who broke up.

  • colla82

    the academy make a big mistake to give the oscar of heath ledger to michelle williams. she is the mother of matilda that’s all, she is moves on with spike and she has no connection to heath’s familly now. i’am sure that at the time of heath’s death, he was so annoyed and hated michelle williams.

  • jim and carol

    Spike isn’t the only one who can’t stay long in a relationship, Michelle is also unable to commit. Her previous relationships never lasted longer than 1 or 2 years. I don’t think Spike intends to be Matilda’s stepdaddy, he just wants Michelle. She’s probably a good f*ck.

  • Ivana

    I do little astrology research..
    Heath was Aries full energy and Michelle is Virgo, these two sign have nothing common… i am not some astrological geek but this combination do not have future.. He was quite impulsive, while she is little bit cold and distant..
    Same combination was with Reese (Aries) and Ryan (Virgo).. no wonder why they split..

  • Demonstar

    She was with Spike in Spring of 2007. The one thing that really really hurt Heath was that his daughter was going to get to know another man more then him. He wanted a sense of home and family for Matilda. Michelle was very mean spirited about Matilda.
    Think about it. She insisted on keeping Matilda with her even tho she was working, over Christmas, when Heath wanted to take her home to Australia to see her grandparents. He ended up going alone. She is a very selfish, fake person. I just hope She and her “boyfriends” do not mistreat Matilda. I also hope Matilda gets to spend a lot of time with Heath’s family, but I doubt it. Heath’s family will really love her and cherish her. I think Michelle is psycho. I am glad the paparrazzi take Matilda’s picture. I don’t want Michelle to think she can hide Matilda from us. I need to know Matilda is OK. Right now, she seems too quiet sometimes.

  • Sheri

    Some of these comments are so crude and mean that I’m surprised they are even allowed on here! I’m happy to see that Michelle has found love again … she certainly deserves it with all she’s been through. And does anyone know how Spike pronounces his last name? Does it sound like “Jones” or “Johns”? Just curious … I’ve never heard of him before now.

  • fed up

    No she does not use drugs with Heath she was not with him when
    he started hanging out in London England doing The illusionists.

    He died part way through.. He came home with his drug problem
    that is why Mary Kate told the massage lady to wait 1/2 an hour
    before the cops got there so that her body guards could get the
    drugs out of the Flat

  • fania

    B I T C H B I T C H B I T C H !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ***

    fed up, you babble too much nonsense.

  • lea

    MICHELLE WILLIAMS =CHEATER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • fania

    She is the best f****r , she loves f****

  • clementine78

    i heard that she was lesbian before,
    is that true????

  • laura

    Oh my god, seriously shut up! Its the same people writing the same bloody uneducated comments! Go back to elementary school and learn a little lesson in manners. No one wants to hear you preach your lies !

    The fact is that Michelle is happy with Spike and why shouldn’t she be? They’re both like-minded creative people, just like her and Heath. Any attempt from yous to hurt her is just a waste.. She doesn’t spend her time on the internet caring what foreign, bad-spellers say about her. Yeesh, get a life!

  • Kathryn

    #29 – Uhh, yeah i’m sure if you knew anything about Spike Jonze you wouldn’t bother making up crude lies. he was once married to his long-time girlfriend of twelve years..

    #32 – It’s said like “Jones.” He’s an incredible director, probably the best music video director ever. Very creative, very talented.

  • Linet

    All of the haters here are so lame!! She is amazing, talented and beautiful!!

  • laura

    I think all the bashers on this thread is Cornelia from IMDB. She HATES Michelle.

    How pathetic.

  • Sarah

    love michelle…

  • Sheri

    Thanks, Kathryn :) Wasn’t sure how you said his last name. I listen to country music so I’m out of the loop with some of these other music video directors … Anyway, I wish Michelle and Spike all the best!

  • uglysexy

    all I can say is …ewwww not awwww

  • amuse me

    My favorite celebrity couple.

  • LolaSvelt

    Wow, the sad losers on this site. Move on from Heath Ledger. He wasn’t a god and if we’re going there too, he didn’t deserve the Oscar, either!

    And using star signs to determine whether a couple were right for each other? Are you freakin’ kidding me?

  • sally

    LolaSvelt, I agree with you about people needing to get over heath- its getting old – but he most definitely deserved that oscar and every other award. who else do you think would have won? Robert downey jr? Tom cruise? Neither were anywhere near his league of work.

  • Ivana

    I am not some crazy Heath Ledger or Michelle Williams fan…
    Astrological research was just JOKE and nothing more.

  • Ivana

    If their relationship actually worth of something… she will stay with him during his ugly period and try to help… no regard they had been split..
    Heath wasn’t angel but neither is she..