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Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes Tag Team Tokyo

Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes Tag Team Tokyo

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes arrive at Narita International Airport with their daughter Suri, 2, on Sunday (March 8) in Narita, Chiba, Japan.

Loving Katie‘s outfit!

The family was seen later arriving taking a helicopter ride at Sawara Heliport. From the branding outside the helicopter, it looks like Tom is in town to promote his WWII flick Valkyrie.

Yesterday (March 7), Katie was seen in New York City carrying around a large, stuffed lion on the set of her new film, The Extra Man.

UPDATE: Katie is wearing wore a red/black/gold sequin grey blouse and a beige/purple floral printed skirt — all by Etro.

20+ pictures inside of Tom and Katie tag-teaming Tokyo…

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tom cruise katie holmes tokyo 01
tom cruise katie holmes tokyo 02
tom cruise katie holmes tokyo 03
tom cruise katie holmes tokyo 04
tom cruise katie holmes tokyo 05
tom cruise katie holmes tokyo 06
tom cruise katie holmes tokyo 07
tom cruise katie holmes tokyo 08
tom cruise katie holmes tokyo 09
tom cruise katie holmes tokyo 10
tom cruise katie holmes tokyo 11
tom cruise katie holmes tokyo 12
tom cruise katie holmes tokyo 13
tom cruise katie holmes tokyo 14
tom cruise katie holmes tokyo 15
tom cruise katie holmes tokyo 16
tom cruise katie holmes tokyo 17
tom cruise katie holmes tokyo 18
tom cruise katie holmes tokyo 19
tom cruise katie holmes tokyo 20
tom cruise katie holmes tokyo 21
tom cruise katie holmes tokyo 22

Credit: Steve Sands; Photos: Jun Sato/WireImage, Bauergriffinonline
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  • sprinkles

    precious baby
    hot parents

  • moveon

    Suri has gotten pimped out more than any child in Hollywood history! They don’t even pretend to try to protect her. Katie looks so smug in these photos. Those glasses she wears are so ugly. They are creepy.

  • itstrueagain

    So, “raphael” is your name today. How would we ever survive these blogs without your ridiculous lists. Are you Tom’s mother? Or, maybe Tom himself. I guess you wish.

  • mimi

    betsky @ 03/08/2009 at 12:42 pm

    betsky, you are sick and I think you’re a pervert. You have a thing watching people having se* , you come on Angie’s thread you bring your filt and now here. Do you go on all the blogs with this kind of links? There is a place for people like you with your perversion, find one and go relieve yourself there and leave the threads for fans and decent people to enjoy —– pervert!!

  • childlover

    suri in japanese means shoplifting, no wonders japs laugh at them LMAO

  • lol

    I enjoy
    trolls w/
    their envy meltdown

  • red

    cutest child ever….Tom is so hot and lady Katie is chic and classy….

  • brooke


  • beltway

    God bless them! The only family I respect in Hollywood<3

  • Susie

    Tom thumb looks ridiculous holding that diaper/blankie thingy.
    He is so fake..he’s trying to look like a “good Dad” like Brad Pitt really is.
    Suri is 22 & they still hold her like a 3 mos old.

  • anonymous

    Raphael, you ridiculasTWAT. Go take your pathetic self to the psyche ward. You need professional HELP!

  • bob

    Hey, Tom hold 3 more huge stuffed animals thisdipshit a dip or what?

  • g’luck

    With many films even the Dark Knight are not so embraced in Japan and China except for the movies of Cruise.

  • b52


  • jane

    Save Suri @ 03/08/2009 at 11:48 am

    she will grow up wanting nothing but designer dresses. is not a problem since her parents have the money but why can katie dresses suri according to the occasion? i agree suri is only 3 katie could convince suri to wear skinny jeans or other cute (normal) little girl outfits.

  • jane

    jus @ 03/08/2009 at 11:49 am

    shiloh is not a tomboy. she wore dresses before in france and NOLA. sometimes shiloh wears dresses with tights. shiloh wore normal dresses like other little girls not like the ones suri wore expensive designers.

  • missme

    You have to remember there are probably a million photographers snapping pictures and being loud, and that is probably scary for anyone, especially a little kid, so I understand why they still carry her!

  • cova


  • donna

    I love what Katie is wearing :)

  • bethany granger

    Suri does not look like a child. Katie trys to make her like a tiny teenager and it looks disturbing to me. In Maddox Pax Zahara Shiloh you can see that they are normal children who like to laugh and mess around. Suri is always dressed for a wedding. i can only imagine suri sitting in a big queens chair all day long. i wish her parents would let suri be a kid.


    What the hell is katie wearing? Why does she always wear high shoes with Tom? We get that he is secure with her being taller but come on, enough with the ladder footwear!

  • q


  • tom

    You figure that for a near 20 hrs ride on the plane to Japan, Katie would have some sense to put comfortable pants on Suri. Instead, she’s in a long dress that’s nearly down to her ankles. Superficial appearance always seems to be a priority to Katie-drab-Holmes.

  • selena

    Katie looks a bi yellowish !? I know that some people look like that when they got iron deficiency ..

  • ithink

    lisa rose @ 03/08/2009 at 12:36 pm SURI IS SOOOOOOOOOOO GORGEOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    shiloh who?

    suri is just cute. if you take a closer look at her facial features, nothing really special. just cute. shiloh however looks beautiful. let’s take a closer look shall we?



  • kristy

    Can’t that kid ever walk?? Katie is ALWAYS holding her!

  • Jane

    Why is that childs hair in her eyes. Katie or Tom needs to pull her hair back with a barrette.

    Also Suri is just an average looking child. Nothing outstanding about her.

  • pr person


  • oh no

    Shi is not tomboy. In winter like all little girls she wear pants. In summer she wear dresses. we have seen both shi and z wearing dressess .

  • Jane

    They dress Suri like an old lady. Not like a little girl should dress, but like an old ass lady. How pathetic.

  • pink roses
  • Jen1

    Such a photogenic family. How cute is the one of Suri and Katie walking to the plane. Aw. :)

  • sniffles

    I’m confused as to why people are questioning Suri’s age. I still carry my little angle around and she’s four, it generally makes her feel safer in unfamiliar situations etc. Katie doesn’t look very happy.

  • the dq

    KH has NO sense of style. She looks like a piece of crap in that awful get-up.

    90% of the time Suri looks like a snotty, spoiled, sullen brat and that’s what she’ll turn out to be.

    TC’s career has been over for a while, but apparently nobody has told him. He still thinks he’s relevent.

  • rachel

    eww, fake tan, much??
    katie looks like an alien.

  • Sonia Wu

    Bored and dejected as usual, the hardest working child is pimped out this time all the way to Japan by her master.
    Homely and the midget, aka, TommyGurl take turn to pimp out the child slave.
    No wonder Suri looks so dull and pathetic, it’s business as usual.
    And what’s up with that old lady dress? Is Suri catching up some Mah-Jong games?

  • amway

    TomKat and Suri….patriots
    jealous few proud haters…pinheads

  • chessa

    Loving this family too and loving Katie’s getup and look

  • http://ISRAEL lisa rose

    shiloh who????????????????????????

  • http://ISRAEL lisa rose


  • sigmund freud

    #30 Sorry to bust it up, but Suri is the daughter of its creator, borne out of a threesome with the sperms of El Ron Hubbard; Katie Holmes and Tommy Girl holding the turkey baster. Miscaviage looked on, but wasn’t a participant. He was blinded by the glare of the light coming from tommy girl’s botty hole .

  • lakers fan in boston

    these ppl always travel my helicopter…
    i wonder how they can afford it since all of tom’s movies tank, and i doubt katie’s salary will hold this lifestyle =p
    it looks like katie wore some wierd floral dress or something, i couldnt tell
    lol at her carrying the lion =]

  • dabu

    Please someone call Stacey and Clinton of TLC’s What Not to Wear. Katie is in serious need of a style intervention.

  • Poor Suri

    Ho hum.

    Another day and more pics of CrazyCruise and his family. It’s just the usual. Katie looking like death, Suri looking scared out of her wits by all the strange people and the paps, and Cruise presenting the whole gang to help his career.

    Whoever said Suri is the hardest working little girl in show biz was dead on.

    They absolutely could have landed their private plane at a smaller airport so there would be less crowds. Also, how did the crowds AND PAPS know he was coming in and at what time. BECAUSE THEY WERE TIPPED OFF BY CRUISE’S PEOPLE!!

    Cruise has to be the worst father on the planet for allowing Suri to be used like this and Katie is no better. She’s allowing it too! Cruise and Holmes DISGUST ME. As for the baby, she’s just an unfortunate pawn in all of this. I feel so sorry for her!!

  • c


  • JJohnju

    I guess they are returning to Japan so Suri can finally meet her Asian father…her REAL BIO father!!!

  • Aussie Girl

    Same old pics again! Suri in totally stupid dress(un less on way to wedding), Katie looking sick and miserable, and lastly Tom-ever cheerful, big cheesy grin, carrying toys etc. I would love to be a fly on the wall with them once the doors close!!!!!

  • Aussie Girl

    KATIE ROSE Whether you are a fan of TomKat or don’t like Brad&Ange you would have to be nearly blind, stupid or ignorant, not to at least acknowledge that Shiloh is an extremly pretty child. You don’t have to like one or the other, you know!!!!

  • Raphael

    Sure, #39. Sure…

    Raphael has been my name for quite some time, #53. I’m not affiliated with Tom Cruise at all. I’m just a fan but first and foremost, a human being, who can’t stand seeing these people roasted without protection.

    Actually, it means pickpocket, #55.

    Fake, #60? TRYING to LOOK like a good father? Are you insane? Ever considered that not everything he does is an act and he is a good father? I can’t believe you’re overanalyzing something like this.

    Mind your own kids, #65. You people really need to stop acting like you can predict the future and know for sure that Suri Cruise will end up a brat. She already wears normal, cute little girl outfits and she doesn’t like jeans. What’s the problem? Will she die?

    That’s a lot of talk for someone who doesn’t even know TomKat or how they raise their daughter, #70. It’s silly that despite all the family vacations and all the fun trips, people still say she’s not allowed to be a kid just because she wears formal clothes.

    She doesn’t always wear heels, #71. Actually, usually when she does, Cruise is accused of trying to make people think he’s secure with his height. When she doesn’t, he’s insecure. No consistency. It’s a catch-22.

    What a stupid thing to complain about, #73.

    They’re both cute little girls, #75. Why compare?

    Not always, #76. Who cares of she does though? Will she die.

    Please explain how someone LOOK like a snotty, spoiled, sullen brat, #84.

    He is still relevant.

    Or maybe they’re just spending time together, #86? This pimping thing makes no sense. I or anyone else I know has never said “Gee! Tom Cruise has got a very cute little girl Let’s go see Valkyrie!”

    Suri Cruise doesn’t look scared at all here, #94.

    How do you know they came by private plane? Why did they have to land at some smaller airport?

    They’re a famous couple in what I believe is a famous airport in a world where information travels at the speed of light. Who needs to tip anyone off?

  • horatio

    Tom is Crazy!!! Why are they always going somewhere? Poor Suri!! Give your jet set life a rest, TOM………PU-LEEZ!