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Beyonce Shoots 'I Am' Concert Video

Beyonce Shoots 'I Am' Concert Video

Beyonce sparkles in a sequined Thierry Mugler gown as she marches with an army of men in suits in New York City’s TriBeCa neighborhood on Sunday (March 8).

The 27-year-old triple threat and her male extras filmed a special video for her upcoming “I Am…” world tour. I spy former So You Think You Can Dance contestant Danny Tidwell. Somebody give that talented guy more gigs!

This spring, Beyonce will kick off her tour, her first full-length concert tour since 2007′s sold-out “The Beyoncé Experience.” Beyonce will premiere live performances of songs from her latest album I Am… Sasha Fierce.

20+ pictures inside of Beyonce shooting an “I AM…” concert video…

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Credit: Anderson/Vila; Photos: Bauergriffinonline
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63 Responses to “Beyonce Shoots 'I Am' Concert Video”

  1. 1
    Hermiona Says:

    What a fat ass. She’s fake from toes to her wig. Kelly Rowland is much better

  2. 2
    Hermiona Says:

    Take a look at these pics. She looks like a troll with a fat ass but in the video she will be skinny like a magic wand. FAKE, FAKE, FAKE.

  3. 3
    a total fan Says:

    Is she wearing a corsette? Her waist looks strange especially around the hips.

  4. 4
    lea Says:

    somethng wrong with he dress
    or maybe her hips (!)

  5. 5
    simona Says:

    yay, can’t wait for her first concert in arena zagreb in croatia where i live…she’s starting her tour there on of april!!!!!

  6. 6
    mike Says:


  7. 7
    kel Says:

    She looks fantastic better than normal. I guess it’s all the makeup – but still she looks good.

  8. 8
    Nicole Says:

    I see Bryan Tanaka

  9. 9
    uh oh... Says:

    Nasty looking heifer!

  10. 10
    whatevuh Says:

    Yet another of these “GORGEOUS” gowns. Oh, and look at that perfect hour glass shape…………and so are the “Days of our Lives.”

  11. 11
    thejadedvoice Says:

    that dress makes her hips look funny…. like a bouttle of Mrs Butterworth’s or something

  12. 12
    jojofreo Says:

    what is with that dress? Thats got to be painful, she looks TOTALLY weird. Im going to have nightmares.

  13. 13
    Just Jared Says:

    Nicole, what was Bryan been in?

  14. 14
    Milk Says:

    A Beyonce concert, soon. Awe yeah! I will be there yes indeed I will be there. These pictures are exciting to see she is so beautiful.

    Did I say I can’t wait to see one of the world’s greatest in concert. It just doesn’t get any better than Beyonce live, it just doesn’t.

  15. 15
    jaye Says:

    What’s with her hips . Whatever it is it’s not a good look.

  16. 16
    Milk Says:

    Its not her hips, its the dress design. Wow, some of yall can focus on the dumbest things.

  17. 17

    I LOVE this woman!!!!! I can not wait to see what level of entertainment she takes this concert…she is a truly blessed woman!

  18. 18
    Milk Says:

    Its not her hips, it the design of the dress.

  19. 19
    pop86 Says:

    Beyone is really talented but she wears the worst dresses. Why does she have a clothing line?

  20. 20
    Jan Says:

    Oh! Sasha is FIERCE! I love this Thierry Mugler design! I can’t wait for the tour to hit Maryland! Just love this girl! Talented and beautiful! What a winning combination!

  21. 21
    Uhuru Says:

    Finally a singer who will be singing live and dancing at the same time no lip syncing. do you hear Britney no lip syncing

  22. 22
    college_student Says:

    WERQ FISH! Only idiots with no HIGH SCHOOL DIPLOMA are dumb enough to NOT know Thierry Mugler designed this gown and that hip insert are causing her hips to look “wierd.”

  23. 23
    sam Says:

    those ARE her hips !! Huge wide hips!

    Not the dress design. lol

    The dress is so tight and clinging….and just shows how fat her hips and bum are.

  24. 24
    'Mandise Says:

    I love the make up. She looks gorgeous. I love the shoes and the earrings but I hate the dress. I know it’s supposed to be some kind of glamorous stylish couture dress but it makes her waist look awful. Her hips look huge and weird. I CAN’T WAIT to see her on tour. Even though she’s a little bit fake when it comes to her hair (weaves, wigs or whatever crap she always wears), she’s one talented lady. I mean, she’s really gifted. She’s worth paying tickets. At least queen Bee sings LIVE during her concerts. Her vocal runs are amazing, her vocals are overwhelming, her outfits are fabulous, the choreographies are great and the stage settings are awesome. That’s why I love her. She’s a stunning performer. An amazing entertainer. I’m going to see her in Paris in May, I’m soooooooo excited!

  25. 25
    jaye Says:

    Milk @ 03/08/2009 at 8:51 pm

    Its not her hips, its the dress design. Wow, some of yall can focus on the dumbest things.

    Yeah people tend to ‘focus’ on something that stands out as off balanced. It’s not dumb , it’s human nature. She has big enough hips without wearing an odd looking dress that emphases it.

  26. 26
    Bb Says:

    Triple threat, I don’t think so. How about just single threat..she cannot act, and her dancing is not great, just sayin. Da girl dances horrible,

  27. 27
    Hautecouturediva Says:

    That is the tackiest dress ever, I don’t give a damn who designed it! Beyonce really needs to improve her look because she is too old to be dressing like a young’n. *NEXT!!!!*

  28. 28
    JHlucas Says:

    To those who think she never lipsynches – YOU ARE DELUDED. Check out her performances of single ladies. 90% of the song is lipped to a pre-recorded backing track. No wonder why she’s dancing like crazy.

  29. 29
    someone Says:

    The dress is designed like that. Shesh
    I can’t wait though. I love Beyonce!!

  30. 30
    ~☆Fug Face Man!ston☆~ Says:

    beyonce – #1.

  31. 31
    twinkle Says:

    She’s strapped in there tight! It is definitely a corset. How does she breathe? I agree with everyone else–she needs to find a new look.

  32. 32
    ellie Says:

    Love Beyonce , but not the gown..

  33. 33
    Milk Says:

    The dress looks lovely on her. Beyonce’s body is fine, she will always look great, hips and all

  34. 34
    noah Says:

    her hips remind me of a certain truck- with wide hips…the kind of truck that has 4 tires in the rear…

  35. 35
    gerard Vandenberg Says:

    you need to puke?
    ………………………………..PUKE, folks!!

  36. 36

    Some of u ppl are so far up her cooch to see she is just human and as a human she makes mistakes. Obviously it’s NOT the dress because it is made of a soft material.. it’s a corset pulled too tight and she looks ridiculous POINT BLANK!

  37. 37
    james Says:

    huh # 36 your comment made no sense about the soft material.

    anything soft, clingy and form fitting will show every body curve.

    therefore…..she has HUGE baboon hips!

  38. 38
    Danz Says:

    I like Beyonce but this dress is not flattering on her, I’m sorry. It makes her chest look smaller and her hips look bigger.

  39. 39
    cutie Says:

    The dress is not the best fit, but she’s still a beautiful woman.

  40. 40
    Antionette P. Says:

    NO Bey!! ur fat ass knows better than this!! for a minute i thought u were a man, ur neck don’t look right and its too long. WHEN R U GONNA FIRE UR MOM!! UR JUST AS STUPID AS U LOOK!! SORRY:(

  41. 41
    Jonathan Says:

    Danny Tidwell!!! Is he going to be a featured dancer on Beyonce’s Tour???

  42. 42
    Sexymami! Says:

    Is this tina knowles or beyonce???

  43. 43
    FREIDA FAN Says:

    she is an amazing performer who doesnt rely on gimmicks etc but her vioice. and i cant wait to see her in a few weeks!!

  44. 44
    ahem Says:

    I think she looks amazing.
    You want to see ugly look up jennifer Hudson

  45. 45
    SL Says:

    I agree with # 43. Beyonce looks beautiful. oh yeah and Jennifer is ugly…she is a frog face fatty. Beyonce looks good as always.

  46. 46
    MickeyVonDutch Says:

    For straight men female sexyness is supposedly all about the waist to hip ratio. She must have read about this somewhere.

  47. 47
    gaby dupree Says:

    Pleas epeople you can not blame a dress for the way some people look, if Meg Fox will be wearing this dress she will look perfect.
    But this woman is FAKE DAKE as FAKE as chinaniston, I already
    If Ophra will never bring this woman into her show probably nobody
    will paid the attention she got she is ugly and untalented.
    The dress is beautiful she just has a giganyic ass with lots of cellulite.

  48. 48
    ann Says:

    she gained weight since getting married.

    thats what happened. but still its not like she is fat.
    she is just a little heavy on the hips and legs

  49. 49
    slambang Says:

    #11 – Mrs. Butterworth’s – LMAO!

    She’s got huge thighs. I noticed that at the Oscars.

  50. 50
    dudette Says:

    oh, and you can have a dress with soft clingy material AND rigid structuring underneath. We’ve been doing it for years. that bodice is totally rigid until halfway down her hips. Those lumps on her hips are caused by the bodice because they are anatomically TOO HIGH UP for someone her size.

  51. 51
    bint Says:

    I love that dress.

  52. 52
    Honey Says:

    Goodness Gracious!!
    What a figure!

  53. 53
    mina Says:

    Wow what a difference photo shop does, she has huge hips and thunder thighs ,and the cover of her recent mag, looks so trimmed, that is so funny!

  54. 54
    truth ALWAYS hurts Says:

    this just ain’t right, she looks like she can barely walk anyway….besides, i don’t see nothing wrong with wide hips,y’all must be f*cked up in the head ! now my point is, WHAT KIND OF HIPS ARE THESE???? they look like those of Barbie and it’s not a good thing…..

  55. 55
    bey rocks Says:


  56. 56
    Japanese Says:

    She needs to loosen up and have more fun!

  57. 57
    SxyFAshionQueen Says:

    Can’t wait to see the tour costumes!!! Her Thierry Mugler gown she wears for this swoot was first worn by Jerry Hall back in 1995:

  58. 58
    Fucking insane stans Says:

    44 You want to see ugly look up jennifer Hudson
    45 I agree with # 43. Beyonce looks beautiful. oh yeah and Jennifer is ugly…she is a frog face fatty. Beyonce looks good as always.

    @ ahem 44 and sL 45

    IF you want to see ugly look at yourself on the mirror and you’ll see TRUE UGLINESS!!!!!! Jennifer Hudson is a real BEAUTY, she ‘is not overdone and overphotoshop like your FAKEONCE!!! Plus she don’t need to be half naked on stage and in her clip video Cuz’ she’s a classy LADY!! SOMETING THAT YOUR QUEEN B**** SHOULD

    JENH is not a COPY CAT and she don’t pretend writting a song when she doesn’t like your LIARONCE!!!!

    It ‘s funny how B stans,lovers and fans ALWAYS put others artists DOWN to put their QUENN B**** up!!!!!!!

    And some her ******* insane stans say on youtube’s comment that B is their GOD, their ALFA OMEGA,their goddess or their queen but there is ONLY ONE GOD!!!! and it’s NOT B!!!!


    SO ENJOY : )) xoxo

  59. 59
    Tina Says:

    Hey yall stop hating !!!! She is a bad ***** who has better to do in her life than having some nobodies hate on her. She can care less who you are , or what you are . The ***** is bad and you can’t beat that , not even if you won the lottery. So look in the mirror and take a good look because when you go to work or school, Beyonce will be chillin ‘ with her self-made man , her maids and trillions of dollars ; thinking of new ways to increase those “bags or that money” . I really doubt that she thinking about you . So find a friend , find a hobby , or get a damn job…….. TOOODLES!!!!!!

  60. 60
    mzladie Says:

    All y’all need to stop hating on Beyonce!!!!!!

  61. 61
    mzladieluv Says:

    All y’all need to stop hating on Beyonce!!!

  62. 62
    diana Says:

    yall are to be a shamed of yall selves stop taliking about britney that way just because beyonce still out. beyonce talked bad about brit in the 2009 edition of forbes mag. about how stupid brit is but she still invited britney to her concert fo rsasha firece which britney spears slept through in her hotel. way to go britney, take them free invitations to the concert and hotel but just to get some rest. Britney overslept pass the show and go tup the next morn and went home. oh yea those are cups in that dress at her hips to make them look rounder and a corset at the waist were she sucked in her stomach and pulled tight. thankyou. goodnight ladys and gentlemen.

  63. 63
    ALEKA Says:


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