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Nicole Richie Celebrates House of Harlow

Nicole Richie Celebrates House of Harlow

Nicole Richie dresses up as a modern-day goddess as she celebrates the launch of her House of Harlow 1960 jewelry line at Kitson Melrose in West Hollywood on Saturday (March 7).

“I am so excited to be launching House of Harlow 1960,” Nicole told at the event. “This is a chance for me to personally thank the people who have supported the line and supported my dreams. I am so blessed and am so thankful everyday that all of my dreams are coming true.”

Last month, it was announced that she and Joel Madden are expecting their second child together.

25+ pictures inside of Nicole Richie celebrating House of Harlow…

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nicole richie house of harlow 01
nicole richie house of harlow 02
nicole richie house of harlow 03
nicole richie house of harlow 04
nicole richie house of harlow 05
nicole richie house of harlow 06
nicole richie house of harlow 07
nicole richie house of harlow 08
nicole richie house of harlow 09
nicole richie house of harlow 10
nicole richie house of harlow 11
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nicole richie house of harlow 13
nicole richie house of harlow 14
nicole richie house of harlow 15
nicole richie house of harlow 16
nicole richie house of harlow 17
nicole richie house of harlow 18
nicole richie house of harlow 19
nicole richie house of harlow 20
nicole richie house of harlow 21
nicole richie house of harlow 22
nicole richie house of harlow 23
nicole richie house of harlow 24
nicole richie house of harlow 25

Credit: JAM; Photos: WENN, Bauergriffinonline
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  • anon

    If that’s the line that she’s wearing, I don’t like it. Just another celeb line.

  • loryn

    What the Helll kind of GD outfit is that? she looks rediculous!!!!!

  • Betina

    I agree, just another celeb line.. but I like Nicole :)

  • q

    she looks gorgeous!

  • dundies


  • maya

    I’m slighty upset as a hippie. These people think they can put on headbands and flowy clothes and that makes them a hippie. Geez, it’s so much more than just the clothes you wear. It’s not a wardrobe choice it’s a lifestyle. It’s about an opposition to the norms of society that have oppressed people (in short form). Not putting on crap like this and waltzing around Kitson.I bet you she doesn’t even know which came first Monterey Pop or Woodstock, as a matter of fact she probably doesn’t know what Monterey Pop is.

  • Becca

    having a child and a family has really changed her for the better – she looks glowing and beautiful.

  • a realist

    maya…#6…STFU! don’t own the hippy style.

  • a realist

    I hope this new baby puts some weight on her little narrow ass.

  • maya

    You’re right “a realist” because it’s not a style, it’s a way of life.

  • a realist

    Maya… thats what I mean. You don’t have a patent on the hip style, or way of life.

  • maya

    I never said I did. But as someone who is a devout one it’s upsets me when people take something meaningful and spin it into something for profit.

  • Violette

    She looks gorgeous! Love her style.

  • jc

    Good luck Nicole. You seem to have gotten your life a great path. BTW your baby girl Harlow is my favorite celeb baby. Im glad you and Joel dont push her in front of the camera all the time like ohters (ahem Tom/ Katie).

  • Laura

    She looks good but it’s not my kind of style. I like what she wears normally but this I would never be able to pull off! Nicole is awesome.

  • barron797

    not a good look…her makeup and her hair do not flatter her at all. i’ve seen her look better.

  • Michu

    She looks beautiful, maybe it’s not her best style but since Harlow she looks way better than before when she used to hang out with Paris… and now she’s healthy and with a good family (Y)

  • ‘Mandise

    I actually like the way she’s dressed up but I don’t think it can be considered “hippie” or goddess-like….. just a weird way of dressing up lol. She looks cute. I don’t really like her but fortunately pregnancy has changed her for good. She’s not a ho anymore. And besides, Harlow is adorable. Can’t wait to see the new addition to the family.

  • J.

    i love the pieces of her line. But it would be cool if they a) were cheaper and b) were available in Europe. especially the colored bracelettes are dope.

  • gena

    yeah, jewelry……how different—–like selling sunglasses

    nicole’s 15 minutes of fame expired 3yrs ago

    i wish that she, the olson twins, lindsay cokehan, mischa barton, and gwyneth paltrow would just go away

    i listed gwyneth because i don’t recall the last worthwhile film that she has made—-aside from sponsorships

    these people have no careers!

  • gena

    and really jennifer anniston doesn’t either

    maybe she will do her next “film” with a kangaroo instead of a dog

    she and goldie hawn’s daughter both suck big time—-and each is equally delusional about their celebrity status—jenn can just afford to pay to stay in the public eye

  • gena

    the dog MADE the movie

  • gena

    jared please stop posting these has beens!

  • gena

    has beens that never really were important

  • um

    #6 she’s doing hippy chic, not dirty hippy and you and your twirly buddies don’t own the look :/

    I love how even prego her arms are still think enough to use bracelets as arm bands. lucky beotch.

  • me

    Yeah, anorexia is SO chic! I wanna be anorexic too! God, “UM”, get a f*cking clue.

  • sarah

    I couldn’t agree more #7. :)

  • Frida

    Nicole looks fantastic these days, her new little family have done her good =)
    And Maya, I get that the hippie style that’s around is weird for people who actually live the hippie lifestyle, but it’s not like you can blame it all on Nicole. It’s the designers and stylists that get inspired by different ways of life: rock, hippie, grunge…whatever. And what’s wrong with that anyway, with being inspired? It’s not like they’re disrespecting your way of life?

  • michluv

    maya, she has never ever claimed to be a hippie. i consider myself a modern hippie (peace on earth, recycling, supporting local (organic) farmers, volunteering in my community, loud and constant opposition to atrocities like genocide and starvation, loving your neighbor, taking care of and appreciating our earth, dancing barefoot on the beach or at a festival etc etc) and i absolutely love this hippie chic look she is wearing here. i think its great that some old hipster styles have made it into the mainstream… we’re not just guitar-strumming potheads with opinions and no clear direction anymore! we have a voice, a style, an impact. and if thats her line she’s wearing, i love it! motherhood looks great on her, im so happy for her! GO GREEN!

  • lakers fan in boston

    i really hate those coke head eyes of her but otherwise she is a cute girl
    i really like her, she seems 2 be a nice girl now =]

  • ryan




  • michluv

    also, dont be so defensive about hippie lifestyles… its for everyone to share if they want to. learn to relax and forgive and understand. you know who you are and what your core values are. but nicole never claimed to be a true hippie, she just likes this phase of the style. it doesnt make her like us. she doesnt make her own tye die or go to festivals and stay even if it rains, she doesnt listen to classic rock or jam bands (that i know of), and unlike me and my boyfriend, she has never lived in a homemade RV with her dog and traveled the country, sometimes not showering for a week! so go easy on the ones that copy the style, have hope that they will learn and respect the ideals, but if they dont, we forgive, we make ourselves heard even louder to the ones who would do evil, to make up for the ones who stay quiet. and it all comes down to this, like my good friends the *quimby mountain band* would say “WE’RE NOT HIPPIES, WE’RE COWBOYS!” hahaha

  • maya

    Agreed michluv, I never thought she claimed it. It’s just you see alot of people dressed like that who have no clue on the full background and when you go in to converse you get someone like “um” (number 25). But maybe she does, I shouldn’t be quickly judgemental. I guess you don’t have to be full-blown to enjoy, it just shows that more people love us, ;)

  • whatever

    She really seems happy since having her first baby and being in a good relationship. Good for her. Proof that you can turn your life around for the better, with a happy ending. And at least she’s being creative and doing something with her life. Congrats to the couple on upcoming baby #2 and House of Harlow 1960.

  • sammy

    # 14 did it ever occur to you that like the JP nuts on here, some others LOVE seeing adorable Suri?? And they don’t push her in front of the cameras, oh please! They are living, and taking her to Disney was great..Hello angie/brad, do they EVER stop making movies to take their 6 kids there?? Work, flying all over! Tom and Kate have a great balance…she was on Bwy, he came and they were a family..of cause we were to see them a lot in ny…we dont anymore, do we?
    Is is just me, or does this board only want to see the Pitt kids exiting planes and airports (some life!)…I think Nicole has turned out so well since her adorable baby was born, good luck to her , she looks great!
    To think everyone was only talking about how thin she was she looks lovely..perfect for her size. Motherhood sure agrees with her. Jen affleck, another great normal mom.
    Taking kids all over the world to make movies may make mom/dad happy, but believe me,it’s not so great for small kids…no matter how much love they are getting.
    Afflecks and Cruises, top the list of parents, to me. Nicole too!

  • Pitts

    # 35 and remember Angelina saying she wasn’t going to make movies for a while, just going to be a ‘mom’ – ? ha! Just like she told NBC’s Matt “i never will be with a married man”. LMAO!
    I agree – those kids have no normal life, they seem to live in hotels and rented mansions all over the world.
    And haters put down Jen & Ben and Tom & kate for parenting skills. TOOOO Funny/! If they weren’t “branagelina” the range and screams would be heard from here to Mars! But, it’sok, see,it’s brad & angie!
    LOL!! She hasn’t stopped making flims, since the twins were born!
    Nicole, looks radiant, and has come a long way since her ‘thin’ party days, good for her.

  • mar

    What the heck do the cruises and the Jolie pitts and aniston (?¡?¿) have to do with this thread???? This is Nicole’s thread please!!!

  • ellie

    Nichole is so pretty . I really like her, she’ll have another adorable baby.
    Harlow is so cute..

  • missme

    She is such a style maven! Although a little pricey for my budget, I bet her line will be a bit hit! She looks, fab, too!

  • ice

    She looks so STUPID (as usual) trying to act hippie. Stop designing headbands, they are fug

  • ice

    #14: Um, yes, she and Joel do push their daughter in front of the cameras. Not the way the Cruises do (because that’s just extreme) but they definitely do it more than any other couple not called TomKat. The child was on 3 magazine covers in the first 4 months of her life. If that isnt the couple angling for attention and exposure, I dont know what is

  • palvasha


  • Japanese

    She’s cute.

  • BB

    She looks like an angel. OMG, she has changed so much after she got pregnant and etc. Healthy, glowing, and dang… so much different from the old Nicole… I <3 her. =)