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Dakota Fanning Joins New Moon

Dakota Fanning Joins New Moon

Dakota Fanning will star the Twilight sequel New Moon, has confirmed.

The 15-year-old actress will play Jane, a sinister vampire with an angelic exterior who works for Italy’s evil Volturi.

“I don’t think they’ll have to put a lot of makeup on me,” Dakota has joked of her complexion. “I’m pretty white already.”

Filming for New Moon will start in Vancouver later this month. The movie hits theaters this November.

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  • zeeky5678

    IMO, Dakota would do very well in this role, i might actually start watching the twilight stuff now. Hair color is no problem btw people, hair dye, you know? Dakota’s a great actress and i dont think she took the role to become even more famous, she’s got enough fame, what she doesn’t appear to have enough of is her fans confidence in her, when the annoucment was first made that she MIGHT play Jane, 3/4 of everyone on here (including Dakota fans) thought she couldn’t pull it off, because they’ll always be picturing her as the cat in the hat kid. That’s just very low, and makes absolutely no sense, if you go to watch a movie, and see someone you know, then are automatically reminded of all their past movies, than you’re ruining the experience for yourself, not the actor/actress. When you go to a movie you shouldn’t constantly be reminded of other movies (besides if a movie was a sequel) it just shows through in so many people how imagination levels are quite low now. When i watch a film i dont think of it as actors on a screen in a world thats obviiously based upon a script and was built on sets, no, i actually get into the movie. and what i see is charcters running around in a REAL fantasy world, i dont constantly remind myself of the fact that it’s not real, i use my imagination, but anyways. I think Dakota actually took the role to show that she can be a vampire, she can be mean, and scary looking if she’s cast for it, maybe after all of you who thought she couldn’t pull it off, and see her in this role will realize her full potential, and btw, just because you haven’t seen it, or heard it yet, doesn’t mean it’s not there or that it cant happen. Like i said i might actually start watching the twilight series, even though IMO Twilight will never come close to overpowering my obsession with the Harry Potter series, for some reason Twilight just never got that interest that would get me hooked, Hary Potter did, and it’s kept me hooked for half my life.

  • Evelyn

    Yea, i reckon she’ll do a good job, who else is young enough to play Jane and looks like her??? But shes never played a villan before so i hope she can pull it off…

  • Séverine

    OK ! Bon elle n’a pas l’air d’être mauvaise actrice lol ! Ell n’a plus qu’a faire ses preuves en tant que vampire ^^ Et puis il parrait qu’elle est intéressé par Rob…

  • Japanese

    hahaha I can definetly relate in the white skin department.

  • renee

    ewwww, i hate dakota.
    for one, she doesnt look like a beatiful vampire.
    secondly, she is a HORRIBLE actress.
    third, i like the fact that the cast is sort of unknown in a way.

    she is going to ruin the whole movie.

  • Darrian

    Ew not a good choice. Not her. she is sorta a good actress but THE TWILIGHT SAGA IS NOT HER KIND OF MOVIE. I mean seriously come on there is other people out there wanting to play Jane.. Give other people a chance. Janes suppost to be a woman not a 14 or 15 year old girl. anyways.. its a bad choice. sry dakota know affense.

  • Darrian

    Oh and i do think Annashopia Rob would do a very good job at playing jane. she is sooooooo much better then dakota will be.

  • Hannaly

    I think the whole papparazzi
    and tabloids & everyone are gonna focus the movie on her!
    Just because shes 15 and whatnot.
    She has a small part,I pesonally wish they would have choosen
    someone with more of a lady-like figure,someone odler!
    But she alright,
    either she does a kick ass job or she ruins the fuckin part.

  • Hollender marie

    Ok. What the big deal with her playing in the movie??
    She good is all I can/will say.
    Now, Vannessa Hudgens on the other hand. Hell No :]

  • apples!!!

    eh, im not totally happy but i think she’ll do a fantastic job, she is a great actress

  • poo

    the only thing i can say is im so glad dakata accepted it. there is only one movie i saw her in that i didnt care for her in it, didnt like the film…but overall i think she is an amazing actress who can do just about any role. she proved that in i am sam, man on fire, and other films. i think she is one talented young girl/ soon to be woman. another jody foster in my oppinion and not many child actress have reached where she is at. look at haley joel osmont, wheres he? so good job dakota u have my vote!!

  • Abbby!

    Of course she will do good.. there is no better you can find.
    She looks the part and can easily act the part.

  • jolin

    Jane, Edward, Emmette, Victoria, James, Alice, Carlise and Esme are the only characters who were portrayed really well by the choice of actors. The other characters like bella (I love Kirsten but she doesn’t fit), change on how we see them from the book. the description doesn’t fit in the movie. Hollywood made it more like a teen flick. I do hope the New Moon movie will be bigger than Twilight.

  • hayley

    no no and no



  • Chandler

    I don’t know if Dakota will do a good job in New Moon she just doesn’t look like a vampire role to me. I LUV TWILIGHT but Dakota. IDK

  • bigfan506

    wow! that will be great! im so excited for the new moon!

  • Gail


    that is exactly what i said. i wish we could just send a letter directly to the writer or director and tell them that she is NOT the right person AT ALL!! its supposed to be with actors and actresses who are not so famous and big so that u will think of them as their character, not who they are in real life. they need someone who is not so big and famous as her. and i really wish they hadnt taken out Taylor. i cried when i heard. not even kidding. i bawled. when i go to see new moon when she comes on the screen im gonna say boo!! and throw popcorn. yep. i am.

  • brianna henrix

    i dont know if shes the best choice .. dosent she still have a little girl voice .. thats not so great on a vampire :[

  • kate

    Wow Dakota is gonna rock this. She’s like one of the only kids in hollywood who can actually act!

  • chelsey

    i’m so excited to see her in new moon..i don’t think i’ve ever seen ANY young actress perform as good as her..i’m a big fan and hopefully she’ll make this movie better than the last because ALOT of the acting in twilight was terrible….

  • chelsey

    @Ty: i’m right there with you…so much of the acting in twilight was terrible…

    the only good part was edward..basically everyone else did a horrible job..

  • chelsey

    @SAYINI: i’m right there with you…so much of the acting in twilight was terrible…

    the only good part was edward..basically everyone else did a horrible job..

  • Arya

    JANE IS A BRUNETTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    dakota’s gud but i dont noe i mean shes playing a BRUNETTE vampire 4 god sake give me a break

  • lou

    i think she’s a nice choice. she is, well, awarded best actress, and for me, i think she suits well as a vampire. i can’t wait!

  • mary

    I think Dakota is good casting for Janes’ part. As far as one thinking she might steel the movie is ridiculous. NO ONE could steel from Kristen OR the cutie that plays Alice.

  • lacybrooke


  • jenni

    @Nadine: the books are always better no matter if it’s twilight or something else. I think They did a very good job of bringing the book to life..keep in mind the budget was so small they could only afford to film on location in Forks, Washington for 3 days, the rest was in the studio, and now for new moon, they could afford to shoot in italy, so im sure givin the change in budget, New Moon will offer a lot more!

  • jenni

    @Lauren: Jane is a Vampire who DOESNT age. She isnt a woman


    she fits well as jane..:)

  • Rick C

    Gerard V…”A 15 year young girl.
    You undertstand why america isn’t CREDIBLE any longer, folks!!”

    Dakota Fanning is a delightful and multi-talented actress. She deserves all of the admiration from her fans that she gets. Clearly, she’s enjoying the many things most non-celebrity teens take for granted. And, yes, she also proudly deserves the status of role model despite the haters and their unprovoked animosity. Jealousy always has a way of rearing it’s ugly head.

    What’s your point G.V.? Are you attacking Dakota F. or America? Maybe both from the tone. And, douche, America is spelled with a capital ‘A’. What do you mean by screaming, ‘Fifteen years walking on this globe!!’? What has that to do with America’s credibility? Have you tried to make sense much? The word credible has two key components: trustworthiness and expertise, which both have objective and subjective components. I’m certain that America (specifically the U.S.A.) excels at both since, despite our problems, we are still considered a major leader in world politics, compelling contributors to the Arts and Sciences, financially generous (i.e. giving to the world’s needy), and we’re persistent in helping to solve many of world’s problems including climate change, providing military support for those who cannot defend themselves, etc.. We are a collective force for the good of Humanity and we even forgive our enemies. America has a long, proud history. Your pathetic, insecure inference, however, leaves much to be desired since it lacks quantitative evidence. You demean an entire nation (USA) or continent (America) because of your own prejudice. Certainly, clear thinking isn’t even remotely your best friend….

    And what does ‘undertstand’ mean? Spell correctly much? Okay, I’m being nitpicky. We all misspell now and then. Our grammar mightn’t always be perfect. And our use of contractions (or improper use of them) might be imperfect some of the time, but I couldn’t resist. You, however, remain an idiot!