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Justin Timberlake & Jessica Biel Do SNL

Justin Timberlake & Jessica Biel Do SNL

Cute couple Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel make a surprise appearance during the Weekend News Update during the March 7th episode of Saturday Night Live.

Justin played Irving, the boyfriend of comic-strip character Cathy, played by SNL funnyman Andy Samberg. Jessica played the voluptuous femme fatale Jessica Rabbit, a character from Who Framed Roger Rabbit.

Later in the evening, the couple attended the SNL after-party at Salute! restaurant in New York City. They left the party holding hands.

Justin Timberlake & Jessica Biel Do SNL
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  • Kar

    wtf does she do anything other than ride off Justin’s coattails?

  • ‘Mandise

    ewwwww. Don’t get me wrong, I like Jessica but I hate it when they take her to portray POCAHONTAS or JESSICA RABBIT!!!!!! two characters she canNOT pull off AT ALL!! those women are extremely gorgeous and are not as well toned, fit and hmm muscular as she is. It’s not that this is a bad thing. Actually I think she looks fine and women like her are beautiful but yeah, I just don’t like her in those roles. It’s just my opinion =) Anyway, Justin is funny, good actor and cute but I’m not a fan.

  • LALA


  • Laura

    I am not really interested in this couple

  • green_bird

    ‘Mandise – They had her portray Pocahontas most likely because she actually is part Native American. I read she’s part Choctaw, hence the rather high cheekbones. You should see her brother. He looks like he belongs on the catwalk at one of Armani’s shows.

    I found Jessica’s portrayal of Jessica Rabbit to be rather decent and funny. But the funny part was because she was indeed riding on Justin’s superb comic timing. The Jessica Rabbit pout was rather amusing.

    Glad to see the two of them are doing well together despite the rumors. I’d prefer Jessica stays with Justin.

  • evening

    Justin T. is so full of himself. He is NOT funny. Jessica Biel is UGLY.

  • diablo

    this damn dyke is running one of the most classic movies with her wannabe a-lister actress loser self her and that douche should crawl under a rock and die fu*k them both as*wipes

  • Satstick on Daniel

    who cares?

  • ******


  • 7

    not funny at all

  • Karen

    how did he go from Britney Spears (pop princess of the world) and Cameron Diaz (#1 female paid actress) to this loser who can’t get a job?

  • Maichi

    @ Karen #11

    Obviously it’s fake but I really don’t know.

  • aurora

    Andy must die.

  • hannah


  • Publicity stunt

    this was a publicity stunt only to squash the break up rumors.

  • lizzie h.

    I love andy samberg in J”izz in my pants” but other than that I dont think he is funny. Jessica Biel is really pretty, dont get me wrong, but she had like what….two to three lines, so she wasnt funny. However, im not a fan of Justin T. but I thought he was really funny in this!

  • marissa

    i can see why she havent had a job since what? chuck and larry

    girl cannot act. she sucks.

  • ericaj

    Why won’t he just join the damn show!?? I’m sick of him, he is so not funny. Big @ss corndog!

  • abby

    Jessica is a user
    SNL probable didn’t want Jessica on the show but put her on the show because of Justin
    they don’t act or look like a real couple
    so they were holding hands leaving the afterparty the last time Cameron and Justin were seen as a couple was after a SNL show and they were holding hands then that doesn’t mean anything it’s all for show

  • britneyfan

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    love iit

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  • abby

    has anybody noticed that they stuff her dress to make it look like she,s got a big butt

  • marissa

    yea to mock her ass implants ahahaha

    if they were so lovey dovey holding hands, then why arent there any pictures, like OMG???

  • Sara

    Wow, she couldn’t get invited to appear on SNL on her own talent so she had to sucker Justin into taking her on with her! Girl is in need of attention with all these breakup rumors going around. Pretty sad they had to stuff her butt..isn’t that what she’s most famous for? Her butt wasn’t even good enough for the part! Poor Jessica, you’ll be dumped soon. Seems Justins trademark with girlfriends, they go on SNL together and shortly after he dumps them..So long Jessica wish I could say that I’ll miss you~

  • pink roses

    Laura @ 03/08/2009 at 5:10 pm

    I am not really interested in this couple
    They’re not interested in you either.

  • jessica biel sucks

    Even riding his coat tails, she can’t get a decent job. That speaks volumes. Dump her already JT. She sucks and is fug.

  • pink roses

    Karen @ 03/08/2009 at 5:31 pm

    how did he go from Britney Spears (pop princess of the world) and Cameron Diaz (#1 female paid actress) to this loser who can’t get a job?
    You’re gonna compare this fine woman, Jessica, to that psychotic sl*t Britney Spears?! You are crazy.

  • a realist

    I see some major jealousy of Jessica on this thread….LOL

  • vmars111

    When I saw that, I thought: “Who the hell is that? Is that a cast member? Is that an extra? That doesn’t look like it could be Jessica Biel.” And the way she talked fooled me as well. Pretty funny though.

  • marissa

    ^ here come the deranded naiive fans that eat any shit that jessica do.

  • joey

    Kar,evening ,diablo ,The person post on 3/8/2009 at 5:29 PM ,Karen, Publicity Stunt , abby and marissa your all Jealous of Jessica Biel because She amazing talented A list Hollywood and a gorgeous woman with alot fans and friends and alot of Money and alot of awards. Jess Biel look gorgeous playing Jessica Rabbit .

    Jessica Biel always Rocks !

  • marissa

    i see some naiive fans on here.

  • Shaun

    Lame skit. Not a Biel fan.

  • RHONDa

    Is SNL still on?

  • abby

    Were are these photos of them leaving the afterparty every show the paparazzi has photos of celebrity leaving the SNL studio or at the afterparty

  • marissa

    if only the fans knew what i know about jessica. what a shame that it is

  • joey

    Sara and The person who post on 3/8/2009 at 6:44 PM your just Jealous because Jessica Biel really famous A list Hollywood talented actress that get good amazing movies roles on her own .

  • abby

    tell us what you know ! ! !

  • blind item about jessica

    Which actress pretends to loathe the paparazzi, but actually has her publicist call them to staged photo ops? Her unsuspecting celebrity boyfriend can’t understand how the paps know exactly when they will be walking the dog or going to the market or how they know every other private move the couple makes. Well, we’re going to provide Mr. Naïve with a big box full of clues. Your girlfriend is known as a successful TV actress, but her film career has been less than stellar. Since her own career and life isn’t interesting enough to warrant lots of attention from the paps, she needs you in the photos with her to guarantee publication. Every time you are going to do anything together, she makes that stealth cellular phone call to her PR flack, who in turn notifies the press.

  • lakers fan in boston

    i dont have a fucking clue who cathy is tbh
    i didnt even find it funny
    just when justin talked like a nerd was it funny
    btw did they add 2 jessica’s ass, because that shit is humongous!!

  • JT rocks!!

    JT is hilarious!!! love him.

  • btw

    I totally agree with ya, I cant stand this woman…. she just uses JT that’s it. why cant he dump her ass??? She’s gonna hurt him, it’s so sad.

  • snl cover up 4 troubled

    Timberlake and Biel stay together, but pals see problems
    We’ve heard rumblings about Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel splitting before, but not for a long time. Despite the usual pooh-poohing denials from the stars’ official camps, two friends of the ”J’s” (as a longtime Biel buddy calls them) insist there are problems in paradise.

    While the duo are still living together, Biel’s friend reports, ”Things are not going as smoothly as [Biel and Timberlake] would want people to think they are.”
    On the other side, a veteran Timberlake associate whispers, ”I can always sense when Justin is beginning to get itchy in a relationship. … While he’s still very public about being seen with Jessica, it’s interesting. … He hardly talks about her when she’s not around.

    ”The same thing happened with Cameron [Diaz, a Timberlake ex], and it also was the case with Britney [Spears].”

    • To be fair, another longtime Biel pal told me Wednesday, ”I don’t think this is true. I was just with them and I’ve never seen them look happier. … I think this is someone out to unnecessarily cause trouble.

    ”I know they are both very good actors, but I truly think their feelings for each other haven’t changed.”

    Could the operative phrase be, ”both are very good actors”?

    • The surprising twist to this: Timberlake and Biel recently bought a New York apartment together. As the singer’s mom, Lynn Harless, told Us Weekly last month, ”The apartment is great. He’s loving it.”

    • Both of my sources indicate Timberlake thinks Biel is a bit too ”controlling,” but Biel’s friend tells me she’s not going to give up on the relationship easily. ”She will do anything to keep Justin. She really loves him very much.”

  • betz

    I don’t care if she is stupid. She is HOT:

  • uglysexy

    justin looks like nathan lane in that photo

  • lisa

    if only the fans knew what i know about jessica. what a shame that it is

    What do you know? This relationship is nothing but showmance.

  • joey

    Marissa and abby you don’t know anything about Jessica Biel just love making storys your Jealous of Jessica Biel.Btw you know Jessica Biel talented actress and pretty woman jealous of Jessica Biel.The person who post on March 8,2009 at 7:44 PM and The person who post on March 8,2009 at your Jealous of Jessica Biel.

  • http://justjared for god sake

    When will he dump this using bitch?

  • anon

    He’s using jessica Biel to try to get a Hollywood movie career going. Sorry, dating a film star won’t get you anywhere. Compared to the hot actors his age, Timberfake is ugly. Jared I’m surprised of all these JT threads.

  • hahaha

    joey@ 31- you think Jessica is A-list Hollywood?? That’s the funniest shit I’ve read all day. She wishes she were even b-list. What a joke she is. She may be slightly pretty but she can’t act if her life depended on it.

  • ash

    she sucks .why is she on snl.she not even hott either.Jt is most amazing person but jb is just using him for fame and attention.