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Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes Tag Team Tokyo

Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes Tag Team Tokyo

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes arrive at Narita International Airport with their daughter Suri, 2, on Sunday (March 8) in Narita, Chiba, Japan.

Loving Katie‘s outfit!

The family was seen later arriving taking a helicopter ride at Sawara Heliport. From the branding outside the helicopter, it looks like Tom is in town to promote his WWII flick Valkyrie.

Yesterday (March 7), Katie was seen in New York City carrying around a large, stuffed lion on the set of her new film, The Extra Man.

UPDATE: Katie is wearing wore a red/black/gold sequin grey blouse and a beige/purple floral printed skirt — all by Etro.

20+ pictures inside of Tom and Katie tag-teaming Tokyo…

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tom cruise katie holmes tokyo 01
tom cruise katie holmes tokyo 02
tom cruise katie holmes tokyo 03
tom cruise katie holmes tokyo 04
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tom cruise katie holmes tokyo 18
tom cruise katie holmes tokyo 19
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tom cruise katie holmes tokyo 21
tom cruise katie holmes tokyo 22

Credit: Steve Sands; Photos: Jun Sato/WireImage, Bauergriffinonline
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  • nikomilinko
  • LolaSvelt

    I thought he stopped promoting this mediocre film?

    I saw Rain Man yesterday and he was so charming, there was something about him. Now, he’s just…unattractive to me.

  • LolaSvelt

    I thought he stopped promoting this mediocre film?

    I saw Rain Man yesterday and he was so charming, there was something about him. Now, he’s just…unattractive to me.

  • snowy

    aww…suri’s adorable.

  • Save Suri

    I thought Katie was making progress this past fall when Suri was sporting a pair of jeans. She looked just like a normal child. That same week Tom went on the talk show and talked about how Suri will not wear pants and since then no more pants for Suri. It was like Tom phone Katie up and said look I said Suri wont wear pants so no pants for her…

    She is always dressed up like she is attending a wedding. The child is 3 for goodness sakes. She doesnt buy her own clothes. It is jsut so creepy this whole little sciento family

  • jus

    Suri-Girly Girl


    Suri-Blaire Waldorf

    Shiloh-Serena van der Woodsen



  • slambang

    For the love of all things holy, PLEASE cut that child’s hair!

  • boss

    This kid is alway frowning. She is always unhappy BUT the only place she was is Disneyland. That telss you indiot parents to take her to KIDS places because she is a KID still and stop dressing her so ridiculous if she does not need to be!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • boss


  • ‘Mandise

    Suri is very cute…………I actually think she’s cuter than Shiloh (who’s adorable btw). But she seems to have an “attitude” already and that’s bad….how is she going to be later? spoiled I guess but I hope she won’t be a b*itch. Katie looks better than when she was doing that play in Broadway. Tom, however, looks awful. He was kinda cute when he was younger……..I guess he’s aging.

  • anon

    They all look great. Suri’s passport is fuller than most Americans ever will be!

  • lauri

    #10, How can you tell that Suri has an “attitude”?? Just because she isn’t smiling? She looks perfectly fine to me. Zahara often scowls at the paps/crowds. Does that mean she’s a spoiled brat?

  • Lynn

    how can Suri see with her hair covering her eye?

  • cute

    ‘Mandise @ 03/08/2009 at 12:13 pm
    man you are rude. Where are you from? wondering if a 3 year old will turn out to be b. Please!

    Suri’s is like any other child. Good days, bad days, temper tantrums, gas..etc…

  • gerard Vandenberg

    I heard there were never more suicide-attempts recorded until they arrived, folks!!

  • foxy brown

    I don’t care what anyone says Suri is older than Shiloh. Shiloh is 2yrs 9mo. Suri must be about 3yrs 2mo. She has older features and she walks like a big girl not like Shiloh who still has a toddler walk. Someone–you know who–is not telling the truth about Suri’s age.

  • http://ISRAEL lisa rose

    shiloh who?

  • sorella

    Weird, Suri’s always overdressed, like someone else said, it’s as if she’s going to a wedding all the time, she isn’t allowed to be a normal kid it seems. She’s never seen with kids her ow age which will likely affect her developmentally. . They better give her a sibling because if not, she’s going to be one spoilt child. Give me the JP kids anyday, growing up with a house full of siblings can make a big difference to how a person turns out, you learn to share and not so much focus on one kid. Especially with this extravagant lifestyle, Suri is going to be one handful later one.

  • betsky

    They look great. I love katie, she is so hot:

  • sorella

    Oh and I agree, there is no way that Suri is the same age as Shiloh. Suri is much older than they are letting on. Katie likely carries her to make her look more baby-like, but that kid should be walking and is much older.

  • Crissy

    She’s so beautiful, the cutest celeb’s daughter to me.
    I don’t see any problem if she only wears dresses, as long as they are comfy for her…I’ve seen her wearing plain summer dresses few times.

    The only kid who always look happy is Violet Affleck , the jolie-pitt kids never appear smiling in the pics

  • mimilala

    Suri is getting prettier and prettier!!! She really is a beautiful little girl.

  • umm

    Suri is cute she is a mini kate same nose same lips.Where are those people saying they drag her everywhere she needs stablity ….

  • jennifer

    ummm….are Suri and Katie dressed for a christmas pagent?

  • Not impressed by JA

    Suri is the next Paris Hilton or Vicky Beckham in the making, trained to be a premature fashion diva more than a ‘normal’ little girl who is potty trained and play in playfull clothes with other children around her age, either siblings or others !

    She is definitely spoiled to the extreeme being the only center of attention of her parents who treat her like a grown up or an infant at their convienient rarely like a 3 years old should normally be treated and dressed in her everyday playfull day.

  • mona

    Oh! Suri is so pretty, like father like daughter.

  • Raphael

    Wearing a dress is creepy, #5?

    It’s a little too early to make that call, #6.

    Not always, #8.

    Who cares, #9? This TWO year-old doesn’t care and neither do her parents. Why should you?

    A toddler walk, #16? Quit comparing kids.

    Why do people keep saying she’s not like a normal kid, #18? Just because she’s dressed more formally than other kids? She goes to parks and playgrounds and theme parks all the time. She has plenty of friends.

    It’s an insult to perfectly normal only children to say that Suri Cruise needs a sibling around her age to not become a brat. You have no idea how she’s raised or how she’ll turn up.

    What’s this carrying whining, #20? Why do Brangelina and TomKat and Garfleck get bothered by such silly complaints?

  • lola

    i really dont find her that beautiful…stop comparing her to other celeb kids

  • Raphael

    You have no idea how she’s being raised, #25.

    You don’t know how Suri Cruise acts and how she’ll end up.

  • tomkat

    oh suri daughter of xenu

  • anon2

    What a media whore he is!

    I’ve never paid much attention to many people’s suspicions that he purposely courts the media but I have inside information that Tom arrived in Japan by private plane. Instead of landing at the quieter Tokyo International airport which is used for 99% of private flights, Tom insisted on using Narita which is always crawling with paparazzi and large crowds. He obviously does not give a s**t about the welfare of Suri. He could very easily have not had her subjected to this.

  • J.

    Suri is only two years old and steals the whole show. she’s the prettiest girl in hollyweird!

  • Raphael

    Oh shut up, #31! Inside information? Please…

    He’s a human being and has the right to land wherever he wants to land. And I don’t remember you blabbing about the Jolie-Pitts landing in an airport where the paparazzi where all over the place recently.


    Shiloh is cuter.She is adorable.Suri-cute,but 2 Tom

  • http://ISRAEL lisa rose

    shilo is soooooooooo weird looking comperd to suri!!!!!!!!!!!
    suri she’s the prettiest girl ever!

  • Ceci

    Suri is a cutie. Such a beautiful little girl. Her parents are truly blessed to have such an adorable daughter….May she be nice as a person as well.

  • NativeNYker

    Poor Katie can’t catch an ounce of sleep! And why is Tommy still promoting that sleeper? Tenacious that one….

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  • http://ISRAEL lisa rose

    and i really cant find shiloh that cute!………maybe its just me.

  • anon2

    It’s true 33.

    I didn’t have inside information on the Jolie Pitts, but if they too landed at Narita after travelling private then are just as bad as him. But it’s possible they arrived on a commercial flight. Tom didn’t.

  • cc

    what’s up with suri’s hair? that hair is not age appropriate.

  • lola

    not that I want to defend this crazy family but anon- it doesn’t matter if they flew commercial or private. Japanese law requires every person flying to walk through the same exit/entrance

  • Noooo!

    Suri ALWAYS has hair in her eyes! For God’s sake, cut her hair or pin it back! I’m sure they love their kid but I don’t know why they keep on trying to block her vision.

  • jennifer

    okay lisa rose…we get it you don’t think shiloh’s beautiful… many times must you write it psycho? the fact that shiloh’s name keeps being brought up, is saying alot.

  • dianel

    Suri has to be they cutest little girl ever but how could she not be with having such beautiful parents

  • me me me

    she’s cute, i’m sure she’s no different from other small kids. quit obsessing over her. and those commenting she’s a spoilt brat should seriously seek help because being jelaous of a 3yr-old is sick.

  • lala

    suri is cute but shiloh is more beauty
    u mean tom cruise is hot than brad pitt oh com’on suri fanatic
    shiloh have a good genes

  • anon2

    #41, I am not questioning whether they flew commercial or private. What my point was that I know Cruise flew private, so why didn’t he use the quieter Tokyo Int. airport? He had a choice, but obviously he prefered Narita and a big welcome. His ex wife was in Tokyo last week but no one saw her arrive.

    I’m sure all celebs do a certain amount of publicity, but in Tom’s case it’s beginning to seem extreme to me.

  • usa

    classy family

  • ssa

    They all look so happy and lovely. Yay Japan…another nation that LOVES TC!!!

  • kitty

    yes u right i agree with u