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Dakota Fanning Joins New Moon

Dakota Fanning Joins New Moon

Dakota Fanning will star the Twilight sequel New Moon, has confirmed.

The 15-year-old actress will play Jane, a sinister vampire with an angelic exterior who works for Italy’s evil Volturi.

“I don’t think they’ll have to put a lot of makeup on me,” Dakota has joked of her complexion. “I’m pretty white already.”

Filming for New Moon will start in Vancouver later this month. The movie hits theaters this November.

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  • Lauren

    not sure when jane became a “fan favorite” but ok
    i’m not gonna say i’m thrilled she got the part, but we’ll have to wait and see if she does it justice i guess…

  • cynthia

    oh NO!
    pls, not her!


    I think she´s going to do a very good job. She´s one of the best young actress of our generation. Better her than miley!

  • joe

    From what I’ve been hearing, the response to her casting has been overwhelmingly positive. And Dakota is turning into a real beauty. The only problem with her casting is that she might steal the movie.
    Think there might be a spinoff of her character?

  • ‘Mandise

    lol @ #3 yeah she’s sure a wayy better actress than Miley and true #1 we’ll have to see if she does the part justice. I think she’s a great actress for her age. Not a fan but she’s good.

  • Nadine

    I think Dakota is a good choice, As long as this film is better than the last! This was my favourite book, and I just hope they dont mess it about as much as the last. I think the soundtrack was the best part of the last film…sorry guys, but I prefer the books version so far.

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]


    I can’t wait to see her in it, she’s a fabulous actress.

    And on a sidenote, I’m relieved to see Dakota in JJ, Jared, instead of JJR. She’s a real actress and I think she should be taken seriously. She doesn’t belong in JJR, she belongs here.


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  • shialove!!

    very niceeee

  • gerard Vandenberg

    A 15 year young girl.
    You undertstand why america isn’t CREDIBLE any longer, folks!!

  • Jen

    that girl is an amazing actress.. shes way better than any of the girls in that cast right now for sure, so i think its a plus that shes on, great choice.. i think she will be great as Jane

  • Jen

    # 6, I totally agree with you, i preferred the books because the last movie was horrible, so i hope this is better as well

  • Lemongirl02

    this is the bigneg of the 3 girls

    when the romer comes out they talk about them

    and it’s seems it’s true but everyone of them gone take a difrend role

    Dakota play a sinister vampire ” that seems good 4 her she’s gr8 for the role ”

    we still waite

    for vanessa hudgens and AnnaLynne McCord

    i relly hop that vanessa take gr8 character

    i love her soooo much

  • ewww

    awww shiitt

  • Rike

    Je elle déteste….

  • lily

    Am Not Really Bother As Long As Talyor Init Lol
    But Hope She Does Do a Good Job !

    Cant Wait To See NewMoon =]

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    #13, Uuuh, maybe because I don’t talk nonsense like you?

  • leslie

    this to me doesn’t seem like her genre of film

  • dianel

    Think she will be great can’t wait to see it

  • vanessajonas

    not liking it

  • basketca

    Jane fan favourite ?? Please …..

    I think this is getting worse everyday. I only hope this time they pay the visual effects company, cause that “running” (which was jumping except for the wood escene) and the sparkling were just pathetic. I don’t think the movie was very good as a compliment for the books, but was worse as a movie for people that hadn’t read the books.

    But we all know that most of the teenagers watch anything. That’s why an incredible film like Slumdog Millioner was almost not released in cinemas.

  • Ty

    Good to see they finally hired a good actress for these movies…

  • Lauren

    I’m sorry.
    But Jane is supposed to be a woman.
    Not a 15 year old girl.
    I don’t see how this is staying true to the book?

  • mia!

    jane is not supposed to be a women, in the book bella said that she was small and looked fragil like a child.

  • SarahC

    She’s a good choice and a good actress. I think this movie is a good transition for her. She’s a teen now and she’s doing something that people her age can watch and relate to.

  • jilli

    NOOOOOOOOO. I like how it was before with a pretty unknown cast, and now they add this HUGE movie star whose been in major movies since she was like 6! Ugh Anna Sophia would’ve been better

  • jilli

    NOOOOOOOOO. I like how it was before with a pretty unknown cast, and now they add this HUGE movie star whose been in major movies since she was like 6! Ugh Anna Sophia would’ve been better

  • Dumb ASs

    Twilight really needs her the rest of the actors still are a bit below par. I will never watch the first twilight again. Not that I expected it to be like the book and I think the story was very good. I dont know if it was the acting or what but it was terrible to watch.

  • marissa

    if think that dakota is a good choice. and by the way, she’s a great actress.

  • jessica

    dakota is a great actress but I’m soooo disapointed that she acts in a shitty and comercial movie like this only to became more famous, she might have talent, but she is like all the other girls around there

  • Jules

    I think Dakota isn’t perfect for the part. She’s only 15, she’s young. I hope she isn’t like Lindsay Lohan or others hollywood children. But i can’t see her like Jane, because in the book this character was totally different. Dakota has blond hair , Jane has brown.

  • Victoria

    I think she would be great as Jane. When i read the book I didn’t imagine her like Dakota but is okay hahah. And besides, Jane’s role is little, but she cames back in Eclipse so..

  • Liz

    First of all, she is not the STAR of the film. Robert and Kristen are as they are the main characters of the whole saga!

    Second, since when is Jane a fan favorite? She *spoiler alert* causes people to think they’re feeling pain, especially Edward, and her part is very brief. *end spoiler* I don’t see how that would make her a fan favorite, but okay.

    Ugh. I’ll bite and go watch it only because I love the saga and I want to see how this new director does with it.

  • me

    So glad she got the part.

  • vonniboo

    well i really don’t see the big deal…im a huge twilight saga fan and no matter who plays jane, im only gonna be looking at edward, bella, and jacob. AND BESIDES, JANE ONLY HAS SMALL PARTS ANYWAY……..SHE COMES AT THE END OF THE LAST 3 BOOKS!!!!! SO WHO CARES!!! BUT DAKOTA SHOULD HAVE READ THE FUKIIIN BOOKS!!!!!!!!

  • Jenna

    Wow, she must really like the books. On the brightside, maybe this will force the rest of the cast to learn how to actually act, otherwise they are going to look ridiculous next to dakota. That girl is a real actress!

  • lakers fan in boston

    twilight was never a great movie imo
    i saw it with my friends, and i kinda thought i wasted my money
    i dont think it will ever be on the harry potter lvl, as some ppl say
    and oh yah i hate dakota =]

  • hey

    the “fight” between InFamous and the other person was pretty funny!!!! I kept reading just to see what they were going to say next lol !!! As for Dakota I really dont want to see her but i guess we have to deal with it

  • lily

    I Love Twilight The Film And The Book
    (Whats The Big Deal Your Iver a Fan Of The Film Or Not !!)
    And When Twilight Was But Together
    Stephanie Meyer Had Agreed To All The Changes That Had To Happen Because It Isnt Easy Putting A Bout 500 Page Book Together And Most Of It Was Bella’s Thoughts And They Had A Time Limit
    And DoKota Playing Jane Its Only A Small Role and Part Of NewMoon
    And If All The Actors/Ress In Twilight Was Crap Then Why Was Twilight At Number 1 On Box Office For 3 Weeks In The UK / It Was All Sold Out For 4 Weeks !!!!!!!!!!!

  • vaale

    i can’t wait ’til november!!
    i’m sooooooooo excited:D

  • arantxa

    Fan favorite ?
    thats not true people dont care about jane

    she is very talented to be in New Moon :s
    noo ! :U

  • Lana
  • interesting

    Jane’s part in the book may be small..but in an adapted screenplay scenes of her can and most likely will be added…Dakota is a star and she is not going to just do a five minute scene, regardless of how brief it is in the book.

  • vera

    Dakota is a HUGE plus to the film. I loved her since i saw her in “I am Sam”… and even though she’s only 15 she looks so mature… perfect to play an ancient vampire that looks like a young girl.
    I belive that summit should provide a larger budget to the twilight saga… the special effects and action scenes were so poor! and they could have been exploited in a much better way… Besides, expectations are higher now… i mean, when they did twilight they didn’t belive that it would become such a phenomenon, BUT now that the saga is definetly in the spotlight there is no excuse in not increasing the budget!

  • allison

    She isn’t going to be in the movie for very long, she is not an important character in New Moon at all, the part is probably so small there won’t be enough of her to judge.

  • Alison

    Not a big fan of hers, but I think she will be perfect as Jane.

  • blaster

    i’m more excited to see Dakota and Kristen battle it out in Breaking Dawn…

    and hope they will rock it out with The Runaways!!!!!!!!!!

    Kristen and Dakota Rocks!!!!!

  • Bria

    I think she’ll be perfect for the part. She is an incredible actress, even from when she was very young. I think she’ll do the part justice. Though what i’m curious about is how they’re going to go about the movie when Edward leaves.

  • lizi

    urgh… i didn’t think Jane was supposed to be.. what? 12?!!

    urgh she’s a bit irritating.

  • azlady

    To be honest i cant picture anyone else playing jane but dakota…shes a great actress, i hope the other actors being around her will make them want to rise to the challenge….except rob i think he was exceptional as Edward, he is edward. I never knew twilight was a book till after i watched the movie…and i liked the movie, then i read the book and i was like comparing it…so the movie was definitely better the 1st time. But i am buying the movie anyways. In my opinion i think Kristine will benifit to have Dakota there, hopefully learn a few pointers.