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Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes Tag Team Tokyo

Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes Tag Team Tokyo

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes arrive at Narita International Airport with their daughter Suri, 2, on Sunday (March 8) in Narita, Chiba, Japan.

Loving Katie‘s outfit!

The family was seen later arriving taking a helicopter ride at Sawara Heliport. From the branding outside the helicopter, it looks like Tom is in town to promote his WWII flick Valkyrie.

Yesterday (March 7), Katie was seen in New York City carrying around a large, stuffed lion on the set of her new film, The Extra Man.

UPDATE: Katie is wearing wore a red/black/gold sequin grey blouse and a beige/purple floral printed skirt — all by Etro.

20+ pictures inside of Tom and Katie tag-teaming Tokyo…

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tom cruise katie holmes tokyo 01
tom cruise katie holmes tokyo 02
tom cruise katie holmes tokyo 03
tom cruise katie holmes tokyo 04
tom cruise katie holmes tokyo 05
tom cruise katie holmes tokyo 06
tom cruise katie holmes tokyo 07
tom cruise katie holmes tokyo 08
tom cruise katie holmes tokyo 09
tom cruise katie holmes tokyo 10
tom cruise katie holmes tokyo 11
tom cruise katie holmes tokyo 12
tom cruise katie holmes tokyo 13
tom cruise katie holmes tokyo 14
tom cruise katie holmes tokyo 15
tom cruise katie holmes tokyo 16
tom cruise katie holmes tokyo 17
tom cruise katie holmes tokyo 18
tom cruise katie holmes tokyo 19
tom cruise katie holmes tokyo 20
tom cruise katie holmes tokyo 21
tom cruise katie holmes tokyo 22

Credit: Steve Sands; Photos: Jun Sato/WireImage, Bauergriffinonline
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  • lauri

    #149, Are you kidding me?? The jolie-pitt kids aren’t photographed that much anymore. I’ll give you that, but Violet Affleck and Kingston Rossdale are photographed nearly everyday. Just because Jared doesn’t post the photos doesn’t mean they don’t exist. Go to x17online and you’ll see photos of Kingston almost everyday.

  • beth

    love this family lots and lots

  • Raphael

    Actually, they do equal, #120.

    Do you even know what the word ‘famous’ means, #121?

    I skip plenty of anti-TomKat posts and I do have a life, #123. I know she has plenty of friends because pictures and testimony shows that the Beckham boys, the Henchy girls and Ella Stiller are her friends.

    No one sees their projects just because they have a cute little girl, #146.

    Like I said, they do equal, #149.

  • Trix

    How high are the lifts in his shoes???

  • iron chef

    beyond cute
    thanks jared

  • Leeann

    please don’t compare the hollywood kids,
    is not fair for them. you people are adult,
    u shouldn’t do things like that to hurt them.

  • Beth

    Suri looks “special”. She’s dressed like a clown. Her hair looks dirty, hanging across half her face.
    I guess the little BRAT has spoken !

  • hurl alert

    Fyi TomKat-sh*it fans,

    No one is kissing Brangelina’s arses. We just prefer, admire and enjoy their work and pics of all the JP’s who are HW royalty. On the flip side, we ROYALLY dislike the TomKat-SH*IT PR WHO*RING aka “MOST FAKE CONTRACT COUPLE comprised of a (gay)HASBEEN, a (tranny) NON-TALENT HACKTRESS, AND THEIR UGLY DIAPERED ASS, SPAWN IN DESIGNER DRESSES.” We all have a right to our opinions.

    To Titi # 141: Please, there are TomKat-SH*IT fans who are sooo childish. They write several comments with different names to boost up the numbers for this circus of a family (ie.: TomKat fans are patriots etc.) What the H eLL does that mean and this person writes it every single time. You TOMKat-SH*IT fans are delusional and obviously have very low brow taste. Effing LOL!!!

  • sam

    the little uppity brat really rules folks!

  • boogie

    ugh……I almost don’t want to bother posting here…because I am soooo tired of this trio.

    They won’t last very long……, won’t even bother. LOL

    (meaning….being ” famous” and TomKat’s movie career.)

  • nancyw

    It seems like Suri is much more comfortable with the paps. She is not cowering or hiding her face in Katies chest. I am so glad to see this. She is really growing up fast!!

  • peace

    Suri,Bella and Connor are blessed to have great parents like Tom and Katie.

  • teacup

    Tom Cruise and family = class

    the usual little pathetic haters = trash

  • viv

    Tom Cruise and family= nuts

    Teacup = idiot

  • Raphael

    How could you say such things, #157?

  • bdg

    Hot dad and his girls are way too cute
    for words.

  • grange

    raphael——–because it’s true!

    get over it1

  • jp

    some comments are so funny..why won’t TC use the Tokyo Intn’l Airport instead? he did!
    Narita is Tokyo International Airport..
    Japan loves Tom Cruise, so expect the fans to be there anytime of the day..i mean it..anytime of the day..

  • Elvie

    I dont think Suri is that cute.

  • nina

    Suri is one fugly kid. She looks so “special”. but come from tommy girl, no surprise. Shiloh is the most beautiful girl.

  • sara

    Unfortunately Suri will never have the chance to be around kids her own age. The Jolie-Pitt kids will always know how to share and respect others because that is how they are being raised. BTW, what is wrong with the way the J-P girls dress? They wear each others clothes, like most families in the “real world”.

  • racheal

    Just another photo op for Tomkat. Poor Suri always looks so unhappy. You rarely see this child smile. Katie is always saying how magical Suri is. Well with Katie dragging the kid all over NYC for pics and publicity, you would think there would be a Suri smile in there somewhere. Only a little grumpy midget like Tom.

  • hallee

    You should not even compare Zahara, Shiloh and Suri. They are all cute little girls. But I have to say Zahara and Shiloh look like they are happy and well adjusted. Regular kids. Suri seems to always be disturbed and cranky and just not happy, no matter what.

  • kal-kal

    Blame Suri’s unhappiness and grumpy disposition on her parents. Tomkat is using that poor little girl for their own attention needs. Suri will grow up confused and in dire need of therapy. I forgot, the Cruises don’t believe in therapy. Poor Suri.

  • mia

    #173, Zahara often looks grumpy as well.

  • nance

    I’m not a big fan of Tom’s at all, but I feel kind of sorry for him. Tom has this gigantic she-male for a wife. Katie is a lousy mom to Suri and is all about Katie and what designer bag she can buy next. Katie has ZERO appeal no matter what she does. But hey, Tom bought Katie, so now he has to live with her.HAHA

  • anna b

    At least Katie isn’t parading Suri around NYC for her daily dose of attention. Please give the baby a breather and lay off the scheduled pap-photo ops. It’s pathetic.

  • jp

    Tom is having a wonderful time in Japan with his family. Japanese media respects actors’ private time.
    yesterday, they went to Hibiya Park and Suri enjoyed watching the ducks and even played with the small children there.
    the media may write about it, but will not post pictures of that beautiful child just to make money.
    Tom Cruise is a real gentleman.. a humble superstar and a good person. that’s one reason why Japan loves him. ..

  • Raphael

    You have no idea who the Cruise kids or the Jolie-Pitt kids are raised and how they behave to make that call, #171. And Suri Cruise already is around kids her own age.

    Or maybe they’re simply walking outside in public and the paparazzi are taking pictures of them because…you know…they’re FAMOUS, #177!

  • Japanese

    Does Tom think he’s still in Top Gun with those glasses??

  • sam


    WRONG WORD…not Famous..

    people are just curious because of the cult religion they belong to and his stepford wife and weird child.

    Curious is the correct word .

  • love

    beautiful couple with their adorable baby

  • one word


  • whipflush

    I echo the idea that Tom is the inspiration for the idea that Americans are crass and tacky.

  • dutchtrick

    Tom = Freakazoid

  • noah



    not all americans are tacky and crass….

    no different for people from other countries

  • gossip gurl

    I am LUVIN’ Katie Holme’s new extensions!
    She looks fierce! It’s about time, because she was looking TIRED lately!
    I am so OVER Tom though! She should drop him, but I am sure she signed a very lengthy agreement with him…
    I just read the most hilarious and informative blog!

  • trix

    I heard that Tom is dumping Katie for Fredia Pinto,,,,She is younger, prettier and has a hit movie. Plus her baby making days are ahead of her. L. Ron Hubbard needs more earthlings and Tom is the only one that can help.

  • nancyw

    Suri seems to have outgrown her fear of the paps! That is a good thing!

  • suriloved

    holy cow did suri already wearing makeups? my gosh! i know she’s adorable but its way to early to put the kid a make-up! through out all they were doing, they’re making the child too spoiled and when it grow up! trust me, she’ll become……… dunno ! .. sorry , although suri is really adorable!

  • suriloved

    and do not compare suri to shiloh they are different suri is a spoiled brat, that gts everything what she wants and shiloh is very simple, she loves sneakerss and everything that made her an ordinary kid, she is humble!